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By mel



Olivia awoke the next morning to find herself alone in bed with the happy sound of laughter and the distinct smell of percolating coffee wafting down the hall toward her. The waking up alone she was used to, the laughter and the coffee, on the other hand, were definitely alien concepts to her. Although, she really could get used to having coffee ready the minute she woke up.

A quick glance at the clock showed that she'd slept past nine, and a sleepy hand through her hair reminded her that today was the day the doctor had said she could start showering again. She sat up, wincing at the pain shooting down her chest, and spied a glass of water and her pain pills on her bedside table.

"Alex," she smiled at the thoughtfulness of the blonde as she popped the pills into her mouth and washed them down with the full glass of water.

She sat on the edge of the bed for a few minutes, trying to gauge her body's health and whether or not she'd be able to actually get herself into the shower and washed without help. A few tentative twists and a failed attempt to work her shirt off decided for her that she needed help. And, as the only person she'd be willing to accept help from was Alex, she needed to go find her.

She padded down the hall to find Alex, Serena and Abbie all still in their pajamas and fighting over the newspaper. She could only stare as she watched the three supremely educated, well behaved women (okay, so maybe only two of them were usually well behaved) acting like children.

"It's my paper," Alex was laughing. "My house. Therefore, my damned crossword puzzle."

"I just want the Sudoku," Serena laughed as Abbie fell into her lap after losing the tug-of-war with Alex.

"I got the paper first!" Abbie laughed as she jumped up and snatched the folded paper out of Alex's hand. "Yes!" she held her captured prize up victoriously.

"Can I just have the Sudoku?" Serena whined.

Finally deciding that somebody needed to act the grown-up and put an end to the fighting before somebody got hurt, she yelled, "I thought I was avoiding the fighting by not staying at Elliot's house!"

Three sets of eyes looked up at the Detective with three matching sheepish grins. Alex was the first to recover. "Hey baby, nice sleep?"

Olivia arched a brow questioningly. "Hey baby? I see somebody is feeling better this morning."

"Maybe," Alex grinned and snatched the paper back from Abbie.

"Okay, I know I'm going to regret this, but what's going on?" Olivia chuckled.

"Nothing," Alex, Serena and Abbie answered together.

"Right," Olivia grinned. "And next thing I know you're all going to tell me that you don't know who started it."

"Abbie started it," Alex reported with a laugh.

"Did not," Abbie argued.

Alex looked poised to respond when Olivia cut the both of them off. "Alex, give Serena the Sudoku puzzle and then hand the crossword over to Abbie."

"But Liv," Alex whined. "I love my crossword puzzle."

"Fine," Olivia grinned as she made to head back to the bedroom. "I was going to ask you to help me shower since the doctor said as long I don't soak the sutures I could start taking them again today, but if you'd rather do a puzzle than help me …," she let her voice trail off, knowing that she'd already made her point.

"I guess one week without the puzzle won't kill me," Alex replied as she tossed the paper back onto the table.

"I thought so," Olivia nodded. "If Elliot calls could you just get an idea of when he's planning on swinging by?" she asked Serena and Abbie.

"No problem," she shorter blonde nodded. "We'll take care of it."

"Thank you," Olivia smiled as she felt Alex twine their fingers together.

"Hey," Alex smiled as she closed the bathroom door behind them.

"Hey yourself Counselor," Olivia chuckled. "Are you three always so … youthfully energetic in the morning?"

"Is that a nice way of calling our behavior childish?" Alex asked playfully as she took a couple steps toward the center of the bathroom where Olivia who was standing.

"Perhaps," Olivia smiled.

"I plead the fifth," Alex smirked. "So, how do you want to do this?"

"Déjà vu," Olivia laughed.

"At least today I'm expecting you to strip," Alex chuckled. "Seriously Liv, what do you need me to do?"

"Honestly?" Olivia blushed. "I can't get my shirt off or on by myself, the pants and underwear I could probably manage to get off but getting clean stuff back on by myself isn't feasible because I can't lean over without it hurting for some reason, and I really don't see how I'm going to be able to wash my hair one-handed and I really need to wash my hair."

"So, basically everything then?" Alex smiled.

"God I hate being helpless," Olivia groaned, thankful that she had, at least, shaved her legs when she showered before meeting Alex Thursday night.

"Hey," Alex murmured, kissing her softly. "It's fine."

"Thank you," Olivia whispered as she watched Alex reach into the shower to turn the water on.

"How hot do you like it?" Alex asked as she fiddled with the knobs.

"The hotter the better," Olivia replied as she began working her sweats and underwear down past her hips so that gravity could take over and force them to the floor.

"Good. Me too," Alex smiled as she turned back around to find Olivia trying to step out of her clothes. "Let me," she murmured, kneeling down in front of the blushing brunette and helping her free her feet from the tangle of clothes.

"Good thing you got the full show yesterday, huh?" Olivia tried to make a joke as she felt Alex's fingers carefully wrap themselves around her ankle to steady her as she pulled the pants free.

Alex stood and kissed the embarrassed brunette tenderly. "Relax Liv, it's just me," she murmured reassuringly as she began to help Olivia out of her shirt. "Sorry," she gasped as she watched Olivia wince. "Sorry."

"S'okay," Olivia grimaced. "I knew that would hurt."

"You okay?" Alex asked, cupping the brunette's jaw and tenderly running the pad of her thumb over her cheek as she stared into her eyes.

"Yeah," Olivia nodded, blinking back the tears that had sprung up at the first stab of pain. "I'm fine."

"Good," Alex breathed.

Olivia stared as she watched the blonde begin shedding her own clothes. "Oh, ahhh, Alex – what are you doing?"

Alex looked up and smiled. "What? You want me to climb into the shower with my clothes on to help you?"

"Um, I guess not," Olivia supplied as she watched Alex shimmy out of her yoga pants and kick them off to the side.

"You know," Alex thought aloud as she reached for the hem of her shirt and began to lift it off over her head. "I'd always imagined our getting naked together for the first time a little differently than this."

"My god, you're perfect," Olivia murmured as she watched Alex toss her shirt carelessly in the direction of her discarded pants.

"You're not so bad yourself," Alex chuckled. "Here," she opened the door to the shower and held out her hand. "I promise I'll behave."

"I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not," Olivia muttered as she took the blonde's proffered hand and stepped carefully into the shower, hyperaware of the fact that any movement on her part to stabilize herself would lead to a disproportionate amount of pain. "Thank you," she smiled as she watched Alex pull the door closed behind herself.

"My pleasure," Alex smiled. "Now, turn around and get your hair wet. We'll start at the top and work our way down."

"Ooooooh," Olivia moaned as Alex's talented fingers massaged expensive boutique shampoo into her scalp.

Alex, who was watching Olivia's face relax in pleasure from a simple scalp massage, had to bite the inside of her cheek to keep from moaning softly herself. She shifted uncomfortably, squeezing her legs together as she fought her rising arousal. She wasn't supposed to be revving herself up, she was supposed to be helping her love. But damned if Olivia getting her hair washed wasn't the single fucking sexiest thing she'd ever seen.

"God Liv," Alex breathed when she finished working the soap into the brunette's hair. "You make getting your hair washed look like…," her voice trailed off as she watched Olivia swallow thickly as her eyes opened, showing the barest ring of brown.

"What?" Olivia husked, desperately trying to steady her pulse and calm her breathing. She knew Alex wanted to wait, knew that in her condition she wouldn't be able to make love to the blonde as completely as she'd like. She also knew that if Alex didn't touch her soon she was going to combust.

"Sex," Alex breathed, trailing a soapy finger down the column of the brunette's throat. "You make it look like sex."

Olivia's breath hitched in her throat as she stared into Alex's desire blown eyes. "Alex," she groaned.

Alex sucked her bottom lip between her teeth and cocked her head as she appraised the woman before her. "I want to touch you," she confessed softly, running her finger back up Olivia's throat to cup the brunette's face gently in her hand.

Olivia's eyes fluttered closed as she felt the pad of Alex's thumb begin to softly caress her cheek and she was helpless to stop the soft moan of approval that spilled from her lips.

"God Alex, please."

She let Alex slowly guide her head back under the spray, felt the familiar tug low in her belly as the blonde closed the distance separating them as she began to work the soap from her hair.

Alex's breathing grew fast and shallow as she gently rinsed the soap from Olivia's hair, her pulse racing in her veins as she brushed the last tendril of shampoo down the brunette's back.

"Liv," Alex moaned, her fingers trailing down the back of Olivia's neck and over her shoulder – tenderly tracing the line of the older woman's collarbone before moving downward, over the flat of her chest before gliding over the swell of her breast.

Olivia reached out with her good arm to grab hold of Alex's hip, desperate to find any purchase to steady herself against as her body came alive under the blonde's loving, tender, almost hesitant touch.

"So beautiful," Alex murmured as she ran the back of her hand around the perimeter of the mound, around and around, slowly, reverently around; entranced by the tightening of the nub at the peak as she stroked closer and closer to that tempting, oh so goddamn tempting tip.

"Alex please," Olivia groaned, taking her hand from the blonde's hip to cover the hand on her breast.

Blue eyes flashed to capture molten brown. "Liv," Alex husked, her voice rough with desire.

"Touch me," Olivia pleaded softly, gently yet forcefully guiding the younger woman's hand so that it was fully over her breast. "God Alex," she moaned appreciatively as the blonde's hand began to massage her.

Alex's quiet moan was lost in the sound of the spray as she felt Olivia's nipple press into her palm as she lovingly hefted the weight of the captured breast with her hand before releasing it to gently rub the pad of her thumb over the already sensitized tip.

