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By Katherine Quinn

"Do we have to do this, Liv?" You ask me, your eyes pleading. I smile at you. We're going out, for a night on the town. Well, dancing at least. You look beautiful, tight jeans, a tight white shirt, that I know you're wearing more for my pleasure than your comfort. You look young, and vibrant, and alive. You wrap your arms around my waist and smile, "We could stay in," you whisper, kissing me gently.

"It's just dancing." I say to you, with a smile and a shrug, kissing you gently and pulling away. I'm determined to take you out, to feel normal.

"But Liv," you mumble.


"It's a...gay bar." You run a brush through your blonde hair and pull it to the top of your head.

"Oh, they might give you cooties." I say, smiling at you appreciatively.

"That's not what I meant and you know it." You pause, frowning at me, "What if someone sees us?"

"Then they'll be in a gay bar."

"But they'll think we're gay."

"Well you can just think it right back at them sweetheart."

"You're so...irritating."

"But you love me, so what does that say about you."

"God only knows."

For the first hour, you cling next to me, not touching me, exactly, but not letting me get further than an arms length away from you. I smile at you and get you a drink. You need to loosen up. I watch, as the alcohol starts to take affect on you, you smile, and lean into me. You smile, and lean, whispering in my ear, "Let's dance."

The music is fast, a pounding steady bass that rocks the building. We start, a few feet apart, and soon there's a girl, standing next to me. Well, standing is an understatement. She's trying to hump my leg.

I watch as you see her, watch as you step into me, watch as you wrap your arms around my waist and hold yourself close to me, letting your body rub against mine. The girl backs off, and you whisper in my ear. "Bathroom, now."

You push me into the stall and my back slams into the wall. "Are you insane?" I mumble, as you attack me, your lips on mine, your body pressed into me.

"Nope, just really turned on."

"Alex." I warn you, but you're already kissing my neck and all coherent thoughts are running out of my head really quickly. "in public."

"Shhh." you say pressing into me, kissing me on the lips. Your rough tongue in my mouth and your warm hands are desperately reaching up my shirt.

Mmm...god. Alex...we can't, not here." I push you back against the other small wall and pull back, panting. You've taken my breath with your kisses, stolen it from me with your fervor.

"You can do it with me or you can watch while I do it alone."

I swallow. Hard. You're leering at me, seductively. I've never seen this, not in public, not like this. A deep ache starts deep within my stomach. I want to take you right here in this stall, but one of us has to be rational. One of us has to use our brains, and not our libido.

"Lex, we're in." you don't let me finish. You jump across the small space, attaching yourself to me. Your fingers snake back up my shirt, against my abdomen and quickly push my bra roughly up over my breasts. Your fingers are on me, insistent. Followed quickly by warm wet kisses teasing my nipples. My head falls back as I stifle a moan.

Your lips bruise against mine, your hands, moving again, this time pulling at the buttons on my pants, your fingers slip inside them, and roughly rub against me. You push against me, into me, creating a rhythm while silencing my moans with your kisses.

What started as a fight for control has become a fight for balance as I teeter on the edge of a dangerous precipice. My body collapses into you, my cry slips into your kiss, and I fall into you. You kiss my neck, while you let my head lean against your shoulder.

You kiss me, gently this time.

"What was that for?" I ask.

"That girl...she was looking at you...and well, I wanted to remind you that you were mine."

I laugh. "Like I could forget?"

You smile at me, a Cheshire cat grin. "Now you can't."

Slowly, you unlock the door. "Let's go home," you whisper, as we step out of the stall, hand in hand.

Never sounded better.

The End

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