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AUTHOR'S NOTE: I wrote this story about five years ago, then adapted the basic premise for the Farscape story "Sisterhood". So this is the original version.
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SPOILER: Set mid season 2.

Girls Night
By Celievamp

Susan brought the vodka. Only the best from her personal supply. She never disclosed just how she got such a regular supply on the station nor how much she paid for it. And they didn't ask. Delenn did not as a rule consume alcohol so that left Susan and Talia to share the bottle between them. Not a problem.

As had become their custom in what Garibaldi called their `divine sisterhood sessions' they made themselves comfortable in Delenn's quarters. Susan found just being in Delenn's quarters a sensual experience. The Mimbari décor with its geometric designs and muted colours, the scent of incense that fragranced the air, the sense of peace that permeated the suite of rooms. She found that she felt curiously at home here as if part of her recognised it. Talia always looked more relaxed here as well, as if the constant pressure of other minds was relieved slightly within these walls. Susan supposed it was possible that the rooms had some sort of shielding from telepathic contact.

They had started to have these get-togethers a couple of months earlier when Delenn had appointed Susan Ivanova as her personal guide in what it was like to be a human female. At the same time Susan and Talia Winters had tentatively been exploring their relationship so it seemed only natural to include the telepath in these bonding sessions. Delenn found the telepath to be fascinating, charming – and very beautiful. Her fair colouring was unknown on Mimbari. And she thought that the two Earth women contrasted beautifully with one another and yet were perfectly matched.

All three women drew strength from one another. Though none would ever admit it openly, each envied character traits in the other and sought to emulate them. Susan envied Delenn's spirituality, Talia's strength of will. Talia wished she could be as good with people as Susan was or as in touch with her feelings and emotions as Delenn. Delenn found Susan's tempestuous nature refreshing and Talia's quiet reserve comforting.

It was not a sex thing. Okay, it was not just a sex thing. They did enjoy this time to themselves, away from their roles and responsibilities. They could talk freely, exchange gossip on Garibaldi's latest attempt to woo Talia, Londo Mollari's latest exploits, the latest weird request to come through C&C.

Delenn lay with her head on Susan's abdomen, enjoying the feeling of Susan's fingers trailing through her hair. Talia was sitting cross-legged at the foot of the bed, one of Susan's slender feet in her lap as she slowly massaged it. She was describing her latest encounter with Ambassador G'kar, who had not entirely given up on his quest to reintroduce telepathic genetic characteristics into the Narn population.

"Well, this time it was slightly more… personal and hands on than some of his previous offers. But the funniest thing was the look of disgust on Na'toth's face."

"We should invite her to one of these sessions some time," Susan said mischievously. "Get the real gen on the Narn." The three women looked at each other in silence for a moment then burst out laughing. Never going to happen. Four would get far too complicated. Three was a nice round number. A holy number according to Delenn.

Talia finished her ministrations on Susan's feet and moved to lie between them, her fingers brushing slowly up Delenn's leg, delighting in the unique texture of her skin which was, like most things about the Mimbari-human hybrid, almost but not quite human. Susan had stopped playing with Delenn's hair and her slender fingers were now tracing spirals and other arcane symbols on Delenn's small breasts and smooth stomach, innocent as it was of any navel, one of the things marking her truly as non-human.

Delenn hardly dared to breathe in case either woman stopped what they were doing to her. Talia's hands were now stroking up and down her inner thigh. Delenn's skin was tingling, and the heat at her centre had just ramped up a couple of hundred degrees. Now Talia's soft lips were kissing across her belly, leaving open wet circles as her tongue swirled across Delenn's skin.

Delenn heard a strange mewling sound and realised to her embarrassment that she was making it.

"You like that, do you?" Susan whispered. Her fingers began to trace the outer edges of Delenn's skull crest, a deeply sensitive area for Mimbari's. Delenn managed to make an affirmative noise, not daring to speak. Susan smiled, knowing exactly what effect she was having on the Mimbari woman.

Together the two human women shifted themselves and Delenn until they had her positioned to their satisfaction. Susan now sat behind Delenn who rested between her legs, her head resting on Susan's chest. Talia was crouched between Delenn's parted thighs, licking her lips as she studied her prize. Susan's lips nipped at her skull crest and Delenn whimpered again at the flash of heat that ran through her body, electrifying her senses.

"Don't keep her waiting, Talia, baby," Susan advised, her accent thicker than usual as she watched her lover prepare herself. "You can smell how ready she is."

Talia nodded, smiled lazily. "Yes, I can. You're so very near, aren't you, Delenn. So very near." She did not speak again but Delenn could hear her in her thoughts and knew that Susan could as well. As Talia told them and showed them through her telepathy exactly what she was going to do to Delenn. Her own excitement was transmitted as well, feeding on what they could sense from one another, ramping it up until they were all in a highly aroused state. Talia brought her lips to the folds surrounding Delenn's sex. Delenn bucked in Susan's arms, feeling the strength of them around her now, holding her securely.

