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AUTHOR'S NOTE: Set in a slight AU, after the AP took over, in which Talia has returned to Susan. First and last lines by Flying_Peanuts.
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By Fewthistle


I am afraid of you, of the circumstances that have wrenched you out of nothingness and have brought you here, against my body, silent and sullen. I look into eyes the color of the fog that wrapped itself around St. Petersburg, and see only the murky shadows of the woman I once loved.

You tell me that you have escaped, that you have been freed of the traitorous invader who stole your mind, your memories, and my love in a moment that could have been measured in hummingbird's wings. Still, I can't make myself believe that they would have let you go so easily.

Out of the corner of my eye, I can see the silent black shape, hooded and faceless, a skeletal hand reaching out for us both, and the glint of gold at the clasp of the hood, the mark of death and destruction. Psi.

You make promises. You swear on all that you hold dear that they will never find you, never take you again. But I am all that you hold dear, and I'm not certain that I care for the wager you're making. Your soul and mine.

The voices scream in my head. Mother, Ganya, Delenn. Screams of warning, of fear, of doom, all drowned out by the ever-increasing thud of my pulse in my ears, and the whispers from your lips. Abandoning all hope, I allow myself to get lost in the feel of your body against me, in the soft scent of jasmine, in the honeyed cadences of your voice. In the hollowness of all your promises.

All is fast, violent, without conscience: I lose myself in nothingness.

The End

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