"I've dreamed of this for so long," she whispered as she stroked and teased the pebbled nub. "So long," she breathed as she leaned down and captured it between her lips, moaning softly as she felt Olivia's fingers thread through her hair and pull her in closer, tighter.

Olivia groaned loudly when she felt that wonderfully warm wet heat of Alex's mouth leave her.

"I know baby," Alex murmured as she returned to her full height before the brunette. "I know," she leaned in and kissed Olivia hungrily as she reached behind her to turn off the water. "Bed," she husked. "I'm taking you to bed."

Mouths battled for dominance as the two stumbled inelegantly out of the shower, injuries and pain forgotten in the heat of their building passion. They shuffled backwards out of the bathroom, bodies pressed tightly together, wet silken skin sliding against wet silken skin, hands busy grasping, massaging, stroking, kneading every inch of flesh available to them.

When the edge of the bed cut into the side of their legs Alex turned so she could help Olivia down onto the bed, still mindful of the fact that the brunette was indeed still injured, mindful of the fact that despite her baser tendencies at the moment she needed to be careful with the wounded woman.

Lips never broke contact with flushed, heated, wanting skin as Alex gently guided Olivia back onto the middle of the bed, carefully helping the olive skinned beauty down onto the cool sheets; moving together, never placing her full weight on the injured woman's frame as she slowly lowered herself onto the bed beside her.

"I love you Liv," Alex murmured, her lips tracing the delicate line of the brunette's jaw. "So much," she breathed as she traced her tongue over Olivia's racing pulse point, flattening her tongue over the base to savor the strong and steady beat of her pulse.

Olivia groaned loudly as she felt Alex's arousal trace a distinct line down her thigh, warm, wet, and oh so fucking slick. "Alex, please," she rolled her hips up toward the blonde, silently begging for more.

"Let me make love to you?" Alex breathed against the hollow of the brunette's throat.

It was that soft plea, that quiet question that drove all coherent thought from Olivia's mind. More than the hungry kisses or the electricity of the blonde's touch, that simple whispered sentence that had years worth of dreams and desire laced between and through each word was her complete undoing.

"Please," Olivia gasped.

"Hmmm," Alex smiled as she began moving slowly, oh so slowly down the brunette's lithe and powerful body.

Olivia let her head drop back to the mattress as she saw Alex stop to hover above her breasts, felt her eyes roll back in her head as the tip of the blonde's tongue traced delicate circles around her nipple before it was captured between Alex's soft rosy lips and sucked against hungrily.

"God Alex!" Olivia gasped approvingly.

Alex simply moaned appreciatively at Olivia's vocalization before continuing her slow trek down the brunette's body, reveling in the silken friction of skin sliding against skin and the way the touch just ratcheted up her desire and her need for the woman below her. She slid down Olivia's body, rubbing against her, slowly stroking, licking, nipping and sucking at each inch of olive skin she passed. She paused momentarily to nip playfully on a protruding pelvic bone before kissing her way over soft curls and finally, finally, finally arriving at the place they both wanted her to be.

She closed her eyes and breathed in deep the intoxicating musky aroma of Olivia's arousal, leaned in closer to let her breath play upon the swollen sensitive flesh; enjoying, savoring the wordless pleas falling from the brunette's lips as she hovered above her center. Waiting, teasing, letting the anticipation of that first glorious touch build higher and higher until it was just too goddamn much to ignore any longer.

"God Liv," Alex moaned as she finally gave in and leaned in closer to slowly lave her tongue through Olivia's arousal, starting at the base of the brunette's slit and slowly, slowly, so slowly it was almost painful, working her way up to the very apex and flicking the tip of her tongue lightly against the already swollen and straining bundle of nerves she found there.

"Alex!" Olivia gasped at that first touch of the blonde's tongue against her clit.

Alex smiled and dropped her tongue back to the bottom of Olivia's sex to retrace her path through the brunette's folds, her touch against Olivia's center changing from soft to firm and back again as she ran her tongue over, around and through the brunette's arousal.

"Fuck," Olivia gasped at the second flick of Alex's talented, oh so talented, tongue against her clit as she tangled her hand in Alex's hair, preparing to hold on for dear life as the blonde's talented tongue began slowly teasing her to insanity.

Olivia moaned loudly at the first push of Alex's tongue inside her, whimpered pathetically when she felt the it slide out and begin flicking feather light again against her clit.

Alex hummed happily to herself as she covered Olivia's sex with her mouth and sucked softly against the sensitive bundle of nerves, enjoying the feeling of Olivia's body tensing under her touch, reveling in the heady feeling of knowing that she was responsible for causing the wordless pleas, gasps, grunts, moans and whimpers to fall from Olivia's mouth as she made love to her with her lips, teeth, and tongue.

"God Lex," Olivia gasped, her back arching up off the mattress as the blonde nipped gently at her clit. "Fuck. God. So close," she practically sobbed, letting go of Alex's hair to tangle her hand into the sheets as the blonde increased the force and tempo of her ministrations.

Alex could taste Olivia's increasing arousal, could tell from the frantic thrusts of the brunette's hips against her mouth that Olivia was indeed close – so very, very close. Part of her wanted to selfishly extend the moment but the frantic mewls and moans that were growing in volume with each lick, flick and suck she delivered to her lover convinced her to take pity on the goddess spread before her and release her.

She slipped one hand up under her chin and slid two fingers as deep as she could, laying a broad flat lick against the brunette's swollen clit and curled her fingers as she pulled them out slowly, slowly, so slowly, before pushing back in as far as she could and repeating that same slow, teasing withdrawal.

Alex's name was falling from Olivia's lips as a reverent chant as she felt her orgasm building, building, god building, stronger and stronger with each flick, suck and thrust against her. A familiar promising heat began to grow, began to spread through her until with one last flick of Alex's supremely talented tongue she was thrown, literally thrown over the edge she'd been dancing along and into release.

Alex stilled her ministrations at the first crush of Olivia's orgasm, letting the first violent spasm ebb before she resumed slowly stroking, licking, sucking, doing her best to extend the brunette's pleasure for as long as she could. When Olivia's muscles stilled Alex carefully, so carefully, pulled her fingers out before pressing one last adoring kiss to those sensitive lower lips, smiling at the twitch and groan of pleasure the touch elicited before she began kissing her way back up Olivia's body.

"God Alex," Olivia groaned as Alex slowly, slowly, too goddamn slowly, worked her way back up to her lips. When the blonde had finally moved high enough she gently guided her to the side so she was able to slip a leg between her lover's.

Alex moaned loudly as she felt Olivia's powerful thigh push against her aching core. "God Liv," she moaned as her body automatically thrust down into the contact. Her head dropped so that her forehead was resting against Olivia's, her blonde hair falling around them like a curtain as dusky blue eyes gazed adoringly into molten chocolate brown.

The world shrunk to the space immediately surrounding them, neither aware of anything beyond her own body and that of her lover. Breaths mingled in desperate pants and Olivia used her good hand to pull against Alex's hip, encouraging the blonde's movement against her thigh as she flexed the strong muscle against the wet throbbing heat that was sliding across it.

Strong callused fingers slid lovingly over glowing alabaster skin to tangle themselves in blonde silk. "I love you," Olivia murmured into Alex's lips before pulling the blonde's lips down to her level so she could claim them with her own.

Alex rocked against her lover's leg as they kissed, her tempo matching their thrusting tongues as she raced closer and closer to the edge. "Fuck," she gasped as she pulled back to rest her forehead against Olivia's, hating to break that intimate caress but desperately needing to breathe as her orgasm grew, god grew, so strong inside her.

Olivia stared transfixed at Alex's face as the blonde retreated inside herself, focusing on the pleasure, the sensations building inside her. "That's it baby," she encouraged as Alex's eyes scrunched tighter. "That's it baby, let go, god you're so beautiful, let go baby," she encouraged as the blonde's lips fell open and her breath came in short, almost desperate gasps as the wave building inside her crested, stalled, hovered, before finally, finally breaking and flowing through her.

"God Liv," Alex moaned loudly as her orgasm hit her hard, fast, and violent; her hips stalling at that first shockwave before they began rocking again almost of their own volition as her body fought to extend its own release. "Liv. God Liv. Fuck. Liv. God. Liv, Liv, Liv," she gasped with each beautiful tense and release of her muscles as her body rode the wave of pleasure that was rolling through her.

When the last spasm faded leaving Alex feeling boneless and weak, Olivia carefully, tenderly, adoringly guided the blonde down beside her, her uninjured arm wrapping protectively around the gasping shaking woman.

"Wow," the usually eloquent blonde breathed, her heartbeat still racing but her breathing slowing as she came down from her high. "Wow."

"Mmm," Olivia smiled. "Definitely wow."

Alex pushed herself up onto her elbow so she could look into Olivia's eyes as she murmured, "I love you Liv."

Olivia smiled and lifted her head to kiss the blonde above her tenderly. "I love you too Alex," she swore softly and was rewarded with a megawatt grin and the crush of Alex's lips against her own.

"How are you feeling?" Alex murmured when the need for air finally trumped her need for Olivia.

"Like I want to try that again," Olivia smirked and slid her hand down between the blonde's legs to play in her lingering arousal.

"Fuck," Alex groaned as she felt Olivia's fingers dip into her center before sliding up to tease her still swollen clit.

"Hmm?" Olivia murmured as she rolled the blonde's clit between her fingers.

"Need you," Alex whimpered as she reclaimed the brunette's lips with her own and shifted her body to give her lover better access. "Need to feel you inside me," she extrapolated breathily.

