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The Cabot Cabin
By VivalaB


Part 1

The dull, tinny sounds of overhead blades echoed in Alex Cabot's headset as she relaxed in the rear cabin of the Bell 206 Jet Ranger helicopter. She was exhausted yet wide awake after the events of the previous day.

The body tucked into her side snuggled deeper in slumber and she smiled. She readjusted the arm she had around Olivia Benson and stroked her side comfortingly. Her hand brushed gently over the shirt covering the gauze which was in turn, protecting a bullet wound the detective had received after being shot by a rogue law enforcement agent. Alex sighed and closed her eyes, forcing herself to shut it all out and focus instead on their current destination.

They had given their statements to Captain Cragen, who had been shocked at the revelation that FBI Agent Dean Porter had planned everything in an attempt to woo Olivia. Lieutenant Tom Goldie, Tactical Team Leader, had not. Goldie had revealed several clashes with the FBI agent which had left him feeling uneasy. Alex had smiled when Goldie hugged Olivia fiercely, a man she had only met once, but who now held her in high regard due to her courageous actions throughout the day.

Alex had excused herself as Olivia, Goldie and Cragen animatedly discussed the events of the day. She retreated to the kitchen of Sam's diner to place the necessary calls, ensuring all would be ready for their arrival at the cabin. Suzy had been slicing the latest batch of gingerbread as she entered and offered to leave but Alex had shook her head and asked her to stay. She called the Cabot family pilot and asked if it was too late to log a flight plan from Manhattan to Bear Mountain via a pick up in Hamilton. She had laughed as Rob had reminded her he was on call 24 hours a day, or had she forgotten why she paid him. She then called the Gatehouse at the cabin.

"Gatehouse," a tired female voice had answered around a yawn.

Alex smiled, "Hi Martha, sorry, did I wake you?"

The voice at the other end of the line yawned loudly, "Lex? That you? Lord, it's almost 1am in the morning, of course I was asleep...are you alright?" the voice asked with concern.

Alex nodded her head automatically, "I'm fine, but I'm heading up to the cabin, should be there in a couple of hours. Rob's bringing us, can you light up the landing pad?" she asked.

"No problem, I'll be waiting at the cabin for you..both," she replied having picked up on the 'us' comment.

"No need, we're tired and probably going to head straight to bed," she answered.

Martha felt movement beside her and put her hand over the receiver, "Lex is coming up..and she's bringing someone with her," she said to her husband Jonathan excitedly. Jonathan yawned and threw back the bed covers.

"I'll go switch on the lights," he said sleepily and headed for the bathroom.

Alex heard the male voice in the background, "Did I wake Jon up? I'm sorry Martha," she said with sincerity.

"Sshh, I'll go start a fire and put some food out for you and your...guest. Should I..." she paused briefly, "...turn down a bed in one of the guest rooms?" she asked tentatively.

Alex considered it for a second and then replied, "Yes."


"But make sure it's the room next to mine," Alex added.


Alex laughed, "We're just friends and she, is injured so, can you look out the big medical kit for me?"

Martha gasped, "Are you hur-"

"No, it's a long story but Olivia got shot."

"Olivia? Detective Olivia?" she asked.

Alex sighed, "Yes, Detective Olivia Benson," she braced herself for the inevitable, "not now Martha, please?" she pleaded before the older woman could respond.

Martha bit back her initial reply, "Okay, we'll get everything ready for you. If you need anything else just call, see you soon," she said affectionately and hung up.

Alex ended the call and caught the amused expression on Suzy's face. "What?" she asked in confusion.

Suzy smiled, "Figures you wouldn't just have a simple log cabin tucked away in the woods," she teased and handed her a warm, white box.

Alex accepted the box inhaling the deep, distinctive aroma and smiled bashfully.

The burning in her side was getting worse, she felt as though someone was stabbing her with a red hot poker and twisting it relentlessly. Olivia tried to sit up but couldn't, something was holding her in place. She tried to open her eyes but the pounding in her head prevented her. She felt the groan deep in her chest.

