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Halloween in Smalltown, USA
By Ann


In Smalltown, USA, one dark and lonely Halloween night, two soulmates are reunited for all eternity…

Leslie Meadows watched as the last trick-or-treater of the evening walked down the sidewalk toward her mother. The little girl couldn't wait to show her mother the treat she had just received, and Leslie was thankful that the night was finally over.

She had run out of treats about ten children ago and had resorted to giving out pieces of her homemade caramel brownies. With half the pan gone, she was both saddened and elated at the loss of her lover's favorite desert.

On Halloween afternoon, Leslie had made the treat, just as she had the previous three years, prior to her enforced exile to Smalltown, USA. She always hoped that her lover would somehow find her way to be with her so that together the two could indulge in all sorts of treats including the plate of brownies.

Stepping onto the porch, Leslie muttered, "I guess I should be grateful to these last few kids for keeping me from eating the entire pan all by myself."

Lit Jack-o-lanterns lined the railing of the porch, illuminating Leslie's profile, as she bent over to blow out the candle inside each pumpkin. When the final light was extinguished, Leslie turned and walked back into the house.

She didn't notice the figure watching her from behind the neighbor's tree.

Leslie was on automatic pilot as she went through her nightly routine. Washing her face, she put on her lover's old NYPD t-shirt and went into the kitchen for her nightly snack. She poured a glass of milk and sat down at the table with her half a pan of brownies.

Cutting a rather generous portion, she said, "Oh Olivia, you'd really like this batch. I even added extra caramels and chocolates, just for you. Too bad you aren't here to enjoy them."

Several bites into the treat, Leslie was interrupted by a knock on the door. She glanced at the clock on the wall to note the lateness of the visitor. Knowing that no parent in Smalltown would allow their child to trick-or-treat at this late hour, Leslie became nervous for the first time since arriving in the quiet little town.

Leslie made a quick detour into her bedroom to slip on a pair of sweat pants before moving to the door. Peering through the peephole, she could just make out the shadow of the visitor. She punched in the number to the local sheriff on her cell and put her finger on the send button before turning the deadbolt.

Leaving the chain on, Leslie opened the door as far as the chain would allow.

"May I help you?" She asked the stranger.

A voice from the past answered, "Trick-or-treat."

Leslie almost fainted at the sound, but somehow managed to unlock the chain, swinging the door open fully to reveal the individual she had been dreaming of for the past three years.

"Olivia?" Leslie asked just to be sure her eyes weren't deceiving her.

"Yes, it's me, Alex," Olivia whispered the name in such a reverent tone that Alex's knees nearly gave way.

A long moment of intense eye contact was broken by Olivia's wry request, "Aren't you going to ask me in?"

"Oh, sorry. I guess my manners are still in shock with the rest of me. Please, come in?" Leslie replied in a shaky voice.

Olivia stepped across the threshold and locked the door behind her. When she turned around, she found herself enveloped as her beautiful lover jumped into her arms sobbing.

"Sh, it's okay, Alex. I'm here now. Everything's going to be just fine," Olivia assured the former ADA.

Alex immediately quieted and settled comfortably in her lover's embrace; although, she continued to hold one arm tightly around Olivia's waist for fear that she would suddenly disappear.

Having missed her lover's kiss for three long years, and seeing her lips mere inches from her own, Alex was unable to stand the abstinence for a minute longer. She turned her head toward Olivia and softly kissed her lips.

Olivia had planned to keep things slow for the time being; however, once she got a taste of Alex again, she couldn't help but slide her tongue into her lover's inviting mouth.

The two lovers didn't waste any time getting reacquainted as their tongues dueled for supremacy as the kiss grew in intensity. Olivia was the first to realize things were escalating much too quickly so she slowly removed her tongue from Alex's mouth. Now, if she could only get Alex to do the same before they got to the point of no return.

Reluctantly, Alex complied with Olivia's silent request, and the two moved back into their earlier embrace. The only difference was the rapid breathing from both women.

"Oh my, did I detect a taste of caramel chocolate brownies?" Olivia asked her lover.

"Yes, you did. I see you're still as good a detective as you ever were," answered Alex in a teasing tone.

"Do you think I could get a taste of the real thing?" Olivia pleaded.

Alex smiled and took her lover by the hand leading her into the kitchen where the pan of brownies sat waiting. Olivia immediately went to the tray of treats and reached into the pan with her fingers.

"Olivia! Let me get you a plate and some milk," Alex insisted.

Olivia removed her hand but only after scraping the side of the pan with her fingers. Placing them into her mouth, she smoothly removed all traces of the sticky substance from her fingers. Alex sighed and almost dropped the plates at the erotic sight.

The women sat at the table consuming the brownies and catching up on the significant events of the past three years. Olivia explained how Hammond had come to her the week before asking for her help. When the detective found out that Valez was the reason for the visit, she promised to do anything and everything she could to help out.

"Hammond thinks Valez is going to be dealt with by his own people. It's only a matter of time now. He asked me to come and stay with you until this whole thing comes to a head, and Cragen immediately gave me an extended leave of absence. I can't tell you how many different airplanes I've been on for the past three days, and I've changed my name four times. Hammond is not taking any chances as far as you're concerned, and I'd have it no other way," Olivia said to her lover.

"You mean you're here to stay?" Alex asked as tears formed in her eyes.

"Yes, baby. You and I are never going to be separated again," Olivia replied, standing to move to the love of her life.

Alex once again fell into Olivia's arms crying, and this time Olivia tears joined those of her lover. The two women sank to the floor as they finally released all the anguish they had kept hidden for the past three long year, and they stayed in each other's arms until the hardness of the floor became too much to bear.

Olivia was the first to stand, pulling Alex up with her. Moving apart by silent consent, Olivia rinsed off the dishes while Alex covered the plate of brownies with foil. Tasks completed; Alex led Olivia into her bedroom.

Allowing themselves the luxury of time, the two lovers slowly reacquainted with each other, and several hours later, an exhausted Alex lay with her head on Olivia's shoulder. Sweet kisses of goodnight were shared, and within minutes, both women were sound asleep in the comfort of each other's arms.

…to at last lay a horrible nightmare to rest.

The End

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