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By Imaginus75


Part One

"Are you getting bored with the scenery?" Detective Olivia Benson asked into the receiver as she sat back in her chair and propped her feet up onto the edge of her desk.

"God, yes!" came the husky reply from the other end of the line. "I'm in dire need of some socializing after the week I've had."

"And by socializing, you mean..." Olivia said with a smirk and waited.

"Loud music, good tequila and a hard fuck," ADA Abbie Carmichael answered with her trademark Texas twang.

"That's my girl," the detective said with a broad smile. "Come on over at seven. I'll make the reservations. We'll go for dinner and then find ourselves some socializing. See ya tonight."

Olivia hung up the phone to catch the tail end of whatever it was her partner was saying to the blonde ADA standing beside their desks.

"...you can socialize with Olivia and Abbie, you know, girl's night out," Detective Elliot Stabler was saying with a grin.

"It's alright, I don't want to intrude," ADA Alex Cabot, SVU's new ADA declined politely.

She had been working with the SVU squad for about six months now but the squad had been slow to warm up to her. She couldn't really blame them after the psychological evaluations they had to go through and the scrutiny they had to deal with from the brass. It would've been easy to view her as the "outsider" sent in to keep the "problem children" in check. But she did her best to show them through her work that they were all on the same side and fighting for the same thing - to put the bad guys away and fight for justice for the victims. Their professional relationship was mutually respectful although not without some arguments every now and then, which was common between colleagues. However on the personal side, they kept to themselves even though every once in awhile, she'd receive an invite to join them for drinks after work. But those invites were few and far in between.

Olivia felt a strange twinge in her gut and gave her partner a quick glare that was unnoticed by everyone else but him. "No, not at all. We were just going to go out for dinner and then for drinks afterwards. Raise the estrogen levels after being surrounded by all this testosterone all week."

"Are you sure?" the blonde attorney asked, not wanting to be invited out of pity or polite obligation.

"Yeah," Olivia replied and scribbled her address on a piece of paper. She handed it to the ADA. "Come over around seven. We're going for southern barbeque for dinner, so dress casual."

"Thanks," Alex said, taking the paper and gave Olivia a shy smile. "By the way, I just came by to share the news that Simon Brown pled out on the abduction case you guys worked last week."

"That's good news," Olivia said with a smile. "We'll drink to that tonight."

"Ok. See you tonight," Alex replied and turned to leave.

Elliot turned from his view of the retreating ADA's backside to face his partner who picked up a pencil and threw it at him. He raised his arms to block the projectile and grinned.


"'Girl's night out'? What the fuck, El?" the brunette asked.

"What? She seems like she needs to loosen up and have some fun," Elliot defended himself.

"And you felt the need to volunteer me to do it?"

"Why not? You and Abbie seem to have a great time when you guys go out."

"Do you even - " Olivia began but then bit her tongue. She wasn't going to have this conversation in the squad room. She got up from her chair and started to put on her black wool coat. "I'm hungry and you're buying me a hotdog."

The partners left the stationhouse and walked across the street to their favorite hotdog vendor. Elliot bought them a hotdog each and they began to eat as they slowly made their way back to the station house.

"Elliot, do you have any idea where it is Abbie and I go when we go out?" Olivia asked him after swallowing a bite.

"You just said earlier - dinner and drinks," he replied, wiping some mustard from the corner of his mouth.

"Do you know where we go for drinks?" she asked him with raised eyebrows.

"How the hell am I supposed to know? A bar, a nightclub? I don't know where single women go to have fun," Elliot said, exasperated by his partners questions.

"We go to a gay club," Olivia informed him and he stopped in his tracks.

"Come again?" he asked after swallowing his mouthful of hotdog.

"We go to a gay club," she repeated. "An underground. Gay. Club." She stressed the words for their full affect.

"But you're not...are you? Abbie too?" Elliot asked, his head starting to spin over the revelation.

Olivia raised her eyebrows, smiled her crooked smile and nodded her head. "I am."

"But you dated guys. You slept with Cassidy!" her partner tried to reason.

"Doesn't mean anything," Olivia answered him and saw he was in denial. "Elliot, I like women too."

Elliot nodded his head but she could tell he wasn't fully absorbing what she told him.

"And Abbie?"

"She goes for the music and drinks," Olivia answered him. It was not her place to out her friend.

"How?...When?...How?" Elliot muttered, still absorbing what his partner had just revealed to him. "Underground gay club?"

"Apparently it's a bit much for you to comprehend right now, I can tell," Olivia said with a smirk. "Look, the reason why it's underground is because it's private. Members only, and if you're not a member, you can only enter if you're with a member. It ensures privacy for those of us who don't want to broadcast our preferences or who have public careers."

"So I guess prancing in there with the new ADA isn't exactly an option," Elliot finally understood.

"Yeah, no," Olivia confirmed. "So now we're gonna have to find somewhere else to go. That oughta be fun."

"Liv, I'm sorry, I wouldn't have invited her - " Elliot started to apologize.

"El, it's okay. You didn't know," Olivia assured him and gave him a pat on the shoulder.

Olivia added with a hint of mischievousness, "Besides, it'd be interesting to find out what the ADA is like with a few drinks in her."


Later that night


"You're shitting me, right?" Abbie whined, walking through Olivia's apartment and dropping down onto the couch.

"Elliot thought that she might enjoy a night out with us," the detective explained, closing the door.

"I'm so gonna rip his balls off with my bare hands," Abbie threatened as she stretched out her long leather clad legs and draped her bare arms along the back of the couch. She wore black leather pants and a dark blue tank top.

Olivia, wearing jeans and a red sleeveless v-neck satin top, laid down on the love seat adjacent to the couch, her legs draped over one armrest. "It's okay, Abbie, he didn't know where we were planning on going."

"So what are we going to do? Where are we going to go?"

"Dinner plans won't change," Olivia began. "But we do need a new venue for entertainment afterwards."

"Well, Jimmy's BBQ Shack has a bar beside the restaurant," Abbie suggested.

"We'll see how that goes," Olivia shrugged. "We can always just wander down the street to the other bars too."

"I guess," Abbie agree reluctantly.

"Look, we'll get a feel for how open minded she is over dinner, okay?" Olivia suggested.

"Cabot just seems so uptight she makes Rush Limbaugh look like a Democrat," Abbie said. Then she turned back to her whining mode and alternately stomped both feet rapidly.

"Olivia, I just wanna get laid tonight!" Abbie exclaimed as the door buzzer announced Alex's arrival.

Olivia stood up and playfully kicked Abbie's feet on her way to let Alex up. "Come on, Carmichael, just pretend to be straight for a few more hours."

"Fuck me," Abbie replied, laying her head back and closing her eyes.

"I would, but you're not my type," Liv replied and opened the door, waiting for Alex to come up.

"Oh, but I was once upon a time," Abbie teased with a grin, eyes still closed.

"What can I say, I was young and naive," Olivia retorted.

"How is it that of all the women I've slept with, you're the only one who not only didn't throw a drink in my face, but have become my best friend?" Abbie asked honestly.

"Because I was the only one not looking for a relationship," Olivia told her. "All your other girlies were."

"Funny, the common ties that bind us," the brunette said and chuckled.

"Hey, Alex, come on in," Olivia greeted the blonde approaching her doorway.

"Thanks," Alex said and came into the apartment. "I know you said casual but I wasn't sure how casual. Is this okay?" The blonde was wearing hip hugging designer blue jeans and a white and blue patterned satin halter top.

"Perfect," Olivia said with a wink.

"Hey, Alex," Abbie called out, as she rolled her head over to look at the blonde.

"Hi Abbie," Alex answered. "Thanks for letting me tag along."

It suddenly became clear to Olivia that for all the commanding presence the ADA brought with her whenever she entered the squad room or interrogation room, Alex Cabot was shy and nervous like a teenage girl trying to fit into the crowd at a new school.

"Nonsense," Olivia tried to assure her. "It's good to have you join us and hopefully we can all get to know one another better."

