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Elegantly Inelegant
By Annette


Turning the corner, I suddenly banged into a living wall that was carrying file folders. Landing unceremoniously on my butt I tried – unsuccessfully - to get up.

"Shit!" The feminine voice of the 'wall' made me look up. And I met the smiling brown eyes of Olivia Benson herself.

"Are you all right?" The woman's worried gaze searched Alex from head to toe, then a pair of strong, sure hands reached for her and slid down from her shoulders to lightly grasp her elbows.

Biting back a curse at her clumsiness, Alex nodded and tried to get to her feet, but the strong hands held her right where she was. "Are you sure you're all right? You shouldn't move until you're certain."

Her heart was still racing from adrenaline, and Alex consciously tried to calm herself. "I'm fine. Clumsy and distracted, but fine."

Cursing under my breath, I bent down to pick up the folders I dropped when I lifted up my hands to shield myself from the collision. With a sheepish grin, Olivia mumbled a barely audible, "Sorry," and began to help me.

Breathe, Alex, breathe, I chanted silently. Say something, you moron! I cursed myself. I stood up on shaky legs and looked down at the folders thrust into my hands. "Thanks." I managed to get out with the lungful of air I took in.

She looked at me with those lovely brown eyes and smiled. "You're welcome. Are you sure you're ok?"

"Yeah, but I am curious… How did you get so hard?"

"Excuse me?" Olivia said with a smirk.

A now thoroughly flustered ADA made an attempt at back-pedalling. "I mean your body, it's so firm… Shit, I mean when I crashed into you I thought you were a guy…" Face now flaming red and hiding behind her hands Alex continued to dig herself a deeper hole. "God, Olivia, please shut me up now!" Alex whined through her hands.

Doing her best to suppress a full-out belly laugh Olivia chuckled, "Jeez Alex, first I'm hard, then I'm firm, then I'm a guy… Well, if I was a guy I guess I'd be thrilled."

Peeping at Olivia through her fingers Alex answers with a chuckle of her own, "Oh, Olivia, I am so sorry. I just had no idea how in shape you are. I mean you are hard and firm but you most certainly are not a guy."

"Sure about that, huh?" Olivia quipped.

"Well, um, I think I can say with a reasonable amount of certainty that you, Detective Benson, are very much a woman."

Nice one Cabot! You're supposed to be so good with words, never crumble under pressure – well I guess you've found your Achilles heel – a pair of beautiful brown eyes.

As Alex continued her introspection she failed to notice "Oof!" the approaching Detective.

"Hey, Alex, are you alright?"

"Well, at least I didn't end up on my ass this time." Regaining her composure she looked up into a pair of amused blue eyes. "Yes, Elliot, I'm fine. I've just got a lot on my mind."

"No problem, ya might want to be a bit more careful once you hit the street though."

"Thank you, Detective, I will." She quickly moved past Elliot and flew past Munch and Fin with barely an acknowledgement.

"Hey, Liv, what's up with Cabot?"

"What? Why? Did she run into you too?"

"Well, actually, yeah. Said something about having a lot on her mind. We don't have any big cases pending do we?"

"Nah, things are still pretty slow."

Munch walked up to the pair, cup of tea in hand. "Well something was distracting her. She flew past me without even acknowledging my presence. I believe that aberrant behavior calls for further investigation."

Rolling her eyes, Olivia got up and pat Munch on the arm. "Now, John, I'm sure she was just having a bad day. It may not even be work related."

"Yeah, sit your bony ass down. I wanna hear who she slammed into before." Fin turned toward Olivia in anticipation.

Elliot followed suit, turning toward Olivia as well. "That's right! You did say 'Did she run into you too?'. Fess up Liv."

"Jeez guys, take it easy, would ya! I was turning the corner in the hallway when she slammed into me…" And Olivia proceeded to recount the earlier events.

"Damn, you knocked Cabot on her ass!" said Fin.

"And she told you she couldn't believe how hard and firm you are!" chuckled Elliot.

"Ah, but let's not forget the most important part." Munch quipped. "She also told you that you are, and I quote, 'very much a woman.' Olivia. Perhaps the verbalization of that realization is what had her running for the hills?"

"Very funny John." Olivia chuckled, and then, addressing the rest of the group, "I know things are slow but I'm sure there's plenty of paperwork to catch up on."

Turning toward her desk her look went from annoyed amusement to perplexity. I wonder… Nah, who am I kidding. Get your head outta your ass Benson!

