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The Little Things
By trancer


Alex felt a shiver run down her spine as her fingers grazed over the surface. Delighted in the smooth and slightly raspy texture. Moved her fingers slowly, methodically. Not wanting to miss a hair as she memorized the feel of it against her skin. Rolled it over, repeated the same on the other side. Traced every line, every curve, ridge, bump and smooth surface.

Her eyes took on a glassy, entranced gaze as her fingers delicately, but sternly, began to open it. Gazed down with a seductive reverence. She leaned down low, inhaled the deep musky scent. Surreptitiously licked the corner of her mouth as her eyes scanned about, wanting to consume it immediately, and savor it slowly all at once.

It brought back memories. Memories of her first time, when she realized how this could make her feel things she'd never realized before. Take her to places she didn't know existed. Barely out of puberty, huddled under the covers as her heart raced, sweat dotted her skin, heated breaths panting from her lips.

"Jesus," Olivia muttered, staring at the woman over the lip of her coffee cup. "I don't think I've ever wanted to be a book more in my life."

"I like books," Alex muttered. Couldn't stop the blush creeping on her cheeks no matter how hard she tried. She closed the book before her, gently setting it back into the gift box. "You know what's better than a book?"

Olivia swallowed hard, not quite believing the look on Alex's face was meant for her. "What?"

She leaned in close, lips gently caressing the corner of Olivia's mouth. "Thanking the person who gave it to me."

The End

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