Arms cradled her, a familiar scent flooded her senses and warm lips tenderly pressed against her forehead. She sunk further into the firm body and reached a hand around a slender waist, she turned her face slightly and felt the pillow beneath her cheek rise and fall. She rubbed her face across the warmth and blew out a contented breath. She frowned as her cheek encountered a rigid bump, she moved her cheek across it again and felt it harden further.

Her eyes flew open as realization sunk in.

She stilled all movement and rolled her eyes upwards. She froze at the sight of twinkling eyes smiling down at her in the darkened cabin of the helicopter. Before she could speak, the pilot's voice echoed tinnily in their ears announcing they were on final approach.

Alex smiled down at Olivia and kissed her, Olivia returned the kiss before straightening and sitting upright on the seat. Alex reached for her hand and she clasped it firmly. She looked out the window and saw the ring of lights not far below. Without turning she spoke into the microphone attachment of her headphones, "You have a helipad in your back yard?," she asked in surprise.

"That's not my backyard, " Alex replied drolly.

Olivia turned to her, confusion evident on her face. Alex lifted her free hand and pointed a finger out the window beside her, "That's my backyard," she said and smiled.

Despite the darkness Olivia gasped as she looked past Alex at the large lake surrounded by an endless sea of trees. She spotted a well lit road leading from a house to somewhere shielded by thick foliage. As they descended Olivia finally caught a glimpse of the Cabot Cabin, "Holy shit Alex, that's your cabin?" she asked, eyes wide in amazement.

Alex squeezed her hand and smiled.

Olivia stood at the edge of the grass and looked along the well lit, circling driveway towards the cabin.

A two story wooden structure with wraparound porch stood illuminated by subtly placed lanterns. Light spilled through the open front door, bathing a mysterious figure in shadowy silhouette. As Olivia strained her eyes to get a clearer look, she felt a hand on her lower back. She turned to meet the tired eyes of Alex Cabot.

"This is your cabin?" Olivia asked.

Alex nodded nervously, she had never brought anyone here before and Olivia was oblivious to the significance her arrival brought. "Let's get inside, get your wounds looked at," Alex prompted as she shouldered her briefcase and handed Olivia the white box containing Suzy's gingerbread.

Olivia accepted the box and nodded, "That sounds good, I need to lie down before I fall down," she answered wearily.

Hearing the tiredness in her voice Alex slipped an arm around her waist and brought her closer, "C'mon, there's somebody you need to meet."

They walked the short distance along the driveway and approached the cabin. Olivia noticed a white golf cart parked to her right as they mounted the steps leading to the wooden porch. The woman at the doorway smiled affectionately at Alex and looked with concern to Olivia, "Let's get you inside and you can introduce me to your friend," Martha said softly. She stepped aside and let them enter, closing the wooden door behind them.

Olivia's eyes widened at the sight that met her and she moved away from Alex. The room was warmly lit by subdued lighting and spacious but dominated by a sunken living room. The steps leading down beckoned her but she stopped, remembering they weren't alone. She turned, Alex and the other woman were embracing and talking quietly to each other. The older woman smiled at her from over Alex's shoulder and released her.

"Detective Benson, I'm Martha Lawson. It's nice to finally meet you," she said and held out her hand, ignoring the glare Alex shot in her direction.

Olivia shook her hand warmly, "It's nice to meet you Martha, please, call me Olivia." she said and smiled, 'finally?' she mused.

Martha smiled back at her, "Let me take that," she said indicating the white box, "I hear you've been through the wars, how are you feeling?" she asked as she studied her tired face.

Olivia smiled at her, "Like I could sleep for a week," she answered honestly.

Alex deposited her briefcase on the floor and moved to stand next to her, "Did you look out the medical kit?" she asked Martha quietly.

Martha nodded, "Put it in your room. There's some soup on the stove if you fancy a bite to eat before sleeping. Can I get you anything before I head back to the Gatehouse?" she asked, sensing they needed some time alone. There would be time enough tomorrow to get the whole story out of them.

Alex shook her head, "We'll be fine. I think we'll skip breakfast tomorrow. Half past three already, a lie in is definitely in order. I'll call you when we get up, thanks Martha."