"Don't worry, Beloved, I won't let you fall no matter how high she makes you fly," Susan whispered. "You are so beautiful, my darling."

"So beautiful," Talia echoed before mouthing gently at Delenn's core again. Delenn arched her back again as Susan's hands played with her breasts. She giggled breathily – a most un-Delenn like sound – and then gasped as Susan's teeth grazed her throat. Timed to perfection, Talia's tongue swept across her centre and Delenn gasped as her vision silvered for a moment. She reached up to Susan, her arm snaking around her neck drawing her down into a long wet kiss. She could taste the vodka as Susan's tongue duelled with hers. Their gaze locked on one another, Susan's storm grey-blue eyes locked on Delenn's dark eyes. Delenn reached with her other hand to twine her fingers in Talia's soft pale hair feeling the changes begin inside, what the humans called an orgasm, what the Mimbari called touching the infinite. Talia's tongue and teeth gently worried at her clit as she pumped two then three fingers into Delenn's slit. Susan reached down to take her in another soul-searing kiss as Delenn rode out her climax. As Delenn bucked, tremors running through her slender body, Talia slowed then stilled her movements. She raised her face to her lovers, Delenn's juices shining on her cheeks, lips and chin.

"So sweet, Delenn. You are so sweet," Talia murmured.

"I want to taste her," Susan said, leading towards Talia. The two telepaths kissed, tongues entwining, exchanging the taste of vodka and Delenn and then each other. Talia slipped her fingers out from Delenn's centre and crawled up Delenn's body.

"Taste," she whispered. "Taste how sweet you are, Delenn, how fine." She let Delenn take her fingers into her mouth, shuddering at the sensation of Delenn's tongue swirling over her flesh, shuddered again as she felt Susan's soft lips press at the top of her spine, beginning a series of butterfly kisses across her soft skin, down her spine towards the cleft of her buttocks. Delenn let Talia's fingers slip from her mouth and nuzzled at Talia's small full breasts instead. Talia's musk made her tingle, exciting and invigorating, inspiring her. The two women cradled the slender body of the telepath between them, tasting and touching, slowly bringing the young woman to her peak.

Her scream echoed around Delenn's chambers, her mental cry of fulfilment ringing in the minds of her lovers. Susan almost climaxed herself the sensations running through her mind and body were so strong. Delenn cradled the young woman in her arms, Talia's temporarily sated body curled into her side. She nuzzled at Talia's blond cap of hair, amazed at the silky fineness of it, the contrast with Susan's dark wavy hair and her own long straight dark brown hair.

Susan nuzzled against Talia's back, licking and kissing at the sweat that pearled her fair skin. Talia reached behind her to clasp her hand. Delenn reaching over to stroke her cheek. "We haven't forgotten about you, Susan," she smiled.

Talia turned in her arms, her hands cupping Susan's full breasts, her thumbs tracing the aureoles, her short nails grazing the edge of her nipples. She nibbled up and down the length of her throat. Delenn moved down between Susan's legs, her long fingers parting delicate folds of flesh easing into her core, her thumb strumming across Susan's clit. Susan was murmuring something in her native Russian, her skin flushed, eyes wide and dark. Talia kissed her with bruising strength as her hips began to buck against Delenn's face. Susan came hard, screaming her release into Talia's mouth.

They traded kisses, Delenn twisting back and forth between them to taste them equally. For someone who had not kissed before – it was not a Mimbari custom – Delenn had proven to be an apt pupil. Susan loved watching her and Talia kiss; there was something very sensuous and calm about it yet incredibly erotic and arousing at the same time. She could taste Talia when Delenn returned to her own mouth. Her kisses were rougher, more demanding and she seemed to enjoy it, moaning softly when she sucked on her lip and tongue sharply. Talia watched them, her hands moving slowly over their bare skin, her eyes dark with passion and desire. Susan reached across Delenn and Talia found her lips hungrily. Delenn's breath was hot against her cheek as the small woman nuzzled into their bodies, Susan on her right, Talia on her left. She bit into their throats and they broke apart breathless, laughing.

Susan realised that it would probably never get any better than this. The relationship she had with Talia was one of the deepest and most fulfilling relationships she had ever enjoyed and she hoped that it would continue for the rest of her life. This occasional `thing' that they had with Delenn was equally wonderful in its way, Delenn brought out things in both of them that they had barely known were there and Susan wondered if anyone knew that this playful side of Delenn, the serious demure Mimbari Ambassador even existed.

In the morning they would all return to their chosen roles, their chosen lives. And weeks perhaps months might pass before the opportunity arose for another of their `Girls Nights'. She smiled as Delenn snuggled into her body, Talia reaching across her to lay a gentle possessive hand on her hip.

As she settled down to sleep, her own hand reaching across Delenn to mirror Talia's gesture, Susan smiled. It truly didn't get any better than this.

The End

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