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Season of Change
By Berg

Alex shifted in the chair and looked up at the clock. It was almost 2 p.m. She looked down at her sneakers and jeans. She smiled. Sneakers, jeans, and an old faded blue NYPD sweatshirt at 2 in the afternoon on a Tuesday.

She laughed at the idea of what her days used to look like. People, cases, fights, lawyers and cops and bad guys...she missed it some of the time...but only some of the time.

She flipped through the magazine she had in her hand for the third time. Finally she gave up finding anything of interest and placed it back on the table near her feet. She looked back up at the clock again. Five past two. It was weird to her how in the past few months things seemed to move so fast yet so slow. She smiled at the idea of it. She now had a better grasp for the power and value of a minute.

Her cell phone rang as she reached into her bag and pulled it out. "Hi Stacie. No those files are on my desk under the Patterson case. Yes...to the left. Found them? Good. Me? I'm here. Just waiting. Thank you. You too. Okay bye."

Alex hung up her phone and placed it back in her bag. She thought she had shut it off. Quickly she set it to silent mode.

"Alexander Cabot?" came the voice from the door. Alex stood up and smiled.

"How are you this afternoon Ms. Cabot?"

"Fine thank you," Alex smiled as she followed the woman in. She glanced behind her one last time just seconds before the door closed.

Alex slipped into the clothes that were left for her. She made herself comfortable as she could as she sat on the small table. It was cold in the office and she quickly wondered why with all the money Doctors made they didn't heat their offices better considering the nature and place of the draft from the attire their patients were made to wear.

She saw the door open. "Hello Ms. Cabot," the Doctor smiled as she made her way in. "How are we today?"

"Fine thank you," Alex smiled in return.

"Well that's good to hear. Alone today?"

"It would appear so," Alex nodded.

There was a light knock at the door. The Doctor stood and opened it slightly to see a clearly winded Olivia standing with flush cheeks.

"Sorry," she smiled at the Doctor and made her way in.

"Glad to see you made it Detective Benson," the Doctor smiled and closed the door.

"That makes two of us," Olivia said to the Doctor and then came to sit next to Alex. "I'm sorry. We had an emergency. I tried to get out as quickly as I could. Bad timing I know," Olivia said clearly upset. "I ran from 67th street."

"Liv," Alex laughed, "that's like almost two miles."

"I couldn't find a damn taxi anywhere," Olivia laughed. "New York city and no taxi's. How weird is that?"

"Very weird," Alex smiled as Olivia leaned down and kissed her softly and quickly. "But you're here now and that's all that matters."

Olivia held Alex's hand as the Doctor pulled over the small monitor. She ran the handle of some piece of equipment over Alex's now exposed Belly. "There you go," the Doctor smiled. "Happy and healthy and looks like babies doing fine."

"Oh my God," Olivia smiled as she and Alex saw their child for the first time.

"Liv," Alex smiled and squeezed Olivia's hand.

"I know," Olivia looked down at Alex and kissed her cheek.

The doctor clicked a button and a strange yet familiar sound rang through the room. "That's his heart beat."

"Wow," Olivia said amazed.

"Did you say his?" Alex asked.

"You said you wanted to know the sex of the baby...it's a boy."

"A boy," Olivia and Alex both said in unison.

Alex set the table as Olivia finished cooking the chicken. "Alex," she asked quietly.


"Do you have any regrets?"

"About what?" Alex asked coming to stand behind Olivia in the kitchen. She wrapped her arms around her.

"Your job? Us?"

"Why would you ask that?" Alex asked surprised.

"I just feel like you gave up so much for us you know?" Olivia turned around and placed her hands on Alex's stomach. "For both of us." she said looking down.

"Liv," Alex smiled. "This is what I want. This is what makes me happy." She paused and considered her words. "I was so tired of it all. Tired of living a lie. Tired of being unhappy. Tired of the pain and sadness I had to deal with each day. After last year...with everything we went through...this is what I want now. This life we've created. This world we're part of. Our family," Alex finished.

Olivia looked as though she would cry. "You're beautiful you know that?"

"No...I'm lucky."

"No Alex. We are," Olivia said touching her face one last time. "I love you Cabot."


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