Martha nodded and rubbed Olivia's arm, "Get some rest Olivia, I'll see you in the morning," she said and turned towards the door. Alex followed her, Olivia watched as they stood in the doorway and said their good nights.

She eased her way down the four small steps leading to the sunken living room. Three identical cream sofa's were symmetrically placed around a roaring fireplace, a large pine table sat in the center. Olivia marveled at the natural timber flooring as it shone beautifully in the warm glow of the firelight. The wooden walls were bare but it only heightened the sense of space and naturalness within the room. Her eyes trailed upwards, spotlights dotted the ceiling and beams. They were strategically placed around the room, she imagined that lying on one of the sofa's in the darkened room they would beam down like stars. She felt Alex touch her lightly, announcing her presence.

"This is my favorite room," Alex said quietly.

Olivia turned to her and smiled, "It's rapidly becoming my favorite room too but I'll save judgment until I've had the nickel tour," she teased.

"Tomorrow. Let's get you looked at and then into bed," she said as she reached for Olivia's hand.

Olivia nodded and squeezed her hand, as she turned she noticed something was missing in the room.

Alex watched her expression change, "What?"

"No TV?" she asked.

Alex smiled and tugged her hand, indicating for her to follow. She moved her a short distance until she stood directly in front of a wall covered by white, floor to ceiling soft blinds.

"Close your eyes," she instructed softly and moved to stand behind her.

"Is this gonna be the biggest TV I've ever seen?" Olivia asked teasingly, "Cos I gotta warn you, O'Malley's just got a new 60" that's gonna take some beating."

Alex leaned in close behind her and repeated in a whisper, "Close your eyes."

Olivia shuddered at the hot breath on her neck and closed her eyes obediently. Alex moved to the table and lifted a small remote control. She stood behind Olivia and placed her hands over her eyes, "No peeking," she cautioned and pressed a button on the pad. She threw the remote onto the nearest sofa and continued to cover Olivia's eyes.

"I wasn't peeking," Olivia pouted.

Alex smiled, "I know, but I've wanted to share this with you for such a long time Liv," she admitted quietly.

Olivia could feel the anticipation building inside her, 'must be some TV' she mused. She listened carefully to the quiet whoosh as the binds opened. She could hear the fire crackling behind her and it only added to the moment.

Alex lowered her hands and placed them gently on Olivia's hips, "Open your eyes," She whispered, knowing they had remained closed even as she had removed her hands.

Olivia took a deep breath and opened her eyes.

She stood unmoving and took in the sight before her.

Most of the wall was made from glass and revealed a panoramic view of a lake and tree lined mountains. Even in the brief light of the dark morning, the picturesque scene was perfection, "Oh my God. This is incredible," she gasped and took a step closer to take in the different hues as they danced across the water. Alex released the light hold she had on her hips and watched as Olivia moved closer to the large window.

"Who needs TV?" Alex quipped as she smiled at Olivia's reaction.

Olivia turned round, "This is beautiful Alex, thank you for showing me this, for bringing me here... I don't know what to say," she confessed and shook her head, trying to rally her tired emotions.

"You don't have to say anything Liv. When I built this place, I knew I wanted that view from this room and my bedroom. I spent such a long time hiding behind closed doors and windows, afraid to open them, afraid one of Valez's men was watching and waiting.." she paused at the painful memories and Olivia reached for her. She took a deep breath and relaxed into the warm embrace, "I've lost count of the number of hours that I've sat and stared at that lake and wished you were here to share it with me," she admitted quietly and ran a hand through Olivia's hair.

Olivia felt her scalp tingle, she closed her eyes involuntarily, absorbing the sensations. When she opened them and looked at the face before her she knew she would never deny her feelings for this woman again. "How long have you wanted to show this to me?" she asked quietly.

Alex blew out another breath, "Too long," she said, almost to herself.

Olivia was about to reply when her face contorted and she stifled a large yawn.

Alex smiled, "C'mon. Shower then bed, we can talk about this tomorrow," she instructed and tugged her hand.


Part 2

Olivia stood underneath the powerful spray and allowed the pulsating jets of water to wash the day away.