Making it safely back her apartment building Alex steps into the elevator and pushes the button for her floor. Her mind is a swirling mass of disjointed images – all with one central theme – Olivia Benson. I really need to relax, a nice soak and a glass of wine is just what the doctor ordered.

Suddenly the elevator comes to a screeching halt and Alex finds herself, once again, on her behind. Shit, shit, shit… Could this day get any worse? Oh, no – why did I say that! Picking herself up off the floor she reaches for the emergency phone. "Yes, I'm the only one in here. I'm fine but I really am not crazy about small spaces. How long before you can get this thing moving?"

"A couple of hours! What do you mean, I'm gonna be stuck in here for a couple of hours!" Running her hand through her hair Alex tries her best to calm her racing heart. "I know it's the best you can do, but please hurry!"

Hanging the phone up Alex resumes her position sitting on the floor of the elevator. Opening a few of the folders in her briefcase she attempts to pass the time with work. Realizing that concentration is not forthcoming she places the folders back into her briefcase. What am I gonna do. I need to get out of here. I wish there was someone in here with me, at least I'd have someone to talk to.

About ten minutes later Alex is startled by the ringing of her cellphone. "Cabot." "Yes, well it seems I'm stuck in the elevator in my apartment building Liz so I don't think I'll be able to do that." "I will, thanks." I really wish Olivia were here, I bet she'd keep me from freaking out. Hey, she may not be able to be here physically, but I can still talk to her! Alex flips open her cellphone and dials feeling better already.


"Liv, hey it's Alex."

"Hey Alex, what can I do for you."

"Just talk to me for a while, please."

"Hey, what's wrong, where are you?"

"Oh Olivia, you know what a crazy morning I had? Well it's morphed into a crazy afternoon as well. I am stuck in the elevator of my apartment building. I hate small spaces and I'm trying to keep it together and I just need someone to talk me through this."

"Oh Alex, you're not hurt or anything are you?"

"Well, I did land on my backside again so bruising is guaranteed. Other than that I'm just a bit freaked so thanks for indulging me."

"Hey, not a problem. I was stuck in an elevator once but there were 3 other people with me so it wasn't as bad." Placing her hand over the mouthpiece of her phone Olivia tells Elliot that she's taking off for the night. "Listen, what are you gonna do once you get out of there?"

"Well, I had planned to soak in a bath and have some wine and try to relax, but I think I'm feeling a bit too wired for that now."

"Then how about we grab some dinner. Have you been to that new Thai place a few blocks from your apartment yet?" Olivia was trying her best to keep her tone light in hopes of getting Alex to forget where she was for a moment. Little did she know, it didn't matter what she said, Alex was immediately calmed by Olivia's voice.

"Not yet, that sounds wonderful, but aren't you working?" Suddenly screeching erupts from the elevator shaft. "Aah, oh God Olivia I think the elevator's slipping!!!" Another jolt causes Alex to drop her phone and the lights in the elevator suddenly go out. "Noooo!"

"Alex! Alex, what's going on! Alex!"

"Alex! What's happening dammit! Answer me."

Hearing nothing on the other end of the line Olivia reluctantly hangs up as she frantically races to Alex's apartment building. Pulling up in front she quickly jumps out of the car and runs into the building flashing her badge at anyone who dared to get in her way.

Finally finding a group of men mulling over schematics she rushes up to them. "Who's in charge here?"

All eyes turn to her and a large man with a walkie-talkie holds up his hand. "Listen Miss we're trying to work here. How did you manage to get up here anyway?"

Flashing her badge one more time she looks the man square in the eye. "What is the status of that elevator?"


"No, you listen! That woman down there is an Assistant District Attorney and a friend of mine and I want to know, RIGHT NOW, why you haven't gotten her out of there yet!"

"Why not… We can't get any of the doors open closer to the car. The car itself is stuck between floors – well, jammed actually. We don't have anyone here who is small enough and can rappel down to the car to get the woman out."

"You've got a rig here? I can do it, I've been rock climbing for years and I should be small enough."

"Miss, we can't let you do that."

"You're not letting me, I'm volunteering. Now get me that rig and let's get moving! NOW!"

"Fine. Jack let's get her set up with the rig and get her down there. Miss… what's your name?"


