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AUTHOR'S NOTE: I used dialogue from "Pique". Some scenes/dialogue were inspired by "The Big Easy", "The L Word" and "Kids". A BIG thanks to those who have allowed me to bounce ideas off of them.
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By Imaginus75


Part Two

Abbie opened her apartment door and led her two companions in. "Make yourselves at home. I'm going to shower and change," she said and turned to Alex, "Liv knows where everything is so if you can't find something, she'll know." She left Alex and Olivia in the kitchen and headed off to her bedroom.

"Beer?" Olivia asked, opening the fridge.

"Sure," Alex answered leaning back on the counter beside the fridge. Olivia handed the blonde a bottle and closed the door. She reached around to the other side of the lawyer to open a drawer. The move put the two women face to face, inches away from each other. No way, is that sex I still smell on her? Alex thought. Whatever it was, the proximity of the detective was making her heart rate pick up. Olivia moved back a little as she produced a bottle opener from the drawer and held it up between them.

Alex lifted her beer bottle from the counter and brought it up in front of her. Olivia placed one hand on the bottle, over top of Alex's hand, and popped off the cap off the bottle.

"I see you were having a good time dancing tonight," Olivia said, having removed her hand from around Alex's. Alex noted that although Olivia's hand had moved, the rest of her had not as she popped the cap off of her own bottle. "With the twin butches," Olivia added for clarification. There was no mistaking that they both enjoyed dancing with each other.

"I did have a good time," Alex answered quietly, trying to control her breathing. Cheryl was right. Alex wanted nothing more at that moment than to just inhale all of the woman standing opposite her.

"So, counselor, tell me," Olivia began and moved closer. Alex held her breath. Olivia re-opened the drawer and place the bottle opener back inside. She moved back again but didn't go far. There was still minimal space between them. "Are they your type?"

"They're a little masculine for my taste," Alex answered. "If I wanted to date someone who looked like a man, I'd date a man."

"Fair enough."

"I'd like someone who's strong, but also caring and nurturing."


"Someone who doesn't care what other people think; someone intelligent."


"Someone who's sure of herself, and is in touch with her feminine side."

"So...," Olivia started. "You wanna date yourself." She smiled.

"Well, they do say that self love is the best love of all," Alex answered which elicited a chuckle from the brunette.

"I noticed you said 'herself' and 'her feminine side'," Olivia pointed out. "Does this mean you're thinking about switching teams, counselor?"

"I guess you can say that after tonight, the concept doesn't seem as foreign to me anymore," Alex admitted looking down.

"Are you sure you're not just curious?"

"Is curiosity such a bad thing?" Alex asked, looking back up into brown eyes.

"In my experience, curiosity has always left someone hurt."

"What if I'm willing to take the risk?" Alex asked, standing straighter and closer to Olivia.

"Then you better be sure your partner is too," Olivia answered, her gaze shifting to the blonde's shimmering lips. Both women were silent and motionless. Olivia was afraid to move for fear that even the slightest of shifts would move her body against Alex's and she knew she'd lose all control if that were to happen. Alex waited. She had opened the door. Would the brunette walk through?

"Ladies," the husky voice called out from the other side of the kitchen. Ignoring the obvious intimacy of the situation, Abbie walked towards the pair. "I see you've found my friend, Lager." She opened the fridge and pulled out a bottle of her own. "Now let's see if we can find my other friend, Tequila."

Alex and Olivia held gazes for a split second more before breaking eye contact. Damn Abbie and her sense of timing! Alex thought.

Abbie found the bottle of Tequila and Olivia grabbed a juice glass and three shot glasses. Alex followed them into the living room. Abbie, hair still damp and having changed into a pair of black yoga pants and a grey tank top, placed the bottles on the square wooden coffee table, grabbed a cushion from the couch and sat down on it on the floor. Olivia and Alex followed suit.

"Oh wait," Abbie said getting up. "Need the quarter." She went into her bedroom.

"What are we doing?" Alex asked innocently.

"You've never heard of 'quarters'?" Olivia asked in surprise.

"They're twenty-five cent coins," Alex replied.

Olivia laughed, "No, the game." Alex shook her head.

"Cabot, we're going to get you drunk is what we're doing," Olivia said laughing.

"What's so funny?" Abbie asked coming back into the living room and sitting down facing Olivia.

"Cabot's never heard of 'quarters'," Olivia answered.

"They're twenty-five cent coins," Abbie said looking at Alex, who in turned gave Olivia a look that said "See?"

"The game, Carmichael, the game," Olivia clarified. "Christ, you lawyers have the same sense of humor."

"My, you have led a sheltered life," Abbie said. She began to explain the rules to Alex while Olivia poured tequila into each shot glass and put it in front of each woman.

"When it's your turn, you take the quarter and try to get it to land in this glass by bouncing it off the table," Abbie said and gave a demonstration. The coin bounced and dropped into the juice glass. "The way we play it, if you get the coin in the glass, all the other players have to drink their shot and you get to go again. If you get it in three times in a row, all the other players have to drink two shots in a row and then it's someone else's turn. If you miss, you have to drink your shot and then it's the next person's turn."

Alex nodded her understanding.

"Rock, paper, scissors to see who goes first," Olivia said. "One, two, three." Olivia and Abbie both chose scissors. Alex chose rock. She picked up the quarter and threw it at the table surface and the coin skipped over the glass.

"We'll call that one a practice," Abbie said, retrieving the coin. "You get one more try."

Alex took the coin and this time, threw it gentler and the coin landed in the glass.

"I think you should drink a double for that," Olivia joked to Abbie. The two brunettes took their shots and waited for the blonde to take her next turn. This time, the coin fell short from it's destination.

Abbie was next and she landed the coin in the glass two times in a row. Olivia landed the coin once. As the game progressed around the table, the conversation veered in the direction regarding relationships.

"So I see Ava came back for seconds," Abbie said to Olivia.

"Yes she did."

"She's falling for you."

"She's married."

"She still fucked you."

"She's getting in touch with her inner lesbian."

"You're getting in touch with her inner lesbian," Alex chimed in.

"Oooh, zing," Abbie said and clinked her beer bottle with Alex's.

"If she likes to have fun, that works for me," Olivia answered.

"Remember, repetition breeds familiarity," Abbie warned her. "And familiarity leads to attachment and - "

"Attachment leads to relationships, and relationships lead to trouble," Olivia said in unison with Abbie.

Alex took the quarter and bounced it off the table and missed. She took a shot of tequila.

"What do you two have against relationships anyway?" she asked, passing the quarter to Abbie.

"Were you not listening, Alex?" Abbie asked. "Relationships lead to trouble?" She bounced the quarter and it landed in the glass. Olivia and Alex took their shots.

"Why is it trouble?" Alex continued her questioning. "Because neither of you want anyone to get close to you?"

"Uh oh," Olivia said and turned to Abbie. "The idealist is emerging." Abbie bounced the quarter again and missed.

"Call me what you want," Alex said. "But what I don't get is that you two are beautiful, strong, intelligent and independent women who are so sure of themselves. What are you so afraid of that you go from one woman to another, week in and week out, and have empty, meaningless encounters while drinking yourselves stupid drunk?"

"I think we might have to start cutting her off," Abbie said, moving the half empty tequila bottle away from the blonde.