Alex had given her a brief tour before guiding her to the guest room. Olivia smiled as she recalled the reaction on Alex's face as she had removed the gray and black chequered shirt and dark denims, leaving her in nothing but her underwear. Too tired to feel self conscious she had simply laid down on the bed. Alex had looked at her in confusion until she had reminded her about the bullet holes. Alex had blushed and left the room to retrieve the medical kit.

She had returned almost instantly and began examining her earlier handiwork. The skin adhesive was holding well and neither wound looked infected. Her scalp examination had quickly evolved into a soothing head massage until Olivia's moan of delight brought them both back to reality and the task at hand.

As she stood under the spray, remembering the touches and kisses she and Alex had shared throughout the previous day she felt a familiar flutter in her stomach. She lathered her hands with the liquid soap and closed her eyes. She ran her hands over her body, relishing the foamy trail her hands left in their wake on her sensitized skin. The water pulsed with a steady rhythm across her back, she shifted her stance and allowed the spray to beat sensuously against her bare breasts. She ran her soap slicked hands underneath her breasts, lifting them and pushing them together. She rubbed flat palms across her hardened nipples and closed her eyes imagining Alex's hands instead of her own. She continued to palm one full breast as she rolled the other between her thumb and forefinger, she pinched lightly, then tugged at it. The sensation causing jolts of arousal to head further south, she squeezed her legs together in an effort to relieve some of the building pressure. She gasped out loud at the sensation and she pictured Alex's hot mouth tugging at her nipple, sucking her harder. She moaned again, louder.

"Liv?..Are you okay?" Alex asked from the other side of the frosted glass.

Olivia's eyes snapped open, "I'm fine, um, just didn't realize how sore I was," she lied as she blew out a steadying breath and tried to calm her racing pulse.

"I've left you something to sleep in, if you need anything else just let me know. I'm going for a quick shower."

"Thanks," Olivia replied in as neutral a tone as possible.

Alex left the bathroom and moved through the door into the bedroom on shaky legs, dragging a hand through her hair.

She knew exactly what caused that moan and it definitely wasn't pain.

Olivia lay staring at the ceiling, as tired as she was, as sore as she was, she couldn't sleep.

Her mind was trying to rationalize the revelations of the previous day between Connors and Porter, between herself and Alex, she was having a hard time processing everything. She turned to the bedside clock, 05:07. She sighed. Her eyes had adjusted to the darkness in the room despite the early dawn's eagerness to penetrate the closed blinds across from her.

She had finished her shower and changed into the tank top and boxers Alex had left out for her and had wandered around the room, taking everything in. She wondered who had stayed in this room before her and opened a closet curiously. She had been surprised at the pile of pristine white tee shirts and various colored 'v' neck sweaters, all still in their protective wrappers. She couldn't recall ever seeing Alex wearing a combination like that. She noticed different shades of denims, hanging neatly on hangers and smiled, 'reminds me of my own closet,' she mused and then halted her searching hands. 'Alex would never wear anything like this,' she contemplated, 'but I would,' she realized and checked the label on a random pair of jeans.

She closed the closet and moved to a nearby set of drawers. The top drawer contained bra's in various style and colors, again, she checked the size and frowned, 'these are definitely not hers,' she thought and opened the next one. The contents mirrored the top one, only this drawer contained thongs, boy shorts and silk panties in differing styles and colors. She closed the drawer and opened the bottom drawer revealing countless pairs of socks. She closed the drawer and sat on the luxuriously large bed and wondered why everything in the drawers were unopened and more importantly, to whom they belonged.

She looked at the clock again, 05:17 and sighed once more. She closed her eyes and tried to empty her mind. She was used to her apartment and the noises form the traffic below on the streets of Manhattan. She'd never tried to sleep anywhere as remote as the cabin before and her brain refused to shut down. Normally when she couldn't sleep she would 'take matters into her own hands' but after almost being caught in the shower, she decided against that.

The memories of the impromptu shower at the diner weren't helping either. She had enough self awareness to admit the real reason she couldn't sleep and it was lying in the room next door.