"Besides, I'm so tired of dealing with Jack and Arthur all day, everyday, I need some female companionship to raise my estrogen levels," Abbie added as she got off the couch to join the other two.

"Shall we go?" Olivia asked. As the two lawyers nodded, the three women made their way from the apartment to catch a cab to the restaurant.

In the cab, Alex was informed of the unofficial rules for the girls' night outings. They were allowed to discuss work only to gain different perspectives and points of views that they may not have taken into consideration; they were allowed to discuss any conflicts they may have with colleagues so that they could help each other find ways to resolve the issues; it was permitted to meet new people, socialize, get phone numbers and have a good time, but under no circumstances was any one of them to leave the other to go home with a stranger; they were to watch each other's backs.

When they got to the restaurant, it was already crowded, busy and loud. They met the hostess at the front who knew them by name and led them to a booth. Abbie sat on one side while Olivia and Alex shared the other side. It was apparent to Alex that her two companions frequented the establishment.

"Tell me you're a carnivore, Alex," Abbie said to the blonde after they ordered their drinks.

"I am," Alex said with a smile.

"Good," the Texan replied and took the menu away from the blonde. "We'll order the platter we usually get. Trust me, you'll like it."

"Okay," Alex answered and sat back.

Olivia smiled. "The thing you'll learn about Carmichael is that when it comes to all things Texas, you just have to sit back and let her take charge."

"What can I say, I'm a control freak," Abbie admitted.

"Isn't everyone?" Alex asked and the other two women laughed.

The waitress brought their drinks out and after she left, Abbie raised her beer and the other two followed suit.

"Here's to the beginning of something beautiful," she said and winked at the two women across the table. They clinked their beer bottles together and drank to the toast.

Over dinner, they shared stories from childhood to high school through to college; stories of first jobs and worst jobs; who they were in high school and college and how much they had changed over the years. Alex, as Olivia and Abbie had suspected, was a "trust fund kid", however she had never touched any of the funds she was entitled to. She wanted to make her own way in the world and didn't want to feel like she was owned by anyone's money, not even her family's. The only thing she accepted was an apartment left to her by her maternal grandmother. The apartment had been in her mother's family for generations.

"I just figured that if I made my own living, my own life, no one could tell me how I'm supposed to live my life, and I don't have to hear things like 'A Cabot would never do that' or "A Cabot must always do such and such'," Alex explained. "Believe me, I have many cousins living up to the Cabot name, and whenever we gather at the 'Cabot Compound' as I like to call it, I can see that there's something lacking in their eyes."

"A spark," Olivia said, looking straight into Alex's eyes. The detective knew of the spark. She'd seen the spark many times, and every time, she was drawn to that spark more than she cared to admit.

"Yeah," Alex agreed and smiled.

Abbie, sensing a spark in Olivia's own eyes decided to diffuse the situation. She knew Olivia was too calm and collected to betray her own feelings, but she also knew the power of Olivia's gaze. It was still too early in the evening to test those waters, she decided.

"You girls want to head over to the bar?" she asked, indicating the doorway leading from the restaurant area to the bar area.

"Sure," Alex and Olivia agreed. They settled their bill and headed over to the bar which was packed. Some were sitting at tables and booths watching a basketball game on the TVs while others were dancing on the dance floor to some country rock music. The three women found themselves some vacant bar stools at the bar and Abbie ordered them a round of tequila shots. When the shots were poured, they counted to three and downed their shots in unison. Alex made a face.

"Not your poison?" Olivia asked.

"It's just been awhile since I've done this," Alex said, shaking her head.

Olivia gave her a grin. "Hang out with us long enough, you'll get used to it, counselor."

"God I hate this music," Abbie said, handing them each a bottle of beer.

"But you're from Texas," Alex said.

"Exactly," Abbie replied and took a swig of her beer. "I grew up, inundated with so much of this crap that it'll last me a few lifetimes."

"Excuse me, can I buy you a drink?" came a low voice from behind them. They turned around to find a guy in jeans, a black t-shirt and black cowboy hat looking at Alex.

"I already have one, but thanks," Alex answered.

"Do you want to dance?" He was clearly interested in the blonde lawyer.

"No, thank you, I'm here with my friends," Alex turned him down again.

"I've got friends for your friends," the guy tried again.

"Hey, buddy, we're just here to have a good time," Abbie interrupted.

"Come on, one dance?" he asked Alex, ignoring Abbie.

"No," Alex said firmly but not all together coldly.

"Your friends can take care of themselves," he insisted. "Just one dance."

"Listen, she said 'no'," Olivia said, standing up and positioning herself so that she could step in between Alex and the cowboy if she had to.

"I'm not talking to you, bitch," he said, irritated and embarrassed at having been turned down repeatedly. At that, Olivia took a step and faced him, her back to Alex. She squared her shoulders.

"Listen, bitch," Olivia said, accentuating the second word. "I'm a cop and those two are Assistant DA's. Do you really wanna do this?" She stared straight into his eyes and raised an eyebrow. Without breaking eye contact, she raised the beer bottle to her lips and took a drink.

"Fuck this, ain't worth it," he said, shaking his head and turned and left.

Olivia returned to her barstool. Abbie took a drink from her bottle. "God I love it when you use that line."

"Works every time," Olivia said with a smile.

"Bitch," Abbie mimicked Olivia's use of the word and chuckled.

"Thank you," Alex said quietly to Olivia.

"You're welcome," Olivia said and playfully nudged the blonde's shoulder with her own.

"That's why I hate going to these places," Abbie said. "Shitty music and dickhead cowboy wannabees."

"Well, is there somewhere else we can go?" Alex asked, eager for a change of scenery and music as well.

Olivia looked at Abbie and raised an eyebrow. Abbie raised an eyebrow of her own. Olivia gave an almost imperceptible nod. Abbie replied with a move of her eyebrow that said "Your call".

"What's going on?" Alex asked, watching the exchange between the two.

"Well," Olivia said hesitantly, "there is one place."

"Okay..." Alex said, waiting for the detective to continue.

"It's got better music," Olivia continued.

"And definitely better scenery," Abbie said, unable to stop herself. She looked at Olivia who gave her a surprised look and she laughed.

"What's going on, you guys?" Alex asked, confused as to what the inside joke was the other two were sharing.

Abbie put her arm around Alex's shoulder. "Cabot, we're gonna take you to a different world."

"Okay..." Alex said, trying to decide if maybe the drinks were already starting to affect her companions.

"Come on, let's go," Olivia said and the three women left the bar to hail a cab.

As they climbed into the cab, Abbie gave the driver the address and the three women settled into the back seat.

"Where are we going?" Alex asked, her curiosity growing.

"You'll see," Olivia said.

"Cabot, they're gonna eat you up," Abbie said and looked at Olivia and the two burst out laughing.

"Come on you guys," Alex said, and started to feel uneasy as her mind started to wander and her thoughts grew dark, an occupational hazard.

"Trust us?" Abbie asked her.

"Kinda hard to when you won't tell me where we're going," Alex said, her uneasiness apparent.

Olivia leaned over and whispered into Alex's ear. "It's a private nightclub. Don't worry, we're out to have fun. No one's gonna get hurt." As she whispered the words, her lips brushed against Alex's ear and Olivia had to fight the urge for more contact.

Alex heard Olivia's soft voice and reassuring words and she relaxed almost instantly. However, the feeling of the detective's warm breath against her skin, and the slight touch of her lips against her ear sent a sudden electric surge through Alex's body. She had never felt anything like it before.

Soon, the taxi pulled onto a deserted street lined with closed warehouses. It pulled up to the address that Abbie had given the driver and the women got out. Alex stepped out onto the sidewalk and looked at the building. A sign read "Martin Wholesalers" over the brown wooden double doors. On the door was the building number - 212.

Olivia pulled out her cell phone and dialed a number.

"Liv and Abs Carson. We brought a long lost twin," Olivia said into the phone and paused for a few seconds and hung up. She walked over to the double doors and pushed a black faceplate up on a security keypad beside the doors. She punched in a five digit code and pulled the door open. Abbie and Alex walked through the doors and Olivia followed behind after closing the door. To Alex's surprise, it was brightly lit inside and there were two concrete staircases, one going up, the other going down.

