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The Mistletoe Zone
By Annette


It was the same thing every year at the SVU Holiday Office Party. Olivia would sit and watch as Munch would do his best to lure unsuspecting partygoers under the mistletoe. One episode of getting caught under that poisonous plant with Officer Jenkins was all the lesson Olivia needed to keep well away from the area. Instead she would bide her time watching others fall into Munch's trap. As a matter of fact, Munch had somehow managed to get Elliot under there with Huang…

Oh, this should be interesting! Olivia thought as she waited to see what the guys would do. Munch stepped away and looked up, Elliot and George following his cue. Noticing the mistletoe they looked at each other, smirked, shook hands, and as one turned toward Munch. Obviously not having learned his lesson, Munch was once again looking for new targets. Catching eyes with Olivia he smiled as he turned his attention to the doorway.

Olivia turned as well, recognizing the blonde who just entered. A smile lit up her face upon realizing the ADA actually made it this year. Just as Olivia rose to greet her she caught sight of Munch waving Alex over. Oh no you don't! Realizing what was about to happen Olivia made a valiant attempt to intercept the blonde before she reached the mistletoe zone. Shit! I'm gonna have to hurry! Alex and Olivia arrived under the mistletoe at the same exact moment. The only problem was Olivia tripped on a candy cane and was currently on her knees with her face planted firmly between the Counselors thighs! Frozen in place Olivia knew she should get the hell up before too many people notice, but her body was currently unwilling to listen.

Alex, on the other hand, had managed to gather her wits about her. She quickly moved away from Olivia and knelt along side her. "Are you alright, Olivia?" Alex asked looking into the Detective's eyes. What she saw there both amused and titillated – abject horror mixed with equal doses of mortification and desire. Alex smiled at Olivia and helped her to her feet. Once they were both standing Alex leaned toward Olivia and whispered in her ear. "I know it's tradition to kiss under the mistletoe, Detective… but you'll have to make due with kissing these lips for now." Punctuating that statement with a kiss to said Detective's neck she continued. "Let's save kissing those lips for later." Alex then nipped and kissed her way to Olivia's lips and the two got totally lost in each other. The rest of the world faded away, but for someone who sounded an awful lot like Munch declaring. "God bless us, every one!"

The End

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