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Vixen VI: Splash
By VivalaB


Olivia reached for the control knob and turned the water on, two shower heads, one in front and one on her left, instantly sprinkling hot, refreshing water over her body. She turned to the patiently waiting blonde, standing at the door of the large, glass walled, stall and smiled, "It's hot," she said, holding out her hand.

Alex accepted her hand and stepped into the shower, closing the door behind her and shivering involuntarily as hot jets of water cascaded over her slender frame. She turned around under the pulsing spray and tilted her head back, allowing the streams of wet warmth to soak her hair. She tangled her hands in the long, blonde locks and smoothed the wet strands away from her face as she moved closer to Olivia. She reached past the brunette to the shelf on the wall that held an array of shower products and selected the liquid soap, pumping the dispenser a few times and filling her hand with a large amount of thick, pink liquid.

Olivia closed her eyes and let the water soothe her tired muscles, smiling as soft hands encircled her waist and slicked across her stomach. She opened her eyes and looked down at the trail of lather Alex's hands were leaving as they soaped across her front. She felt Alex lean against her and reached her left hand over her shoulder, gently holding on to Alex's neck and drawing her nearer. She sighed as Alex's body connected lightly with her own and shuddered as hardened nipples rubbed deliciously across her back.

Alex closed her eyes, savoring the sensation of the wet body resting against her own and the firm flesh beneath her soapy hands as her head leaned against Olivia's, the height difference apparent, given their current state of undress. She smoothed her hands across Olivia's stomach and circled her belly button with teasing fingers. Olivia clenched her muscles reflexively and arched her back. Alex opened her eyes and watched as Olivia moved her free hand to her own breasts and began to merge the soap with the constant spray of water across her swollen nipples.

Every teasing touch from Alex's fingers reminded Olivia's aching sex that she was still in desperate need of release. The rhythmic pulsing of water assaulting her breasts was prompting Olivia to grind her ass into the sex behind her, which she did. She felt Alex move her hands to her hips, encouraging her gentle thrusting. Olivia felt a different type of wetness trail down her inner thighs and slid her hand to her swollen sex, cupping herself firmly.

Alex looked down the front of Olivia's body, eyes following the movement of her hand. She knew Olivia had ignored her own pleasure earlier, in favor of her own and smiled. She removed her hands and slipped away from Olivia, "I'll just be a minute," she said above the gentle splashing sounds.

Olivia turned and looked at her, "Where are you going?"

"To finish what I started," she whispered seductively as she leaned forward, kissing her hungrily until both women were panting heavily. She released her hold and stepped out of the shower, leaving an intrigued Olivia watching her curiously.

A few minutes later and Olivia had washed her hair in a last ditch attempt at not taking matters into her own hands. The shower door opened and she resisted the urge to turn around, having a fair idea why her girlfriend had left the shower.

Alex entered the stall once more and closed the door behind her, advancing on Olivia, a twinkle in her eyes. She stood under the spray for a few seconds, letting her body soak under the soothing water before running her hands over the firm globes of Olivia's ass. She trailed her hands down firm thighs, digging her fingers into taut muscles before raking her manicured nails up the backs of both legs.

Olivia hissed at the sharp pain in her legs and shifted her stance as the nails dragged over her ass before circling her waist. She reached behind her with both hands, but Alex slid away from her grasp and smiled.

"Put your hands against the wall…and spread your legs," Alex ordered huskily.

Olivia swallowed as she moved closer to the wall and placed her palms flat against the wet surface, water from the showerheads barely skimming her back and side.

Alex reached past Olivia and turned the water off, "I think you're wet enough," she rasped, surprising Olivia as she reached her hand between her parted legs and cupped her swollen sex.

Olivia squeezed herself on to the teasing hand and shuddered as Alex moved in behind her, dragging her nipples across her back.


Alex leaned forward and kissed her shoulder, "Ssshh, let me love you," she whispered, moving her lips slowly across the smooth, wet skin before trailing her open mouth down Olivia's back. She removed her hand from the grinding sex and held Olivia's hips in place, holding her steady before sinking slowly to her knees. She kissed the back of Olivia's knee, licking a wet trail up her thigh before repeating the motion with the other leg.

Olivia was trying not to thrust her hips and focus on the sensations caused by the beautiful woman behind her on her knees. She closed her eyes and gave herself up to the teasing lips, gasping as she felt the skillful tongue sliding between her parted cheeks.