Abbie led the way with Alex and Olivia in tow. They went down the stairs and then along the long hallway. At the end of the hall, Alex could make out another door and then a mirrored window beside the door. "Two way glass," Alex thought. "Why all the security?"

As the women approached the end of the hall, the door opened and a tall muscular bald man with a goatee came out.

"Lucas," Abbie said and gave him a hug. He smiled and hugged her back. He released her and waved Olivia over and they exchanged hugs.

"Lucas, we've found our long lost twin sister," Olivia told him with a smile. "Lexi."

"Nice to meet you, Lexi," the burly man said, holding out his hand. Alex took it and gave him a firm handshake. "Come on through, ladies, and Lexi, I'm going to need your driver's license to scan for our records."

Alex looked at Olivia who nodded and she handed Lucas her license as they walked into the room. Facing them, from behind the security desk was Lucas's twin brother, Kevin. Behind him were numerous security monitors. Kevin took the license from his brother and took a scan of it and handed it back to Alex. Lucas walked over to the right of the room where there was another door. "Right this way, ladies," he guided them and opened the door. Abbie pushed the black curtain aside and Alex felt the vibration from the music engulf her.

Alex was in silent awe as she took in the sight before her. She looked around and saw women sitting and drinking in the part of the room closest to them and along the perimeter of the room; at the bar in the middle of the room, the bartenders were women; there were women dancing on the dance floor beyond the bar; she looked up at the far end and saw a balcony where women were talking and other women were kissing. In the far back right corner, she saw the DJ, also a woman. There were even a couple of female go-go dancers on stages against the left and right walls of the dancing area.

"Welcome to two-twelve," Abbie said to Alex. "The premium, private, lesbian bar in Manhattan."

Abbie and Olivia ushered Alex through the crowd. As they made their way to the bar, Abbie and Olivia would wave or say hi to some of the women they passed.

They ordered their drinks and found a vacant table and armchairs near the bar with a front row view of the dance floor. As soon as they sat down, a tall woman with short platinum blonde hair wearing jeans and a white tank top came over.

"Liv! Abs!" the woman called out, holding her arms open.

"Cheryl!" the detective and lawyer called out in unison and both stood up to hug their greeter.

They introduced Cheryl to Alex and exchanged pleasantries. Cheryl encouraged them to order whatever they wanted. "You know the rules -- on the house, always! Have fun ladies!" She instructed them. She turned to Abbie and took her hand. "Dance with me?"

Abbie smiled her patented dimpled smile. "Baby, you never have to ask." They headed to the dance floor, leaving Alex and Olivia behind.

"How did you and Abbie even know about this place?" Alex asked, still taking in her surroundings.

"Cheryl and her brothers, the twins we met earlier, they own this place," Olivia explained. "Cheryl was raped three years ago. Abbie and I worked her case."

"I'm sorry to hear that," Alex said.

"She's come a long way," Olivia said. "She's been going to therapy, she's dealing with it and she's got a good support system with her brothers."

Alex and Olivia sat back in their chairs, side by side, and watched Abbie and Cheryl turn the heat on out on the dance floor. The two tall thin women danced to the Latin beats the DJ was playing, their bodies staying in constant contact with one another. At one point, as they danced facing one another, their legs and hips touching, Alex could see the two women lock lips and then pull apart and continued dancing. Upon seeing the public display, Alex felt a warmth that spread through her. She blamed it on all the alcohol she'd been consuming that night.

"Are they...?" Alex asked Olivia.

"It's complicated," Olivia answered. "They are and they aren't."

Alex gave her a quizzical look. "How is that possible? It's either they are together or they aren't."

"Abbie doesn't do relationships or commitments," Olivia tried to clarify. "She likes to have a good time, have fun, fulfill urges or desires, and leave it at that. She doesn't sleep with the same women twice."

"Except for Cheryl?" Alex ventured a guess as she watched Abbie and Cheryl kiss again.

"Actually, Abbie's never slept with Cheryl," Olivia said shaking her head. "It's the weirdest thing. It's like they have this ritual where they dance and make out for all the world to see, but they've never taken it any further."

Olivia and Alex looked over at the dance floor and saw Abbie and Cheryl making their way back to their table holding hands. When they reached Alex and Olivia, Abbie pulled on Cheryl's hand to bring her closer and kissed her. When they separated, Cheryl turned to Alex. "It was nice meeting you and I hope you have a good time. Don't let these two scare you too much." She bent down and kissed Olivia on the cheek and headed back to the bar to help her bartenders.

Abbie sat back in her chair and took a long drink from her beer bottle. A young redhead wearing a black sheath dress sauntered over to Abbie.

"You never called," the redhead said to the dark haired lawyer.

"I've been busy," Abbie answered after swallowing her beer.

"Busy fucking that white tank top?" the stranger accused.

"Girls, this is Kirsten," Abbie introduced the hostile visitor.

"Kristin!" the angry woman corrected. "Lisa was right. I never should've slept with you."

"Which one was Lisa again?" Abbie asked.

"Fuck you!" Kristin spat at her.

"Thanks, but once was enough," Abbie replied coolly and took another drink.

"You are such a bitch," the young scorned lover said shaking her head and walked away.

Alex looked speechlessly at Abbie and the retreating redhead.

"God I love fucking with people," Abbie said, obviously enjoying the reaction she elicited from her former lover.

"And what are you gonna do once you've fucked every lesbian in Manhattan?" Olivia asked her.

"I'll let you know when it happens," Abbie said, clicking her bottle with Olivia's highball glass.

"At least you didn't get a drink thrown in your face this time," Olivia told her.

"True. But THAT is exactly why I don't do relationships," Abbie replied indicating the space the redhead had occupied with a wagging finger. Then she winked. "But then again, I'm preaching to the choir aren't I?"

Olivia gave her a smile and took a drink of her whiskey and ginger ale cocktail.

"So you're both gay?" Alex asked.

"I am," Abbie replied and then dismissively pointed a finger at Olivia and accentuated her southern drawl as she added, "As for Benson...well, that's debatable. She likes to hang onto the mantle of homosexuality while flaunting the heterosexual privilege when in the public eye."

"Hey, don't get on my case just because I like dicks and chicks." Olivia said, sitting back, chewing on the small straw from her drink.

"Jesus, stop straddling the fence, 'cause you know that one day you'll lose your balance, fall off and wind up with a wedgie when your underwear gets snagged on the fence post," Abbie retorted. "Then again, maybe you like that kind of thing, huh, Doc?"

"Don't knock it 'til you've tried it," Olivia joked back with a wink.

"Doc?" Alex asked with a raised eyebrow, looking from Abbie to Olivia and then back at Abbie.

"She's the 'lesbian virgin surgeon'," Abbie answered with a grin. "And speaking of which, I think I see one." Abbie indicated with a lift of her chin to a strawberry blonde feminine looking woman sitting by the bar with a couple of friends. Her friends were trying to pull her onto the dance floor but she was shaking her head. She was wearing a pair of black pants and a white halter top. As her friends left for the dance floor, she looked around the bar nervously.

"Excuse me, ladies," Olivia said, pulling the straw out of her mouth and tossing it back into her highball glass. "I think someone needs a doctor - stat." She got up and sauntered over to the bar. She sidled up to the counter beside the halter top and motioned one of the bartenders over. While she waited for the bartender, she turned to the halter top and found the shy woman looking at her. From their positions at the table, the two ADAs watched the scene unfold.

They could see Olivia greet the shy woman and shake her hand. Olivia then asked her something and the woman shook her head. When the bartender came over, Olivia turned to the other woman to ask her something and then turned to the bartender. Olivia had just bought the woman a drink.

"Now she's going to ask her if she's ever been to a gay bar before," Abbie gave Alex a play by play commentary. They saw Olivia lean over and ask the woman something who in turn shook her head.

