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Bicycle Built for Two
By Cabenson

Their relationship began unexpectedly after he casually mentioned how much he liked the bilious color of green against her ghostly skin. She responded how amazed she was with his ability to see the obvious, even when she could not. They kept their union a secret, not willing to endure the jealousy of the other squad members. No one knew about them until now.

The entire squad arrived simultaneously at the scene and stared, dumbfounded at the carnage spread out before them. Dr. George Huang, their psychiatric consultant from the FBI, lay at the base of a large oak tree, his body positioned in a series of unnatural angles.

Across from him, her multi-colored hair entangled between the rear spokes of the chartreuse tandem bike, was the body of their ADA, Casey Novak. The stunned look permanently set on her ashen face indicated that her death had been instantaneous, yet not as painful as it should have been.

"Someone cover her up," Cragen said pointing to the tennis skirt that had ridden up Casey's thighs.

"Yeah, probably ought to keep her dignified, huh Captain?" Fin asked as he pushed Munch toward the body.

"I could care less about dignity, that glow she's giving off is enough to blind you," Cragen answered.

Olivia walked over to Huang's mangled form and crouched down next to the medical examiner. "So, Doc. How ya been? Wanna grab a beer after this?"

Raising her eyes, Warner smirked. "Detective, a little respect for the dead please. But if you're offering an imported lager, I can speed this up."

"C'mon, Liv." Elliot tapped his partner on the shoulder. "Cragen says it seems to be a tragic accident. No more, no less."

"I don't think so, Detective Stabler." Warner pointed toward Huang's right leg. "See this?" she asked, indicating a plum colored restraint mark just above a red, white and blue tube sock. "He rolled his pants leg up to keep it out of the chain. It looks like he secured it with a thick rubber band."

"Where's the rubber band?" Elliot asked as he followed Warner to the bicycle.

"Here, in the gear shaft. If the rubber band broke and lodged in the crank, they wouldn't have been able to pedal. Factor in Novak's propensity for unpredictable lurching and their balance would have been compromised."

Olivia shook her head in disbelief. "Are you saying they died because of a broken rubber band?"

"Not broken, Detective," Warner answered as she carefully examined the stretchy material. "This rubber band was intentionally weakened, probably by a small cutting utensil."

Fin approached and groaned, "You've got to be shitting me. Someone actually murdered Novak and Huang?"

Munch stood next to the captain and added, "You know, this is kind of like Cabot getting killed."

"Take that back you conspiracy freak son of a bitch!" Olivia yelled as she lunged for the dark-dressed detective.

"People! Please!" Cragen barked as he stepped in between the two squad members.

"Cap'n?" Elliot asked. "Do we know of anyone who might have wanted one, or both of them dead?"

"I can't think of a soul", Cragen answered as he fondled the small penknife in his pant's pocket.

The End

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