"Hmm," Olivia smiled as she continued to play in her lover's wetness.

Blue eyes flashed open to capture brown. "Now," Alex growled.

"Why is my living room filled with balloons?" Alex asked, surprise causing her to stop in the middle of the hallway and, by default, causing Olivia to run into the back of her.

"Oompf," Olivia grunted as she hit the blonde, automatically reaching out with her good arm to steady the woman in front of her. "What the hell, why did you stop?"

"Balloons," Alex answered, waving at the red and black balloons that covered her living room ceiling.

Olivia looked over Alex's shoulder at the scene before them and had to admit that the sudden appearance of balloons was somewhat odd. And it wasn't just one or two balloons but a room full. The living room ceiling was literally covered in wall-to-wall balloons.

"Why are there …," Olivia started, her voice trailing off as she spied a pink rectangular box on the dining room table. "Ooo," she pushed past the stunned blonde to hurry across the room, "donuts!"

"I could make such the cop joke here," Alex muttered to herself, shaking her head as she followed the giddy brunette over to the table.

"Ooooooooh, Bosson cweam," Olivia moaned around a mouthful of pastry before she swallowed and announced, "My favorite!"

Both women jumped when Abbie bounded out of the kitchen with a giant grin on her face as she yelled, "Hallelujah!" and threw her hands up in the air.

Alex choked back a scream of surprise at the sudden emergence of the brunette and hid behind Olivia, using the detective as a shield to protect her from Carmichael. Olivia laughed at the blonde's behavior before she turned her attention to Abbie. "Do I want to know?" she asked, arching a brow questioningly.

"Hey girls," Elliot grinned as he sauntered out of the kitchen with a steaming mug of coffee in his hand. "How was church?"

"Church?" Alex and Olivia parroted, looking at each other in confusion as they pulled out a couple chairs and sat down at the table.

"Yeah," Elliot nodded as he selected a jelly donut out of the box before sitting down as well. "Abbie said you two found religion this morning. I figured it was because of your close calls the other night that you might have decided to go and have a chat with the big guy to say thanks," he extrapolated before taking a giant bite out of his donut, red jelly squirting out the side and onto his shirt. "Dammit, Kathy's gonna kill me for getting jelly on my new shirt."

"Church?" Alex repeated, this time leveling her trademark Ice Princess stare that caused perps to piss themselves and defense attorneys to quake in their loafers onto the still grinning Abbie Carmichael.

Abbie, completely unaffected by the blonde's angry glare, just shrugged and replied, in her best Southern Preacher voice, "And on the seventh day the Lord dipped his finger into the fountain of life and he declared, yes he declared, that those who returned to his flock shall be rewarded! Repeatedly! And, by the sounds you two were making," she waggled her brows, "exhaustively. I'm impressed you can walk!"

Elliot choked on his donut. "What church doctrine is that from?" he spluttered, reaching for the stack of napkins to clean up his mess.

"Genesis … or, maybe Revelations," Abbie shrugged and took a bite out of her chocolate frosted donut. "I don't really go to church to listen to what they have to say, I just like to cover my bases in case of any unforeseen eventualities."

"What?" Elliot struggled to understand what Carmichael was rambling on about.

Alex could only stare in disbelief at Abbie. "Do I want to know what the 'fountain of life' is?"

"Please Cabot," Abbie grinned. "From the sounds Liv was making earlier I think you know exactly where to find the fountain of life."

Olivia blushed as her partner turned to stare at her. "Why balloons?" she asked, partly in an attempt to figure out what was going on and mostly to try anything to get the focus of the conversation away from the sounds Alex had coaxed from her earlier.

"You always gotta have balloons when you celebrate," Abbie explained before taking a sip of her coffee. "I wanted streamers but the ceilings in this place are too damn high for me to hang them properly so I just got extra balloons instead."

"Streamers?" Alex frowned.

"Please, people! We needed to get something to commemorate this momentous occasion," Abbie practically yelled, she was beginning to get really frustrated at Alex and Olivia's lack of understanding.

"Red and black balloons?" Alex stared.

"Well, it was the sexiest color combination I could come up with seeing as they didn't have any balloons that said Thank God you finally fucked," Abbie retorted.

Elliot choked on his donut again. "I thought you said they found religion?"

"They did," Abbie waggled her brows suggestively. "Or, at least it sure as hell sounded like it from the number of 'Dear Gods' and 'Sweet Jesus'es coming out of that bedroom earlier."

"Oh god," Alex groaned.

"See," Abbie announced triumphantly. "Religion!"

"So these balloons are sex balloons?" Elliot asked. "And you had me bring donuts? Sex donuts?"

"It was too early for cake," Abbie replied, the tone of her voice making it sound like Elliot was an idiot for even having to ask.

"Do I want to know what the mouth wateringly delicious cream that oozes out of it is supposed to represent?" Elliot asked. "Or the hole in the middle …," his voice trailed off as he actually thought about what he was saying. "No, never mind. I don't want to know."

Abbie was about to respond by she was interrupted by the doorbell.

"I'll get it," Serena announced as she walked past the group. "Hey girls," she grinned at Alex and Olivia. "Feeling … relaxed?"

"Oh god," Alex groaned again.

"See!" Abbie laughed. "Lots and lots of religion was discovered here this morning!"

"You know that's like, blasphemy – right?" Elliot frowned.

"Please mister Catholic," Abbie punched him in the arm. "We're lesbians, according to the Church we're all going to hell anyways, so we might as well enjoy ourselves now!"

"I so did not see any of this coming when I called earlier," Elliot muttered he rubbed his shoulder where Abbie had socked him.

"Darlings!" Maggie's voice called out happily as she entered the living room.

They all turned to watch the elder Cabot drop her purse into an empty armchair as she looked around the room appreciatively. "Interesting color scheme. Red and black, very dark and brooding. Or, maybe … erotic? Celebratory sex balloons?"

"Thank you!" Abbie shouted as she jumped up and set her coffee cup down on the table before running over to envelop Maggie in a back-breaking hug. "Finally! Somebody who gets it!"

"No streamers?" Maggie turned to Abbie questioningly once the younger woman had released her.

"Don't start with me Maggie," Abbie warned. "It was done in a hurry and Alex doesn't have a step ladder so I couldn't reach the ceiling. I did get Elliot to bring donuts though!"

"That was a good call," Maggie patted Abbie's shoulder approvingly. "Nice symbolism with the hole in the middle of the pastry, and it really is still a little too early in the day for cake."

Alex looked over at Olivia who was staring at Maggie and Abbie with a look on her face that was a cross between shock, utter horror, and amusement.

"What?" Alex leaned over and whispered against the brunette's ear.

"Those two are just…," Olivia let her voice trail off as she realized that there truly were no words to describe them.

"I am so glad you showed up," Abbie sighed as she steered Maggie toward the box of donuts on the dining room table. "They just don't understand my brilliance."

"Hey!" Serena pouted. "I was the one who ran down to the store with you and helped carry all those balloons back up here – there were so many that I swear I almost flew away like that old guy in the Pixar cartoon!"

"You were awesome Rena," Abbie kissed the pouting blonde on the forehead. "Thank you for your help."

"Streamers would have been a nice touch though," Maggie thought aloud as she scanned the contents of the bakery box. "Ooo, Boston cream – my favorite!" she announced happily as she grabbed the donut and sat down in an empty chair.

"You know what we need to make this a real party?" Abbie asked as she crossed the room toward the entertainment center.

"You know," Maggie wondered aloud as she leaned back in her chair and licked some errant filling off of her fingers. "The creamy goodness in the middle of this could also be symbolic of …"

"That's enough!" Alex yelled, interrupting her aunt with a look of abject horror on her face. "Enough! We get it! Okay? Everybody gets it. Abbie, what was that you were saying about this party needing something ..."

"We need music," Abbie laughed at Alex's obvious discomfort. "Every good party needs music."

"Excellent call, my dear," Maggie nodded.

"You are absolutely right," Serena agreed as she set a cup of coffee down in front of Maggie.

"Of course," Alex mumbled. "Music. With the balloons and the donuts. Why on earthy didn't I think of any of this?"

"Hey Elliot!" Abbie laughed as she fiddled with Alex's iPod.

"What?" Elliot asked.

"Check it out man, it's your song," Abbie started bopping her head to the opening strands of Man I Feel Like a Woman. "C'mon tough guy – sing it for us!"

"What ever is she talking about?" Maggie looked over at Elliot, an amused smile lighting her face as she took in the burly Detective's embarrassment.

Elliot leveled his death stare on Olivia. "You. Told. Her."

"She beat it out of me!" Olivia held her hands up.

"Bullshit Benson," Serena laughed. "You gave it up easier than Abbie at a Star Trek convention."

"What?" Olivia, Elliot, Alex, and Maggie all turned to look at Southerlyn.

"Not important!" Abbie yelled and quickly changed the song. "See, Shania's all gone now," she smiled sweetly as she walked up behind her girlfriend. "Just for that I'm not wearing the costume for you again," she murmured into the laughing blonde's ear.

Maggie, who was sitting close enough to overhear the embarrassed brunette's promise, chuckled softly. "Live long and prosper Counselors. So, what's the plan for today?" she asked over the rim of her coffee cup.

"Just hanging out, we still need to take it easy," Alex replied and, noticing the way Abbie's eyes lit up with a new idea, continued, "Shut up Abbie."

Abbie slouched back in her chair and crossed her arms over her chest as she pouted. "You're no fun."

"You're just lucky I actually like Serena because otherwise I'd be all over your ass," Alex retorted.

