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Fighting Fate
By Berg

I don't know how long I've been here. I keep seeing these bright flashes of light race by, like a train passing in the night. A memory comes to me from my past sometimes. I see who I am, or was rather.

Little pieces of a puzzle I have yet to complete. That's all they have allowed me...till now that is. Now, they are offering me the story...my story. They say they can tell me of how I got here, what happened to me. I accept, with an understanding that this will change everything.

Others have told me that with this knowledge comes a new path, one that will be ordained to me and that I shall have no choice but to walk it. So I choose to know, and accept what comes. I close my eyes, and feel myself shatter into a thousand pieces as I awaken to my nightmare.

"Olivia?" Elliot asked waving his hands in front of me. "You okay?"

"Yeah- sorry," Olivia smiled. "I'll be right back okay?"

"Sure," he smiled as he saw the object of Olivia's attention. "Tell her I say hi."

Olivia jogged across the street to the front of the court house. "Alex," she called out. Alex stopped walking and turned around to face the all to familiar voice.

"Yes Detective," she said placing her briefcase in front of her.

"Hey," Olivia smiled. "I...we...Elliot and I were just out to grab a coffee. You want to join us?"

"I'd love to Olivia but I can't. I've got to get this filed and start the prep work for tomorrow's Peter's case." Alex said as she adjusted her glasses.

"Oh...okay," Olivia nodded.

"But thank you," Alex said.

Olivia turned to walk away but stopped. She turned back to catch Alex still watching her. "Dinner?"


"Have dinner with me," Olivia jogged back up the few steps she had taken. "Tonight."

"Olivia," Alex laughed a little nervous. "Are you asking me out on a date?"

"Maybe...are you going to say yes?" Olivia smiled.

"You'd make a good lawyer you know that?" Alex eyed her friend. "Yes."

"Yes I'd make a good lawyer or yes you'll allow your company at dinner tonight?" Olivia smiled in victory. She knew the answer already.

"7 okay?"

"7 sounds perfect." Olivia smiled and began making her way down the steps again. She could see Elliot up the street holding their coffees in his hands with a smirk on his face. She made a mental note to wipe it off later.

She turned back and waved to Alex who still watched her with an amused smile. Olivia could not shake the idea of how beautiful her smile was. Or just how beautiful she was.

That was when it happened. She saw the mother standing by the window looking at the dress. She saw the little boy...five maybe...make his way out by the front of the parked car. She saw the oncoming vehicle; she knew he would not see the boy.

Her legs began moving before she let out the first. "Hey!" with all the power she had in her.

Alex had already begun making her way down the street when she snapped her head at the sinking feeling in her gut. She saw Olivia running and she saw what was happening. "Oh God...please..."

Elliot dropped his coffee and started running, not sure exactly what Olivia was calling for, but knowing her panic voice just the same. "Kid!" Olivia screamed as she jumped the curd and prayed that while the driver of the oncoming car might not see the little boy, he'd see Olivia.

She pushed the little boy out of the way and hoped it was enough. That was when her world went numb.

'What will happen to me at this point?' Olivia asked.

'What do you mean?'

'I died. What happens to me now?'

'Died? Oh you haven't died yet. You were judged.'

'Judged? You mean I'm not dead?' Olivia asked.

'No...not dead.'

'Are you God?'

'Hardly.' came the amused laugh.

'So this isn't heaven?'

'Why do you say that?'

'So it is heaven then?'


'Okay so where am I exactly?'

'You're in-between Detective. Boy you sure do ask a lot of questions.'

'In-between what?'

'Life and death. I already explained that.'

'Okay so who are you?'

'Your guardian angel.'

'So now what?'

'We wait.'



'For how long?' Olivia saw a blinding white light in every direction she looked.

'That depends on you.'

'What do you mean?'

'Well it depends on whether it is your time or not.'

'To live or die?' Olivia guessed.


'Boy death is a lot more complicated then I thought.'

'You're telling me! You're not even scheduled to be here for another sixty years. Imagine my surprise when I got called down early.'

'Whoa, sixty years.'

'It could be even older then that. Sixty years from now is when you're scheduled to be judged. Once a person passes over...they are judged. It's decided whether or not it is there time.'

'I see. I have a question.'

'That's not a surprise really.'

'Will I remember any of this?'


'None of it?'

'Sorry. None of it.'

'What about...wait. Something's happening to me. I feel funny. I feel.'

'It's done. You've been judged. It wasn't your time. Life is predetermined up to a certain point. Our actions help to alter our destiny. Your actions this day, to risk everything to save that little boy...they altered your destiny.'

"Olivia." Alex said softly as she touched the side of her face. "That's right. Open your eyes honey," she smiled through her own tears. "Thank you," she whispered.

Olivia wanted to speak. She wanted to say hello, how are you. She wanted to reach out and pull Alex down to her lips and kiss her...like she wanted to do this morning. But she couldn't move. It hurt too much.

"Don't try and talk okay?" Alex said softly.

She leaned forward and slowly brought her lips to Olivia's. It was a soft kiss. "Olivia I thought...I thought I had lost you today for good. I was so worried."

Olivia used what little strength she had left to squeeze Alex's hand, the one she could feel holding her own.

"I love you Olivia...I love your strength, you passion, your grace...but most of all I love you." Alex said through tears. "Please don't ever scare me like that again," she whispered softly.


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