"I'm serious," Alex said.

"Hey, I don't go fucking new meat every week," Olivia said, trying to defend herself. "That's Abbie's gig."

"No, you go looking for women whom you know are unavailable for relationships," Alex pointed out and turned to Abbie. "And you go and fuck everything that moves, while the one person who truly cares about you stands by and watches. You're both fucked up. You just express it differently."

"Are you finished?" Olivia asked.

"Yeah," Alex said letting out a breath.

"Then drink up," Olivia said to her, pointing at the coin that she just bounced into the juice glass.

Alex just shook her head and slammed back the shot. We're all drunk, how do I expect to have a serious conversation with them? she thought to herself.

"You're right, Alex," Abbie said, putting down her shot glass. "We are fucked up. And that's exactly why we can't get involved in any relationships."

Alex shook her head again in exasperation. It was pointless. They were going around in circles.

"I was raped in college," Abbie said soberly. "Date rape. I haven't been in any relationships ever since."

"Oh, God, I'm so sorry," Alex apologized. Dammit, talk about putting your foot in your mouth!

"My mother was raped in college," Olivia said quietly. "I'm the product of that rape."

Alex was speechless.

"See, Alex," Abbie continued. "We are fucked up. We've accepted that. We're damaged goods. Who would want to be with us? Who'd want all this baggage? And so instead of putting ourselves on the line to get rejected and hurt, it's easier to just...do what we do. And I've been doing this for so long that I don't even know what to do in a relationship anymore."

"Is that why you won't get involved with Cheryl?" Olivia asked.

"I'm afraid I'll fuck it up," Abbie admitted. "At least what she and I are doing right now, it's something I'm used to. It's what I know."

"I think she'll understand where you're coming from," Alex suggested. "Not to mention that you two really are hot together." This brought a round of smiles from everyone.

"I'll keep that in mind," Abbie said.

"And Olivia," Alex said, turning to the detective. "Any man or woman would be lucky to have you."

Olivia gave her a smile and held her gaze. "Thanks."

"Well, now that we've got all that out in the open, might as well let everything out in the open," Abbie said. She poured tequila into all three shot glasses. She picked up her glass and said, "I've never slept with a man!" She drank the tequila and Olivia followed.

Alex, apparently, had never played this drinking game before either. "I don't get it," she said.

"When it's your turn, you're supposed to say a statement that is true, but you precede it with 'I've never'," Olivia explained. "And if the true statement applies to you, you take a drink as well. The only rule is that we don't question the admission, we just accept it."

Alex responded by drinking her shot. It took her a few seconds to gather her wits and concentrate on placing the shot glass down onto the table. "I think I've had enough tequila for the night. I'm just going to stick with my beer," Alex informed the other two who agreed that it was time to ease back on the hard liquor.

"I've never slept with a coworker," Olivia proclaimed and took a drink of her beer.. Abbie also took a drink of her own beer.

Alex didn't move her bottle. The Texan and the detective looked at her.

"I haven't," Alex shrugged. "At least not yet." That earned her a raised eyebrow from the detective.

"I've never had sex in a car," Alex said. All three women took a drink.

"I've never had phone sex," Abbie said. Again, all three women drank.

"I've never watched porn alone," Olivia said and they all took a drink.

"I've never watched porn with other people," Alex said as they again all took a swig of their beers.

"I've never made porn," Abbie said and took a drink. She noticed the other two women staring at her, their mouths open.

"New rule," Olivia said. "You have to explain."

"Homemade porn," Abbie explained. "You know, filming yourself having sex?"

"Ah, okay," Olivia nodded her understanding. She did not take a drink, but noticed out of the corner of her eye that Alex did. The two brunettes looked at the blonde.

"I was in college," Alex said nonchalantly.

"I'm impressed, Cabot," Abbie said. "I had you pegged as being pretty straight laced."

"I do have an adventurous side," Alex said with a wink.

"Okay," Olivia said, holding up her bottle. "I've never smoked pot." The two brunettes took a drink. Abbie looked at Alex. "I take it back, you are straight laced."

"I've never kissed a woman," Alex said. All three took a drink.

"Wait, you said that it never occurred to you to date women," Olivia said.

"I didn't date her," Alex explained. "I kissed her. On a dare."

"Tease," Abbie said. "I've never faked an orgasm." All three women drank.

"I've never masturbated at work," Olivia said. "In the crib," she clarified after the two ADAs looked at her questioningly. All three women drank.

"Thank god for office doors and locks," Abbie said.

"I've never...I've never drank this much before," Alex said and the other two women lifted their bottles. Alex lowered hers. "Seriously, I think I need to lie down."

Olivia was immediately by her side and helped her to stand up from the floor. Abbie grabbed some cushions and put them on the couch while Olivia guided the blonde to lay down.

"I'll go get a blanket," Abbie said and headed off to her bedroom.

Alex laid down, her head resting on the cushions. Olivia was kneeling on the floor beside the couch and brushed a strand of hair from the blonde's face with one hand, the other hand was still holding Alex's left hand.

"Do you want me to get you a bucket or take you to the bathroom?" Olivia asked, concern etched on her face.

"I think I just need to close my eyes for a bit," Alex said, her eyes half closed already.

"Okay," Olivia said and gave Alex's hand a squeeze. "I'll stay here so if you need anything, just holler."

"Thank you," Alex struggled to whisper as her eyes closed.

Abbie came out with a blanket and Olivia placed it over the blonde.

"Come on, Liv," Abbie said. "She'll be fine out here. My bed's plenty big for both of us."

Olivia gave one last look at the blonde and followed Abbie into the bedroom. Shedding her jeans, she crawled into one side of the king sized bed, wearing her tank top and black string bikini panties. Abbie slid off her yoga pants and joined her.

"You're falling for her aren't you, Liv?" Abbie asked quietly in the dark once they were settled.

"She makes me feel something I haven't felt in a long time," Olivia answered.

"And what's that?"

There was a pause.


Silence descended upon the two women and after Abbie was starting to drift off to sleep, she felt movement and shuffling from the other side of the bed. She heard footsteps and knew that when she'd awake the next day, she'd find the detective in the living room curled up on the love seat facing the couch.


Two weeks later


Olivia waited down on the curb in front of her building for Abbie to arrive. It had become routine that Alex was always the last to be ready so they decided that they would start meeting at Alex's place instead. That way, they hoped their presence would get the blonde to speed up her primping process.

A taxicab pulled up and the back door opened. Olivia climbed inside and saw the short, spiky platinum blonde hair.

"Cheryl, Hi!" Olivia said in surprise.

"You didn't tell her?" Cheryl asked Abbie.

"I wanted to surprise her," Abbie explained and Cheryl smiled.

"She finally came to her senses and asked me out on a proper date," Cheryl explained to Olivia.

Olivia grinned at the couple who were trying so hard to not be "lovey dovey".

"Congratulations...but seriously, Carmichael, where's your class? First date and you're making her come for southern barbeque with me and Alex and then back to the very club she owns?"

"It's okay, Olivia," Cheryl reassured the detective. "I believe Abbie and I are past the formalities of the 'getting to know you' first dates."