They had so much to talk about and Olivia was desperate to get started. The brand new, unopened clothes she had discovered only added to her list of questions. 'Whose are they? Why haven't they ever been worn?' When did she build this place? What did Martha mean? Who is Martha?' Olivia closed her eyes, they had two weeks to ask and answer all the questions they could think of. She smiled, patience was not one of her strongest virtues, neither was the art of self restraint, especially around a certain blonde ADA whose feelings, she was sure, matched her own. She smiled at the prospect of a relationship with Alex other than friendship.

She made a decision and pulled back the covers.

Alex sighed and looked at the bedside clock for the hundredth time in ten minutes, 05:21. She was desperate for sleep but only so she could wake up and confirm the reality of what was happening and who was here with her. She looked at the shuttered wall that mirrored the one in the living room and considered opening them to allow the early morning light in. She closed her eyes, if she did that she would never get any sleep.

She turned her head at a sound in the hallway, she heard it again. Bare feet stepping cautiously in her direction. 'Olivia' she thought and turned on her side to face the partially open door. A few seconds later the door eased further open and a familiar brunette came in to view.

"You okay?" Alex asked softly, letting Olivia know she was awake.

Olivia entered and closed the door, she stood at the edge of the bed, "I can't sleep," she confessed.

Alex smiled and lifted the covers closest to Olivia, "Me neither, c'mon."

Olivia smiled shyly and crawled into the large, inviting warmth. She lay on her back near the edge of the bed and turned her head to look at Alex.

Alex lifted her left arm and Olivia slid closer, tucking into her side and resting her head on her shoulder. She placed a cautious hand across Alex's middle. They shifted a few times until they were comfortable.

Alex stroked a hand soothingly down her back and began making lazy circles. Olivia's fingers played with the edge of the fabric at Alex's tank top. For a few long moments they both took comfort in the silence and the comforting actions their respective touches brought.

"I know we have lots to talk about but I couldn't sleep knowing you were in here. I just, um, I just wanted to be near you.. um.. d'you know what I mean?" Olivia asked tentatively.

Alex smiled at the shyness from the normally stoic detective, "You needed to know if this was real or not..I know, I was thinking the same thing..s'why I couldn't sleep," she admitted quietly.

Olivia turned her head to look at her, "I wish it were tomorrow already," she said honestly.

Alex leaned down and kissed her gently on the forehead, "Me too."

Olivia wanted to return the kiss but could feel her relaxed body giving in to slumber. The hand on her back slowed then stopped and she realized Alex was asleep. She smiled and kissed the sot skin she lay on and finally felt at peace.


Part 3

The weight on her chest was unfamiliar, the ache between her legs was not.

Olivia opened her eyes slowly, their bodies had shifted as they slept and she was now flat on her back with her arms cradling Alex. Alex was sprawled over her body, blonde hair splayed across her chest, arm wrapped possessively around her shoulder and a firm thigh nestled between her parted legs.

Olivia swallowed and did her best not to squeeze the thigh that was resting against her center. She wondered how long they had lay like that, blissfully unaware of the contact and the effects it caused. 'Not long enough,' she groused and smiled wickedly.

She shifted quietly to look at the clock, 13:46, 'Wow, when did I last sleep for eight hours?' she wondered. She returned her focus to the beautiful blonde in her arms and smiled. She had dreamed of a moment like this, of waking with Alex for a long time, never believing it would actually happen. She sent a silent thank you, skywards to anyone listening.

The body on top of her moved slightly and the thigh pushed into her, causing her to moan at the intimate contact.

The body shifted again, Olivia felt the blonde ADA's breathing change and knew she was awake.

"Good afternoon Counselor," she said, her voice thick with what she hoped sounded like sleep and not arousal.

Alex pressed into her and stretched, causing Olivia to suppress another moan. Alex lifted her tousled head and smiled sleepily at her, "'Time is it?" she asked, stifling a yawn.

"Nearly 2pm."

Suddenly Alex became aware of her position and shyly withdrew her leg from Olivia's heated core, "Um, sorry about that," she said, face flushing in embarrassment.

Olivia held her firmly in place, "Don't be. That was the best wake up call I've ever had," she said and waggled her eyebrows.

