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By Huntress

Part Four

Olivia strolled into the squad room at a half past seven, an hour later than later she planned. However, it was a small price to pay for having Alex spend the night with her. She was not looking forward to the stack of paper work that was waiting for her on her desk. She sighed and went to over to the coffee machine, made her morning tea, and began to go over her paper work.

She wasn't to far into her work when Elliot and Captain Cragen walked in. They were having a discussion on something or other; she wasn't really paying any attention. She was having a hard enough time concentrating on her work with thoughts of Alex in the shower racing through her mind to notice that they were now talking to her.

"So, Olivia what do you say?" they both said, standing by her desk looking at down at her.

Both men looked at each with an odd smirk on their face, and then back at Olivia, whose attention was still on her paper work.

"Hey Liv, what do you think?" Elliot said, in a louder voice, startling Olivia.

"I...um ... sorry, what did you say?" she stammered.

Both men chuckled, smiled at Olivia, and started to go about their usual routine. Elliot went hung up his jacket and Captain Cragen headed to the coffee machine to grab his morning coffee.

"So, hard at work already, huh?" Elliot said jokingly, while walking to get his morning coffee.

"Very funny, Elliot. I'm finishing up the paper work on the Echor case. Donnelly wants it perfect for the retrial" she said, looking down at her desk.

"Liv, that case was air tight, it's not our fault that Cabot couldn't sell it to the jury" Elliot said, taking his seat at his desk.

Olivia looked up at Elliot at the mention of Alex's name. She wanted to tell him to back off, and leave Alex alone, but she didn't want to raise any suspicion. She and Alex didn't have a chance to talk about anything yet, so she just kept her cool and replied calmly, "Elliot, it wasn't Alex's fault that the jury was hung. She put up a good case," she said, looking back down at her desk.

Elliot thought it was weird that she was sticking up for the ADA, but he knew this case was tough for everybody, but that it was especially rough on Olivia and Alex. He wasn't exactly sure why, but he didn't want to press the issue with either of them. So he decided to drop the topic for now.

Cragen couldn't help but over hear Olivia's comment on the way to his office and remembered seeing them at the bar last night. He smiled to himself and decided to have a little fun with her.

"Hey Liv, how's Alex doing? She get home okay?" he said, straight-faced.

Olivia's body literally froze. She felt her stomach drop, her mind started to race a thousand miles a minute. Does he know? How could he? I didn't see him at the bar, so there is no way he could know. She looked up at Cragen who was standing in the doorway of his office. She tried to play it cool and answer with out as if she didn't know what he was getting at.

"I guess she's okay Captain" she stammered. "I really haven't seen her since the trial," she lied. She had dropped Alex off on her way to the station, but there was no way in hell that she was going to tell him that. What was she going to say, Oh yeah, Captain, we picked each other up at the bar, went back to my place, made hot passionate love, fell asleep in each others arms, and in the morning I drove her home and then came to work. Yeah right, she wouldn't even tell Elliot that, at least not now. So, she stayed as calm as she could and tried to figure out why the Captain would ask her that. "Oh, I just thought that you might seen her after the trial," he said. "Well, if you see her, let her know she did a good job yesterday" he said, winking at her, and then walked into his office and closed the door.

Elliot looked at Cragen and then back at Olivia. "What was that about?" he said, with an odd look on his face.

Olivia shrugged her shoulders. God, only four and half more hours until I meet Alex for lunch she thought to herself. She sighed and went back to her work.

12:30pm: At the station house

When lunchtime rolled around, Olivia left as fast and as quietly as she could. She didn't want to draw any unwanted attention to her self. She just wanted to see Alex and she wanted to see her as soon as possible. Once she stepped out of the station house, she called Alex to let her know that she was on her way and that she couldn't wait to see her.

Hearing Olivia's voice on the other end of the phone made Alex's day. She too had been waiting all day to see Olivia, and was having trouble keeping her focus on her work. Alex ended the conversation telling Olivia that she was heading to the Italian restaurant they both agreed on earlier that morning.

Olivia arrived at the restaurant first and took a table in the back, so that she and Alex could have some privacy. She ordered herself a drink and waited for Alex to arrive. She didn't have to wait long, just as she got her drink, she saw Alex walking toward her.

Olivia smiled and greeted the ADA with a short kiss on the lips. Alex smiled and took the seat across from Olivia.

"So, this is a nice place," Alex said, with a hint of nervousness in her voice. She felt like she was in high school again out on a first date.

Olivia smiled. "Yeah, I thought it would be nice. It's quiet and there's rarely a lunch rush here, so we'll have a lot of privacy." She winked at Alex and took a sip of her drink.