The cab pulled up to Alex's building and the three women made their way inside and up to the blonde lawyer's apartment. They knocked on Alex's door and waited patiently.

Alex answered the door still wearing the baby blue skirt suit from work and let her friends in. She had the same surprised reaction as Olivia upon seeing Cheryl. Upon hearing the explanation for Cheryl's presence, the two blonde women hugged. The two brunettes exchanged confused looks.

"Cabot, you're not dressed," Abbie stated in a scolding tone.

"Sorry guys, my baby cousin's here. She came into town when I got home," Alex explained. "I totally forgot that she was visiting. You'll have to count me out tonight."

"Count you out on what?" the question came from behind Alex. A young woman with blonde hair, tucked into a bun with a pen holding it in place, had come around the corner from the hallway.

"Niki, this is Olivia, Abbie and Cheryl," Alex called her cousin out for introductions. "Guys, this is my baby cousin, Niki Cabot."

The younger Cabot happily shook hands with the other two women with smiling brown eyes and a grin that lit up the room. "Alex, if you already had plans, go ahead."

"No, don't worry about it," Alex said turning to her cousin. "It's not often you visit me so I'd rather spend the time with you. Plus, you finished Law school so I want to take you out to celebrate!"

"Hey, why don't you join us and we'll help you celebrate," Abbie suggested.

"I don't know..." Alex said with noticeable hesitation.

"You're over twenty-one, right?" Cheryl asked Niki.

"Yes I am, as a matter of fact," Niki replied and turned to her cousin. "Come on, "Alex, I'm gonna be here for two months. You can't put your life on hold just because I'm here. I promise I won't embarrass you."

Alex looked at her excited cousin and gave in. "All right. Go change."

Niki happily went down the hall to her room and Alex turned to the other three. "I can't believe you're going to take my cousin to a gay bar."

"We're not taking her...you are," Olivia said with a smirk.

"What I can't believe is that you have a hot cousin and never told us," Abbie teased Alex. She turned to Cheryl, "But not as hot as you, babe."

"Aww," Cheryl said and gave Abbie a kiss.

"Guys, please," Olivia said to the pair. "Nothing makes me gag more than watching lovesick lesbians."

"And," Alex scolded, "That's my baby cousin you're talking about. She's not hot. Don't call her that!"

"You're right, Alex," Olivia said. "She's not hot. She's haaaahhhttttt."

The visitors laughed while Alex rolled her eyes and shook her head. She warned them. "I'm going to change. Behave yourselves."

"I believe she's talking to you two," Olivia said, teasing the new couple.

Finally the two Cabot women were dressed and ready to head out. They went for dinner and although Niki had already figured out that Abbie and Cheryl were gay and together, she was still unsure about Olivia. And as far as she knew, her older cousin was straight.

Throughout dinner, it became apparent to Alex that despite her younger cousin having just finished law school, she was not at all interested in talking about any aspect of the law with Abbie or herself. Instead, she seemed to be quite keen on making conversation with the detective and not only that, Alex noted that the detective was pretty at ease talking to the younger Cabot. Easy, Alex, they're just talking. Olivia is being her usual charming self. she told herself.

Ever since the night she passed out in Abbie's apartment, she felt as though she and Olivia had grown a bit closer. She remembered waking up the next day and seeing the detective all curled up on the love seat across the coffee table from her. She thought that Olivia couldn't have looked more adorable with her hair sticking up every which way. Abbie had told her that despite having a king sized bed, Olivia had chosen to stay on the love seat. It gave Alex a warm feeling inside to know that the detective had a soft spot and cared about her well being.

After that weekend, she had found herself visiting the precinct house more often, looking for any and every excuse to go visit the squad. Whenever she saw Olivia, her stomach jumped a little jump and she couldn't help but smile. At times when she had missed Olivia, she felt that her day was off track somehow and it would just drag on that much longer. As if by instinct, she'd find herself standing a little closer to the detective than she used to before, and everyday, she'd ponder over which outfit to wear that would accentuate whichever features on her body she was hoping would catch the detective's eye.

Much to Alex's delight, the detective seemed to also be calling her more often to deliver news or ask her for things any of the other detectives could've done themselves. Sometimes, she found Olivia visiting her at her office when a phone call would've sufficed. And she knew it wasn't her imagination that Olivia was looking at her more often, for there had been times when she had caught the detective looking at her and the brunette would look away blushing. Those times were especially amusing and satisfying to her when the detective was caught looking at the very feature which the attorney was trying to accentuate for the detective's benefit.

The couple of times which they had continued to go to the club, the heat between them had not escalated, but it hadn't fizzled either. They continued their flirtatious dances and the memories of the occasional bodily contact between them and the feelings that it had ignited had been permanently etched in their minds. Alex continued to draw attention from the club patrons, and Olivia was still able to pick out and pick up the straight married women who had arrived at the club, looking for a new and different experience.

By the time dinner was over and they headed off to the club, Alex was feeling a strange twinge of anxiety in the pit of her stomach. She chalked it up to being anxious about what her cousin would think about her frequenting a lesbian bar. The fact that Niki was having a good time, and visibly and thoroughly enjoying the company of Detective Benson was not going by unnoticed either.

When they entered the club, Alex watched her cousin to gauge her reaction. They made their way to a table and Cheryl offered to go get their drinks. Niki volunteered to help.

"I like your cousin," Olivia said to Alex, watching the two women leave for the bar.

"Hold onto your panties there, Doc," Alex playfully warned Olivia.

"Did you forget already?" Olivia asked. "She's not my type - she's single!"

"I think she's into you though," Alex said.

"Do you even know if she's gay?" Olivia asked.

"Does it matter? The straight girls love you just as much," Abbie interjected.

"True," Olivia said, allowing herself a moment of ego stroking. "Relax, Alex. I'm not like Abbie. I won't do two sisters."

Abbie playfully slapped her on the shoulder. They saw Cheryl and Niki return from the bar carrying bottles of beer and margarita glasses in their hands. As they made their way towards the seated women through the dancing crowd, Niki was catching the eyes of some of the dancing women. As they tried to get her to dance with them, she briefly acquiesced and was sandwiched between two women, her body grinding with theirs. The look on her face showed that she was thoroughly enjoying herself. By the time she made it to the table, Alex looked at her questioningly.

"You're not the only one pretending to be straight at the family compound, Alex," Niki said, handing her cousin a margarita. "You can close your mouth now, Alexandra."

"Oh. My. God," Alex said to no one in particular as the other women laughed.

Niki put her own margarita glass down and held her hand out to Olivia. "Will you do me...," she said with a sly smile and continued, "the honor?"

Olivia shook her head and smiled at the brashness of the younger Cabot. She stood up, took the younger woman's hand and off they went into the crowd.

"Wow," Abbie said. "Hot and bold!"

"Will you stop calling her hot?" Alex said, her irritation mounting. She took a long drink of her margarita.

"Alex, just stake your territory," Cheryl said jokingly.

"That's the thing isn't it?" Alex said. "She's not my territory."

"You know you can change that, right?" Abbie asked. "If you were so inclined."

