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The Cabot Cabin
By VivalaB


Part 5

Alex and Olivia exited the cabin via the kitchen in order to say goodbye to Jon, he had asked about plans for dinner but Alex informed him they were still tired and it would be an early night. They agreed to have lunch together the following day instead.

As they turned and walked away from the table, Martha appeared in the doorway and smiled warmly at their retreating forms before reminding her husband of the duties he needed to perform before dusk. Olivia glanced over her shoulder as she heard Jon groan loudly.

"Anywhere in particular you want to go?" Alex asked, deciding to allow Olivia to pick their path.

Olivia looked at the vast expanse of forest around her and nodded, "Show me your lake, I'm not ready for the timber-rattlers yet."

Alex shook her head, "The chances of either one of us being bitten by a venomous snake is a zillion to one," she sighed, shaking her head.

"The chances of us being here together are a zillion to one," she retorted, wincing at she said it. She reached for Alex's hand, "I'm sorry, that didn't come out quite the way I planned," she said and continued before Alex could comment, "I meant the circumstances that brought us here, Sean Connors and Dean Porter, not you and me here together," she clarified, searching Alex's eyes for understanding.

Alex smiled at her and squeezed her hand in reassurance, "It's okay, I know what you meant."

Olivia looked behind her at the house, seeing the entire structure for the first time in daylight. The cabin was magnificent, natural timber and lots of large, well sited windows made it look warm and inviting. She tugged Alex's hand, "Can we walk the perimeter? I've not seen your creation in all its glory," she asked eagerly.

Alex returned the tug and waited until Olivia turned to face her, "I believe you saw my creation back at the diner Detective," she answered in a teasing tone.

Olivia's jaw dropped, shocked at the blatantly flirtatious tone, "Who are you and what have you done with Alex Cabot?" she asked, taking a step closer.

Alex nudged her playfully, "Don't pretend you don't like it, I could say the same about you."

Olivia furrowed her brow in confusion.

"Um...a couple of hours ago, you were the one ignoring a bullet wound and writhing about on top of me, or was that some other beautiful brunette that got me all wet and wanting?" she teased, waggling her eyebrows.

Olivia blushed at the memory and then the penny dropped, "You think I'm beautiful?" she asked shyly.

"Stunningly so," Alex confirmed.

Olivia looked briefly at the ground and then back up into her eyes, unable to hide the grin that spread across her face, "You're not so bad yourself Counselor."

Alex laughed, "C'mon, before we start making out in front of Martha and Jon,"

"Rather confident of yourself there, aren't ya."

Alex leaned in closer, "Are you saying you wouldn't?" she breathed out.

Olivia held her gaze, "I'm saying, the next time we start this..." she dipped her head until their mouths were almost touching..."we'll finish it...audience or not..." she whispered and placed a gentle kiss on the parted lips before her. She took a step back and looked into the flushed face of the beautiful blonde, "Coming?" she asked, tugging her in the direction of the wraparound porch.

'Soon, I hope', Alex mused as she followed closely behind her.

Martha and Jon watched the exchange with keen interest. Once the couple were out of sight, Jon turned to Martha, "I like her, I feel like I've know her for years, " he admitted.

Martha smiled at him, "Well, considering Alex has talked about no-one else for almost a decade, that's to be expected," she replied.

"How did your chat go?" he asked curiously.

Martha nodded her head, "She loves her, that part is obvious...they'll be fine up here, it's back in the city I'm worried about, what then?" she asked, voice full of concern.

Jon rose form his chair and moved to his wife and wrapped his arms around her, "That's up to them sweetheart, they'll work it out. You know how Lex gets when she makes up her mind about something," he reminded her.

Martha placed her hands over his arms and nodded her head in agreement, "Do I ever," she said and they both laughed knowingly.

They walked hand in hand slowly around the large lake, treading the boardwalk at a leisurely pace.

Olivia had been engrossed in Alex's tales of construction dilemma's, timber issues and tantrums she had thrown during the building of the cabin. She had marveled at the enthusiasm in the blonde's voice as she recalled the life cycle of the house from inception to completion. She had also noticed that Alex had avoided the reasons why she had built the cabin. She tried her best to ignore the natural inquisitor inside her but the questions were clamouring for release, she was about to ask when Alex squeezed her hand tightly, causing her to stop and look at her in surprise.

Alex pointed out across the water and Olivia gasped.

"What is that?" she asked.

"An osprey, must be dinner time," Alex informed her as they both watched the magnificent bird of prey hover over the water and plunge in feet first, only to emerge seconds later with a fish speared between its toes.

Olivia opened her mouth in amazement at the sight, "Wow, oh my God, wow. How does it do that?" she asked excitedly.

Alex laughed at the wonderment in Olivia's words, "Reversible toes."

"Ouch," Olivia answered as she watched the bird fly off into the distance. She sat down at the edge of the wooden jetty and motioned for Alex to sit beside her. Once they were both settled, legs swinging above the water, Olivia turned to her, "What made you decide to build the cabin?" she asked tentatively.