"Olivia, we're gonna lower you down past the obstruction and then you'll need to rappel the rest of the way down. Once you reach the roof of the car you need to open the hatch trying not to jostle the car. We're not sure how secure it is, so tread lightly. There's a flashlight on your belt along with extra rigging to put on…"

"Alex, her name's Alex."

"Alex. Get her in the rig and attached to your line. We'll bring you both up together so you need to keep Alex calm."

"Got it, lets roll."

"Alright, down you go."

Making it easily over the obstruction Olivia quickly rappelled to the top of the car. Removing the hatch she quickly flipped on the flashlight and met the relieved gaze of the ADA.

"Oh, thank God! I never thought anyone was gonna get here!"

"Yeah, well, if I'd left it up to them you'd be waiting a lot longer." Olivia quipped as she made her way into the car.

"Olivia? How? I don't believe it!"

"Hey, you know what they say, 'The best man for the job is a woman!' Now let's get you rigged up so we can get out of here, I don't know about you but I'm starving!"

Just as Olivia's feet hit the floor the car screeched again and began to drop. "Shit!" Olivia shouted as she wrapped her arms around Alex.

Finally the car stilled and Olivia and Alex stood frozen in place.

"Jesus!" Olivia yelled once the movement of the car ceased.

"Please, Liv, get me out of here!" Alex implored. "I can't take another one of those." Burrowing into the Detective's body Alex began to sob. "Please, please Liv!"

Olivia wrapped herself more tightly around Alex and whispered to her. "Don't worry sweetheart, I promise I will get us both out of here, ok? Now, I need to get this on you so we can start heading up." Olivia continued to talk to Alex as she fastened the rigging to her and then attached it to her own. "Ok, now we're gonna start our way up. Hold on to me real tight until we clear the car."

Not getting a response Olivia pulled back a bit to look into Alex's eyes. Seeing the fear in those beautiful blue eyes made her even more determined to make things right. "Hey, sweetie, look at me. Come on, let me see those beautiful eyes."

Alex finally looked up into Olivia's eyes. "Beautiful… you think my eyes are beautiful?"

"Absolutely! So is the rest of you, and right now I'd like to get your beautiful, though slightly bruised, behind out of here. Now hold on tight and we'll be out of here before you know it."

Olivia tugged twice on the lead rope and felt the immediate tension as they started to be pulled up and out of the car. Alex buried her face in Olivia's neck and molded herself tightly to the Detective's body. As soon as they cleared the car Olivia once again began to engage Alex in conversation. Hoping to keep her occupied as they rose to the opening. "We're almost there Alex. I told you, I promised to get us out of here. We're gonna be fine, ok. And when we're out of here I'll do whatever you want, get you whatever you need to help you forget all about this. I mean it, Alex… whatever you want - whatever you need."

Alex squeezed Olivia more tightly and whispered in her ear. "You."

"What's that?"

"You, Olivia, all I want… all I need… just you.

Olivia looked, wide-eyed, at Alex and then it sunk in. She wants me? She needs me? "I'm yours." Olivia tilted her head and, looking Alex square in the eyes, she leaned in toward her and pressed her lips to Alex's.

Lost in the kiss they completely forgot the fact that they were hanging suspended over an elevator shaft. Reality quickly interrupted as they reached the obstruction and a voice yelled from above. "Olivia, how's it going?"

"Fine. We're good here. I'll give a tug when we're over the hump." She smiled at Alex, giving her a quick kiss. "So you ready to climb a bit?"

"Wait, I uh…" Alex looked deeply into Olivia's eyes. "I need one more kiss to hold me over."

Without hesitation Olivia slipped her hand behind Alex's neck and drew her toward her. "Until we reach the top…" And their lips met again conveying promises of things to come.

Similarly motivated they made short work of the climb and were soon standing in the 8th floor hallway. "Nice job Olivia! If you ever decide to leave Detective work behind give me a ring."

"Thanks Jack but I think I'm good for now. Let me get these rigs back to you and get Alex somewhere a bit less noisy." As she spoke she noticed a very flustered building manager heading for Alex. Shit, I don't think she needs this right now!

"Oh, Miss Cabot, I am so sorry! I have no idea why this happened but I promise we'll get to the bottom of this!"

"Just be glad I didn't end up at the bottom Mr. Roberts." A very weary ADA spoke. "Right now I just want to get to my apartment and not be disturbed. Can you please see to that? I'll deal with all of this in the morning."

"Of course! Of course… no one will get near your apartment door this evening. I guarantee it!"