Alex didn't reply. She simply kept drinking her cocktail, her eyes never leaving the two women dancing on the dance floor. Niki was strutting her moves, and her moves were sexy as hell, Alex had to admit. The younger blonde turned her body and pressed back against the detective. She lifted one arm up and behind her to run her fingers through the brunette's hair, her head tilted back so that Olivia had full access to her neck, which the brunette was happily nuzzling. Her other hand was on top of Olivia's hand, which was on her bare midriff. Fuck me! she took my move and made it even better! Alex thought. By this time, her glass was empty and she was drinking Niki's margarita.

"I see the talent for dancing runs in the family," Abbie remarked, watching Niki and Liv.

"Shut up," Alex said in between long drinks of Niki's drink. Between the five beers she had had at dinner and the cocktails she was knocking back now, Alex was feeling somewhat of a buzz. God grant me the liquid courage to change the things I cannot accept she thought, taking another drink of the tequila and lime juice, her eyes never once leaving the dancing pair.

Cheryl nudged Abbie in the side, indicating the look on Alex's face. It was a look of pure jealousy, lust and determination. Without a word, Alex finished off the margarita and stood up and made her way over to the dance floor. At this point, Niki and Liv were dancing face to face, bodies pressed together. The brunette's hands were on the Niki's hips as the younger woman licked Liv's neck, from the dip between the collar bones up to Liv's uplifted chin.

Before Niki's lips met Olivia's, Alex tapped the younger Cabot on the shoulder. Niki broke away from her assault on the detective's neck and gave her cousin a grin.

"Hi, remember me, your cousin?" Alex asked "Why don't you go have a rest before I see something that's going to cause me to never be able to look your parents in the eye anymore."

"Don't worry," Niki said into Alex's ear. "I'd never sleep with a woman my cousin's in love with."

At the look at Alex's face, Niki laughed and found herself a soft butch woman who was more than willing to dance with her.

Alex stepped into Olivia's personal space and placed her hands on the brunette's hips. The detective reciprocated the action. "I see you're enjoying my cousin's talents," Alex said into Olivia's ear and pulled back slightly to gauge the detective's reaction.

"She knows what she wants and isn't afraid to go for it," Olivia said, looking into the blonde's eyes. The sensation of being pressed into Alex's body and feeling breasts against breasts was starting to make the Olivia's knees begin to weaken. "If only some of us were that brave," Olivia continued, her eyes growing darker and more intense as she gazed into Alex's blue eyes which had grown dark as well.

Alex felt the detective's breath grow shallow against her own skin. God grant me the liquid courage to change the things I cannot accept she repeated to herself. Both women had stopped dancing and they were now standing motionless, pressed together, surrounded by dancing, swaying bodies. Alex tilted her head and lifted her chin and felt Olivia's breath on her lips. Slowly she closed her eyes and brought her lips to Olivia's soft and warm lips. Alex parted her lips and the moment her tongue touched the other woman's lips, they parted and granted her access.

Alex slid her tongue against Olivia's, and pressed her body even harder against the brunette, a heat burning between her legs. She slid her hands off of Olivia's hips and wrapped them around the other woman's waist. Olivia's hands moved up to cup Alex's face as her tongue invaded Alex's mouth, licking, searching, exploring, tasting. She tasted the tequila and citrus juices that lingered on Alex's tongue. As much as her body wanted to take the blonde upstairs, she finally pulled away. "Alex, I think you're drunk." Olivia said softly, a look of realization flashed across her face.

"I have been drinking, yes," Alex admitted.

"Let's get you home," Olivia said, moving her hands from Alex's face and took one of Alex's hands and led her off the dance floor. She headed back to their table, to receive grins from the two blondes and brunette.

"I'm gonna take her home," Olivia explained and upon seeing Abbie's grin, added, "She's had enough to drink tonight."

"Are you going to be okay?" Olivia asked the younger Cabot.

"We'll make sure she makes it home," Cheryl reassured the detective.

"And I do have a key so I'll be fine," Niki said and added with a wink. "Take my cousin home, will ya?"

Olivia simply shook her head and led the blonde out of the club. They found a cab and rode back to Alex's apartment. Alex was resting her head on Olivia's shoulder with her eyes closed the entire ride. When they got to the apartment building, Olivia pulled Alex out of the cab and led her up to the apartment, her arm around the blonde's waist to steady her and one of Alex's arms slung over and around her shoulder. After digging around in the blonde's purse, she found the keys and let them inside. As she finished locking the door, she began to guide Alex to the master bedroom when Alex said, "I think I'm gonna be sick."

Quickly, Olivia led her to the bathroom and lowered her down to the toilet. The five beers and two margaritas made their reappearance while Olivia sat beside the blonde and held her hair back. When it sounded like Alex's stomach had stabilized, Olivia gave her some tissues to wipe her mouth and a glass of water. While Alex rinsed out her mouth, Olivia soaked two face cloths with cold water. She took it to Alex and gave one to the blonde to wipe her face while she folded the second one up and held it on to the back of Alex's neck.

"This will help to keep you from overheating," Olivia said softly.

"Thank you," Alex said. After cleaning up, she got up slowly to the sink. Olivia handed her a toothbrush with toothpaste with a knowing smile.

"Thanks," Alex said sheepishly. She brushed and rinsed with mouthwash, all the while, Olivia was still holding the cold cloth to the back of her neck. Afterwards, she turned to face Olivia and leaned back onto the counter.

"This is embarrassing," Alex said.

"It's okay. I've seen worse," Olivia said and smiled, trying to lighten the mood. Hearing the softness in Olivia's voice and the simple look of care and adoration on Olivia's face, Alex leaned towards the brunette again. Olivia lifted her free hand and cupped Alex's face.

"You should get some sleep," she said. Alex closed her eyes briefly and nodded, noting Olivia's deft maneuver to avoid any further intimacy.

Olivia took her to the bedroom where she pulled the covers down on the bed and sat the blonde down onto it. "I'm going to go put the face clothes away while you undress," Olivia said and left the bedroom. Alex peeled off her blue sequined spaghetti strap top and bra and jeans. She slid under the covers, laid on her side, pulled the blankets up and closed her eyes. Olivia returned with a bottle of water in one hand and a couple of aspirins and a note in the other. She set the bottle, pills and note down onto the night table and sat down on the edge of the bed.

Alex's eyes were closed and her breathing was even. Olivia reached out and tucked a strand of blonde hair behind her ear.

"God you're beautiful," Olivia whispered, studying the woman on the bed. "I wish to hell I could just do straight girl happens with you."

Olivia fought the urge to lean down and kiss the blonde and forced herself to get up and go lie down on the couch. She found a blanket in the trunk at the end of the blonde's bed and went into the living room. She curled up on the couch and drifted off to sleep. A few hours later, she heard keys in the door and then the door opening and closing. Her years of being a cop trained her to be a light sleeper whenever she was sleeping in a new or strange place. When she opened her eyes, she could make out Niki coming into the apartment.

"Hey," Olivia said quietly.

"Christ!" Niki exclaimed in a whisper. "You scared the shit out of me."

"Sorry," Olivia apologized, sitting up.

"And why are you sleeping out here?" Niki asked. "Shouldn't you be in there?" She pointed down the hall to Alex's room.

Olivia smiled and stood up. "She had a little bit too much to drink." She started to fold the blanket and placed it neatly on one end of the couch. "I'll head home now, since you're here and seem relatively sober."

