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By Commasplice

Alex's quiet and peaceful afternoon off was interrupted by muffled, but incessant knocking at her door. A brief glance at her security monitor revealed a bedraggled looking Casey Novak, banging her head into the door.

"Casey," Alex said as she opened the door, laughing at her friend and pulling her by the hand into her home. "What's wrong?"

"What's wrong?" Casey's eyes narrowed. She slowly but deliberately grabbed Alex's lapels and pulled the blond closer until they were face to face. "Please. Please, don't let her make up any more laws," she pleaded.

Alex pried Casey's hands loose and dragged her into the kitchen. "Drink?" she asked as she pulled two Coronas out of the fridge.

Casey ran her hands firmly over her eyes and then through her hair, enhancing her weary appearance even further. "Alex, she's killing me. Please."

Alex pretended to think about it, tapping her finger on her lip.

"I'll do anything," Casey said between sips on her beer.

Something dangerous flashed behind Alex's eyes as she smiled slowly.

"No." Casey said, here eyes wide.

Alex just smiled bigger.

"Alex. No."

"You did say anything."

"Alex," Casey whined.

"Just ask her out."

Casey frowned.

"Come on. I bet she'd say yes."

Casey finished her beer and grabbed Alex's for good measure.

"Serena's sweet and cute, and she's got killer legs and this crush has gone on long enough Casey." Alex smiled, knowing Casey was close to breaking. She continued, "You know, I could just continue to talk to Liv about how to –mis-interperate- some more handy laws."

"I hate you."

"You know you love me," Alex said with a huge smile. "You want to stay for dinner? Liv's going to make baked ziti."

"Nah," Casey said. "I'm meeting John at the batting cages. He really needs the help." She placed the bottles into Alex's recycling bin.

"Okay," Alex said, as she walked Casey to the door. "I'll talk to you later."

"Yeah, okay."

"Think about it," she said and closed the door able to hear the reply of, "I still hate you," shouted from down the hall.

Alex was still chuckling as slightly damp arms wrapped around her from behind.

"She's never going to ask her is she?" Liv said.

Alex smiled, enjoying the warmth of her partner who smelled of shower-gel and shampoo. "I don't know," she admitted. "She's pretty stubborn."

"Hmm," Olivia agreed. "We'll have to work on Serena then."

Alex turned in Liv's arms to face her. "And here I thought you didn't approve of matchmaking." She smiled.

"Yeah well, you could have worse hobbies I suppose." She kissed Alex on the head.

"Worse hobbies huh," Alex said.

"Yeah," Olivia grinned deviously. "Anything's better than those granny square crochet things." Then she ran.

"Oh you better run Benson," Alex yelled before taking up the chase.

The End

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