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By ralst

Olivia left the courthouse and carefully made her way down the steps. The snow, that had seemed so inviting that morning, had turned the steep flight into an icicle encrusted death-trap.

A quick glance to her side revealed an unusually tense looking former ADA. Alex's heels were proving a drastic cause for concern, but her death-grip on Olivia's arm was positively lethal.


Alex tightened her hold. "Yes?"

"My fingers are turning blue."

"I know," she snuggled further into Olivia's side, "and the weatherman said it's only going to get worse."

Olivia debated correcting her but decided that a little loss of circulation and the prospect of one hell of a case of pins and needles, was a small price to pay for having the blonde so close.


Snow dripped from Olivia's brow, as the snowball turned to slush and sought refuge inside the warmth of her coat.

"Gotcha!" Casey crowed, before letting fly with her second snowball of the day.

Olivia dove out of the way, taking a stunned looking Alex along with her. "You're dead, Novak, you hear me?" Olivia snarled, a twinkle in her eye.

Casey let loose with snowball number three. "You've gotta catch me first."

Alex turned from Casey's squeal of delight to Olivia's gleeful chuckle. "Are you two insane?"

Olivia lobbed a snowball in Casey's direction, an accompanying whistle drawing a horrified look from the blonde. "Eat that!"

Casey retaliated with a double-handed whammy that managed to down her opponents, and prompt a victory dance of manic proportions.

Alex spit out a mouthful of snow. "You have got to be kidding me."

Olivia worked free of Alex's grip and proceeded to construct a small arsenal of fluffy weaponry. "We need to relocate to somewhere defendable," she told Alex.

"I'm in the Twilight Zone," Alex mumbled.

Casey scampered across the square, a giggle erupting as she dodged one of Olivia's soggy missiles. The redhead's joy at the snowy fun matched by her darker opponent. The intensity of their working lives giving extra weight to their few minutes of silliness.

Alex looked horrified at the proceedings. "Did I.Q.s drop suddenly while I was away?"

Olivia finally took the time to really look at the blonde; her neatly pressed suit and salon styled coiffure were only slightly marred by snow, but the look on her face conveyed utter disdain.

"Lighten up, blondie." With far more glee than was probably healthy, Olivia tugged at Alex's collar before dropping her latest snowball down the other woman's back.


Every lawyer, cop and convict within a two mile radius turned towards the source of the scream. 911 calls demanded the NYPD investigate, and one SVU detective reconsidered her life expectancy.

Alex stood tall, her fear of the ice forgotten. "You're dead," she growled, "stone cold dead."

Olivia gulped. "Now, Alex, be reasonable."

"They won't even be able to identify you with dental records," Alex continued, as she bore down on the detective.

"It was a joke," Olivia tried, her eyes searching for Novak just in case she needed someone to call for a bus.

"I don't care how sexy you look in leather, you're dead, deceased, a formerly alive person."

Olivia smiled. "You think I'm sexy?"


A smile curved Alex's lips as she watched the stunned look on Olivia's face. The snowball appeared to perch, precariously, on the bridge of the detective's nose, before sliding gracefully towards her gaping mouth.

"Gotcha!" Alex sing-songed, before turning to hurl a white grenade of wetness in Casey's direction. "And you too."

With a slip and a slide, Alex ran towards the nearest snowdrift and her own pile of ammunition. Sanity was on hold, at least until the weather improved.

The End

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