"You really care about her don't you?" Niki asked, biting back her temptation to try to seduce the detective. Don't fuck with a taken woman she told herself.

"Goodnight, Niki," Olivia said with a smile and left the apartment.

Niki checked in on Alex before she went to bed. Just how much did she drink? she wondered to herself. She saw the bottle of water and two white pills on the night table. She picked up the note and read it. "Take the pills and plenty of water. You'll need it. -Liv" She smiled and shook her head.

As she left Alex's room, she sang softly to herself the last song she danced to that night and was so fitting for her cousin and the detective. "You got it, you got it, bad..."


Two weeks later


"Who's side are you on?" Elliot asked the blonde attorney.

"Mine," Alex replied. "You know the trial closure rate for sex crimes cases is four percent? Four percent. Now there are a lot of factors responsible for that, but I never expected the cop to be one of them."

"I did my job, Counselor," Elliot argued back, his voice raising. "Don't blame me if you didn't do yours. I stayed in that room and pushed him to the edge and you lost him on a technicality."

Olivia stood up to try to stop the argument between her partner and their ADA. Before she could get a word in edgewise, the Captain interrupted and diffused the situation with the help of Dr. Huang.

After the heated discussion, the two detectives and the attorney headed down from the crib to go pay a visit to the County Prosecutor's office in New Jersey for a search warrant for the home of Grace Mayberry. Elliot headed out first to get the car.

"Wanna tell me what that was all about up there?" Olivia asked, giving Alex a side glance.

"Your partner was being his usual stubborn ass self again," Alex replied.

"He's a good cop, Alex," Olivia said. "You and I both know that."

"So what, I'm supposed to kiss his ass?" Alex asked, her anger simmering. "And yours too? Is that what it takes?"

"What are you talking about?"

"Forget it, Olivia," Alex replied with resignation. It was pointless to revisit what had happened over two weeks ago. It was humiliating enough to have put it all on the line and kiss the detective in public, then to have had Olivia watch her get sick in the bathroom and then get rejected. Did she really want to get rejected once more? She got the hint. Olivia wasn't interested in her. She was thankful for Olivia being on call for two weeks after the kiss, which meant no socializing and minimal contact, allowing her to swallow her pride and forget her feelings for the detective. However, that was easier said than done and she found herself burying her feelings but end up taking her frustrations out on Elliot because he was the closest target.

"I don't want to forget it, Alex," Olivia said, always being the persistent one. "Whatever's going on, I think it's affecting us and our relationship."

Before Alex could come up with a response, Elliot arrived with the car and off they went to convince the New Jersey Prosecutor's office to get them a search warrant.

Olivia was tired and drained from having seen the bloodbath at the Mayberry residence. She had finally finished her paperwork. She leaned back in her chair and stretched out her arms above her head. "I need a shower, badly," Olivia said, hoping that somehow the gruesome details of the day's events could be washed off her and her memory. She knew that it was wishful thinking but it didn't stop her from doing it.

"So what's been up Cabot's ass?" Elliot asked her. "It's like she's been aiming her guns at me the last couple of weeks."

"I don't know," Olivia answered. "She won't tell me what's wrong."

"Did you sleep with her and not call her the next day?" Elliot teased his partner.

"Shut up, Elliot," Olivia said with annoyance. "I haven't slept with her. The closest we came was a kiss a couple of weeks ago, but she was drunk out of her tree."

"You think she was only interested in you because she was drunk?" Elliot asked, a look of surprise on his face. "This is awesome!"

"What is?" Olivia asked, confused.

"Me, the pig-headed male, gets to tell you how it is!" Elliot said, grinning, obviously proud of himself.

"What the hell are you talking about?"


"What about her?"

"You don't know?"

"No, I don't know."

"She's got a thing for you."

"She does not have a thing for me."

"Yes she does...She goes out with you every week doesn't she?"

"Yeah, but that doesn't mean anything."

"She's interested in you."

"She's not interested. She's curious. I don't do curious. At least not with her."

"Why not?"

"Just drop it Elliot."

"Fine. But I'm willing to bet that she didn't just kiss you 'cause she was drunk. She kissed you because she wanted to. The alcohol just helped her along."

Olivia just looked at him, allowing his words to sink in.

"Come on, Liv. You might not be able to see it, but as much as Cabot hides it, I know she's very interested in you. She's going through all the symptoms I used to go through," Elliot said with a wink.

"Shut up," Olivia said, blushing.

"It's true," Elliot said. "I had a crush on you. But don't worry, I overcame that when you kicked my ass chasing the perp on our second case together. A bruised ego will override any crush any day."

"That's just 'cause you're a wussy."

"I thought you liked wussies," Elliot said and then added, "Wait, my mistake, you like pussies."

"Fuck you, Stabler," Olivia said smiling.

"I wish," Elliot retorted. "Or is it Cabot's wish?"

Olivia rolled her eyes at him.

"That's it isn't it?"

"What now?"

"She's pissed off 'cause you won't sleep with her, and so she's taking her bitchiness out on me!"

"You are so far off base."

"Am I?"

There was a pause. Olivia stood up and grabbed her wool coat off the back of her chair.

"Thanks, Elliot," Olivia said with sincerity.

"For what?"

"For being your pig-headed self."

"You owe me breakfast," Elliot called out to his partner who was already out in the hallway.

"Tomorrow!" she called back with a wave.

Niki was putting the groceries away into Alex's fridge while the older Cabot was running from her bedroom, tying up the drawstring on her navy yoga pants and searching for the ringing cordless phone.

"Hello? Hello?" Alex answered the phone, pulling down the baby blue tank top she had just changed into.

"Hi there," The voice on the other end replied. "My name is Tim and I'm calling from the Thong of the Month club. Sign up now and we'll send you a specially featured thong each month from our extensive catalogue and all you have to do is provide us with your measurements and a photo of you modeling the thong - "

"You have got to be kidding me," Alex cut in. "Get the hell off my phone line!" She hung up the phone and got a questioning look from Niki. "Don't ask."

As she moved to help Niki with the rest of the groceries, there was a knock on the door.

"Christ, what now?!" Alex yelled out.

"Jesus, Alex" the younger Cabot scolded her cousin who was heading to the door. "You've been PMSing for like, two weeks now. Seriously, I think you need to go see a doctor. Either that or you need to get laid!"

Alex opened the door to find Detective Olivia Benson standing on the other side, clad in dark blue jeans, a black thin form fitting sweater and a tan colored three quarter length leather jacket. Her makeup was light, her lips were shining with a thin layer of lip gloss, and her hair was wet and looked like it had simply been towel dried. Alex thought she couldn't look sexier.

"Can I come in?" Olivia asked softly when Alex hadn't said anything for a few seconds.

"Um, sorry," Alex said, regaining her speech. "Yeah, come in." All efforts to squash her feelings for the brunette had dissipated. She wanted nothing more than to pull the detective into her apartment, push her against the wall and kiss her. She's not interested Alex reminded herself as she closed the door.

"Hey, Olivia," Niki said from the kitchen which was open to the living room and front foyer.

"Hi, Niki," Olivia said smiling.

"I'm gonna make myself scarce," Niki said. She came around the island counter, grabbed her jacket and slipped out the door.

