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Chance Meeting
By Ann


The bullet exploded soundlessly from the gun's silencer and whizzed past the fleeing agent's left ear. Jane placed her hand protectively over the stolen papers she'd stuck in the waistband of her pants as she vaulted over a concrete barrier and sprinted towards the narrow hallway of the Cedar Inn Hotel. She'd just ducked into the safety of the nook when one of Silvertoe's henchmen slipped over the railing, scanning the open parking lot for any sign of movement. His curse could be heard clearly by Her Majesty's most prized agent.

"Damn it, where'd she go?" He reached into his pocket and fumbled for his cell. "I lost her, but she's got to be around here somewhere. Bring Johnson and Richards. I'll stay here and stand guard in case she pokes that pretty head out from her hiding place."

Jane smiled at the description as she passed an eye over the area. Turning, she glanced behind her, finding only windows and brick; she was trapped, the only way out was through the parking lot. Just as she'd decided to take her chances with the lone man, the door beside her opened. She didn't hesitate to push her way inside, pulling the protesting guest back into the room with her.

"Hey! What do you think you're doing?"

Jane clamped her hand over the blonde's mouth and gestured with a finger to her lips for the woman to keep quiet. She took advantage of the woman's stunned silence to peer out the curtains, the view less than stellar; she could barely see the first row of cars. Turning back to face the blonde, she reluctantly removed her hand from the soft, silky lips. If the situation hadn't been so grave, she'd have employed a more pleasurable way of silencing the attractive woman.

"Is there any other way out of this area, besides the car park?" The woman just stared at the agent, her eyes wide open. Jane softened her tone. "What should I call you, by the way?" Several adjectives filtered into Jane's thoughts, but she managed to keep them to herself for the time being.

The blonde was taken aback for a moment by the British accent; she'd always found it to be extremely sexy, and the fact that the woman speaking the rich tones was possibly the most beautiful woman she'd ever seen made her forced captivity more than acceptable.

"Sally, and no, the hallway ends with a small room which contains the ice, drink, and snack machines."

Jane frowned. "Any windows in the room?"

The woman shook her head. "No, just the machines..." A fleeting thought suddenly filled the blonde with trepidation. Surely, her true identity hadn't been discovered.

"Did Agent Hammond send you?"

The only sign of Jane's surprise was the slight widening of her eyes. She could scarcely believe the woman had made her as an agent so easily, but first things first; she needed to find out which side this Agent Hammond was on.

"Is he one of yours?" Jane kept the question vague, hoping the blonde wasn't a trained spy and would just answer honestly.

"One of mine? What do you mean by that?"

So much for vague. "Who do you represent?" Jane slowly moved her hand to her jacket pocket, the feel of cold metal greeted her fingers, reminding her of her license to kill. She truly didn't want to have to shoot the rather exquisite-looking blonde. Take her to bed definitely, but kill her, no.

"Represent? I don't represent anyone; I can no longer practice law." Alex misunderstood the agent's question, but she wasn't about to miss the opportunity to express her unhappiness at the whole Witness Protection experience. "I've been a waitress . . ." she hesitated before clarifying her remark, "well, only because I didn't make a very good short order cook. The customers didn't care too much for their meal being served a la burnt. Then, they moved me again so that I could teach American History to a bunch of teenagers who could care less about what happened last week much less decades and centuries ago."

Alex ran her hand through her hair in obvious frustration, and Jane hoped it was a sign that the blonde had run out of things to say. She was much more attractive when she wasn't whining.

"And now, I'm a hotel maid; just look at me!" Alex gestured to her t-shirt and jeans.

Not about to turn down such an inviting request, Jane took her sweet time, running an appreciative eye up and down the blonde's body, thoroughly enchanted with what she found. Alex, on the other hand, wasn't at all pleased with the agent's smug smile.

"It's not funny! The Cabots employ others to perform their chores, we certainly don't clean up after others!"

Jane raised an eyebrow.

"Next thing you know, they'll have me selling insurance. I think I'd rather Velez just shoot me." Alex shuffled towards the bed and fell face first onto the mattress.

Jane smiled. It seemed she still had her touch. Another woman had willingly jumped into bed within five minutes of meeting her. Now, all she had to do was convince the blonde to engage in a different type of acrobatics. With Silvertoe's men scouring the premises, she figured she had several hours to kill, and what better way to pass the time than in the arms of a lovely blonde. She moved to take a seat next to the prone woman. Silvertoe's men would have to wait; she had much more pressing matters to take care of at the present time.

"Now, now; there'll be no shooting of such a beautiful woman as long as I'm around." Jane began to rub soothing circles on Sally's back, but she couldn't quite make out the muffled reply.