"So Liv likes virgins? How do you know she's a virgin?" Alex asked, splitting her attention between watching Olivia put the moves on the stranger and talking to Abbie.

"Liv's into the 'straight girls happen' scene," Abbie explained.

"Straight girls happen?" Alex repeated.

"Don't worry, she won't hit on you," Abbie said, patting Alex's hand. "You're not her type."

"What? Blonde? Smart?" Alex said with a smirk.

"Single," Abbie replied. "Liv likes 'em straight and married."

Alex gave her a puzzled look.

"It's less complicated. They're only looking for fun, no commitment," Abbie explained.

"So how do you know she's married?" Alex asked, indicating the woman seated next to Olivia who was now smiling as the detective whispered something into her ear.

"It's her shyness in the way she refused to join her friends on the dance floor," Abbie began. "Add to that the way she was sitting and fidgeting with her left ring finger. She's having a night out with her gay friends in a gay club for the first time."

"That doesn't necessarily mean she's open to sleeping with another woman," Alex tried to reason thinking of how she too was a straight girl out with a couple of gay friends for the first time.

"I'd agree with you if she was still wearing her wedding ring," the Texan replied. "She's feeling a bit out of place, yet she's taken off her ring. She just needs the right woman to hit on her and she's game."

"And the right woman is Olivia," the blonde added.

"Bingo," Abbie confirmed. "She's got a way with the straight curious girls. They never refuse her."

"Is that so?" Alex asked.

"It is," Abbie said nodding. Alex turned her attention over to the bar and watched Olivia lean over to say something into the red head's ear again. The red head gave a shy shake of her head. Olivia said something else and the red head licked her bottom lip and bit down on it shyly and slowly turned her head to face Olivia. She gave a slight nod and Olivia moved closer and brought her lips to the redhead's lips in a soft chaste kiss. When they broke apart, the redhead smiled and lowered her head, her hair partially hiding the smile that was on her face. The bartender delivered the drinks and Olivia handed the woman one of the glasses. Some more whispers into one another's ears and then both women stood up.

Olivia pointed to a spiral staircase behind the dance floor which led up to the balcony above. The other woman started walking and Olivia was by her side, her hand on the small of the other woman's back, guiding her to the stairs. They went up to the balcony and stood along the rail, looking down on the dancing crowd and talking. After a couple of minutes, Olivia was standing closer to the married woman, leaning one arm on the rail and facing her companion. The strawberry blonde woman had her back against the rail. The two lawyers below watched Olivia lean in again and say something into the woman's ear and then Olivia took her hand and led her away behind tall black curtains.

"Where'd they go?" Alex asked, her curiosity peaked.

"To a more private area," Abbie answered. When Alex looked to her for further explanation, she obliged. "There are some private rooms up there."

"For sex?" Alex asked.

"Don't worry counselor," Abbie reassured her. "There are people up there to make sure no one is being taken up there against their own will."

"Do you guys do this often?" the blonde ADA asked.

"We usually go once a week," the brunette replied. "Alex, are you uncomfortable about being here?"

"I have to admit, this is new to me. I'm not used to seeing this much..." Alex began and hesitated to continue.

"Explicit lesbian behavior?" Abbie finished for her with a smile.

"Yeah," Alex answered. "Aren't you concerned about people finding out about your orientation?"

"Well, that's why I don't broadcast at work," Abbie answered. "It's a private club. We go by pseudonyms. People who come here, they're looking for a private place to hang out and have fun as well. They're not looking to out anyone because they don't want to out themselves."

"Gotcha," the blonde replied, understanding Abbie's underlying request that Alex keep this newfound adventure and information about her colleagues to herself.

"You never answered the question though," Abbie said, looking serious. "Are you uncomfortable about being here?"

Alex took a couple of seconds to gauge her feelings. "No. The music is good, the drinks are good, and hell, there's entertainment too!" she answered honestly, pointing to the go-go dancers and smiling.

"Good," the brunette said and leaned over to the blonde. "I'm glad you're not uncomfortable because that bull dyke over there has been eyeing you ever since we got here." Abbie discreetly pointed out a butchy woman with spiky hair, wearing a sleeveless plaid shirt and jeans who raised her beer bottle in greeting when Alex made eye contact.

Alex quickly turned to Abbie and a look of fear flashed across her face. "What do I do?"

Abbie laughed a deep laugh. "Nothing, Alex. Unless of course you want to meet her, then just give her a smile and she'll buy you a drink."

"No, no, no, no, I don't want her to buy me a drink," Alex said quickly shaking her head. "Just for the record, I'm straight."

Abbie continued laughing.

"I'm glad one of us finds this amusing," the blonde continued.

"It's okay, Alex," Abbie said when she regained her breath. "I know you're straight. I'm just teasing you. But that bull dyke has been eyeing you."

Alex quickly looked out of the corner of her eye and sure enough, the butch in the plaid shirt was watching her.

"Alex, you're an attractive woman," Abbie complimented her. "I wasn't joking when I said that they'd eat you up in here. But Liv and I know you're straight so we won't let any of 'em prey on you. Having said that, should you feel like you wanna dance and have a good time, there's no better place than here where it's safe, okay?"

Alex nodded taking in the advice.

"Alright, now, Lexi," Abbie said standing up and held out her hand to Alex. "Since Liv's abandoned us for some carnal knowledge, how about you indulge this Texan dyke and let me have the honor of dancing with the hottest new girl in the club?"

Despite Abbie's invitation, she didn't expect Alex to have loosened up enough to join her, but, to her surprise, Alex smiled and took her hand and said "Sure, what the hell?" and the two headed off to the dance floor. Abbie respected Alex's personal space and kept some space between them. As they danced, Abbie saw the woman in the plaid shirt move towards them and slowly she started dancing beside Alex. Abbie leaned close to Alex's ear and asked if she was okay. For the second time that night, Abbie was surprised yet again by Alex's answer, which was a nod and a smile. As Alex and her admirer began dancing together, an Asian woman with long straight black hair sidled up to Abbie and the pair started to dance.

Songs blended into other songs and both lawyers were enjoying the energy and music that flowed through them. After Alex lost count of the number of songs she had danced with her admirer, who's name she learned was Jen, she found that she was really enjoying herself. Jen started to dance closer and closer to her and just as she felt like Jen was about to make a move for some contact, short brown hair and with a red top had stepped in and said something to Jen, her back to Alex. Jen waved bye to Alex and went in search of a different dancing partner and the intruder turned around. Alex couldn't help but grin.

"I see you're enjoying yourself," Olivia said with a grin of her own, moving and swaying with the blonde, their bodies inches apart.

"I am," Alex said. "How did you enjoy the halter top?"

"I see you're picking up on the lingo," Olivia said laughing.

"I'm a fast learner, detective," Alex said with a mischievous smile and a twinkle in her eye. This music is definitely doing something to my body and brain thought Alex.

Is she doing what I think she's doing? Liv asked herself. She shook off the thought. "I never doubted that, counselor," she said with an equally mischievous smile.

Alex turned her back to Olivia and pressed her body into her dance partner. Olivia's stomach did a flip and she felt her knees go weak. Alex felt the warmth spread through her body once more like it did earlier. Olivia swallowed hard and threw caution to the wind. She put her hands on Alex's hips and pulled the blonde harder against her. She brought her lips to Alex's ear. Alex tilted her head back. Olivia said, "You weren't joking were you?" letting her lips touch Alex's skin.

Alex turned her head to look at the brunette. She ran her tongue along her bottom lip ever so slowly, her eyes on the detective's mouth, her hips still gyrating against Olivia's body. Then she smiled. "I'm thirsty," she said and reached down and took one of Olivia's hands and led her to the bar.

As they waited for their drinks, Olivia whispered into Alex's ear again. "What you just did, we have a name for that."

Alex turned to look at her, their faces ever so close. "And what's that, Detective?"

Olivia moved closer and Alex could feel the other woman's breath on the corner of her mouth, on her cheek, and then against her ear. "Cunt tease."