"Can I get you something to drink?" Alex asked, moving into the kitchen to put some distance between her and the brunette.

"Water's fine," Olivia said, walking towards the island and folded her arms on top of the counter.

Alex went to the fridge and pulled out a water bottle. She poured the liquid into a glass and handed it to Olivia. The brunette reached out and took the glass, her fingers briefly covering Alex's fingers during the exchange.

"Please don't do that," Alex said quietly in a pleading tone as she withdrew her hand.

"Do what?" Olivia asked just as quietly.

"Make me feel like...," Alex began but then bit back her words. "I know nothing can happen between us, I'm learning to accept that. I just get confused when you..."

Olivia looked intently into Alex's eyes, waiting for the blonde to continue.

"When you look at me like that," Alex finished softly.

"Alex, I don't know what to say," Olivia said, putting her water glass down.

"It's okay," Alex said. "You already did. You can't do straight girl with me. I get it, Olivia, I'm not your type."

"Wait," Olivia said, holding up a finger and started to walk around the counter towards Alex. "You heard that? I thought you were drunk. You got sick."

"Yes, I was drinking and yes I did get sick," Alex agreed. "But I wasn't drunk."

"So when you kissed me..."

"I was very aware of what I was doing, yes," Alex finished for her. "Do we really have to relive it? Haven't I been humiliated enough?"

"I'd never do that to you, Alex," Olivia said, standing face to face with Alex. "Were you sober enough to remember me kissing you back?"

"I do," Alex said quietly. "That's why I've been confused. I thought you were interested, but then with what you said when you put me to bed, I thought that maybe you were just caught up in the moment when we kissed."

"God, no," Olivia said, shaking her head. "You cannot imagine how I felt when you kissed me, but when I tasted the alcohol on you, I thought that you were just acting on drunken lust."

"Like I said," Alex said, "I wasn't drunk."

"So then you'd remember that I said you're beautiful," Olivia used the same words and moved closer to the other woman. "And that I said "I wish to hell I could just do straight girl happens with you."

"I got it the first time, Liv," Alex said, her irritation rising. Why was Olivia rubbing it in? "You're not interested."

"Alex, I never said that," Olivia corrected the blonde. "I said that I wished to hell I could just do straight girl happens with you."

"Olivia, we're going around in circles," Alex said, her voice indicating her exasperation.

"Alex," Olivia said and took a step toward Alex so that their faces were inches apart. "The reason why I said what I said was because I know that I can't just sleep with you and walk away."

"I don't understand," Alex said, hearing Olivia's shallow breaths.

"I want more than just one night," Olivia said simply.

"I'm not going anywhere," Alex said and closed the gap between them. Their lips touched and Olivia immediately parted hers. She wrapped her arms around the blonde's waist and pulled their bodies together. Alex slid her hands underneath the leather jacket and ran her hands up and down the brunette's back as their tongues danced. Alex leaned into Olivia, forcing her to back up and use the island for support, their mouths never parting.

Olivia ran a hand into Alex's soft blonde hair while Alex slid her hands under her sweater. She felt the blonde's soft palms caress her skin and she reluctantly pulled her lips away from Alex's.

"Are you sure you want to do this and that you're not just curious?" Olivia asked breathlessly.

"I don't know what I am," Alex answered just as breathlessly. "And at the risk of sounding cheesy, all I know is that I want to take you to my bed and make love to you." And with that, Alex kissed Olivia again, and as they continued kissing. Alex stripped off the detective's leather jacket and backed her out of the kitchen and down the hall. They briefly made a stop in the hallway with Alex pressing Olivia against the wall. She positioned them so that her right leg was between Olivia's legs, and she ground her hips into the brunette. This elicited a throaty moan from the detective.

With legs entwined, hips gyrating and hands roaming under the hem of each other's shirts, Olivia came up for air just long enough to say "Alex. Bed. Now." Alex gave her a devilish smile and kissed her again, pulling her down the hallway to the master bedroom. Once they passed the threshold, Alex slid her hands under Olivia's sweater and slid it upwards. The brunette obliged and they broke away briefly to discard of the sweater. Alex immediately went to work on the buttons on Olivia's jeans as their mouths melded together once again, all the while moving backwards towards the bed. Once the buttons were undone, Alex slid a hand down the backside of Olivia's jeans. The detective was wearing a thong. She gave Olivia's ass a squeeze which brought out another moan from the brunette.

Olivia, feeling that Alex was now overdressed, slid her own hands under Alex's tank top and up her back. She caressed the blonde's soft skin and realized there was nothing underneath the skimpy top. Alex was braless. She too tugged the top up and again, they broke their kiss just long enough for Olivia to pull the item of clothing off the blonde. The sensation of warm skin on warm skin made both women shudder with arousal. Alex felt the edge of the bed against the back of her legs and reached around Olivia and unsnapped her black lacey bra which joined the previously shed items of clothing on the floor. The feeling of bare breasts pressed against bare breasts brought out a moan from both women.

Olivia broke away from kissing Alex's lips and started to nuzzle her neck. Slowly, she made her way down the blonde's neck, down her chest, and after gentle, slow nuzzling of the blonde's breasts, she finally brought her tongue to one areola, drawing lazy circles around Alex's nipple. When the teasing was becoming to much for both of them, she closed her lips around the nipple and alternated between sucking, licking and flicking. Alex had never felt so much arousal from nipple play before in her life and arched her back. With one arm around Alex's waist Olivia lowered the blonde back onto the bed, her mouth still teasing and playing with the blonde's breast. Once Alex was fully laying on the bed, Olivia turned her attention to the other breast, again, taking her time to taste and discover the different feelings and textures of Alex's obviously sensitive breasts.

Alex, thoroughly enjoying the sensations that the assault on her breasts were creating inside of her, reached down and cupped one of Olivia's breasts in her hand. This brought the detective back up to her, and Alex began kissing her neck, her hand still on the detective's breast, her thumb occasionally rubbing over the erect nipple. The ministrations caused Olivia to whisper "Oh, God, Alex."

Alex couldn't help but smile. She'd only fantasized about hearing the other woman say those words before, but to hear them while said woman was lying half naked on her bed was an entirely different feeling altogether.

"I think we're still both overdressed for our own good," Alex said in between kisses on Olivia's neck.

"I agree," Olivia said and slid one hand behind Alex and under the waistband of her yoga pants. Her hand stopped and she looked into Alex's eyes. "You're not wearing underwear."

"It's about time you noticed," Alex said with a smirk, and with that, Olivia hooked her fingers into the waistband and pulled the pants down off the blonde. She discarded the pants onto the floor and slowly made her way up Alex's body, placing kisses along her lower legs, then her thighs, stealthy moving closer to the blonde's center. As she kissed Alex's inner thighs, she noted that the blonde was indeed a natural blonde, and waxed, save for the "airstrip". She slowly kissed her way closer and closer to Alex's center, but refrained from any contact just yet. Despite thinking she couldn't have possibly been turned on any more than she already was, she inhaled the scent of the woman beneath her and felt herself grow even wetter. She continued her kisses along Alex's lower abdomen, around her navel, up her stomach, a few licks and sucks on the blonde's nipples and then her neck.

"I've said it before and I'll say it again," Olivia whispered into Alex's ear in between sucks and nips of the blonde's ear lobe. "God, you're beautiful." Alex blushed.