"Mmm nnoo boooful, nttt amorrr."

Jane slid the papers from her pants and placed them inside her jacket's inner pocket. She then removed the coat and eased it onto the floor. Alex turned her head to the side to protest the end of the calming massage.

"Why'd you stop?"

Jane smiled and lay down next to the other woman. She resumed her gentle touch. "Just getting a little more comfortable; now, what were you saying?"

Alex looked into dark eyes, so warm and caring, reminding her of the ones she'd kept at arm's length in her previous life. Her deep regret at not following through with Olivia had her reaching out with a shaky hand to touch the woman who was with her now.

"I was saying that I'm not beautiful anymore."

Jane gently took the offered hand, and then guided their joined hands to Sally's face. She softly caressed a cheek with the back of her hand.

"Sally, you are beautiful."

"Alex." Blue eyes slid shut as Alex reveled in being touched lovingly for the first time in what seemed like forever.

"What?" Jane slowed her movement and reconsidered her next move. She wasn't certain she wanted to seduce someone who didn't address her by her actual name. Jane always took great pleasure in hearing her name called out at the peak of passion, having a phantom lover's name shouted instead just wouldn't do.

Alex opened her eyes. "Alex; my name is Alex. What's yours?"

Jane resumed the soft caress and smiled as she leaned closer and closer to her prize.

"Jane; Jane Bond."

Alex awoke with a slight smile as she stretched her nude body on the cotton sheets. Reaching a hand out for her lover, she came up empty, bolting upright at her discovery. Slowly, she scanned the room, her fears quickly confirmed; she was alone.

Swallowing her upset, Alex slowly crawled from the bed and slid into her clothes, feeling cheap and used. She couldn't believe that someone as tender as Jane would just walk away without at least saying goodbye. Yes, their lovemaking had been fierce at times, but Jane had made her feel as if she were the most precious person on earth. Alex couldn't believe she'd been so stupid as to believe that she might actually have meant something to the English woman.

"Stupid, Alex. You fell for her charm." She angrily swiped a tear from her cheek and turned to strip the bed. "Just do your job and forget this ever happened."

Her breath caught when she noted the elegantly folded paper lying on the pillow. Almost reverently, she took it in her hand and stared down at it before she slowly began to unfold the edges. Bold, confident strokes flowed across the page.

My dearest Alex,

I deeply regret leaving before having the chance to say a proper goodbye; however, a matter of utmost importance has taken priority over all other matters. Perhaps, we'll meet again somewhere along life's road, but until then, we'll always have the memories of our glorious afternoon together. Have faith that your situation will soon come to an end. I'm certain that you'll be able to resume your true life soon. I wish you the best.



Alex lifted the parchment to her nose and inhaled, her eyes closing at the familiar scent; the makings of a smile began to take shape as she took Jane's advice and concentrated on recent memories of their lovemaking. A sharp rap on the door brought the smile out in full force as Alex raced to the door in hopes that Jane had returned. Instead, Agent Hammond stood on the other side of the threshold.

"It's time to move again, Alex."

Alex sighed. "Where to now?"

Hammond peered out the door, making sure the coast was clear. "Wisconsin." He motioned Alex to follow.

"Oh, goody. What do I get to do now? Toll booth collector, washroom attendant, garbage woman...."

"It won't be as bad as that." Hammond ushered Alex to his car, glancing over his shoulder to make certain no one was watching.

"What then?" Alex hesitated before climbing into the safety of the car.

"Selling insurance."

Alex's groan could be heard across the parking lot as she slid into the rear seat.

Behind the wheel of her rental, Jane chuckled as she pressed the button to raise the window. Maybe after she'd eliminated Silvertoe, she could take a short holiday.

Jane sped down the highway in the silver Jag. The sleek car didn't come close to the Aston Martin she usually drove, but she wore a grin nonetheless.

"I'm fine, Moneypenny, really. It's just a sprained wrist." Jane held the cell phone in her hand as she maneuvered the vehicle around a slow moving car with her splinted one. "Silvertoe? Oh, let's just say that we won't be hearing from him again."

"What?" Jane swerved back into the right lane when an oncoming car flashed its lights at her. This driving on the wrong side of the road was going to get her killed. "Oh, you did? That's wonderful, Moneypenny; I truly appreciate it. I'll be in touch soon."

Closing her cell, Jane sped past the Wisconsin state line. Thanks to Moneypenny, she now knew her final destination. A bright smile crossed her face as she pressed on the accelerator. It seemed she had an insurance salesperson named Emily to track down.

The End

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