Alex felt an electric jolt rush through her body, and noted that it had emanated from below her waist. God, does she look hot or what? Did she look this hot all night or only after she's had sex? Wait, why am I thinking these things? Oh fuck it; I'm in a lesbian bar, maybe it's contagious! she debated with herself.

Alex whispered back into Olivia's ear. "Am I teasing your cunt?" She swore she could see a blush creep along Olivia's cheek.

"I don't know, are you?"

"Do you want me to?"

"You are such a lawyer sometimes," Olivia teased her. As much fun as she had had upstairs with the woman in the halter top, the moment she saw Alex dancing, Olivia's heart had started beating erratically. The moment the blonde pressed her ass against her, Olivia had felt herself get wet all over again. But she had to remind herself that despite "Two-twelve" being a private and discreet club, she and Alex still had to work together. Besides, she had assumed Alex was straight. They got their drinks and headed back to their table. Alex was still smiling, feeling proud of herself for having caused the tough detective to blush.

"Where's Abbie?" Olivia asked, scanning the dancing crowd, and hoping to change the flirtatious encounter they were having.

"Over there," Alex said, pointing to Abbie and the Asian woman, retreating behind a curtain by the DJ's box.

"Are they going to another 'private area' like upstairs?" Alex asked, teasing Olivia at the same time.

Olivia shook her head. "Bathroom."

"Bathroom? She tells me there are private rooms upstairs, yet she's going to the bathroom?" Alex continued asking.

Olivia smiled. "Private rooms are more for...romantic encounters..."

"Like yours and the straight married woman?" Alex said with a smirk.

"Yeah" Olivia replied. "But Abbie...well, she's usually in the mood for a good fuck. A good ol' quintessential lesbian fuck."

"And what, pray tell, is that?"

"A good hard fuck up against a wall or door," Olivia explained. "Just pure, raw, sexual energy."

"I see," Alex said, obviously getting an explicit image in her head. "But that's not your style?

"I have many different styles," Olivia said and winked.

"I'm sure you do, Miss-I-like-dicks-and-chicks," Alex teased her.

"What can I say?" Olivia said, shrugging her shoulders, "I'm flexible."

As they relaxed in their chairs, Olivia watched Alex. She was still grooving to the beats even while sitting in her chair and was taking in all the sights surrounding her.

"So what does a straight girl like you make of all of this?" Olivia asked. She decided to go fishing. "I'm assuming you're straight, but feel free to correct me if I'm wrong."

"No, you're right," Alex said. "Well, truth be told, I've only ever dated guys. I guess the thought of dating a woman just never occurred to me."

"You have led a sheltered life haven't you?" Olivia asked in a joking tone.

"I have," Alex agreed wholeheartedly. "I think it's great that there's a place like this for you to meet whomever you want, do whatever you want, knowing that it's discreet and you don't have to worry about anyone judging you." Alex wanted to reassure Olivia that she would respect her colleagues' desire for privacy when it came to their personal lives.

A woman with blonde curly hair wearing a white spaghetti strap top and a brown skirt came over and asked Alex if she'd care to dance. Alex gave her a warm smile but declined the invitation.

"You should think about switching teams," Olivia joked to a blushing Alex. "God knows you've generated enough interest in here tonight!" Don't get Jealous, Doc. the Detective told herself.

"You think?" Alex asked, enjoying the attention she was receiving.

"Alex, women have been looking at you since the moment we walked in here," Olivia pointed out.

"That's just because I'm 'new meat'," Alex joked.

"Well, okay," Olivia admitted and continued, "But really, you're a beautiful woman and sexy as hell when you're dancing out there. A person would have to be blind not to notice you." Where the hell did all that come from?

"Are you hitting on me, Detective?" Alex asked smirking.

"Do you want me to?" Olivia echoed Alex's question from earlier.

"Touché," Alex replied and clinked her martini glass with Olivia's. "You're not so bad yourself. It takes a hell of a lot of guts to hit on straight women, and it takes a shit load of charm to never have one turn you down. I could never do that - if I were gay, of course."

"Of course," Olivia agreed. "How'd you know she was straight and about my batting average?"

"Abbie provided the play by play and color commentary," Alex explained and saw a slight blush on the detective's cheeks. "So tell me Detective, have you ever been afraid of approaching a straight girl?"

Olivia paused for a few seconds, "Not in here, because I know that the fact that they're here means that they're open minded enough for some flirtation."

"So, what about me? I'm here with a couple of friends for the first time," Alex began. "Would you have hit on me?"

"I've already told you, Lexi," came Abbie's voice from behind her. "You're not Liv's type. You're not married."

Alex smiled and shook her head. Her attempt to see if Olivia might have any interest in her had been foiled.

"Come on girls, dance with me," Abbie said, grabbing both their hands and pulled them to the dance floor. As they made their way to the dancing crowd, Olivia put a hand on the small of Alex's back and pulled her close and said into her ear, "For the record, I would've, at a minimum, bought you a drink."


The following Monday


"Let's go get breakfast, my treat," Detective Olivia Benson said, walking up to her partner's desk on Monday morning.

"Okay," Elliot replied, grabbing his jacket and followed her out to the coffee shop around the corner.

"So why the generosity?" Elliot asked as they sat down at a small table by the front window. He placed his coffee and a small paper bag on the table.

Olivia sipped on her coffee. "Don't look a gift horse in the mouth, Elliot. You don't want it, I'll eat it."

"Thanks. I take it Friday went well?" Elliot asked, pulling a bagel with cream cheese out of the paper bag.

"I got laid," Olivia replied with grin.

"You didn't," Elliot said disbelievingly and then lowered his voice and leaned forward. "Alex?"

"God, no," Olivia replied realizing what her words had implied. "No, her name was Ava. But Alex did have a good time. The girl can dance. Real well."

"Really?" Elliot asked giving his partner a suspecting look.




"Forget it."


"You had this look."

"What look?"

"You had a twinkle in your eye," Elliot said with a grin.

"What can I say? I got laid," Olivia said, her cheeks getting warm.

"Oh, the twinkle wasn't there when you mentioned Ava," Elliot clarified.

"Alex is straight."

"But you took her to your underground club."


"And she danced."


"And she dances real well."


"Mmmhmmm...and there it is."

"Screw off, Elliot, I don't twinkle."

"Oh, but you do, Benson, you do. Speak of the devil. Hi, Alex," Elliot said, greeting the ADA who was behind his partner.

Olivia spun around in her seat. "Hey, Alex."

"Olivia, Elliot," the blond attorney greeted the detectives.

"Join us?" Elliot asked, pulling an empty chair from a table nearby over to their table.

"I don't want to interrupt," Alex said. Her shyness and nervousness had returned.

"No, not at all," Olivia said and moved her chair over to make more room for the attorney to join them.

"How was your weekend?" Elliot asked the blonde as she sat down. He looked like the Cheshire cat.

"It was fine, thank you," Alex replied politely. "And yours?"

"It was fine," Elliot answered, trying hard not to grin out to his ears. "How was girl's night out?"

Alex gave Olivia a quick glance and felt a warm flush on her cheeks.

"It's okay, Alex," Olivia said, coming in for the rescue. "He knows what kind of club we went to."

Alex nodded with relief. "It was good. It was fun." She relaxed visibly.

"I hear you're quite the dancer," Elliot continued and ignored the kick he felt against one of his shins.

Alex felt her ears go warm but after years of learning to control her facial reactions, she simply smiled and answered "Five years of dancing school while growing up has now paid off I suppose."

"Yes it has," Olivia said, quietly. Shit, did that slip out?

Alex turned to her and smiled. "Thank you, Olivia."

Elliot grinned and mouthed the word "twinkle" at his partner. "So how's Liv's dancing? Is she going to need some lessons from you?"

As Alex turned back to Elliot, Olivia mouthed back to her partner, "Fuck off".

"Actually, Olivia is quite the dancer herself," Alex said to Elliot and then gave a quick glance over at the brunette.

"Liv, you been holding out on me?" Elliot teased his partner. "Had I known you were such a 'twinkle toes' - "

"And that's exactly why I've been holding out on you," Olivia interrupted him, pointing out his childish teasing.