"How do you know she isn't into threesomes?" Abbie smirked.

"Hey!" Serena yelled. "Well … wait – who are you thinking of for a third?"

"Oh god," Elliot moaned.

"See!" Abbie pointed at him triumphantly. "Lots of religion around this apartment this morning! It's getting so bad we're going to have to get this place sanctified and start selling tickets. I bet if we advertised on Craigslist we could make a fortune!"

"I need another cup of coffee," Alex announced and jumped up from the table. "Anybody else?"

"Me," Abbie and Serena each held out their empty cups.

"I'm good," Maggie smiled. "Thank you dear."

"I'd love a refill too," Olivia handed her cup to Alex. "Thanks baby."

Alex smiled and leaned in to kiss Olivia softly. "For you, anything."

"I could use one too," Elliot announced as he grabbed Serena and Abbie's mugs. "I'll come with you and help."

"Okay, thanks Elliot" Alex smiled and made her way into the kitchen with Olivia's partner right on her six.

They placed the empty cups onto the counter beside the machine and Alex went about pouring the appropriate amount of cream into Serena and Maggie's cups.

"How are you feeling?" Elliot asked conversationally as he watched Alex pull the carafe out of the coffee maker and refill the empty cups.

"Um, okay, I guess. What's up?"

"Well, seeing as this is something of a 'celebration'," he emphasized the word with the little air finger quotes, "for you and Liv, I need to give you the whole over-protective-big-brother speech."

"I see," Alex nodded. "Then this would be the part where I tell you that I love her and would do nothing to hurt her."

"Good," Elliot smiled. "But if you do, you know I'm gonna have to make sure you bleed … right?"

"If I do anything to hurt her I'll deserve it," Alex told him honestly.

"Well," he hitched his pants up a bit and smiled. "Glad we got that out of the way then," he smiled. "Feel better soon Counselor, we need you back ASAP."

"I shall do my best Detective," Alex replied.

"Good," he nodded and led them back out of the kitchen toward the table where the other four women were still sitting around and pretending like they hadn't been eavesdropping on the conversation that had just taken place.

"You okay?" Olivia leaned in and whispered to Alex once the blonde had reclaimed her seat.

Alex smiled and kissed the brunette tenderly. "Yup. No problems."

Elliot smiled at the obvious love between the two women. "Well," he chuffed. "I think it's time I head on home and help Kathy with the kids," he announced as he looked at his watch. "Yup, definitely time for me to head home."

"Don't let Abbie's behavior chase you out Stabler," Olivia smiled as she motioned him closer. Once he was at eye level with her she whispered, "Really. Please don't leave us alone with her. I'll buy you lunch for a month once I'm allowed to come back if you don't leave us with her."

"Sorry partner," Elliot patted her arm reassuringly. "I gotta go. Neighbor kid is having a birthday party this afternoon. Family duty and all that stuff."

"You suck," Olivia pouted and Elliot just grinned at her in response. "Fine, traitor," she groaned. "C'mon, I'll walk you out."

"Thanks partner," Elliot replied. "Enjoy the rest of your day ladies," he smiled at the group.

"Bye Elliot," Serena smiled. "Thanks for bringing the donuts."

Elliot shook his head. "You know, I really used to like donuts. It's a real shame that I'll never be able to look at them the same way again."

"What way is that?" Abbie asked, sticking her tongue through the center of a donut and waggling it suggestively.

"Wow, how did you make your tongue …," Elliot just shook his head. "You know what, never mind," he waved the brunette off and turned to leave, Olivia following tight on his heels.

"Look, Liv," he stopped with a hand on the front door and turned to face his partner. "I'm sorry about all this – I honestly didn't know what she was planning. I'd just called to see if it was okay if I came by for a bit and she said to bring donuts. I didn't know," he repeated, trying to put as much distance between himself and Abbie's little celebration as possible.

Olivia smiled and chucked him in the shoulder playfully. "I know El. Thanks for coming by to say hello, and for the donuts too. Tell the guys I'm doing okay, will ya?"

"You bet," Elliot grinned. "I'm happy for you Liv."

"Thank you," Olivia blushed. "I'm going to be hearing about this for a while, aren't I?"

Elliot pursed his lips and nodded. "Yeah," he grinned. "Sex balloons," he shook his head as he turned to leave. "I'd tell Kathy about all this, but she'd think I was making it up."

Olivia laughed and rolled her eyes. "Welcome to my life buddy."

Elliot looked over his partner's shoulder at Alex who was trying, unsuccessfully by the looks of it, to convince Abbie that the balloons had to go. "I'm going to tell you the same thing I told Alex – if you hurt her I'm going to have to make sure you bleed."

"If I do anything to hurt her I'll deserve it," Olivia replied.

Elliot smiled and nodded his approval. They really were meant for each other. "I'm happy for ya Liv. Get better quick, kay?"

"I'll do my best," Olivia promised.

Maggie Cabot watched her niece's eyes follow Olivia's retreating form as the brunette showed her partner out so he could escape the craziness that had exploded inside Alex's apartment and return to his family. The overprotective loving aunt part of her wanted to deck Abbie Carmichael for coming up with the whole sex celebration idea because she knew how sensitive Alexandra really was when it came to the matters of her heart, but the part of her that was perpetually stuck in the land of sophomoric behavior was a little pissed that she'd never thought of sex balloons … and donuts. Because, damn – that was just brilliant.

Watching her niece carefully, she noted that Alex looked amazing, even with the bruising on her face that was now beginning to turn vile shades of yellow, puce, and green around the very edges of the contusion. The young blonde looked relaxed, there was a definite change to her demeanor – as if the weight of the world she'd been carrying upon her shoulders had finally been removed. Her lips were tweaked at the corners, almost as if she were – even at this moment – fighting to hold back a smile. She was happy. Everything about Alex practically screamed of how happy she was. And, for this, Maggie Cabot was glad. Alex was her favorite of all the Cabot children, and she knew how much it had pained the attorney to watch cousin after cousin pair off, marry, and start a family. She'd been the first one that Alex had 'come out' to and, all joking and teasing aside, she was the one Cabot elder (since the death of her brother, Alex's father) who supported the young woman the most.

"She is absolutely lovely, Alex dear," Maggie smiled at her niece once the blonde had torn her attention away from the hallway her lover had disappeared into.

Alex blushed and nodded. "She is. She's amazing."

"Your mother sends her love and says that she'll be back in New York in a fortnight or so," Maggie told Alex. "She wanted to catch the next flight out of London to get back here, but I talked her into finishing her trip."

"Thank you," Alex smiled her appreciation. She loved her mother, but the woman could be smothering.

"But I couldn't talk Liz into not coming by to say hello," Maggie continued updating her niece. "She'll be by later this morning."

"Oh," Alex, Serena and Abbie looked up at the ceiling. Alex was suddenly very glad that Abbie had been unable to find balloons that said Thank God You Finally Fucked.

"Who's coming by later?" Olivia asked as she returned to the room and retook her seat beside Alex.

"Donnelly," Alex answered on a groan.

"Hmm," Olivia shrugged. "Why?"

"She's my godmother," Alex replied.

"Now this, I didn't know," Olivia cocked her head at Alex appraisingly. "Why didn't you tell me?"

"There was never a reason for me to tell you," Alex replied honestly. "She went to Wellesley with Maggie and Yale Law with my father. She's known me since I was born, old family friend, yada yada yada," Alex waved her hand dismissively.

"So, if she's your godmother, why is she always on your ass?" Olivia frowned, now more confused than ever.

Maggie laughed. "That would be her way of showing her love and pushing Alexandra to the heights of her abilities. But her heart is in the right place, even if she has a weird way of showing it. How's Elliot?"

Olivia laughed. "He'll live. I think he was just a little overwhelmed with the whole," she looked around the room, "celebration thing."

"Weren't we all," Alex stared at Abbie accusingly. "Sex donuts."

The lanky Texan held her hands up defensively. "Look, y'all knew I wasn't gonna not do something to give you a hard time about how you finally pulled your heads out of your asses and did something about this," she waved between the two of them. "Hells bells, even the blind guy with the sign begging for change outside the courthouse could see it!"

"Was it really that obvious?" Olivia asked Abbie.

"Liz used to refer to our fights as our way of 'having sex without going through the hassle of getting naked," Alex replied. "And then she'd make sure to remind me how much more satisfying it is when you do it without clothes on."

Maggie laughed. "Now, that does sound like the Liz I know and love."

Olivia smiled politely and leaned in to whisper in Alex's ear, "Sometimes you would get me so worked up that it was all I could do to keep from pushing you back onto your desk and taking you right then."

"Oh," Alex breathed, a fresh blush creeping up her neck as she turned to look into the brunette's eyes for confirmation that her words were the truth.

"Mmm," Olivia nodded and kissed the tip of Alex's nose.

"We'll have to try that sometime," Alex grinned.

"Oh god," Olivia groaned.

"Liz, darling!" Maggie smiled as she opened the front door to Alex's apartment to find her old college friend standing in the hall.

"Maggie," Liz grinned. "How's our girl doing? I wanted to come by yesterday but I was stuck in meetings all day about what we're going to do to contain the press when this thing goes to trial."

Maggie laughed softly. "Alex is doing ex-ceptionally well," she pursed her lips and arched her brows suggestively.

"Mmm," Liz hummed. "So I take it Detective Benson is recovering at the speed of light as well?"

"Let's just say they're happy Liz, so give my girl a break this morning – okay?"

Liz Donnelly looked absolutely scandalized. "Are you implying that I would give my goddaughter a hard time?"

