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A New Relationship
By Shaughnessy

Part Four

Over the next few months Melinda spent more and more time at Olivia's. They had unpacked Mel's apartment but she was never comfortable there. Almost every night they slept in Liv's bed, especially since Mel didn't have one. They woke at the same time, for work and ate breakfast together. Melinda and Olivia lived like lovers but were just friends, something both women wanted to change but weren't sure how to go about it. Surprisingly enough, it was Melinda who made the first move. She bought a larger bed, one that they could both sleep on comfortably without worrying about falling off, or being kicked out of. Melinda had it installed on a day when their days off didn't mesh. It was a queen size, four poster bed, something both women had always wanted. Unsure of bedding, Melinda decided to wait for Olivia to come home and moved Liv's old bed down the hall to her own apartment. That done she dashed back in to Liv's apartment and waited. Melinda only had to wait 15 minutes before Olivia came in.

"Hey Mel, I got off early." Olivia called into the apartment as she took her keys out of the door.

"That's good. I have a surprise for you." Melinda answered from her seat on the couch. Olivia's face lit up.

"Really, what is it?" She asked. It was so wonderful to please someone like Olivia.

"Well come with me and I'll show you." Melinda took her hand and led her back to her bedroom. She opened the door and Olivia let out a gasp.

"You did this for me?" Liv questioned.

"Yeah, I did." Mel answered shyly. Olivia was so happy; she pulled Melinda into a hug and then kissed her on the mouth. Melinda was in shock but Olivia's next question brought her out of it.

"Do we get to go shopping for bedding?" She asked.

"Of course, that's part of the surprise too. Let's go." Both women smiled as they left the apartment. Olivia was happy over the prospect of shopping but she had no idea what she had done to Melinda. That kiss had nailed home a point both women had been avoiding for the last few weeks or so. Melinda felt dazed. She was in love and it felt wonderful. All she wanted to do was kiss Olivia again and make love to her. Olivia was the one person she wanted forever. The thought stole her breath but Liv didn't notice. She just grabbed Mel's hand and led her into 'Bed, Bath & Beyond'.

They chose a new comforter, with pillow shams, 4 sets of sheets, and a few decorative pillows for the room, all in shades of blue, ranging from dark to light, a color both women loved.

As they drove home, it hit Olivia that she had kissed Melinda earlier. She realized she loved her long before it had occurred to Melinda herself. Olivia was hoping to ask Mel to move in with her, and she hoped after today, she would say yes.

"Mel, I have a question to ask you." Olivia said as they put the freshly washed, new bedding on the bed.

"OK." Melinda said in return.

"Would you move in with me?" Liv didn't look up and Mel felt breathless again. This is exactly what she wanted.

"Yes, Olivia, I would like that very much." Came the reply. Olivia's head snapped up. She came around the bed and pulled Melinda into her arms and kissed her gently and slowly. Melinda responded this time. They pulled away for breath.

"I love you Olivia." Mel said as they went back to hugging.

"I love you too." Olivia answered as she pulled back and looked into her eyes. Suddenly she got a wicked twinkle in her eyes. "What say we christen the new bed?" Melinda grinned and toppled the detective back onto it.

"Yes, lets."

Part 5

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