"Liv, please, let's get out of here."

Wrapping her arm securely around Alex's waist Olivia began to lead her toward the stairs. "Are you sure you don't need any medical attention?"

"Positive. The only attention I need right now is a shower, some food, and you."

"Well, I think that can be arranged. After all, I did promise that I'd do whatever you wanted and get you whatever you needed. So, you jump in the shower and I'll order us some Thai. How's that sound?"

"Heavenly, except you forgot the most important thing. You."

"You don't even have to ask sweetheart. I told you already, I'm yours."

The smile that stole across Alex's face was breathtaking and Olivia basked in its warmth. She pulled the blonde closer to her as she opened the door to her floor. Pausing just inside the doorway, she turned Alex to face her and stole a brief but exhilarating kiss. The kissing and touching continued well into the apartment leaving both women breathless.

"Ugh, I don't want to stop kissing you but I really need a shower."

"Mmmm. There's plenty more where that came from. Now get in the shower and I'll take care of dinner, kay?" Olivia asked, gently guiding Alex toward her bedroom.

"I might need help washing my back." Alex pouted.

"Oh honey, I'd like nothing more, but I think you need to relax a little, clean up and have some food. Then we'll see about all the rest."

"You're taking such good care of me, Liv. Thank you."

"Believe me the pleasure is, and will be, all mine. Well, not ALL mine. At least not if I can help it."

As Alex showered Olivia called in an order to the Thai restaurant and then opened a bottle of wine to let it breath. Finally slowing down for a moment she began to review the events of the day. What a wild day this has been… and Alex has been at the center of it all. Who knew! I can't believe we've been kissing like a couple of teenagers. I just hope she's really ok with this… all that stress might be clouding her judgement.

"Liv? Everything alright? You didn't hear me calling you."

"Huh? Oh, sorry, I was just… Wow. You, um, you…" Olivia couldn't take her eyes off of Alex who was standing there in a tank top and tiny running shorts. Finally gathering her wits about her Olivia shakes her head and smiles. "You look like you're feeling better."

"Yes, I am. Your turn - I left a t-shirt and shorts out for you."

"Oh, you don't have to…"

"Hey, no arguing with me woman! Get your tush in the shower, I'll get the door when the food comes. I want you to be comfortable, too."

"Alright, actually a shower sounds like a good idea. I'll be right out." Olivia placed a kiss on Alex's head as she walked past her.

Quickly finishing with her shower Olivia walks back toward the living room, following the scent of Thai food and the sound of soft jazz. Is this really happening? Is it what I want? I've had feelings for Alex for a while, but I promised never to get involved with a co-worker. But Alex is just so… God, so beautiful! And I think now that I've kissed her I'll never be able keep that promise.

"Hey, it smells good in here. I'm starving"

Now it was Alex's turn to gape at the beautiful woman before her. Never before having had the opportunity to see Olivia in anything less than a tight t-shirt and jeans, Alex was mesmerized by the smooth expanse of muscled flesh now on display.

Unaware of the perusal, Olivia grabs a plate and starts to take some food. As she is settling herself next to Alex she realizes that she hasn't taken any food herself. "Hey, sweetheart, are you ok?" Placing her plate on the coffee table she reaches out and wraps her arm around Alex, drawing her into a hug.

"Yes, just feeling a bit overwhelmed. I guess it's all finally starting to catch up to me." Not to mention how unbelievably hot you look. God I think I'm on emotional overload. Keep it together Cabot, Olivia doesn't need to see you lose it!

"Well, lets get some food into you and then we can try to relax a bit. If you need to talk about it, I'm here for you."

"I know Liv, and I can't begin to tell you how glad I am that you are here." The moment was broken by twin rumblings, which in turn caused both women to laugh. "I guess we should feed our noisy beasts."

With the mood a bit more light the women set about filling their stomachs. Quickly cleaning up they both settled onto the sofa, Alex ensconced in Olivia's arms. Olivia was holding tightly to Alex and running her fingers through her hair. Suddenly she felt the body beneath her tense. "Hey, what's wrong?"

"God, Olivia, I was so scared when the damn elevator dropped. And then, when it dropped again… I thought that was it… I was gonna die. Then it was dark and the elevator stopped falling and I dropped the damn phone before I could tell you… before I could let you know…" Alex pulled away from Olivia and moved to the window. Unseeing eyes looked out at the street below as she stood there with her arms wrapped around herself, shaking slightly.