"Carmichael threw them a 'Thank God You Finally Fucked' celebration this morning. I think they've about had it with the teasing for one day," Maggie told her friend with a laugh.

"God I miss having that girl strutting around the courthouse," Liz chuckled.

"She even got Stabler to bring celebratory donuts."

"That child is a goddamn genius," Liz nodded appreciatively as she made her way into the living room to find Alex and Olivia snuggled up on the couch and Abbie and Serena fighting over who was going to win at Mario Kart.

Liz let her bag drop to the floor behind the couch as she leaned over the back to press a soft kiss to Alex's forehead. "How you feeling sweetheart?"

"Hi Liz," Alex smiled. "I'm feeling better. The drugs help."

"You're on vacation for the next week, you know," Liz told the blonde.

"I had a feeling I'd be ordered to sit out for a bit," Alex grumbled.

"Nice balloons," Liz waved at the ceiling. "I hear our Ms. Carmichael has been quite the busy girl this morning."

"Not as busy as those two, unfortunately," Abbie replied without taking her eyes off the screen.

Liz rolled her eyes at Abbie and turned her gaze to the dark haired detective wrapped in her goddaughter's arms. "How are you feeling Detective?"

"Much better, thank you," Olivia replied formally as she tried to sit up and extricate herself from Alex's embrace. Something about laying on the couch with Alex's arms around her seemed just wrong with Donnelly standing right there.

Alex just tightened her grip and refused to let Olivia go. "Shh, it's fine," she murmured in the brunette's ear.

"No need to be so formal Olivia," Liz replied with a grin. "Rumor has it that you've made our Alex quite a happy girl so you can relax – we're outside of the courthouse, I don't bite here."

Olivia laughed. "Yes ma'am," she nodded, rather thrown by the casual rapport between the attorneys. She'd never seen them interact outside of their 'ivory tower' before so this relaxed and easy-going teasing was definitely new to her.

"So, what's the word at work?" Alex asked Donnelly as she strode around the couch to perch herself on the arm of the chair Maggie was reclined in.

"The usual. Petrovsky is going ape shit that she didn't get your trial," Liz laughed. "That was actually fun to watch."

"Who got it?" Alex asked, surprised that she hadn't bothered to find the details out from Serena. Of course, she realized, she'd been more than a little focused on Olivia and all the wonderful things happening between them to worry too much over the unsavory circumstances that propelled them into their current state of happiness.

"Brennan," Liz rolled her eyes. "God I hate that man. He's such a pompous right wing NRA loving ass."

"Hey!" Abbie turned to stare Donnelly down. "I resemble that comment!"

"And yet we still love you," Liz laughed. "It's amazing really."

"Love you too Liz," Abbie blew her a kiss.

"Ohmygod," Olivia murmured as she watched the two lawyers joke around with each other. And Elliot thinks nobody would believe him about the balloons, she thought to herself.

"What's the schedule look like?" Alex asked. "The usual?"

"Yup," Serena nodded. "All disclosures, pre-trial motions, etc. will be filed tomorrow, jury selection Tuesday and we get the show on the road on Wednesday."

"Seems fast," Olivia observed.

"He exercised his right to a speedy trial," Liz rolled her eyes. "The dumbass."

"What does the witness list look like?" Alex asked, easily slipping into prosecutorial mode.

"We'll start with Melinda and the DNA, two of the three priors agreed to testify, Stabler – of course – and then it'll be you two to finish up. Right now we're trying to figure out who would be the best to end with," Serena shrugged. "On the one hand we have the NYPD Detective shot in the line of duty, but on the other hand we have the brave ADA who risked her own safety to help stop this predator and is still sporting some rather impressive injuries that will leave quite the impression with the jury."

"I still can't believe the dumb-fuck is going to trial," Alex muttered, running a hand through her hair.

"Langan advised against taking the deal," Serena answered. "I think he feels he has an actual chance to win this one since he won't be going up against you."

"I really hate that guy," Alex grumbled.

"Me too," Liz, Abbie, Olivia and Serena chorused.

"You should end with Alex," Olivia spoke up. "She'll make a better closing witness. Especially because of her injuries – they're so much more visible than mine. Emotional impact and all that stuff you guys are always going on and on about."

"I'll get a feel for the jury and decide when it gets closer," Serena replied. "I figure we'll probably be calling you two Thursday morning – the DNA is going to take some time to walk the jury through. You two good to do one more round of trial prep sometime Tuesday?"

"Whenever you want us," Alex answered. "Apparently I've been ordered onto medical leave for this week, and Liv is obviously out for a while; she has a checkup on Friday and we'll find out then when she needs to start PT."

"Hopefully they'll let me onto at least desk-duty by next week," Olivia grumbled, hating the thought of being stuck at home alone while everybody else was at work. She hated just sitting still.

"I hate to be the one to bring this up," Liz cut in, "but you two do realize that Langan will question you about the sting – thereby calling your relationship into question in open court, right?"

Alex had already figured this out for herself, but hadn't wanted to bring it up until she and Liv were alone to really talk about everything that was going on with them. It was all so new and they'd been functioning on emotion rather than cogent thought because they'd been safely sequestered in their own little world for this brief moment in time. She let her eyes drop to focus on Olivia who was suddenly very interested in the stitching on the pillow that she was cradling against her stomach to support her injured arm.

"We'll discuss it later," Alex responded to Liz's observation for the both of them.

Abbie watched Alex's face cloud with concern as the blonde observed her dark lover and knew that the duo had hit their limit for teasing for the day, or – at the very least – the next few hours time. "Enough shop talk," she clapped her hands to draw everybody's attention to her. "My Boys are playing your G-men today, who wants to make a little wager on the outcome of the game?"

"Hundred bucks?" Liz looked at Abbie challengingly. "You game Carmichael, or is that a little too steep for a federal prosecutor?"

"Oh, you're on grandma," Abbie laughed as she shook Liz's hand to seal the deal. "Bring it."

"I can't believe they lost," Abbie grumbled as she watched Liz doing what had to be the most hideously god-awful 'happy dance' ever invented.

"WooHoo!" Liz laughed as she shimmied around the coffee table. "God I love winning!"

"Are they always like this?" Olivia asked Alex softly.

"Mmmhmm," Alex smiled.

"And here all of us at the precinct thought you lawyer types were just a bunch of stuck-up, uptight, self-righteous, stabilizing-rod-up-your-asses stick-in-the-muds."

"Yeah, we want you to think that – it's part of our charm," Serena laughed.

"Well, not to be the total buzz kill," Abbie stood and stretched, "but I do need to get going. I have an early flight out in the morning and I still need to go back to my hotel and pack."

"I can stay if you need me," Maggie told her niece.

"We'll be fine," Alex assured her.

"If you're sure," Abbie studied her friend carefully before nodding her approval. "Yeah, you're fine. We'll pack up and get out of your hair – I'm sure you two would like to be alone," she smiled.

"Thank you for hanging out and helping around the house this weekend," Alex told her friend sincerely. "Despite the embarrassing moments, you were a real help."

"Well," Abbie smiled. "You wouldn't want me to tone down my natural charm just because you're injured, right? You know I love you Alex."

"Yeah," Alex nodded. "That's why I put up with your shit Carmichael."

"Good to know," Abbie laughed.

"I think we should probably head out too," Maggie looked at Liz pointedly. "Did you drive over or can I offer you a ride?"

"I would love a ride," Liz smiled. "It'd be a real shame to have to spend my winnings on cab fare."

Abbie blew a giant raspberry in the general direction of Liz Donnelly and Serena and Maggie laughed as Liz turned to Abbie, stuck her thumbs into her temples and waggled her outstretched fingers at the Texan as she mockingly stuck her tongue out at her in a na-na-na-na-na gesture.

"They never stop, do they?" Olivia murmured, torn between amusement and outright horror that the women could keep up the teasing for as long as they do.

"Alone at last," Alex sighed contentedly to herself as she closed the door behind their departing visitors and latched the deadbolt. She loved them all, but she was definitely looking forward to spending some quality time with Liv.

She padded back into the living room to find the handsome detective sprawled across the couch in much the same position she'd left her in, only now the olive skinned beauty was fast asleep. Alex smiled to herself and tip-toed around the couch and down the hall, through her bedroom and into the adjoining bath where she quickly stripped and climbed into the shower. While their earlier shower had been an extremely enjoyable experience, she hadn't really gotten too clean from it.

Once she was well scrubbed and refreshed, Alex pulled on a pair of running shorts and a shirt and shuffled down the hall, past the still sleeping detective, and into the kitchen where she started pulling out random ingredients she'd need to prepare their dinner.

Flour, yeast, warm water, a large mixing bowl and her Kitchen Aid stand mixer were scattered around the various granite surfaces in her kitchen and she was literally elbow-deep in dough when a still sleepy Olivia wandered into the room rubbing her eyes in the most adorable way.

"Feel better?" Alex asked with a smile as she extended her arms and pressed into the dough she was working.

Olivia looked up and frowned. "What are you doing?"

"Um, cooking," Alex smirked playfully.


"Yes, cooking. Really Liv, you know – the necessary step that must be completed before one is able to eat."

"Huh," Olivia grinned sheepishly. "I thought that was the 'pick up the phone' step in the process. I didn't know you cook."

"There's lots about me you don't know," Alex winked as she reached into a drawer and pulled out a giant pastry rolling pin.

Olivia winced at the sound that echoed through the room when the blonde whacked the wooden dowel into the pile of dough on the counter. "Damn. Remind me to never piss you off when you have a weapon in your hand."

Alex grinned and held Olivia's eyes as she brought the pin down with yet another resounding whack. "Why?"