Alex closed her eyes as she shifted her position so that she was lying on her side beside Olivia and not on top of her.

Olivia tightened her cradling hold, "I can't remember the last time I slept for as long," she said, moving the conversation away from any potential awkwardness Alex might be feeling.

Alex opened her eyes, "Me too. I should have warned you that I'm a snuggler though, "she said lightly, thankful Olivia had changed the subject.

"Much better to find out this way," Olivia teased and placed a gentle kiss on her lips. "Do you have, um, any regrets about anything?" she asked moving a hand to gently smooth her sleep mussed hair.

Alex smiled at her, "Only that I didn't let Suzy kill Porter when she had the chance," she said dryly before adding, "about us? None, I can't believe you're here...not just here at the cabin but here," she said indicating their position.

Olivia beamed at her, "I'm glad I'm here, here too," she said and kissed her again, letting her hands glide along her back.

Alex smiled, "You hungry?" she asked as she played with the material of Olivia's tank top.

Olivia held back her initial response and nodded her head instead.

Alex smirked knowingly, "Me too," she replied as her hand accidentally brushed over a sensitive breast.

Olivia closed her eyes at the sensation.

Alex grinned, leaned back and rolled out of bed. Olivia opened her eyes and lay motionless, watching her. Alex lifted a remote from the bedside table and pushed a button, the blinds opened revealing the same wonderful vista that Olivia had seen earlier that morning. Alex reached for her glasses and moved to the large window. She slid it open and stepped out on to the balcony, she leaned forward and rested her forearms on the wooden railing and inhaled deeply, filling her lungs with the scent of the wilderness.

Olivia admired the view from her position on the bed before moving her eyes from the slender figure to the trees beyond. She smiled broadly and rose from the bed. She moved in behind Alex and wrapped her arms around the surprised blonde. She leaned her chin on Alex's right shoulder and looked out across the lake.

"Just how big is your backyard?" she asked.

Alex smiled and leaned into the embrace, "How far can you see?"

"As far as those trees way up there on either side," Olivia answered, sweeping her hand across the horizon.

Alex laughed, "That's my backyard," she said quietly and turned to face a speechless Olivia. "What?"

Olivia moved to stand next to her and leaned on the railing, "How much land do you own?" she asked carefully.

Alex braced herself for her reaction and took a deep breath, " Just over 250 acres, about 200 football pitches, including end zones," she answered meekly.

Olivia's eyes widened and she looked from Alex to the expanse of blue and green before her, "Holy shit, you mean everything I can see, as far as I can see, is yours?" she asked in amazement.

Alex nodded shyly, "Yes, it's a conservation area," she looked anxiously into the wide brown eyes, "Does that bother you?" she asked tentatively.

Olivia's expression changed, "Why would it bother me. I always knew you were loaded, just never figured you had your own county," she said and moved a few stray wisps of blonde hair.

Alex smiled in relief, "I'm not loaded, " she admonished.

"When did you build this place?" Olivia asked.

Alex reached for her hand, "Would you mind if we postponed the cross examination until we get dressed, I'm starving," she replied honestly. As if on cue a noise erupted from her belly and they both grinned.

Olivia squeezed her hand and smiled, "Do you have something I can wear?" she asked plucking at the tank top with her free hand, deliberately not mentioning her findings in the closet earlier that morning.

"What's wrong with that? Nobody's going to see you except me... and I like you in that," she said and raked her eyes over Olivia's toned body.

Olivia enjoyed the appraisal and returned an admiring gaze of her own before admitting, "If we stay like this...I promise you...I'll finish what I started in the shower," she said referring to their heated encounter in the diner.

Alex leaned in closer, "Really? The one at the diner..." she paused a whisper away from the parted lips, "...or the one next door?" she said before closing the distance and kissing her. She broke the kiss before it deepened and grinned knowingly before turning and heading back into the bedroom, leaving a blushing brunette to gawp after her in wonder.

Olivia closed the sliding door and entered the room, blush still coloring her cheeks. Alex emerged from the adjoining bathroom and smiled at her, "Relax Liv, I was just teasing," she said as she opened her closet. At the lack of reaction behind her she turned, Olivia hadn't moved from her spot in front of the window, she moved towards her.