Olivia walked up behind Alex and placed her hand on her shoulder. Alex just about jumped out of her skin at the contact. Placing her hands under Alex's shirt and bringing her fingers to the cool skin of Alex's sides, she ran her hands up and down the length, noting how Alex's chest was heaving. Looking into wide blue eyes, Olivia smiled. "It's just me, Alex. Just Olivia." She whispered, leaning up and giving her a soft kiss on the cheek. "I won't hurt you."

"I know," Alex breathed, her heart pounding in her ears. She closed her eyes as she felt those fingers working their way up her torso, fluttering around her breasts. Alex felt a painful tightening in her nipples and released a soft groan from it. Moving her hands to the hem of her own shirt she quickly pulled it up and over her head.

"You okay?" Olivia asked, her breath tickling Alex's skin. She saw the blonde nod, and turned her attention to the skin of Alex's shoulder. She scattered butterfly kisses there, loving the feel and smell of her skin.

Alex was in heaven. Never had she felt so much like flying. Her body was not just humming, it was screaming. Her stomach was a mixture of arousal and nerves. She just hoped the nerves wouldn't win out.

"Olivia?" Alex sighed, her head arching back as she felt soft lips brushing her heated skin.

"Yes," Olivia said against Alex's collarbone.

"Are we, are we going to . . ."

"I'm going to make love to you, Alex." Olivia looked at her, watching for her reaction.

"Oh, god," Alex shuddered.

"Is that okay?" The brunette began to trail kisses across Alex's upper chest, nibbling on her throat. She smiled at the vigorous nod she received. "Good."

Olivia knew there was no reason to deny it anymore. She was deeply in love with Alex, and needed her. She also knew that Alex needed her right now, and she didn't want to live with the regret of not showing the blonde just exactly how she felt.

Never in her life had she been so ready. She looked at Alex's breasts, pale in the growing darkness, the erect nipples standing in dark relief. She brought her hands up and ran gentle fingertips under the round underside, marveling at the feel. "So beautiful…"

"So soft," she whispered. Alex's breathing was hitching from anticipation, so Olivia decided to end the suspense. She fully covered the softness, eliciting a moan from her soon-to-be lover.

"Olivia, I, I need to sit down," Alex begged, feeling her knees beginning to weaken. The brunette led her to the bedroom down the hall. She helped Alex lie down, but remained standing. Looking down at the beautiful blonde, she pulled her own shirt off, followed by sliding her shorts down her legs. She tossed the clothing aside, loving the way Alex's eyes followed her every movement.

Olivia knelt and began to remove Alex's shorts, tugging them free of the long, smooth legs. Underwear followed next. Olivia stared at the blonde thatch of hair - it was a strange, almost surreal feeling for her, but one that she embraced. It was her Alex. That was all that mattered.

Now fully naked, Alex watched as Olivia got up off the bed to remove her own underwear. The blonde stared in awe - Olivia was so amazingly beautiful… far more beautiful than anything she'd ever seen.

She told Olivia as much.

"You are so sweet," she whispered as she laid herself out next to Alex, who turned onto her side. Blue eyes pinned Olivia to the spot, washing over the smooth skin. Alex could not tear her eyes off the full, exposed breasts. She wanted to touch them.

Olivia sidled up next to Alex, pressing their bodies together, making them both moan. She kissed Alex, allowing her hand to roam over the expanse of skin, acclimating herself to the situation. As the kiss deepened, she pushed Alex to her back, slowly moving her own body to cover that of the blonde. Olivia loved the feel of her breasts pushed against Alex's. It was the softest thing she had ever experienced. Her mouth left Alex's and began to trail along the long, graceful neck and throat, tongue dipping into the hollow of the throat. Olivia found an ear, and nibbled the lobe before whispering, "I want you, Alex."

Alex sucked in a breath, her hands raising, fingers roaming over the strong back, running down the length of Olivia's spine, finally feeling the rise of her firm, rounded butt.

Olivia sucked in a breath when she felt nails lightly drag over the skin of her butt, making her press herself even closer into Alex. She groaned at the contact, her mouth making its way further down. She felt the rise of Alex's breasts against her chin, and raised her head. Looking down at the softness, she decided to taste it.

Alex sighed loudly as her nipple was flicked by a wet tongue. Her hands flew up into Olivia's hair.