"What can I do to help?" Olivia answered Alex's question with one of her own as she gingerly slid onto a barstool in front of the island the blonde was working at.

"Um, nothing," Alex shrugged. "Unless you want to put the toppings on once I get it all ready to go. I hate to break it to you Liv but you're kinda useless with only one functioning arm."

"That's not what you were saying this morning," Olivia grinned. "This morning you were all about the Oh Gods and Fuck yes Livs," she let her voice drop into the realm of silken sex as she finished, "and I love yous. Those were my favorite."

"Mmm," Alex smiled and wiped her hands off on a kitchen towel as she slowly rounded the island. "I do love you. I have for so long and it's so nice to be able to finally tell you."

"Ditto," Olivia grinned.

"No more Patrick Swayze movies for you missy," Alex smiled and leaned in to kiss the brunette softly.

"Not even Dirty Dancing?"

"Easy tiger," Alex kissed Olivia again. "That's dessert. Let me carbo-load you first."

"Ah, I see," Olivia smiled as she reached out with her good arm to pull her lover in tight. "Should have known there were ulterior motives to your deciding to feed me."

Alex chuckled and leaned in to rest her forehead against the brunette's. "No ulterior motives Detective. I'd be happy just sitting in the same room with you all night, I just wanted to make you a good home-cooked meal. Once we're off the Vicodin," she pointed at Olivia, "and the Tylenol with Codeine," she pointed at herself, "I'll even go so far as to cook for you and provide a nice glass of wine."

"Can't wait," Olivia murmured, tilting her chin out enough to softly recapture Alex's lips with her own.

Alex smiled lazily when they separated and dropped one last kiss to Olivia's forehead before returning to the other side of the kitchen and opening the fridge. "What toppings are sounding good?" she asked as she dug around in the fridge for ingredients.

Olivia, too distracted by the lovely sight of toned legs that seemed to go on forever before they disappeared into delightfully short running shorts, failed to hear the question that was directed toward her.

"Liv?" Alex stood up and turned around to stare at the woman seated at her counter. She smiled when she saw the look on Olivia's face – noting the way her eyes were glazed and slightly dilated, the faint flush to her cheeks and the way her lips were parted ever so slightly with her tongue poking out and captured between her teeth.

Olivia shook her head to try and refocus herself on the conversation they'd been having. "Hmm?" she mumbled, looking mildly embarrassed at having been caught staring.

Alex hooked her heel around the refrigerator door and pulled it closed behind her. "See something you like, Detective?"

"Mmmhmm," Olivia smiled.

"Easy tiger. Now that I have your attention," Alex laughed, and noticed that she didn't exactly have the brunette's attention as Olivia's gaze seemed focused on her breasts. "Liv!" she yelled.

"What?" Olivia snapped out of her stupor.

"You okay?"

"Yeah," Olivia grinned as she surreptitiously wiped the back of her hand over her chin to make sure that she hadn't been drooling. "Fine. Why?"

"You seem … distracted," Alex chuckled.

"Are you wearing anything under those clothes?" Olivia blurted before she clapped her hand over her mouth in horror. "I didn't mean to say that out loud."

"Well, to answer your question anyways," Alex sidled in closer to the flustered brunette and slid her arms around Olivia's neck. "No."

"Fuck me," Olivia breathed.

"Hmm, later my love," Alex kissed her softly. "Food first. Can't take the pain meds on an empty stomach, they'll make you nauseous."

"You are such a sweet talker," Olivia pulled Alex in tighter. "I bet you say that to all the girls."

"Only to you Liv," Alex murmured, softly tracing Olivia's jaw with her fingertips.

After dinner they returned to the living room couch to relax and wait for their medications to take the edge off of both of their pain. Alex settled in first and leaned back in such a way that she was able to wrap Olivia in her arms and hold the brunette tight as they sat and relaxed, enjoying the heat of the other's body against their own, enjoying the feeling of warm contentment that flooded their bones from the easy contact.

Alex stared at the woman cradled in her arms and smiled softly to herself; a week ago she'd have never had the courage to even imagine that they'd been here together like this. Fantasized about being together and doing other things, sure, but this easy intimacy that had sprung up between them would have been too painful to think about because she'd never considered that it would ever happen.

And now they were destined for court, with Trevor asking the questions on cross and she knew that Liz had been right when she'd brought up Langan questioning them on the stand about their 'relationship'. If only because he was an angry petty bastard. Hell, she had to admit that it'd make for a nice slice of courtroom drama to accuse the ADA of being a lesbian while she was under oath. It could be easily side-stepped by a quick indignant 'I don't see how my personal life is relevant to this case' statement while Serena screamed out an objection and Brennan would shoot Langan down. There were no grounds upon which Trevor could legally pursue that line of questioning – but he could still ask.

"Earth to Alex," Olivia murmured, lifting the blonde's hand to her lips and kissing her knuckles softly. "Anybody home?"

"Yeah," Alex smiled. "Sorry. Sometimes I get lost in my head like that."

"S'okay," Olivia assured her. "That beautiful brain of yours is just one of the many things I love about you."

Alex blushed and hid her face in the back of Olivia's neck.

"What are you thinking about sweetheart?" Olivia murmured, turning so she could look directly into Alex's eyes.

"Us," Alex answered honestly.

"And this causes you to look so worried?"

"More like, introspective," Alex answered carefully. "I was thinking about what Liz had said earlier about court."

Olivia suddenly became very interested in the stitching on the pillow she was holding again. "Oh."

"Liv," Alex sighed. "You did this earlier when it was brought up as well."

"Did what?"

"Looked sad before you distracted yourself with the stitch patters on that stupid throw pillow," Alex placed two fingers under one stubborn chin and lifted Olivia's eyes to hers. "What is it?"

"Nothin'," Liv mumbled. How could she possibly explain to Alex that she was afraid of what will happen when those outside their closest circle of friends and family found out about them? Would she be forced to leave SVU? Would Alex? Surely they wouldn't be allowed to work together still, would they? What kind of repercussions would Alex face for officially 'coming out'? A lesbian cop wasn't such a big deal – it was something that was practically assumed until proven otherwise. But lawyers are a completely different animal. ADAs are especially different. ADAs are political. And politics make a Great White feeding frenzy look refined and decorous. Alex had wanted the DA's chair, she'd said as much the very first time they'd met – and for as progressive as New York was, she didn't think the odds were too good for a lesbian ADA to win election to the DA's chair.

"Liar," Alex murmured. "Talk to me Liv. What's wrong?"

"Nothing's wrong," Olivia answered softly.

Alex studied the usually confident woman in her arms and was honestly confused as to what could possibly evoke this reaction from her. Perhaps she didn't want the guys – besides Elliot – to know? "We don't have to tell anybody anything if you don't want us to," she tried. "As for the trial, it was an undercover op, they have no way and no legal grounds to question whether or not we're really together Liv."

"Are we?" Olivia mumbled, her voice so quiet that Alex had to strain to hear those two simple words.

"Liv," Alex sighed. "I thought we were. Can you please just tell me what it is you're thinking so I have some idea of what to say?"

"You can't do this," Olivia waved indicatively from herself to Alex.

"Um, I thought I did an okay job of it earlier," Alex frowned. "Didn't I? I mean, you sounded like you were enjoying yourself. Did I do something wrong? God, I didn't hurt you did I?" she rambled, her voice rising in pitch as she worried.

Olivia groaned and ran her hand over her face. She'd merely been thinking of Alex's future and somehow she'd ended up hurting the adorable blonde's feelings anyways. She was such a fuck-up. "Alex," she sighed. "Please, don't be ridiculous."

"What are you talking about? Dammit Benson," Alex chastised, "tell me what is wrong!"

All self control left her at Alex's frustrated words. As was often the case for her when faced with the demanding blonde, she lost her temper. "You! Can't! Do! This!" she yelled. "Us. You can't afford to be gay!"

Alex stared. "I can't afford to be gay? Um, hate to break it to you Liv, but I am. I am. God!" she let go of Olivia and carefully stood, running her hands through her hair as she began pacing in front of the couch. "Where the hell do you get off telling me that I can't be gay? Not even twelve hours ago we were fucking!"

Olivia winced as if she'd been slapped. "That wasn't fucking Alex," she murmured.

"You're right," the ADA fumed as she turned to stare at the brunette. "We were making love. I was making love to you because I fucking love you and now you try and tell me that I can't be gay? Where the fuck to you get off Liv? Seriously! Tell me! Where the fuck do you get off telling me that I can't be gay when this morning you looked mighty comfortable between my thighs and you had your tongue shoved in my…"

"Alex!" Olivia yelled, desperate to stop this fight before the blonde truly, truly got going. "Fuck, that's not what I meant!" she groaned, unable and unwilling to try and stem the flow of tears that were beginning to course down her cheeks. "That's not what I meant," she whispered as she stared into Alex's eyes imploringly. "That wasn't what I meant."

"So, enlighten me," Alex huffed, somewhat placated by Olivia's pleading but still clearly pissed. "What did you mean when you tried to tell me that I can't afford to be gay? Huh? What?"

"Nobody cares about a gay cop," Olivia tried to explain what she was feeling. "It's expected, almost. But they will care about you. You're an ADA Alex. An ADA with designs to someday get elected to the DA's chair. Do you really think you'll get the DA's chair if you come out? Do you really think that the good people of New York will elect a lesbian district attorney? You … can't … afford … to … be … gay," she repeated herself slowly.