Alex moved a hand between Olivia's legs again and rubbed her hand along the pulsing sex, capturing the throbbing nub between her fingers and tugging it gently. She felt it jump against her knowing digits and smiled into the cheeks her face was pressed against.

Olivia needed release, the fingers teasing her bundle of nerves were stoking the fires within and the tongue between her cheeks was making her legs unsteady. She moved a hand down to her sex and held Alex's fingers against her more firmly as she began to grind in a circular motion. The move inadvertently giving Alex's tongue more access to her puckered opening. She gasped as Alex's tongue swiped quickly over the tight hole and gushed hot wetness on to their joined hands.

Alex moaned as she felt Olivia's juices splash over her hand and reluctantly let go of Olivia's sopping sex. Olivia groaned in disappointment at the emptiness, until she felt Alex kiss her way back up her body, slowly trailing her tongue along the damp skin.

Olivia's fingers rubbed her clit in tight circles, desperate for release, her eyes closed as she concentrated on the sweet tightness in her belly. She gasped loudly as her eyes flew open at a new sensation between her legs.

Alex gripped Olivia's hips and leaned in closer, brushing her nipples across her back once more, "Do you want me to fuck you Olivia?" she asked softly, kissing her neck and sucking the skin teasingly.

Olivia trapped the vibrating strap-on between her legs and rubbed her aching sex along its length, her fingers holding the pulsing head in place against her throbbing clit, "Yes," she panted, thrusting her hips backwards.

Alex released the skin between her teeth, pleased at the red mark she had left, "Are you sore?" she asked tenderly as she moved a hand up to cup a full breast .

"A bit," Olivia replied hoarsely, panting raggedly.

Alex smiled and tilted Olivia's head until their mouths met in a fierce display of desire. The kiss was messy and wet as Alex thrust along Olivia's parted lips and bumped her clit repeatedly.

Olivia tried to keep their mouths together as her hand against the wall began to slide as her thrusting increased. The vibrating cock slid along her length rapidly as Alex's trim hips slapped noisily against her own furiously.

Alex could feel the juices pouring down her legs as the clit bumper stimulated her engorged nub, she focused on the woman in front and tore her mouth away, panting harshly.

Olivia's arm was tingling as her muscles began to strain, she pushed back against Alex's thrusting hips in order to lean forward.

Alex moved back giving her more room, "Are..you…okay?" she panted, holding Olivia steady as she braced both hands against the wall and peered over her shoulder, her cheeks flushed with arousal.

"I…want you…inside," she choked out, breathing sharply.

Alex smiled and licked her lips, "I love you," she panted.

Olivia closed her eyes and nodded, her mouth hanging open as she turned to face the wall, offering herself to the woman she loved.

Alex swallowed and adjusted her stance before pushing the vibrating dildo slowly into Olivia's clenching opening. She watched the brunette carefully for any signs of discomfort and seeing none, rolled her hips gently.

Olivia groaned with each thrust as her body adjusted to the fullness, keeping her eyes closed as her mouth hung open, breathing raggedly. Her inner walls gripped the thick toy as it pounded slowly into her and felt a constant flow of wetness covering the vibrating dildo. She felt fingers slide around her waist and seek out her clit, rubbing it furiously. Her body shuddered as she felt her release approaching.

"Co..com..coming," she panted as her face contorted with pleasure as her climax crashed over her.

Alex felt her own release approaching as Olivia's body jerked uncontrollably against her own. She released a guttural groan as her orgasm peaked and squeezed her eyes shut at the sharp sensation.

Olivia moved forward releasing her tight hold on the strap-on and slid her swollen sex along it, milking the last drops of pleasure from her overwhelming release.

Alex pulled away and quickly unbuckled the clasps, not bothering to switch off the vibrating dildo and threw it in the corner of the shower before wrapping her body around Olivia's. As their bodies cooled, Olivia turned in Alex's arms and kissed her tenderly as she held her close and whispered words of love.

After a few minutes of tender touches and gentle caresses, each accompanied by loving kisses, Olivia looked at the discarded toy in the corner, "I think you broke my birthday gift," she said, shaking her head sadly.

Alex placed a gentle kiss on her parted lips and smiled wickedly, "I'll buy you a new one…I never really liked that color anyway."

The End

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