Realizing how much Alex liked that, Olivia did it again. But this time she sucked the entire nipple into the warm cavern of her mouth.

"Olivia!" Alex clutched almost painfully to the brunette's hair, her chest arching from the intense pleasure that was coursing through her body. She felt the arousal gather between her legs, felt it slick the insides of her thighs.

This reaction pushed Olivia on further, and she brought her hand up to massage the other breast. She moaned into her task, finding it highly enjoyable. She knew how good it felt to be suckled, and wanted so badly to give Alex pleasure.

Olivia's free hand began to wander. She moved her body off to the side, and felt the firmness of Alex's stomach. Feeling Alex's belly button, she played with it, causing Alex to giggle and swat her hand away. Grinning against the breast in her mouth, she continued on her path.

Alex's eyes closed once again when she felt the pulsing between her legs increase, as Olivia's hand got closer to the fire. She had every faith that Olivia would know just what to do.

Olivia ran her palm over the coarse hair that met her touch. The heat that radiated from it was immense. A groan escaped Alex's throat, and narrow hips thrust up to meet her touch, seeking relief. Olivia moved to the other breast with her mouth, her fingers beginning to play in the hair, finally slipping through the velvet-like folds. She was amazed at the copious wetness that met her fingers. Alex was ready for her and definitely wanted this.

Alex arched her head back as her body became overwhelmed with sensation. Her breasts were firing pulses down between her legs, which were being engulfed in sensations of their own. She gasped when she felt a finger slip through and glide against her sensitive skin.

Olivia began to kiss and lick all around Alex's breast and chest. She feasted on the skin, which was almost addictive to her. She could not get enough of it. She tried to split her concentration equally between what her mouth and fingers were doing. She could hear the wetness gathering as she ran her fingers through it, her fingers nearly completely coated now.

She raised her head and looked down to see one of Alex's knees raised and bent, the other leg fully on the bed. Her hand had disappeared between those long legs. The brunette had touched herself and other women before, so was no stranger to the way a woman's body worked, but touching Alex like this was so profoundly precious to her. Something that no amount of one night stands or masturbating could replicate.

She felt around until she found Alex's pleasure point, the clit hard and extended. Alex's hips nearly jumped off the bed when it was touched. Softening her touch, Olivia began to concentrate on it, rubbing it in slow, measured circles.

Alex's world was in an uproar. She had no idea what to do with herself or any body part. She felt like her entire being would explode at any moment, but she knew her Olivia would keep her together.

Olivia could hear Alex's breathing increase, and her body moving of its own accord. She knew it would not be long.

Her fingers were guided down the blonde's sex, disappearing inside, surrounded by softness and fiery heat and wetness. Alex moaned, her hips thrusting up to meet the penetration. Once she had started Olivia on a good rhythm, she let go, her hands burying themselves in the dark hair again as Olivia continued to suckle her breast.

Olivia felt how easily her fingers glided in and out of Alex's body, realizing that she was the one responsible for the copious amount of wetness. This gave a whole new meaning to what she was doing.

Alex was caught up in a world of pleasure like she'd never known. She could feel those long fingers gliding in and out of her, and could feel her body tensing as it got ready for release. She opened her eyes to stare into the beautiful face of her lover, feeling nothing but love and comfort.

"That's right, baby. Cum for me," she cooed, her mouth at Alex's ear, then suckled on the lobe before kissing Alex.

The blonde's body was suddenly being overtaken by her pleasure. Her eyes squeezed shut, and her head thrust back, releasing a throaty yell from the depths of her soul. She felt overpowered by a fist of pleasure that clenched her body into a taut bow, ready to snap any moment. She felt tears sting behind her eyes as her body convulsed. And then she felt herself being gathered up into strong, able arms. Small kisses were littered across her face and head.

"Shhh," Olivia whispered, hugging Alex's head against her breast as the blonde was consumed by the intensity of her orgasm. Alex snuggled in against the softness, feeling more safe and comfortable than she could ever remember. She clutched onto Olivia, needing to feel her warmth surround her.

Olivia was overwhelmed and overcome. She buried her face into the blonde hair.

"I love you, Alexandra," she said, feeling those words from her very being.

Alex pulled herself slightly away from Olivia, looking up into the beautiful face that reflected nothing but love. She was surprised to hear her full name, seeming to sound foreign, but so beautiful, from those lips.

"I love you, too, Olivia," she whispered, kissing the brunette softly.

The End

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