"Liv, you okay?" she reached for her hand, "I was only tea-"

Olivia pulled at her hand quickly, catching Alex by surprise and causing their bodies to collide. She twisted and let them fall on to the bed sideways, she pushed Alex on to her back and straddled her waist, pinning the squirming blonde's hands above her head on the bed. As she began peppering kisses along her neck, their breasts rubbed against each other. Alex moaned as a hot tongue left a fiery trail of wet heat along her jaw. She pushed at the hands holding her, desperate to free them and touch the body that was writhing above her.

"Liv," she panted and moved her head in an attempt to catch the mouth she needed to taste. Olivia released her hands and Alex reached for her head, crashing their mouths together. Tongues duelled for control until Olivia pulled back and smiled down at her, breathing heavily. She placed a final kiss on the inviting lips and moved off her slowly, dragging her hands deliberately over the long, supple body as she went. Alex looked at her with confusion.

"Now you know how I feel, "Olivia said as she blew out a long, steadying breath, "See how long you last before you take matters into your own hands," she said teasingly as she moved to sit at the edge of the bed.

Alex moved her right hand to the top of her boxers, letting her fingertips slide underneath the hem, "The difference between you and me Olivia," she paused as her fingers dipped lower and gasped at the contact, "is that I always finish what I start," she breathed out raggedly as her fingers brushed past the engorged nub down to the spreading wetness.

Olivia turned and swallowed at the sight, eyes transfixed at the movement beneath the shorts. She bit her bottom lip, "You're killing me Cabot, " she confessed, breathing heavily through her nose as she schooled all her self control to stay where she was. She was losing the battle fast and as she moved to lie on top of Alex once more the sound of a door closing downstairs halted all movement.

A voice floated upstairs, "It's only me. Jon saw you both on the balcony so I though I'd make us all a late lunch," shouted Martha.

Alex pulled her wandering hand out from the warmth with lightning speed. Olivia watched in amusement, trying to contain the laughter rising in her throat. The blush that rose on Alex's face mirrored the one she had sported earlier and she leaned in, "Sucks doesn't it," she said smugly. The laughter died in her throat as Alex slipped two glistening fingers into her own mouth and sucked them seductively, never breaking eye contact with her.

Olivia felt her aching sex clench at the erotic sight, she grabbed the hand and removed the fingers, replacing them with her mouth and kissed her deeply, catching the barest hint of her essence on her tongue. They both moaned and clutched at each other.

A cough from the doorway forced them apart, "Have you eaten already?" Martha asked innocently.

They both looked towards the door, blushing furiously as Martha smiled and turned, her laughter echoing in their ears.

Alex led Olivia by the hand into the guest room, "I don't want you to freak out at what I'm about to show you..." she began but was interrupted by a snort behind her.

"Martha already caught us making out like a couple of horny teenagers, I think I've seen everything I need to see," Olivia said waggling her eyebrows.

Alex grinned at her, "You think so..." she said teasingly.

They stood looking into each others eyes for a long minute, absorbing their connection and new found levels of openness. Alex dropped her gaze and shook her head, trying to regain her focus and moved to the closet. Behind her, Olivia was beaming at her reaction.

Alex opened the closet, "I'll tell you the whole story behind this later, when we're not expected downstairs for lunch in 10 minutes but suffice to say there are clothes in this room that should fit you. This isn't a scene from a sordid, stalker movie, think of it more as part wishful thinking and part longing to have my own grown up dress up doll," she said, hiding her nervousness behind the humor.

Olivia nodded her head and reached for her hand, "I'm touched at your thoughtfulness and only mildly perplexed at the obsessive nature of it," she said smiling.

Alex cast her gaze down and looked at the wooden flooring. Olivia tugged her hand, "Hey, I'm teasing, I think you're incredible Alex. I have to confess though, I looked in the closet last night, know what my first reaction was when I saw the clothes?" she asked, tugging her hand, charmed beyond words at Alex's display of vulnerability.

"No," she whispered, eyes glued to the floor.