"You have no idea how many times I've fantasized about doing this with you," Olivia continued. Alex captured the brunettes lips with her own and rolled Olivia onto her back.

"I've had a few fantasies of this myself," Alex said smiling. "But in my fantasies, you weren't wearing this much clothing." It was Alex's turn to kiss her way down Olivia's neck, and took one of Olivia's erect nipples into her mouth, her hand caressing the other breast and nipple. The textures and taste and feeling of flicking her tongue on Olivia's nipple was stirring the arousal that was continually building between her legs. She looked up at Olivia and said giddily, "I never thought I'd ever say this, but I love boobies!"

This brought out a laugh from the woman beneath her. Alex moved over Olivia's body and gave the other breast and nipple the same attention as the first one as Olivia ran her fingers through the blonde's hair. Alex reluctantly left Olivia's breast to kiss her way down the detective's flat and firm stomach, down to the unbuttoned jeans. Olivia lifted her hips and Alex slid the jeans off her legs, revealing the black lacy thong underneath.

"So this is what you're wearing while you're running around chasing the bad guys?" Alex asked with an arched eyebrow and a feral smile.

"Actually, this is what I wear when I hope a certain blonde ADA will undress me," Olivia said with a wink.

"You were that sure of yourself when you came over tonight?" Alex asked, still smiling.

"No, I wasn't that sure," Olivia admitted. "But a girl can hope can't she?"

"Indeed," Alex said and pulled on the waistband of the thong with her teeth while her hands reached under Olivia to help pull the small piece of lace off. As the lacy thong was peeled off, Alex's eyes widened at the magnificent sight before her. She tossed the thong onto the floor as well and looked up the length of Olivia's body. "Brazilian," Alex half stated, half asked.

Olivia peered down at the blonde who was now lying between her legs. "You like?" she asked with a hint of shyness.

Alex didn't respond verbally, instead, she dipped her head down and gave a slow and gentle lick up along Olivia's folds.

Olivia let out a loud moan, her eyes closing, her back beginning to arch. "I'll take that as a yes."

Alex continued to drag her tongue up over Olivia's clit and then continued her way all the way up her body and neck and then kissed her. Olivia could taste a hint of herself on Alex's tongue and felt her stomach tighten. "Alex, I need you inside me. Now," Olivia managed to breathe out.

They continued kissing as Alex ran her right hand down Olivia's body, with a side stop at the brunette's breasts, and then down lower between Olivia's legs. She cupped Olivia's sex in her hand, her fingers slowly rubbing and caressing the folds. Then, she slowly moved her middle finger in between the folds and felt Olivia's wetness instantly surround her finger. She slowly slid her finger to the opening and broke the kiss. She wanted to see Olivia's face and eyes when she entered her. "Look at me," Alex whispered to Olivia who slowly opened her eyes. Alex slowly entered the brunette and was in complete awe of the sensations that she felt. Olivia was soft, warm, wet and silky. She went in as far as she could go and stopped so she could enjoy the feeling of Olivia's flesh wrapped around her finger.

All Olivia could do was moan and pull Alex down to kiss her and explore her mouth as Alex's finger explored her sex. Olivia bent her right knee slightly, and since Alex was already straddling her right leg, the movement brought her thigh into contact with Alex's wetness. It was Alex's turn to moan as she felt the pressure against her clit.

She began to move her finger. She slowly slid it in and out of Olivia and sometimes alternated with curling her finger and rubbing Olivia's G-spot. All the while, she was grinding herself against Olivia's leg. As she felt Olivia's hips starting to move more, she increased the pace of her stroking and her own hip movements. Both women were feeling the tightening in their core. Alex was first to break the kiss as she felt Olivia's walls tighten around her finger. "Oh, god, Alex, don't stop!" Olivia called out. "Harder!"

With that, Alex slid her index finger inside along with the middle finger and continued to stroke them in and out of Olivia, letting her ride out the orgasmic wave for as long as possible, only to slow down when she felt Olivia's hip movements had slowed. When Olivia had caught her breath, she ran a hand through Alex's hair. "Oh, God," she breathed out.

"Actually, you can just call me Alex," the blonde said with a self satisfied grin.

Olivia gave a chuckle. "You're so full of yourself, you know that?"

"Well, given how wet my fingers are, I think I'm entitled to an inflated ego," Alex replied, holding up her index and middle fingers for Olivia to see.

"I'll show you what you're entitled to," Olivia said and rolled the blonde over onto her back.

She gave the blonde a crushing kissing and pulled Alex's right hand up to her face. She wrapped her mouth around Alex's two fingers which had just filled her and licked her own juices off of them. Alex was wide eyed with pure arousal. Olivia left random kisses along Alex's breasts and stomach and slid down to lay in between the blonde's legs. She hooked her left arm under Alex's right leg and reached her hand up to grasp Alex's hand.

The fingers intertwined and Olivia gave a soft and slow lick along Alex's folds. The blonde arched her back and brought her pussy up closer to Olivia's mouth. Olivia grinned up at Alex.

"Cunt tease," Alex said.

Olivia shook her head. "A cunt tease would've stopped after that," she said and smiled. She brought her right index finger to Alex's sex and slowly, softly ran it up and down along Alex's folds, each stroke, bringing her finger further in and closer to Alex's opening. Alex was dripping wet and so Olivia brought her tongue to replace her finger and started to lick up Alex's juices. The blonde responded with a moan and spread her legs further apart.

Olivia dipped her middle finger slowly into Alex's opening. Her finger went in almost effortlessly due to the blonde's state of arousal. "My, my," Olivia said. "Someone's plenty wet."

"I was right," Alex said, looking down at Olivia. "You are a tease."

Olivia gave her a smile and started to slide her finger in and out of her and started drawing circles around her clit with her tongue.

"Oh, God," Alex called out at the sensations Olivia was creating.

"Mmmhmm," Olivia hummed while her mouth and tongue were still on Alex's clit. Alex let out an even louder moan. Olivia curled her finger to rub Alex's g-spot and felt Alex moving her hips in rhythm with her finger. Alex reached her left hand down and ran it though Olivia's hair. Olivia slid her finger out of Alex and before the blonde could protest, the detective replaced her finger with her tongue. Alex let out another moan. Olivia moved her right arm under Alex's left leg and Alex brought her legs to rest on Olivia's shoulders. Olivia continued to penetrate Alex with her tongue and when she felt Alex was starting to come close to the edge, she'd stop the thrusting of her tongue and alternated between licking and sucking on Alex's clit and folds.

"Olivia," Alex called out. "Inside. Now."

Olivia obeyed and slid her tongue inside the blonde again. With three strokes of her tongue, Alex's orgasm exploded as her hips bucked against Olivia's mouth. When the blonde's movements subsided, Olivia withdrew her mouth and brought her hand up to wipe her mouth. Alex stopped her hand and motioned for her to come up to her. Olivia slid up Alex's body and Alex kissed her, her tongue licking and tasting herself on Olivia's lips and tongue.

They broke apart and Olivia rolled onto her back. Alex rolled over onto her side and laid half her length against Olivia's, her head on the brunette's shoulder. "That," Alex said, "was fucking amazing. No wonder you're the lesbian virgin surgeon."

