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Out in the Open
A Call in the Night

By Adrienne Lee


"Wait." The blonde demanded.

"Why? I want you," Olivia said, pulling her companion further into the apartment and kicking the door closed.

"Your answering machine is blinking. Don't you want to get it?"

"If it were important, my cell would have rung. I'll call whoever it is later, right now I want you," the brunette insisted.

How did she do it, the ADA wondered. She knew she had no resolve when it came to a certain velvet eyed detective. God, the things she could do… This woman could make her forget her own name.

"Liv, can I at least put my briefcase down?" She reasoned.

Olivia grabbed the leather satchel and flung it onto the couch. "Bedroom. Now!" Was all the answer the blonde got.

In no time, she found herself pressed against the mattress. Olivia wasted no time ravishing her body, taking her very breath away. The whimpering sounds from her throat were coming faster and louder…

When the phone rang.

Before her bedmate could say a word, Olivia grunted, "The machine will get it."

"Hello, Liv, are you there?" A familiar voice echoed in the suddenly quiet room.

"Are you ever going to pick up the phone?" The caller continued.

"I called the precinct, Elliot told me you already left. That you went to her office.

You didn't even stop by to say hello.

Remember all the times, when you used to make excuses to come see me?" She paused in remembrance.

The silence jarred the ADA out of shock. "You should pick that up." She suggested, while extricating herself from underneath her lover.

"Mind your own business," Olivia snapped.

The blonde could only manage a indignant glare when the voice resumed…

"Are you with her right now fucking her like you used to fuck me?

I guess that's all I was to you, a fuck-buddy.

Are you in love with her, Olivia?" Again, she paused, her voice choking in sorrow...

The ADA looked at the detective and demanded, "Well, are you?" When Olivia didn't answer right away, "I guess that's my answer," she said and began gathering her clothes.

"Wait. I care about you, more than I do most people."

"And her, what about her?"

Olivia looked away, unable to answer the question.

With an audible breath, the caller continued, "For her sake I hope she's not just another notch on your belt. She's a decent person."

"Yes, I am." The blonde took advantage of the silence, and pressed. "Not that you would've noticed."

"That's not true." Olivia argued, "You're a wonderful person, a great ADA, and …"

"Her replacement," she said resolutely before the voice cut her off again.

"I don't know why I keep calling you when you obviously don't want to have anything to do with me.

Maybe it's wishful thinking on my part, I always thought we had something more.

I thought we were friends. I wish we could still be friends, even if that's all we could be.

I could really use a friend right now.

Why am I telling you this? You obviously don't care.

You know what, Olivia? I'll just do you and myself a favor and leave you alone. Goodbye."

The resolve in the final greeting took the detective by surprise. Her mind and heart were deep in turmoil when the sounds of heels on wooden floor moving away from her caught her attention. "Don't go?" She nearly pleaded.

"Why? You didn't even have the decency to tell me I'm not her replacement."

"Casey, you're not…"

"Don't bother. I know it's a lie."


"Why can't you just admit it, I'm not the love of your life," the ADA confronted the facts. "I'm nothing but a fuck buddy to you. Well, I want more than that, Olivia"

"I… Casey, I'm… I don't…" The detective found herself unable to complete a sentence. All her thoughts were in fragments, just like her emotions.

She gave the brunette a look of disgust. "You're such a pitiful coward."

"I never meant to…"

"Just stuff it, Olivia. I can't believe I've sunk this low; I deserve better, and so does Alex."

"Casey, that's not… I don't think she's…"

"Are you blind or are you just this callous? Can't you see she's still in love with you? I'm not sure what gutter she picked you up from, but she should have left you there."

"I guess…" Olivia sighed. "I guess I deserved that," she admitted, and started to get up when the blonde resumed her exit.

"Don't bother, I know the way out. If you and Elliot need anything, have him call me."

The End

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