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Ante Up
By Nic


"When a fantasy turns you on, you're obligated to God and nature to start doing it right away." - Stewart Brand


"I can't believe I'm about to do this."

Alex smirked as Olivia fit herself halfway into the knee space under her desk. The detective shifted. "You okay?"

Olivia glanced up at Alex, failing miserably at appearing unamused. She trailed her fingers along the counselor's calf, causing her blue eyes to close. "I'm never playing poker with you again."

Alex smiled, her eyes opening slowly. "You're just mad it's not your fantasy we're playing out."

"I am," Olivia replied, her fingers sliding under Alex's skirt. They stopped suddenly, noting a change in texture. "What is this?" she asked, her fingers crept around the edge of nylon until they hit a warm metal clip. Olivia lifted an eyebrow, but there was a distinct glint of childlike excitement in her eye. "Alex, when did you get thigh-highs?"

Leaning on the arm of her chair, Alex grinned. "I was saving them."

The detective's brow knitted before resting an elbow on Alex's knee. She looked up. "Are you telling me you have a stash of sexy lingerie?"


The challenge in Olivia's expression told the counselor she was going to need to move it, like a mother hiding Christmas gifts from her children. "You just keep unfolding like a flower, don't you?" She placed a careful kiss on the inside of Alex's knee, her hand drifting further.

The counselor sucked in a breath as Olivia's fingertips brushed her and was awarded with an amused expression. "I'm liking this new side of you." She dipped her fingers into the blonde.

Alex's head tilted back, her eyes drifting shut. "Olivia," she said. "You've always liked that side of me."

The detective chuckled. "And here I thought this stunt wasn't such a good idea."


"What? Sexual banter not part of the fantasy?"

"Not really, no." Alex had always shied away from sharing fantasies, embarrassment typically overriding any intentions otherwise. But Olivia encouraged her – pestered her – finally coaxing her favourite fantasy from her a few weeks earlier.

The sigh that escaped her was unexpected and Alex found her arousal lift at the prospect of being caught in her own office. She shifted down in her chair, the leather creaking under her weight. Olivia paused and watched her fingers curl around the bunched hem of her skirt. Alex relished the detective's lick of her lips as she exposed herself completely. Her eyes fell closed, Olivia tucking her fingers under the garter.

There was nothing that kept Alex entertained on a slow afternoon more than the image of Olivia between her legs. The fantasy happened by accident. Alex's imagination proved to be far more creative than her grade school report cards ever predicted and before she could think otherwise, her hand always slipped down the front of her skirt. But she never thought Olivia would have been into it, so Alex kept the extracurriculars to herself.

Until one night when – after three or four shots of tequila in Alex's living room – Olivia laid out the challenge. Alex continued to refuse to share the details of her fantasy, much to Olivia's frustration. So that night, the next hand won. The winner was awarded their fantasy – played out to their heart's desire. Alex still believed that Olivia threw the hand just to find out what the counselor was keeping from her. She never thought Olivia would go through with it, but there she was, her fingers flexing against Alex's thighs.

Alex's head tilted back in her chair, her hand finding Olivia's shoulder. Her fingers pushed into the detective's hair. Olivia hummed and grabbed the arms of Alex's chair, pulling it along the floor until Alex's knees touched her desk. She flashed a smirk at the counselor before dipping her head again, carefully attending to the woman in front of her. If there was one thing in the world that Alex would never tire of, it was the unyielding sensation of Olivia's mouth on her body. The way her lips touched her, the way her tongue teased, the detective had a maestro-like quality when she played against Alex's skin.

Alex groaned as Olivia's tongue stroked her thoroughly, gently. Not too much pressure to finish her too quickly, but not too little for it to become abrasive. Olivia had the brilliant ability to take Alex to the edge and hold her there mercilessly, as if daring her to come. It was that point that the counselor was dangerously close to now. One hand grabbed a handful of worn leather above her head while the other ran through Olivia's hair over and over again.

On most afternoons, the sheer image of her fantasy would be enough. But now, her legs spread and her body open, Alex was unhinged. The scent of aged wood and worn leather encircled her. The volumes of leather-bound law books, the reams of clients hanging in the balance in that growing pile of files in her inbox. She forgot about her work, her problems and even where she was in the greater scheme of things. All she knew was herself, Olivia and the tongue that danced over her, coaxing the voice from her throat.

"God, Liv…" A whisper grew into a moan. Her back arched, her hips tilted asking for a little more. One more second and it was over.

That's when the door opened.

"Alex, where is that…" Liz rapped her knuckles on the door as she opened it and paused.

Alex knew she probably looked like she'd just run a mile, her cheeks undoubtedly flushed. She prayed that her desk hid most of her body, that the smell of sex hadn't filled the room, that Olivia didn't dare to move. "Liz," she said, straightening slightly. She felt the lips still on her clit. Alex glanced down her body, feeling the slight panic in Olivia's eyes. "Uh…" She looked up again. "What can I do for you?"

Liz considered her ADA carefully. "I was wondering if you had the Lotterdale file, I can't seem to find it."

"Yeah," Alex replied, her body stiff. "Uh, it should be over on the table there." She pointed at the meeting table in the opposite corner in her office. Once Liz turned her back, Alex's head fell back in desperation, a quiet shuddering breath escaping. She swallowed and looked at the EADA's back before meeting Olivia's gaze again. Alex shook her head slightly, begging the detective stay where she was.

"Ah. Here it is." Liz turned and watched Alex, who hadn't moved an inch, it seemed. They stared at each other for what felt like an hour.

Alex blinked a few times and smiled briefly. "Anything else?"

"No. I think this is it." Liz walked back to the door, tapping the file on her hand. She paused on the threshold. "Are you okay?"

Surprised at the question, Alex took a moment to answer. "Yeah," she replied. "I'm a little tired, but I'll be okay."

Liz nodded and took hold of the doorknob. She looked back over her shoulder and smirked at the black soles protruding from beneath the desk. "I hope she at least buys you dinner, Detective." Alex gaped at her. "And Alex… You might want to consider locking the door next time."

The End

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