Alex nodded slowly as it all began to make sense. Of course Olivia would be more concerned with her future law career than her own, that's just so … Olivia, to worry about everybody else beside herself. And to, in some small way, take the blame as well. "Liv," she sighed as she stopped pacing and stood in front Olivia. "Look at me," she commanded.

Watery brown eyes looked up from the rug to capture hers. "What?"

"I will not hide who I am," Alex stated slowly and clearly, willing the stubborn brunette to actually hear what she was saying. "I will not hide behind a false mantle of expectations. I will not hide who I love. I … will … not … hide. I will not lie about who I am. I will not lie about who I love. I … will … not … lie."

Olivia's teeth worried at her lower lip as she stared at the impassioned blonde that was now crouching in front of her. "You have to."

"I don't have to do anything Olivia," Alex stated. Calm. Sure. Collected. She was absolutely certain of what she was saying. "I don't have to hide. I don't have to lie. Liv," she grasped the brunette's hand in both of her own. "I know this is fast. I know that a week ago this, us, was all just a fantastical daydream. But I also know who I am, and I know who I love."

"Alex," Olivia sighed.

"Don't Alex me," the blonde warned, her temper beginning to flare again. "If you aren't comfortable telling people then I'm fine saying nothing. But don't put this onto me and my career. Don't try and play if off as something that's for my own good," Alex practically snarled those last four words. "I will not lie to you, and by the same token I will not tolerate you lying to me. If you're not comfortable, then fine – we'll deal with it. But don't you dare make it about me and my goddamn career. Do you want to hide?"

"It's not that simple Alex," Olivia tried again.

"Yes. It. Is," Alex replied shaking her head. "It really is. What do you want to do? You. For you. What do you want?"

"All I want is you," Olivia sighed. "I just want you Alex."

"You have me," Alex smiled. "For as long as you want me, you have me. What do you want people to know about me?"

"That you're really ticklish on the inside of your upper thigh?" Olivia smiled, attempting a bit of humor to lighten the suddenly extremely tense mood.

"I don't think the world is ready for that information yet," Alex chuckled. "I'm serious Liv. I think I've more than made my opinion known on the subject – what do you want to do? Because, you're right – it will be a big deal when I do come out and if you're not ready for the scrutiny, if you're not ready for the backlash then we'll just sit tight and wait until a better time."

"If you don't care, why did you hide it for these last couple years?"

"I didn't hide it Olivia," Alex groaned. "I didn't hide and I didn't lie. When people would ask me if I was seeing anybody special, I'd say no. If they pressed as to why, I'd tell them that the person I had my eye on hadn't asked me out yet. And then they'd ask me out and I'd have to politely let them know that they weren't the one I had my eye on. Aaaand, if anybody, anybody had bothered to just flat out ask me if I liked boobies or weenies I'd have told them that I was quite the boob girl."

Olivia laughed at that because from her limited experience with the blonde she couldn't deny that Alex was, indeed, quite the boob girl.

Alex shook her head. "Liv," she tried again. "This isn't about me. What do you want?"

Olivia shrugged.

"Liv," Alex let her voice soften. "Look. I'm not saying I want to take out a front page ad on the cover of the Post. I'm just asking what we're going to tell people. Forget this case, forget the testimony. Trevor can't put us on the stand and make us confirm or deny that we are gay. I'm talking about our friends. What do you want to tell our friends Liv?"

"He can't make us come out on the stand?" Olivia asked.

Alex smiled and rolled her eyes. "Have you heard nothing I've said? No. He can't."

"Oh. I don't care if the guys know," Olivia murmured. "They all know I'm in love with you anyways, at least if they knew they would get off my ass about it. I'm just," she sighed. "I'm a very private person Alex. I'm not quite ready for a public proclamation about us yet."

"I'm fine with that Liv," Alex assured her. "And, like I said, I'm not jockeying for front page of the Post. Work will be the hardest because we'll still have to be professional, but it'll be nice to be able to just come down to take you out for lunch without schlepping around unnecessary paperwork as a prop. I'm not asking for you to kiss me goodbye on the courthouse steps, or to walk into the precinct holding my hand. But I'd like to be able to take you to a romantic dinner and hold your hand if I feel like it, or kiss you in front of the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center if the mood hits me."

"I know," Olivia smiled as she ran her hand through her hair. "I know Alex. I'd like that too."

"Good," Alex breathed.

"I'm sorry," Olivia whispered.

"Eh," Alex smirked. "I probably could have reigned in my temper a little bit too. I'm sorry Liv."

Olivia cocked her head appraisingly as she looked at Alex. "So … we just had our first fight as a couple?"

"Mmm," Alex pursed her lips thoughtfully. "It would appear we did."

"At least no blood was spilled," Olivia observed.

"True," Alex chuckled.

"So …," Olivia smiled as she let her voice trail off suggestively.

"So … what?"

"Does this mean we get to have make-up sex now?"

"I like how your mind works Detective," Alex grinned.

"C'mere," Olivia smiled as she sat up just a little bit straighter and pulled Alex up next to her.

Alex stood and maneuvered herself so that she was straddling Olivia's lap. "Hmm," she purred as she slid her palms over the brunette's neck and around the back of her head to tangle themselves playfully in the soft hair at the nape of Olivia's neck. "I like this."

Olivia slid her hand up Alex's torso to gently cradle the blonde's face in her palm. "I'm sorry," she whispered, her thumb brushing lightly over Alex's cheek.

Alex's eyes fluttered closed at the delicate caress, a ghost of a smile tweaking her lips as she leaned her face into the touch. "S'okay," she murmured, stormy blue eyes flashing open to capture molten brown. "I'm sorry I didn't make it more clear to you that Trev can't make us come out on the stand," she apologized.

"Alex," Olivia groaned, her eyes focused on the blonde's lips; noticing nothing beyond how soft and welcoming they looked. "Just. Kiss me."

Alex smirked and unconsciously licked her lips as she slowly closed the distance separating them, stopping herself when she was just shy of Olivia's lips. "Liv," she whispered, purposefully letting her breath dance across the brunette's parted waiting lips.

Olivia, trapped under the weight of Alex's body and the staggering weight of her own desire, could only groan her disapproval at the blonde's playful pause.

"Look at me Liv," Alex murmured, sticking her tongue out and slowly tracing the line of the brunette's lower lip.

Brown eyes struggled to focus on desire-filled blue. "God, Lex," Olivia rasped.

Alex drew a ragged breath at the seductive husk in Olivia's voice. "Liv," she murmured, "I know this is fast, but … I want you to know … I … want to make sure you understand …," she started and stopped as she fought to organize her thoughts against the rising force of her own arousal.

Olivia smiled as she watched the usually eloquent blonde struggle to formulate a coherent thought. "Alex," she murmured, sliding her hand from the blonde's cheek around to her nape; strong tan fingers wrapping around an alabaster neck and massaging gently. "I know Alex," she smiled, her grip on the blonde's neck tightening as she pulled the woman atop her in closer and finally, finally, captured Alex's lips with her own.

Twin moans punctuated that first soft crush of lips, breaths mingling, fingers stroking as lips parted, grasped, and opened wider allowing room for tongues to dart out and touch, dance, mingle, stroke. Alex sighed happily into the kiss when she felt Olivia's hand slide down over her shoulder and across the flat of her chest before softly, gently, tenderly cupping her breast through the thin material of her shirt.

Olivia moaned appreciatively as she felt Alex's nipple harden into her palm, groaned loudly as the blonde straddling her began to slowly, so slowly, rock against her. She felt her own body respond gloriously to Alex's reaction to her touch, her own nipples tightening sympathetically as Alex arched and pressed herself into her palm.

God. Just, god, Alex thought as she felt Olivia's hand begin to massage her gently through her shirt. Fuck … more … need more, her body pleaded as the brunette's played softly against her. "I won't break Liv," she murmured, sliding one hand over Olivia's and pushing both hands against her breast more firmly. "I won't break," she repeated, using her fingers to make the brunette's touch more firm, more demanding, more possessive.

Olivia drew a ragged breath as Alex's fingers pressed on top of her own, tightening her, their, grasp on the firm mound hidden under Alex's shirt. "Alex," she moaned, drawing her hand out from under the blonde's and quickly moving it to the hem of her shirt.

Alex bit her lip and grinned as she felt Olivia's fingers tangle themselves in the thin material of her shirt, and she quickly reached down and lifted off the offending garment, exposing herself to the brunette's hungry gaze. She watched, enraptured, as strong tan fingers slid up her stomach to palm her possessively, her breath hitching in her throat as she watched the way those fingers slid around her painfully aroused nipple, framing the stiff peak momentarily before sliding closed around the nub, pinching it tight between two knuckles.

"Christ Liv," she gasped as the rough touch against her nipple sent a jolt of need through her body to settle in the growing wetness between her legs.

Olivia smiled at the blonde's outburst as she leaned in and captured the blonde's other nipple between her lips and sucked hungrily against it, moaning in pleasure as she felt Alex arch into her mouth and buck needfully against her hips. It had never been like this before, she'd never derived so much pleasure from giving pleasure to somebody else before. Everything with Alex was different, each touch, each caress, every hastily grunted, whispered, yelled plea affected her as if she were the one receiving the pleasure instead of delivering it. And, the more she thought about it, the more she realized that there was one underlying reason as to why everything with Alex was so different. So much more … powerful.

"I love you," Olivia groaned softly against puckered flesh as her mouth trailed back up to recapture Alex's lips with her own and her hand began a slow teasing path down firm quivering abdominals to trace hesitantly along the edge of the blonde's running shorts.

