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By Katherine Quinn

Olivia could feel the sun hitting her face through the slats in the blinds on the windows. The warm heat was slowly pulling her awake and making her aware of the weight of the blonde head on her shoulder. Alex's hand was lying across her stomach, under the t- shirt that Olivia had gone to bed with. Both of them had been so tired the night before, they hadn't even bothered to remove their "lounging clothes" but had quickly fallen into bed and from there deeply into sleep entwined in each others arms.

"I love you," she whispered, snuggling into the blonde's body. The warmth of Alex directly contradicted the cold chill in the room; the heat of her body, the weight of her head, the sun through the blinds, and the beautiful fingers resting against her bare skin made her feel.alive. She loved this woman, loved her more than she had thought possible. She wasn't sure exactly what had gone right in her life to let her live this way-the woman she loved lying against her, the beauty of them sharing a life together, but somewhere along the way, she had done something right.

Alex stirred, her eyes opening slowly against the light. "Good morning," she smiled, as she looked up into the dark brown eyes staring back at her. Alex's body tensed next to her as she stretched and it far from escaped Olivia's notice that when it relaxed again, it left Alex's fingers gently splayed over her breast.

"Good morning," Olivia said, smiling at the blonde's closed eyes but undeniably mischievous smile.

"How long have you been awake?" Alex asked, as she slowly started moving the fingers lying across her lover's breast.

"A few minutes." Olivia responded, trying hard to not give Alex the blatant satisfaction of knowing that it was taking a good portion of her concentration to ignore the blondes "accidental" attention.

"Why didn't you wake me up?"

"Because you're so cute when you sleep."

"Cute?" Alex said, wrinkling up her nose and pulling gently on Olivia's hardening nipple. "I'm not cute. Kids are cute. Kittens are cute. Puppies are cute. I am not cute."

"Yeah, yeah," Olivia smiled back at her, biting her lip. Alex loved the way Olivia's body reacted to her touch, even if it was supposed to be accidental. Even with slow gentle touches, the reaction was obvious. Happily, she moved her fingers carelessly, causing only the slightest brush against the increasingly sensitive skin. "Are you having fun?" Olivia asked.

Alex, with her eyes still closed smiled, "I don't know what you're talking about."

"Yeah," Olivia said, putting her hand on Alex's. "If you want to be productive today that's not a good idea."

"Who said I wanted to be productive?" Alex asked.

"You did, yesterday? When you told me that no matter how hard you begged, I was supposed to make you get out of bed this morning without.incident?"

"Incident?" Alex laughed. "Are you saying that waking up with me leads to incident?

"Yes, that's what I'm saying."

Alex pulled her nipple as `punishment'. "That's not nice. Besides, you should take pity on me; I'm in my sexual prime."

"Yeah, I'm fully aware." Olivia responded.

Alex gave her a playful pout. "We could do it quickly." More of a statement than a query.

"You? Quick? Never." Olivia said with a smirk.

"Are you calling me easy, Benson?"

"Yes. Yes I am."

Alex's look of mock shock caused Olivia to roll with laughter. The blonde turned her body over, knowing that Olivia would immediately respond to her, and sure enough, she was immediately gratified as she felt her lovers strong arms wrap around her shoulders. Alex smiled to herself as she felt Olivia kissing the back of her neck.

"Please won't you forgive me?" Olivia breathed into her ear.

"Oh, the sexy voice. Nice try but I still don't forgive you."

"Please?" Olivia smiled as she felt the shiver run down Alex's back from her playful nip at the blonde's earlobe. She kissed it, gently sucking on its edge. She chalked up one point for her side for knowing Alex's secret erogenous zones.

"Mmmm." Alex moaned. She turned her head and tried to reach for the brunettes lips which were quickly pulled away.

"You have to forgive me first." Olivia smiled at her.

"Fine, fine, whatever you want, Alex smiled, rolling over and pulling herself onto the brunette moving herself into position for her kiss.

Olivia smiled, "Told you you were easy."

The End

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