"I hope this is my last virgin surgery," Olivia said looking at Alex, her eyes full of hope. When Alex smiled, she said "I'm sorry, sex makes my brain go all wonky and I say cheesy things!"

"I like it when you're cheesy," Alex said with a smile and kissed the brunette. "Do you want to stay the night?"

Olivia gave her a grin. "I'd love to."


Three hours later


Olivia looked over at the clock on the night table. "What the hell is taking her so long?" she wondered out loud. Alex had gone to the kitchen to get them something to drink but that was over five minutes ago. Getting a couple of beers or even wine glasses couldn't possibly have taken that long. Olivia flipped the covers off and pulled on her thong and Alex's tank top. She made her way down the hallway, calling out for the blonde.

"I'm in the kitchen," Alex called back.

Olivia came into the kitchen to find Alex standing by the island, her back towards her, the bed sheet wrapped around her body. Olivia came up behind her and snaked her arms around the blonde's waist.

"I thought you were just getting us something to drink," Olivia said looking over the blonde's shoulder. She was cutting up some fruit.

"I got hungry when I saw the fruit so I figured I'd just make us a quick snack too," Alex said, feeding Olivia a grape.

Olivia bit the grape in half and started kissing Alex's neck, running half of the grape along the blonde's skin. She felt a slight shudder go through Alex's body. She finished up the grape and started to suck on Alex's earlobe which caused the blonde to lose her concentration on the fruit. Olivia reached out and took the knife from out of Alex's hand and dropped it in the sink. She pushed the cutting board and fruit bowl aside and spun the blonde around to face her. She unwrapped the bed sheet from around Alex and laid it back onto the counter top and started kissing Alex, pressing their bodies together and against the counter. Alex raised a leg and Olivia used her position to lift the blonde onto the counter.

With Alex sitting naked on the island counter, Olivia, standing in between Alex's legs, began her oral assault on the blonde's breasts and nipples. Neither one heard the keys in the door or the door open.

"Oh, God!" Niki said at seeing her cousin's naked back and quickly turned away towards the coat closet. "Hi," Niki said, still facing the opposite direction of the other two women.

Alex was beet red with embarrassment as Olivia straightened up and pulled the bed sheet that was on the counter up and around Alex to cover her up. With her arms around the blonde, caressing her back, and Alex hiding her face in the crook of Olivia's neck, Olivia gave a grin when Niki slowly peered back at them.

"Hey, Niki," Olivia said, still grinning, mostly out of amusement over Alex's embarrassment. "Sorry about that."

Niki, now seeing that her cousin was covered up and that Olivia had a shirt on, came over and sat down on one of the barstools at the counter. "I can't believe you two are still at it!" she said, shaking her head.

"When did you ever sleep with a woman, not in a bar, and have it last under three hours?" Olivia asked her, while Alex was still hiding her face from her younger cousin.

"That's why I gave you over three hours!" Niki retorted. "Is that fruit safe to eat?"

"Yes," Alex mumbled and finally turned to look at her cousin. "Sorry you had to see that."

"It's okay," Niki told her and picked up a strawberry from the fruit bowl. "I didn't see much, just your back. It was knowing what was going on that threw me off. Anyway, I'm gonna go into your den, close the door and watch some TV. You kids have fun."

After Niki left them, Alex fed Olivia a strawberry and hopped off the counter. She started to walk towards the hallway and let the bed sheet drop to the floor, displaying her bare backside to Olivia. "I hope that little incident didn't spoil your mood," she called out as she turned and disappeared around the corner. Olivia promptly chased after her.


The next morning


Olivia woke up to the ringing on her cell phone. She grabbed it off the night table.

"Benson," she answered. She looked over to Alex's side of the bed. It was empty.

"Hey, it's me," Elliot said from the other end of the line. "You want me to pick you up on my way in?"

"Um, no," Olivia said, rubbing the sleep out of her eyes.

"You're not at home are you?" Elliot asked and she swore she could hear him grinning.

"No," Olivia admitted. "I'll see you later. Bye." She hung up before he could tease her any further.

She went into the ensuite bathroom where she saw a new toothbrush, towel and face cloth neatly placed beside the sink which Alex had laid out for her. She couldn't help but smile. She had a quick shower, brushed her teeth and pulled on her jeans and Alex's tank top from the previous night. She made her way into the kitchen and saw the back of the blonde standing in front of the open fridge, her head in the fridge looking for something.

Olivia came up to the blonde and wrapped her arms around the blonde, her hands giving the other woman's breasts a playful squeeze.

"You're hot, but I make it a rule to not sleep with taken women," the blonde said turning her head to look back at Olivia.

Olivia jumped back as if she had been electrocuted. "Shit, Niki," Olivia said holding her hands up as if to surrender. "I am so sorry."

"It's okay," Niki said with a look of pure amusement on her face and closed the fridge. "It's easy to mistake us."

"Fuck - I'm - shit!" Olivia stammered on, knowing she must've looked just as red as Alex did last night when Niki walked in on them.

"You're adorable when you blush," Niki said grinning her bright toothy grin. "I can see why Alex is in love with you."

"I'm so sorry," Olivia apologized again.

"It's okay, really," Niki said.

At that moment, Alex walked in carrying a cardboard drink tray with three cups of coffee and a paper bag filled with pastries.

"What's okay?" she asked the two women standing in her kitchen. The site of Olivia wearing her tank top was an instant turn on.

"I'll let you explain," Niki said with a wink. She grabbed a cup of coffee, a croissant from out of the bag and headed to the door. "Thanks, and I'll see you two later!"

After the door closed behind Niki, Alex turned to Olivia who was still blushing. Alex came over to the brunette and slid her arms around her waist. "So what was that all about, and why are you blushing?" she asked.

"I, um," Olivia began, too embarrassed to look Alex in the eye. "I came out here and Niki was at the fridge...she had her back to me and I thought she was you..."

Alex listened intently and waited for Olivia to continue but when Olivia's pause was longer than she expected, she started to process what Olivia had just told her. She broke out into a grin.

"You didn't," Alex said. Olivia nodded. "You groped Niki?" Alex was on the verge of laughing.

"I thought she was you!" Olivia tried to defend herself. Alex could not contain herself any longer and laughter spilled out from her lips.

"It's not funny!" Olivia said, pretending to pout. "It's embarrassing as hell!"

"Well, you thought my embarrassment was pretty funny last night," Alex said, her laughing subsided.

"True," Olivia admitted. "So you're not mad at me?"

"No," Alex said with a smile. "I'm not mad." She gave Olivia a kiss which quickly turned into a deep and heated kiss leaving them both breathless.

"Let's call in sick," Alex said with a sly smile.

"As much as I'd love to, you know we can't," Olivia said. "Besides, I owe Elliot breakfast. He convinced me to come over here last night."

"Well," Alex said. "In that case, I guess I owe him breakfast too, but not before I get to have my breakfast." She waggled her eyebrows.

"And what would you like for breakfast, ADA Cabot?" Olivia asked.

Alex grabbed onto the front of Olivia's jeans waistband and pulled her close. "You," the blonde said, her eyes growing dark. And with that, she pulled the detective with her down the hallway back to her bedroom.

The End

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