Alex could have sobbed with relief when Olivia finally, finally, reclaimed her lips, their tongues immediately searching out each other to thrust, massage and duel for dominance of their kiss as the passion, as the need between them grew. She moaned loudly as she felt Olivia's tentatively questing hand slide over her hip to grasp her ass roughly and pull her in closer before the brunette's fingers began alternating between pinching and massaging and tracing slow teasing circles against the muscle.

The need for air forced Alex to pull back, pull away from Olivia's seeking hungry lips, her breath coming fast and shallow and, even through her lust filled haze, she realized how the pacing of her breaths matched that of the pulse pounding through her veins, her ears, her throbbing core and she was rendered speechless by the simple idea of how quickly, hot goddamn quickly, this – her need, her desire, her want had grown from what started as a simple kiss, a whispered apology, a soft loving caress.

It was madness. It was fucking glorious.

Olivia groaned when she felt Alex pull away, moaned loudly as the blonde's demanding questing hands found their way down her chest to her breasts. Her breath hitched in her throat as Alex's grip on those twin mounds tightened and relaxed, and tightened and relaxed, the movement rhythmic and demanding as the blonde moved her fingers in time with her thrusting hips. And distantly, in the far recesses of her primal mind, she realized that those grasps, those thrusts, matched the racing beat of her heart, matched the throbbing pulse that thundered in her ears and pulsed between her legs.

"Liv," Alex groaned wantonly as she felt the brunette's hand slide down her ass and over the center seam of her shorts. She bucked hard when those fingers pushed into her through her ruined shorts, cried out wantonly as those talented, oh so goddamn talented fingers began to rub against her apex through the soaked satiny material of her running shorts.

Olivia leaned her head down and recaptured a pert nipple between her teeth as she slipped her fingers around the inseam of Alex's shorts to dip into the pool of wet heat waiting for her. "Christ," she moaned as she trailed her finger through the blonde's arousal, from front to back and then back again. Up through her center, dipping slightly into her pulsing, clenching, wanting channel before continuing on, continuing up and around the bundle of nerves at the apex of Alex's sex to circle and tease before reapplying pressure, steady rubbing pressure against that sensitive, oh so sensitive point.

Alex, rocking into her lover's gentle teasing caress, groaned loudly when she felt her lover's touch leave her. "Liv!"

Olivia smiled and nipped gently at the nipple she'd been toying with as she slid her hand back up to Alex's hip and tucked her fingers inside the waistband of the blonde's shorts. "Off," she murmured, tugging indicatively against the material.

"Mmm," Alex acquiesced quickly as she stood and ripped the shorts off her hips, letting gravity take them to the floor and leaving her wonderfully exposed.

"So beautiful," Olivia breathed before leaning in and nuzzling soft damp curls.

"Liv," Alex groaned, automatically tangling her hands in delicious brown locks as her hips rocked into Olivia's touch.

Olivia's eyes rolled back in her head as she breathed in deep the intoxicating aroma of Alex's arousal. "God," she muttered, scooting forward to the edge of the couch as her one good hand wrapped itself around the blonde's hip and pulled her in closer. She needed more. She needed to taste.

She slid her hand down off Alex's hip, over the blonde's thigh to rest behind the bend of her knee. "More," she murmured as she pulled against the joint until Alex released her weight from it so she could position it over her shoulder and open the blonde up to herself further.

"Liiiiiiiiiv," Alex moaned, her fingers massaging Olivia's scalp as she tried to steer the brunette's mouth to where she needed it to be.

Olivia looked up the length of the blonde to find blue eyes, usually cool and calculating but now full of fire and desire staring back at her. She arched a brow teasingly, holding Alex's gaze unblinkingly as she slowly extended her tongue to brush it lightly against the blonde's clit.

"Fuck," Alex groaned, her eyes snapping shut as her chin dropped to her chest. "Liv, please," she moaned, her grip against the sexy shorn locks tightening.

Olivia licked her lips as she moved her attention to the wet pulsing folds before her. "I love you Alex," she murmured against the waiting heat before she slowly, deliberately ran her tongue the length of the slit before latching onto the swollen twitching bundle of nerves at the apex and suckling softly against it.

"Shhhhhhhhhhhhit," Alex hissed as she felt Olivia's lips wrap around her.

"Mmm," Olivia moaned appreciatively as she released Alex's clit and began flicking her tongue against it.

The sensation, that wonderfully electric sensation that was driving Alex beyond the bounds of sanity was also pushing her past the point of being able to stand. "Liv," she gasped after a particularly violent spasm rocked through her. "Can't stand," she moaned, forcing her eyes open to focus on the brunette that was driving her mad.

Olivia whimpered and dove back in, not wanting to stop her oral attack.

"Liv," Alex groaned as she swayed, maintaining her balance only by tightening her grip of the brunette's hair. "Please."

With one last broad lick through what she decided had to be heaven, Olivia gently guided Alex's leg off her shoulder. She leaned back against the couch and pulled the quivering blonde back down onto her lap.

"Liv," Alex gasped at the first press of fingertips against her opening. "Liiiiiiiiiv," she moaned, drawing her lovers name out as those wonderfully dexterous fingers filled her.

Olivia moaned quietly at the feeling of Alex's sex clenching around her, drawing her in deeper, deeper, god so much deeper until the flat of her palm pressed tight to Alex's clit.

"Fuck," Alex groaned, rocking her hips into the contact before she began to lift herself up, sliding up Olivia's fingers before pushing herself back down.

This is the single fucking sexiest thing I've ever seen, Olivia couldn't help but think to herself as she watched Alex moving above her, riding her fingers. She could feel the blonde's sex tightening around her, could see the way Alex's abdominals were beginning to twitch, could hear the blonde's moans growing louder and louder with each thrust as she pushed herself that much closer to release.

"God Liv," Alex moaned as she felt Olivia's fingers begin to curl and scissor inside her, rubbing stretching her wonderfully as she pumped herself closer, closer, steadily closer to orgasm.

"Alex," Olivia moaned, lifting her hips to push into the back of her hand and force herself that little bit deeper into the blonde.

Blue eyes flashed open to capture brown as Alex pushed herself harder, harder, god so much harder and rode Olivia deeper, so much deeper and faster until with one last thrust she unabashedly ground her hips onto the brunette's hand, chanting Olivia's name as if it were a prayer as wave after wave of ecstasy rolled through her.

"Hi," Alex smiled shyly after she'd regained control of her breathing.

"Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii," Olivia smirked, wiggling her fingers that were still buried inside the blonde.

"Stop," Alex giggled as she buried her face in the brunette's neck, whimpering softly as she felt Olivia pull out.

"Mmm," Olivia rubbed the blonde's back reassuringly. "I love you Alex."

"I love you," Alex mumbled against Olivia's collarbone.

Olivia started laughing softly.

"What?" Alex demanded.

"Nothing," Olivia chuckled.

"Oooooliiiiiivia," Alex sang.

"Fine," Olivia laughed. "I was just thinking that fighting with you over warrants is going to be so much more fun now."

"Mmm," Alex licked her lips. "So I guess it'd be bad to tell you that I always get a little, um, worked up when I argue?"

What? Olivia stared. "Really?"

"Mmmhmmm," Alex smirked as she tucked her fingers into the brunette's sweats.

"Oh fuck me," Olivia groaned.

"I plan to detective," Alex purred as she stood up and began tugging Olivia's sweats off, pulling them completely off and throwing them distractedly over the back of the couch. "I plan to," she licked her lips as she spread Olivia's legs wider and slowly, tortuously, lowered her mouth to the brunette's waiting sex.

"Ooooooooh god," Olivia moaned as she felt Alex's tongue brush lightly over her center.

Alex smiled and blew softly onto Olivia's swollen clit, causing the brunette to jump and twitch in front of her. "God I love you Liv," she purred before latching onto the enticing nub and sucking hungrily against it, teasing the sensitive nerves with her tongue as she easily slid two fingers home and began thrusting slow and deep; the steady push and pull of her fingers moving counterpoint to her sucks and flicks against Olivia's clit.

Alex hummed happily around the swollen bundle of nerves as she began increasing the force and tempo of her thrusts into the brunette, making sure to curl her fingers to rub over the sensitive spot she'd found earlier on every down stroke. She could taste Olivia's increasing arousal, could hear her impending orgasm getting closer and closer with the growing volume of each moan, gasp, plea and whimper.

"Aaaaaaalexxxxxxxx," Olivia moaned as she was pushed higher, higher, god so much higher by the blonde's decidedly wicked tongue and her oh so fucking talented fingers. "Fuck … god … Alex … so … close," she gasped as she felt herself racing toward her own release.

"Come on baby," Alex purred, moving her free hand to stroke and rub Olivia's clit so she could sit back and watch the brunette come. "God Liv … you're so beautiful," she encouraged softly as she felt the walls of Olivia's sex begin to clench around her fingers.

Olivia came undone screaming Alex's name, every muscle in her body tensing and releasing for what felt like a blissful eternity with the force of her orgasm.

"God Alex," Olivia moaned as she felt the last wave of her orgasm recede. "Hmmm," Olivia smiled goofily as a rogue spasm rocked through her when Alex carefully withdrew her fingers. "Wow."

"Mmm," Alex licked her lips and nodded. "I love you," she murmured, tenderly stroking the inside of Olivia's thighs.

"C'mere," Olivia pulled the blonde up her body so she could kiss her softly, tenderly, adoringly. "I love you," she breathed.

"Know what?" Alex purred, leaning in and recapturing Olivia's lips with her own.

"Hmm?" Olivia hummed.

Alex smirked playfully. "You're right. Fighting over warrants is going to be sooooooo much more fun now."

Part 5

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