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PAIRING: Olivia/Casey

By amluv

Part 3

She looked at the body that laid next to her. Fiery red hair fanned out on the pillow beneath her, and long, pale limbs that dangled at various angles. Casey's face had the appearance of such contentment. Olivia couldn't help but smile and think that maybe she played some small part in bringing about that look. She thought about the past several hours. It was so unlike the first time they were together.

The younger woman took her by the hand and led her into the bedroom. They sat on the edge of the bed and just looked at one another. Casey was the one who initiated physical contact this time, as she caressed Olivia's cheek. She allowed her fingers to linger around the detective's ear, before moving her hand to the back of her neck, then slowly dragging her thumb over Olivia's lips. She leaned over ever so slowly as if to ask for permission to continue. Olivia unconsciously nodded her approval, her eyes transfixed on the ADA's supple lips. The redhead closed the distance between them, and then proceeded to kiss the other woman.

That kiss was totally unlike any of their previous kisses. There was the same sense of urgency yes, but without the desperate need that accompanied them. It carried the same passion as before, but it was more tentative, more exploratory. It felt like they were just getting acquainted for the first time, and in many ways, they were.

Olivia became hyper-aware of Casey's presence. There was the lingering scent of her soap on Casey, and she thought about how different it smelled on someone else. It was almost alien but at the same time, very familiar. She felt the prosecutor's tongue struggle to make sense of its current placement. It conveyed an insecurity and confusion that she understood all to well, but drove to the back of her mind because all that mattered was living in that moment. Amid all that uncertainty, there was an inexplicable tenderness and caring. And that scared the detective more than not knowing what any of this ultimately meant.

Olivia Benson had spent her entire life feeling like an aberration because of the way she was conceived. Although she had her share of lovers over the years, being wanted or desired was never something she could ever really trust. Years of self-hatred had taught her that she wasn't worthy of being wanted, much less loved and her track record with relationships reflected that lesson all too well. And yet in that very moment, none of it seemed to matter. "Lie back Liv." Casey had whispered into her ear before she gently nipped her earlobe. Then she laid a steady stream of kisses along the detective's neck that reached down to her collar bone, from there to the strip of flesh between her breasts, down her sternum, to the flank of her stomach until she reached her ultimate destination.

The reminiscences of Casey's tongue all over her body, stirred Olivia. It was not so much the pleasure that the other woman lavished upon her, but more so the tenderness with which she gave it. It moved her in a very profound way that she wasn't able to explain. The more she dwelled on it, the more afraid she became of investing far too much of herself into.whatever this might be.

It hadn't been this way for Olivia for such a long time. Something inside her had been shaken a loose. Even with Alex, she was never quite willing to let go completely. Casey challenged her in a way Alex hadn't. She knew it that night. Casey matched her intensity. Her self-assuredness and arrogance challenged Olivia. Casey was aggressive and passionate, which lent to impetuousness and daring that you couldn't help but admire despite how much it pissed you off. Olivia embraced the harder edges that were Casey because she understood them and she could see how they balanced the optimism and innocence that was Casey too. She wasn't sure what all of this meant in the long term just yet, but she knew it was possibly the start of something really good.

The End

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