"I didn't think they looked like something you would wear. When I checked the size and saw they couldn't be yours, I got jealous when I had no right to be, but I was," she said and watched as Alex lifted her head to meet her eyes.

"Liv, you're the only person I've ever brought here, ever wanted to bring here. I bought those clothes because they made me feel like you were here and when I was...getting over things... they helped me believe I wasn't alone...that someday you would be here with me," she said quietly.

Olivia pulled her into a tight hug and swallowed the lump in her throat before speaking, "Alex Cabot, you'll never be alone again...I promise, remember what I said in your office yesterday?" she asked, pulling back to look into her eyes.

"Where you go, I go," she whispered.

"Yep, don't ever forget that," she said and kissed her softly.

From the doorway an unseen Martha crept back along the hallway, blinking back tears.


Part 4

Lunch was an interesting experience for Olivia. They had eaten at a table outside on the wooden decking, the afternoon sun was high in the sky and the air smelled wonderfully clean and fresh. Martha' husband Jonathan had joined them for lunch and they had spent over and hour exchanging stories from the day before and getting acquainted with each other.

Olivia learned that Jonathan was the Land Manager, responsible for maintaining the conservation of the 250 acres and Martha was the House Manager. They had lived on Bear Mountain for almost 20 years and had known Alex since she was 18.

Alex had explained that her father, the original Alex Cabot, had bought the land to ensure the preservation of the endangered white-tailed deer. Olivia had noticed the pride in her voice as she told of his battle to buy the land and how she had accompanied her father on every trip to the mountains.

The Gatehouse had once been the original Cabot Cabin but when Alex had returned from WITSEC she had announced she was building a house overlooking the lake. Olivia hadn't missed the looks the three had shared as Alex told the story and knew there was more to it but decided to pursue that once they were alone.

Alex revealed that she spent most vacations on the mountain and when work got on top of her, this was her retreat. She had spoken excitedly as she described the different wildlife that inhabited the mountain and Olivia had expressed her eagerness to explore. She had visibly shuddered though, at the mention of the timber rattler, a venomous snake prone to the Catskills.

Jon had patted her arm comfortingly, telling her that in almost 20 years he'd only ever been bitten twice. Olivia had paled as everybody laughed until Jon confessed he was tweaking her. She had caught Martha glancing at her a few times and knew that look, she wanted to speak with her, alone. As Martha began clearing the empty plates, Olivia offered to help.

They entered the kitchen and Olivia moved over to the sink and rolled up the sleeves on her red 'v' neck sweater and began filling the sink with warm water.

Martha studied the tall brunette from the side and lifted a towel in readiness to start drying. "You broke her heart," she said quietly.

Olivia swallowed, 'and so it begins' , she thought. "I know," she answered and turned to look at the older woman.

"We thought she was dead, all those years..." she pushed back the painful memories and continued, "when she came home....after you had left...she was devastated. Wouldn't eat, wouldn't sleep, all she would do was sit up at that lake and break her heart," she swallowed, "it broke our hearts to see her in that much pain...because of you," she said flatly.

Olivia looked out the window and caught a glimpse of blonde hair blowing in the light breeze, "I was undercover, nobody knew where I was...I didn't leave her," she blinked a few times, "I would never leave her," she said and turned back to Martha. "I know how much you and Jon mean to her, a fool can see that and I'm so glad she had you both to come home to," she said and wiped at a stray tear. "I knew she was alive, knew she was out there....that was worse than thinking she was dead," Olivia whispered as her eyes glistened.

Martha heard the pain in her voice and moved closer, "She designed this house, spent 16 months of her life here, supervising the construction...making it perfect...there was only one thing missing.." she paused and nodded at her, "someone to share it with...she's loved you for a long time Olivia, longer than you possibly realize....please don't break her heart again," she said as her eyes shone with unshed tears.

Olivia swallowed and wiped at her own eyes, "I won't," she whispered.

Alex stood at the doorway, catching the end of the emotional exchange, her heart melted at Olivia's admission. She walked over to the two women and placed a reassuring hand on Martha's shoulder, "We'll get the dishes later, Liv and I are going for a walk."

Part 5

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