A shrill ring stopped the partners from escalating their teasing. Alex pulled her cell phone out of her pocket.

"Cabot...okay, I'm on my way," Alex said into the phone and then hung up. "It's been fun, Detectives, but duty calls. I'll see you later."

"See ya," the detectives replied in unison.

After the ADA was out of earshot, Elliot gave a shit-eating grin. "So just exactly what kind of dancing were you two doing, twinkle toes?"

Olivia grabbed his bagel from out of his hand and started eating it. "Last time I buy you breakfast."


The following Friday


"So what the fuck was that last week?" Abbie asked Olivia as she kicked off her two inch heeled sandals and threw herself down onto the detective's couch. She wore dark blue jeans and a sleeveless white button shirt with the front tied into a knot, Daisy Duke style, revealing her flat midsection.

"What was what?" Olivia asked, closing the door. "And why are you fifteen minutes early?" She was in the process of dressing and was wearing a chocolate brown racer back tank top and a pair of jeans that were still unbuttoned.

"Because I wanted to ask you what the hell you and Cabot were doing with the bumping and grinding last Friday," the lawyer answered. She stretched out her long legs and laced her fingers behind her head.

Olivia went into the bathroom to finish her makeup and yelled out to the living room, "You saw that? I would've thought you were too busy with your tongue down that Asian's throat to notice what we were doing." She stuck her head out the bathroom door and gave Abbie a grin.

"I am capable of multitasking, or have you forgotten that, Benson?"

Olivia came out of the bathroom and buttoned up her jeans. She went to the kitchen and opened the fridge. "You want a beer?" she asked and grabbed two bottles after she got an affirmative answer.

She sat down on the love seat and handed the beer to her guest.

"Well?" Abbie asked, giving her an expectant look.

"We were dancing," Olivia answered.

"Her ass was against you."

"Indeed it was."



"What are you doing?"

"I'm just having a good time. Besides, she's straight."

"She's getting curious."

"What are you talking about? It was one night out. Maybe she's just having fun too."

"She asked if you would hit on her. She's getting curious."

"So what?"

"Straight girls happen, Liv. They always get curious with you. Be careful."

"Well, what if she is just curious?"

"Firstly, you work together."

"We work together."

"Not exclusively. And besides, I'm not straight."


"And secondly, you're hung up on her."

"What - hung up - What? What are you talking about?"

"I can see it when you look at her. You have this look."

"Have you been talking to Elliot?"

"No, but there you go - it's so obvious even Elliot can see it."

"I'm not obvious."

"You've got a thing for her, Benson."

"No, I don't."

"You can lie to yourself, but you can't lie to me."

"Abbie, I'm not hung up on her," Olivia stated. "I was just having a good time."

"Tell me something," Abbie said and leaned forward, her elbows on her knees. "When she spun around and pushed that tight little ass up against you, you didn't get even just a little wet?"

"N-No," Olivia answered.

"You are such a liar, Benson," Abbie said, shaking her head. She sat back. "I can see it in your eyes. They glazed over as soon as I mentioned Cabot's ass, not unlike how they're glazing over right now. And I bet that if I checked, your thong would be soaking right now."

"Joke's on you," Olivia retorted. "I'm not wearing a thong."

Abbie simply looked at Olivia with an arched eyebrow.

"Alright, so I think she's hot, so what?"

"No...It's not just that."


"You're hung up on her."

"Carmichael, I swear to God..."

"You swear to God, what?" Abbie asked. "Olivia, I'm your best friend. You don't have to keep up the "non-committal virgin surgeon" persona with me. I know you've got a huge heart and very capable of loving someone. If you meet someone, I'm happy for you."

"Honestly, Abbie," Olivia replied. "I don't know how I feel about her. But you're right, she makes my stomach flip and my knees weak. I know I'm physically attracted to her, but there's something more, something I can't quite put my finger on."

A grin grew on Abbie's face.

"Shut up!" Olivia told her as the buzzer rang. Olivia got up to answer it.

"It's Alex," the voice called out through the small speaker.

"And her tight ass," Abbie quipped, teasing the blushing detective.

"Shut up. Now."

"Benson, you're hopeless," the ADA said, laughing as Olivia opened the door. The lawyer continued to tease her friend and sang out, "Hopelessly devoted to you."

"Carmichael, I am a cop and I do have a gun," Olivia warned the brunette on her couch who stopped the singing as they heard the elevator 'ding', announcing Alex's arrival.

Olivia looked out her door and down the hall. Her breath caught in her throat. Alex walked out of the elevator and towards her in long, casual strides. She wore black pumps with three inch heels; low riding faded flared jeans; and a sheer black, low cut babydoll top with a black bra that was visible underneath the top, and a very appetizing display of cleavage. Alex's hair had the simple "wash 'n go" look which showcased the blonde's natural curls.

"Benson, close your mouth," Abbie called out softly from the couch.

Olivia closed her mouth and swallowed. "You're late."

Alex walked up to the detective and smiled. The smile was both shy and seductive at the same time. "I'm sorry," she said with a slight pout and holding Olivia's gaze.

"You're forgiven," Olivia barely got out.

Abbie sensing the electricity that was flowing between the two women at the door couldn't help but smile. Alex Cabot was dressed to kill and she had Olivia in her sights. Perhaps this was one straight girl who might just give Olivia a run for her money.

"Cabot, you do realize that not just one, but all the bull dykes are going to be chasing your tail tonight?" Abbie asked, breaking the silence.

Alex smiled and blushed. "Hi, Abbie." She walked into the apartment, held her hands up and did a spin. "You like?"

Olivia simply nodded.

"I'm impressed," Abbie answered. "And I'm judging by your attitude, you're dressed to kill on purpose, so don't expect me to bail your ass away from any butches."

"Who said I'm hoping to get bailed?" Alex asked with a wink. "Ladies, shall we go?"

Olivia held the door open as Abbie slipped her sandals back on and the two lawyers led the way out with Alex in front. Abbie walked by Olivia and said under her breath, "You're toast."

Olivia sighed and closed the door. Abbie was right. There was no way in hell she'd be able to resist the blonde with the way she was dressed tonight. The only way to not lose the battle was to stay sober.

With appetites satiated by southern barbeque, the three women made their way into the "212" nightclub. True to Abbie's word, every bull dyke's head turned their way as they made their way from the entrance to the bar.

"Wow, the straight girl cleans up nice," Cheryl greeted them as they sidled up to one end of the bar. Alex gave a questioning look as to how Cheryl knew she was straight. "You don't ping the gaydar. But don't worry, that won't stop any of them from hitting on you," Cheryl explained, indicating the women who were eyeing the blonde attorney.

"I think she's counting on it," Abbie added with a wink.

"What can I say," Alex replied. "An ego boost is an ego boost, whether it's coming from a man or a woman!"

"That's the spirit!" Cheryl said and placed three shot glasses on the bar counter.

She poured equal amounts of tequila in each glass and placed a wedge of lime beside each of them. A salt shaker followed the lime onto the counter.

"Liv," Cheryl called to the detective who licked the flesh on the back of her hand between her thumb and index finger whereupon the bartender sprinkled some salt on the moist area. Olivia licked the salt and slammed back the tequila shot and quickly followed it up with a bite into the lime wedge. She made a quick face as she savored the sour lime juice. Then she turned to Alex and smiled. "Your turn, counselor."

Alex took a deep breath and copied Olivia actions, licking the salt, downing the tequila and biting the lime. She made a face as she swallowed the lime juice and let out a breath. "Why do I keep falling for that?" she asked.

"'Cause you're a glutton for punishment," Olivia said smiling.

"Indeed I am," Alex agreed and turned to Abbie. "Okay, Tex, your turn!"

Instead of licking her own hand, Abbie held her hand out to Cheryl who licked it and sprinkled salt on it. Abbie then licked the salt, knocked back the tequila and leaned over to Cheryl who was holding the lime wedge by one end with her teeth. Abbie wrapped her lips around the lime wedge and sucked on it. She pulled her mouth away from Cheryl, discarded the lime wedge and smiled at her seductively. The ADA started backing away from the bar to the dance floor, and curled her finger in a hooking motion to call the bartender to join her. Cheryl hopped over the bar and joined the brunette on the dance floor.

