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By Scribe's Quill


Flames on my skin burrow beneath until they are somehow lodged in my muscles. They melt there and spread as another sensation grabs my attention. It's electricity, a switch flipped by your hand gently stroking downward from my neck to the one level plane of my chest. You pause at that valley, and if I could keep a thought in my head I would be wondering if you felt my heart hammering so hard against my breastbone that something must inevitably break.

Your long fingers spread, splayed out between my breasts as if the skin there were some wild animal you needed to placate. Your other hand is traveling down my side. It is exploring concavities, reverently coaxing pleas from my lips. It meanders to my abdominals, which immediately tense. That teasing hand joins its sister on my breastbone before the two separate and cover what your eyes have not given up since they were revealed and you whispered, "Exquisite."

I cannot keep my spine from bowing as I seek more. More of what, I do not know, because mere tactile contact will not fulfill the desire you've built in me. One of your hands leaves its place and slips underneath my back, pressing against the taut muscle to hold me up. Before a moan of loss can finish leaving me, your mouth replaces that hand and I am burning once again.


You hum in response and I gasp at the sensation it sends through me: tiny sparks that roll in waves down to my very core. You haven't even come close to touching me there, yet I am twitching so violently that my hips surge.

That formidable mouth and its infamously sharp tongue have wandered slowly downward. Your beautiful nose nuzzles the skin of my breast before you slowly kiss your way down the arroyo of my abdomen, between the straining muscles there. Your hands have abandoned their previous place and come to rest on the buttons of my jeans.

Are those still on? I could swear you were already inside me.

I feel you smile on my skin and realize that I said that out loud. Your elegant fingers easily undo each button, but you do not work quickly. You are methodical, diligently lavishing each millimeter of flesh that is revealed to you. I writhe beneath you and grab at your hair as gently as I can manage.


At that one word, you cease your torture and grasp the remaining garments with digits I now realize are trembling. You drag the fabric slowly down my legs and with one final tug they are soon lying on the floor.

As usual, I have not been able to keep my eyes off you. You turn back toward me after discarding my pants and you catch my eyes. A lascivious smile spreads across your stunning face and I shudder in anticipation. You begin slowly ascending my body like a jungle cat, sleek and strong and dangerous. Your kiss is no different, your tongue offering promises that cause my hips to instinctively seek their fulfillment.

Your hands begin again to traverse my enthralled form as your mouth moves to my neck. You pay very special attention to my jaw line and earlobes with your teeth and tongue and as your hand stops just above my curls, I am bucking anew.

"Please," I pant. "Alex."

You stroke your fingers only lightly through my folds, but I am nearly gone anyway. A light scraping of teeth on my jugular is the perfect accompaniment when you finally enter me with a smooth but firm thrust.


You begin to move your fingers slowly in and out in a rhythm that I am certain will shatter me. You maneuver your body so that you are halfway covering me, still kissing, still inside of me.


Your husky tone nearly sends me over the edge right then, but I fight it. I open my eyes - when did I close them? - and look into yours.

"Kiss me," I gasp.

You plunge your tongue deep into my mouth, erotically claiming everywhere you can reach. When I try to reciprocate, you surround my tongue with your lips and suck. I come instantly, groaning into your mouth.

You don't stop your fingers, but you slow them when my muscles are no longer rigid in orgasm. You are still half on top of me and have your free hand around my back as before, supporting me. You lower my upper body back onto the bed and snake your hand down to grasp my ass possessively.

When I can focus, all I see is intense blue and love. Without a word, you kiss me and start to move again. We are completely entwined, your fingers still inside me. You increase their pace yet again and I find that you are taking me toward another release.

"Shit!" I grasp at the sheets on either side of me. "Oh, yes. Alex!"

Your long thighs straddle mine, one of them helping you go deeper and deeper. I feel your heat and wetness on my thigh and I wish I could command my faculties better and help you to reach your own climax. But that will have to wait, because all I can do with my hands is clench the linens. My nerves are coiling and coiling, my breaths coming faster and faster.

I use all of my strength to open my eyes. Currently, they are pointing at the mirror above the dresser next to the bed. The angle of the mirror perfectly displays the scene we make: your alabaster runner's body atop my bronzed form, thrusting into me with your hips, one hand between our legs and the other wrapped beneath me.

"Oh fuck. Alex. Look."

You turn your head to follow my eyes, not once interrupting your motion. As I climb higher, I see you mouth "Fuck," at our reflection and then speed up. I come to the edge and feel myself fall, but this time it's different. I feel weightless for a few seconds, like I'm floating. My entire body relaxes instead of tensing, and I breathe out contentedly. Then all of a sudden, a wave crashes over me and I'm screaming your name.


You continue to ride me and I vaguely hear you calling my name a few moments later.

My body is dead weight as my brain tries to recover. Every fiber of me fights the return from Nirvana. Slowly, all senses that have left me are reinstated. I can once again hear my heaving breaths, feel your glorious weight on me, and see the crown of your head on my chest. I smile.


I feel you chuckle into my skin. "Yeah."

"You are..." I can't find the word. I guess my brain hasn't come back after all.

You chuckle again and lift your head. Your brilliant smile brings the word to my tongue.


The End

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