A slight blush rose in Alex's cheeks. She was about to say something back when their waiter came over and asked if they were ready to order. Both women ordered quickly and sent the waiter on his way. Olivia could tell that Alex was still a little nervous. Why she was nervous, she had no idea; she definitely wasn't nervous the night before at the bar, but she found it very cute that Alex was being shy. She had never seen that side of her. She smiled and decided to break the ice.

"So, how has your day been so far?" Olivia asked, placing her hand on Alex's.

Alex smiled and intertwined her fingers with Olivia's.

"It's been okay, I got some paper work finished, which took longer than I expected, and I have arraignment at 3:00, but this is a much needed break," she said, winking at the detective.

Olivia smiled. "Yeah, I know what you mean. This is the perfect fix for a paper work coma," she said playfully.

Alex could not help but chuckle. "I'm glad to hear it, Detective. Is there anything else I can do to further help you out of your coma?" she said, enjoying the banter that was going between them.

"Oh, I can think of a few things, Counselor, "she said, leaning into the table, "but you'd miss your arraignment." A sly smile graced her lips. "Oh, then I guess you'll just have to show me afterwards," she said, smiling at Olivia.

"Hmm, I'd have to check my schedule. I have plans tonight with a very attractive blonde, and I don't think I can cancel."

Alex couldn't help but blush at Olivia's comment. "Oh, really? And just what exactly did you plan to do with this very attractive blonde?" she said, leaning forward, stopping a few inches away from Olivia's face.

Olivia wanted so badly to just lay Alex down across the table and show her right then and there what she has been wanting to do ever since showered together earlier that morning, but, seeing as they where in a public place, it wouldn't be the greatest of idea's, at least not yet anyway. So, instead, she opted for a PG-13 version.

She closed the space that was left between them and captured Alex's lips with hers, pulling her into a soft and slow kiss. Alex was caught by surprise, but kissed Olivia back. She let out a soft moan, parted Olivia's lips with her tongue, and gently messaged Olivia's tongue with her own, letting Olivia know that Alex wanted her.

The kiss lasted for a several seconds more, until they were interrupted by their waiter's rather loud cough, letting them know he was there with their food. Both of the women, as well as the waiter, were a little embarrassed, but for two entirely different reasons. The waiter quickly gave them their food and smiled sheepishly at them before walking away. Both of the women couldn't help but laugh at the situation. They smiled at one another and began to eat their lunch.

Olivia told Alex what Cragen had said to her at the station house, and asked her what they should do about it. Olivia was a little surprised at Alex's reaction. She wasn't worried at all, and she actually laughed, which was a relief to Olivia. She asked Alex what they should do, if anything, about Cragen knowing or not knowing about them. Alex thought it would be sort of fun to "get back" at Cragen and the others by playing along with Cragen. They decided that they would blatantly flirt with each other and step up the sexual banter as well. They decide to put their plan into works later that day. Alex would stop by the station house around quitting time to ask Olivia about a case that the squad was working on. In front of everybody, she'd ask to speak with Olivia alone. They would go into an interview room, shut the door, and close the blinds, only to emerge a few minutes later smiling and whispering to each other. Then Olivia would tell the Captain that she was going to take off and follow Alex out of the station house before heading over to Olivia's apartment.

They knew it wasn't the most adult thing to do about the situation, but it certainly would be fun to see how long they could pull it off before Cragen or any of the other guys would catch on. It would defiantly be worth it to see their reaction to some of the shameless flirting that they would be doing. They both agreed on what they would do and began to eating their lunch.

Lunchtime passed quickly as they talked about everything from their favorite books to what their families where like, both of the women wanted to know more about the other. They both realized that they had a lot in common with each other. They both liked the same kind of music and had the same taste in movies and in food as well as many other things.

It was approaching 2:00 o'clock when they decided it was time to leave, Olivia needed to get back to the station house and Alex had to get ready for arraignment. After a short disagreement about who would pay, Olivia ended up winning out in the end. They left the restaurant and began making their way toward the courthouse. Olivia walked most of the way with back to the courthouse with Alex, still carrying on the conversation from the restaurant.

Both women were laughing and touching one another, enjoying each other's company. They stopped a block or two away from the courthouse. Neither of the women wanted to leave the other but they had to get back to work. Olivia hugged Alex and kissed her on the cheek, before she pulled away she whispered into Alex's ear.

"You owe me a new shirt" she said huskily. She smiled and winked at Alex and walked back toward the precinct.

It took a few seconds for her to know what Olivia was talking about. Then it hit her; last night she had ripped Olivia's shirt off, completely destroying it.

Alex shook her head and smiled, "What am I going to do with that woman" she said, as she pulled out her cell phone and called her assistant. She told her assistant to go pick out a small, white, fitted blouse from Sax and bring it to her after court, along with a card. She hung up feeling very happy and walked the rest of the way to the courthouse smiling to her self.

Part 5

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