"Do you think they'll ever stop this song and dance and get serious about one another?" Alex asked watching the pair go through their weekly ritual.

"Who knows," the detective answered. "We are talking about Abbie here."

"Well, call me an idealist but I think that eventually, everyone will find their other half," Alex said.

"Perhaps," Olivia said, watching the pair on the dance floor and avoiding eye contact with Alex. Truth be told, it wasn't eye contact she was avoiding. She didn't want to get caught gawking at the blonde's cleavage.

"You don't believe in it."

"I believe that everyone has another half," Olivia explained. "I just don't necessarily believe that all of us will find that other half, or perhaps by the time we go through life, that other half no longer fits."

"That's kind of pessimistic," Alex said looking at Olivia.

"I like to be a realist," Olivia said, looking into Alex's eyes, reminding herself to maintain eye contact and not let her gaze drop down to the blonde's chest.

"So you don't think there's someone out there for you?" Alex asked her.

"Oh they're out there," Olivia said, looking around the club. "And they're all married, and they come here looking for a good time and I'm more than happy to oblige."

Alex shook her head. "You're afraid, aren't you?"

Olivia gave her a surprised look. "Of what?"

"Being close to someone."

"I don't know what kind of sex you have, but being close to another person is usually a requirement for me."

"I mean emotionally."

"I can't afford to be emotional," Olivia said obscurely. "And I find standing here, talking about emotions is making me emotional, so what do you say we go show those two how it's done?" At this point, Olivia had convinced herself that dancing with the sexy lawyer was far safer than having a conversation about love and fate and god forbid, emotions.

"I thought you'd never ask," Alex said, filing away Olivia's comment about emotional affordability as something to be debated at a later time.

Olivia took Alex's hand and led her out to the dance floor where Alex immediately eliminated the personal space between them, their bodies almost touching, but not quite. Olivia could feel the body heat emanating from Alex and felt the butterflies start to stir in her stomach. Shouldn't have had the tequila and beers during dinner. I was supposed to stay sober!

Alex didn't know what was coming over her, but all she knew was that she liked the way Olivia had been looking at her all night, since the minute she walked out of the elevator in Olivia's building, to the way Olivia was looking at her while they danced. She had picked out that specific outfit to see if she could get a reaction out of the detective, and judging from the number of times she had seen Olivia glance at her chest, she knew she had the detective's attention. As she moved to the music, she wanted to feel close to the brunette. She wanted to keep Olivia's attention because she didn't want the other woman to find and wander off with some straight, married, curious lesbian virgin. Gee, Cabot, jealous much? she chastised herself. But she ignored her inner voice and went with her gut, which told her that she liked being this close to Detective Olivia Benson.

While Olivia was trying to keep her heart rate from skyrocketing, it seemed to her that Alex was inching closer and closer to her, their faces inches apart, and the blonde's eyes were on her, constantly. Olivia studied her dancing partner. The blonde hair looked soft and had a natural glow to it and had a light scent of coconut; one eyebrow was continuously arched with a seductive, "come hither" look, while the blue eyes were intense and focused on her own eyes. Alex moved impossibly closer. Olivia noticed that Alex's lips were more full and shinier tonight than they normally were. The two women were now so close that if Olivia wanted, a slight lift of her chin would've brought their lips into contact. The brunette felt the blonde's body pressed against hers, and the butterflies in her stomach were swarming, while a distinct heat started to grow below her hips.

Just as Olivia's urge to kiss the blonde became irresistible, Alex turned and pressed her backside against Olivia. Dear God, please don't do this to me...Anything but the ass move Olivia thought.

Alex could feel Olivia's breasts against her back and felt her own nipples harden. Cabot, what are you doing? she asked herself and immediately admonished the voice from her head. Then she felt an arm snake around her midsection and a hand planted itself on her lower abdomen and pulled her hips harder against her partner behind her. Alex felt a tightening sensation between her legs. She felt Olivia's face next to hers, the other woman's breath tickling the back of her jaw. Then she felt something gently clamp onto her earlobe. It was Olivia's teeth.

Olivia felt an intake of breath from the blonde who had become motionless. Alex was momentarily stunned by the assault of sensations that were coursing through her body. Her nipples were rock hard, her stomach was doing constant flips, and there was no mistaking the feeling below her waist. She. Was. Wet.

"I need a drink," Olivia whispered into Alex's ear after letting go of her earlobe.

Alex silently nodded and Olivia led her off the dance floor and back to the bar.

"Detective, I believe what you just did out there, you have a term for," Alex said sitting down on a barstool.

"Payback's a bitch, ain't it?" Olivia asked with a smirk.

"Can I buy you a drink?" a butch looking woman asked Alex.

Alex turned to Olivia and answered her question. "Yes it is."

The blonde then turned to the woman with dark slicked back hair and said "How about a tequila shot?"

Olivia watched in disbelief and simmering jealousy. How can she just go from sticking her ass in my crotch to accepting a shot of tequila from a stranger? Dammit, payback is a bitch!

"The intruder", as Olivia had come to name the woman, introduced herself to Alex as Mel. The shots and lime wedges were brought to them and they clinked shot glasses and downed the drinks followed by the lime chaser.

"Thank you, I needed that," Alex said to her wannabee suitor. "How about a dance?"

Mel held out her arm and Alex hooked her own arm Mel's and they headed to the dance floor, passing Cheryl who was heading back to the bar.

Olivia watched as Alex began dancing with "the intruder". At least she's not pressed up against the stranger. Olivia tried to console herself.

"You've got a feisty one there," Cheryl said to Olivia as they watched Alex strut her stuff.

"Yeah," Olivia agreed.

"You want a drink?" Cheryl asked with a knowing smile.

"Tequila," Olivia said, not taking her eyes off of the blonde on the dance floor who was swaying her hips in the most unbelievably sexy way. "Make it a double."

Cheryl chuckled and went behind the bar to pour the drink. Olivia turned her attention to the drink and downed the burning liquid. She put the empty glass down. "Hit me again."

While Cheryl was pouring the second drink, Abbie arrived at Olivia's side and Cheryl automatically poured a shot for her.

"I see Lexi is enjoying herself," Abbie said glancing at Alex and then over at Olivia.

"That's what we're here for, right? A good time, not a long time," Olivia answered, downing her second drink.

"You're so fucking corny and obvious, Liv."

"Don't you have some new meat to fuck or old meat to piss off?"

"Hey, don't take your jealousy out on me."

"I'm not jealous."

"Like hell you're not."

"Look, I work with her, so it's not gonna happen," Olivia explained. "She can 'straight girl happens' with any dyke she wants."

"Good thing you're not a dyke then huh?" Abbie said with a smirk and a wink.

"Fuck you," Olivia replied jokingly.

"I'd rather fuck her," Abbie said eyeing a young Asian tomboi who was approaching them.

"Didn't realize you like the tombois," Olivia commented.

"You just haven't been very observant of my adventures."

"Apparently so."

"Hi," Abbie said, greeting the young woman.

"Hi," the girl said shyly. "My sister was hoping to hook up with you again tonight." She nodded to a group of three women seated at a table near the DJ's booth. One of the women was the Asian woman Abbie had met the week before.

"Why didn't she come over and ask herself?" Abbie asked.

"She heard that you don't sleep with the same woman twice, so she didn't want to ask," the tomboi answered. "So I said I'd ask for her."

"What's your name?" Abbie asked, her focus now solely on the younger sister and all thoughts of the older sister from last week were out of her mind.

"Steph," the girl replied.

"Well, Steph, your sister heard right," Abbie said and upon seeing the girl's expression of disappointment, she continued, "But I would like to buy you a drink."

"I-I don't know," Steph said, glancing over in her sister's direction.

Abbie stood up and stood in the younger woman's personal space. She leaned down, her face mere inches from the other woman's ear and said "Just because I'm not going to sleep with your sister again doesn't mean we can't hook up."

Steph glanced over at her sister's direction again. "I'm going to the restroom. You can join me if you're so inclined," Abbie said to her and walked towards the bathrooms.

Steph was left there, standing in front of Olivia, to debate whether or not to follow "Abs Carson, the stud of Club Two-Twelve".

Olivia just smiled, wondering what the younger woman would choose - her sister or the irresistible Texan whom everyone woman wanted to tame.

The young Asian woman turned and headed towards the restrooms.

Olivia chuckled and shook her head. A good hard fuck wins every time. She spun around to face the bar to see Cheryl chuckling as well.

"You and Abs," Cheryl said. "My two studs who keep bringing the women back."

"Fifty bucks says Abbie's getting a cocktail shower from last week's conquest," Olivia said.

"She didn't get a drink thrown at her last week, what makes you think it'll happen this week?" Cheryl asked.

"That dish that just followed her," Olivia said indicating behind her with a hitch of her thumb, "is last week's sister."

Cheryl laughed and shook her head. "You think I'm stupid enough to take that bet?"

Olivia laughed.

"Now, I would be willing to bet how long it takes before your straight hottie over there lets her curiosity get the best of her," Cheryl challenged. Olivia turned around and saw Alex dancing with not just the first "intruder", but now a second one had join them. Both "intruders" were wearing jeans and white tank tops, and there was Alex Cabot, the straight girl, dancing in between the two bull dykes. "Fuck me, a Lexi-bull-dyke sandwich," Olivia said shaking her head. She turned back to Cheryl to see the bartender had read her mind and was already pouring her another double shot of tequila. After Olivia knocked back the drink, Cheryl produced a bottle of water for the brunette.

"Drink up or you won't even be able to fall out of bed tomorrow."


"Hi," a voice said from beside her. Olivia turned her head and saw Ava, her conquest from last week. The strawberry blonde wore a brown knee length crochet skirt with a white lace trimmed camisole.

"Hi," Olivia said breaking out into a smile.

"Can I buy you a drink?" Ava asked her with a teasing smile.

Olivia held up the water bottle and pointed at Cheryl. "I think I've been cut off until I finish this." Cheryl nodded. "How are you?"

"I'm good. You?"

"Better now."

"Your friends left you alone?"


"What do you say we go and occupy ourselves then?" Ava asked.

Straight girl's grown bold! Olivia thought.

"I say that's the best idea I've heard tonight," Olivia answered and stood up and led Ava up the stairs to one of the private rooms.

Alex was getting hot and thirsty so she excused herself from her dancing partners. She sat down at the bar and ordered a martini. "Have you seen Liv or Abs?" she asked Cheryl who was pouring her drink.

"Abs is off igniting a shit storm that is going down as soon as she returns," Cheryl answered. "And Liv went upstairs."

"Another straight married woman?"

"Actually, the same one from last week."

"I see," Alex said and picked up her drink. "Thank you."

"So, you enjoying yourself?"

"I am," Alex answered.

"It's funny," Cheryl started. "When straight girls come here, they're usually curious. By the time the leave after their first visit, they'll have had one of two reactions."

"And what are those?"

"They'll get hit on by a bull dyke and realize that they really aren't that curious," Cheryl answered. "Or they'll embrace their curiosity and open the door to new possibilities."

"And me?" Alex asked, wanting to see what Cheryl's observation of her was, for Alex herself wasn't really sure what was happening to her.

"I think you have a lot of potential, Lexi Carson," Cheryl said and indicated the women scattered around the club who were eyeing the blonde lawyer.


"But I think you have a soft spot."

"Soft spot?"

"You can't do what Abs and Liv do. You're not a fuck 'em and leave 'em type."

Alex smiled at the assessment. Cheryl was right. She could dance and tease, but when it came down to it, Alex didn't do casual sex.

"You're right," Alex agreed. "I am a romantic to the core. Not unlike yourself."

"Insightful, too," Cheryl said, seeing that she wasn't dealing with "just another blonde".

"How long do you intend on watching her go through women like underwear?" Alex asked.

Cheryl smiled and shook her head. Lexi Carson was indeed insightful. "Unlike the women here, I don't believe in trying to tame her. You can't make a wildcat live in your house. But should it come to the door and lay down on the porch, I won't shoo it away."

"And what if it never comes to the door?"

"Life goes on. I don't put my life on hold waiting for something that may never happen."

"But you're still hoping."

"It's the romantic in both of us," Cheryl said and winked.

"You think I'm hoping for something?" Alex asked in surprise.

"Tell me," Cheryl said, leaning over the bar, closer to Alex. "Why is it that you bump and grind with Liv, but not any of the other women you dance with?"

Alex opened her mouth to answer but then stopped. She paused to think of an answer. "I feel safe with her."

"Safe in that she's a friend, or safe in that you don't think she'll make a move on you?" Cheryl asked for clarification.

"Do you think she'll make a move on me?" Alex asked before she could stop herself.

"There's always hope isn't there?" Cheryl said with a grin at having "busted" the blonde attorney. Alex blushed as Cheryl continued, "Come on, straight girl. Do you get a tingling sensation when your body is pressed against hers? Does your stomach feel funny when you feel her breath on your cheek? Do you hold your breath when she's inches away because all you want to do is inhale as much of her as you can?"

Alex swallowed hard. "Just so you know," Cheryl continued. "I've never seen Liv dance like that with anyone else in the two years she and Abs have been here." Alex was speechless.

Is it possible Liv may seriously be interested? It was one thing for Alex to suspect it on her own, given the way Olivia had been looking at her, but to get some sort of confirmation from a third party, no matter how vague it may be, meant a lot.

"What are you girls chatting about?" Abbie asked, sitting down beside Alex.

Alex and Cheryl looked at each other and smiled. "Wildlife," Cheryl answered and Alex chuckled.

"Sounds titillating," Abbie commented sarcastically. "I'll have one of whatever it is she's having."

"Some of us choose to have intelligent conversations while others choose bathroom entertainment," Alex joked. "Speaking of which, how was it this time?"

"Better than her sister," Abbie replied and laughed at the look on Alex's face. Alex looked at Cheryl who repeated her earlier words, "Shit storm."

As if on cue, Steph's sister walked up to Abbie and grabbed the martini glass which Cheryl had just finished pouring and splashed the contents onto Abbie.

"Shit!" Alex exclaimed.

"Hey!" Cheryl said, immediately hopping over the bar. She knew Abbie never reacted to having drinks tossed or spilled on her, but it was her bar and she wasn't about to let the incident go unnoticed.

The Asian woman handed the glass to Cheryl and said "Don't worry, it won't happen again."

She turned on her heels and left the club. Cheryl grabbed a bar towel and gave it to Abbie to clean herself up.

"Was it worth it?" Alex asked slightly amused.

"Every time," Abbie said, wiping down her shirt and bare midriff.

"One would think you'd get tired of this shit every week," Cheryl said.

"I can't help it," Abbie replied. "I like girls. I can't help it if they all think they're going to be the one to reign me in."

"I don't think reining you in was the issue. More like you sleeping with two sisters in two weeks," Olivia said, smirking, from behind with Ava in tow.

"Like I said," Abbie repeated herself. "I like girls."

"Clearly," Olivia said. "Come on, let's get you home. All the charm in the world can't make a girl overcome the smell of vodka all over you." She turned to Ava, "It was good seeing you again."

"See you next week, maybe?" Ava asked shyly.

"Maybe," Olivia said with a smile. "Take care."

"Come on, you," Olivia said to Abbie.

"Keep her out of trouble, will you?" Cheryl requested. "I got the boys to call you guys a cab already."

"Will do," Olivia answered. "Thanks."

"Take care, Lexi," Cheryl said and smiled.

"You too," Alex replied and shared the smile.

The trio made their way outside and sat on the curb to wait for their cab. While they waited, they decided that they would go back to Abbie's place so she could change and just hang out and have a few more drinks.

Part 2

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