Alex inhaled deeply and looked out across the calm water, "I've been coming up here for 17 years, originally we stayed in the Gatehouse, Martha and Jon lived in it too but there was plenty of space. My mother never came up here, she preferred the city. I asked her to come up here not long after my father died but she said it would be too painful. I found peace up here...I always have. Whenever I can't think straight or need to decompress, I head for the hills, " she said smiling as she looked at Olivia.

"But why ? That must have been a huge task, I mean you deigned it yourself , supervised the construction, decorated the interior...Martha says it consumed your life for 16 months..." even as she said it she realized she already knew the answer.

Alex watched as realization flashed across Olivia's features, "Exactly, for 16 months, I did nothing else except focus on the cabin," she said wistfully.

"When did you start," Olivia asked, suspecting she knew the answer.

Alex shrugged, "About a month after I found out you were gone," she paused, "I came up here the same day the super in your building told me you were gone and hadn't left a forwarding address," she felt Olivia shift her hand to intertwine their fingers. "I don't know what I would have done if Martha and Jon hadn't been here...Jon and I walked and talked for hours through the forest, he talked about my father and how we were 'cut from the same Cabot cloth' and that if I could survive in Wisconsin, I could survive anything," she said smiling fondly at the memories.

"I'm so sorry Alex," Olivia said quietly.

Alex smiled back at her, "Me too, anyway, that got me thinking and I remembered when my father and I would sit over there," she pointed to a spot in front of the house, "and watch the sunset over the lake. Whenever I felt like I was losing my way, we'd sit there and talk things through and watch the day ending...knowing that tomorrow was on the horizon, full of new possibilities...that's when I decided I wanted to build somewhere permanent that had that view, every day, so that no matter what, I would go to bed with fresh hope," she finished quietly.

Olivia swallowed the lump in her throat, "Your father must have been an exceptional person Alex, you only have to look at the amazing person you've become to know that. He would be very proud of you...and what you've achieved," she said honestly.

Alex nodded her head, "Thanks, I know he was...he would have liked you, I think you would have got on well together."

Olivia shook her head, "Really?" she said in surprise.

Alex nodded, "Definitely, I think that's what attracted me to you in the first place," she paused, "you're both strong, independent, opinionated individuals who never take 'no' for an answer," she said, giving her a playful nudge.

Olivia snorted, "You forgot smart, sexy, funny, charming..."

Alex laughed, "Egotistical, modest, full of self importance..."

"True, but you love me anyway," she said before realizing what she had said. She nervously turned her attention to the water, "Have you always preferred women?" she asked, opting to change the course of their current conversation.

"Have you?"

"I asked first," she said and lifted her eyes from the water to look at her.

Alex took a deep breath, "My parents were aware of my preferences, my father had no issues but my mother..." she shook off old memories and sighed, "...It's almost impossible to achieve any distinction within the DA's office as anything other than what is perceived to be, 'normal," she said bitterly.

"Is that a 'no'," Olivia asked, holding her gaze.

"I haven't dated a woman since I started at the DA's office, I've maintained a public perception of normality by accepting dinner invitations from notable, high profile bachelors. Suffice to say, I've been wined and dined by the best but that's as far as it goes," she squeezed Olivia's hand, "until I was shot, my career was everything to me. I was attracted to you from the moment you boldly sat on my desk as Cragen demanded a warrant in the Cleary rape case," she confessed.

Olivia remembered the case well, "That long?" she said smiling.

Alex rolled her eyes in response before asking, "What about you, when I joined the squad you were known as, 'love 'em and leave 'em Benson'."

Olivia shuddered at the memories, "It's hard enough being accepted as a woman doing this job, never mind living a flexible lifestyle, I've always been discrete and the women I've dated were in similar positions," she admitted, thinking of a particular former ADA.

Alex mulled over the newly acquired information, "Have you and Elliot...ever...?" she stammered.

"Oh my God...no! He's like family, did you really think that?" she asked stunned.

"Not really, but I've seen how you are with each other...I used to be jealous of him" she confessed quietly.

Olivia smiled, "Really? Jealous of El? He's married with a billion kids and more catholic than the Pope...he'd never cheat on Kathy...he's just always looked out for me, I don't know what I'd do without him," she answered honestly.

Alex smiled, "When was the...um...last time, you ...um, you know, with a woman?" she asked nervously before adding, "You don't need to answer that, in fact, just forget I asked."

The hand holding hers released it and moved to her shoulder, bringing them closer and Olivia leaned in, "It was a long time ago, before you started at SVU," she said quietly, turning slightly and placing her free hand on Alex's thigh and began to trace idle patterns on the denim clad leg.

Alex tipped her head and frowned, "You haven't been with a woman since?"

"Nope. I've flirted with a few but that's as far as it's gone. I've been on a lot of first dates with men but my heart hasn't been in it. A relationship with a man is less complicated than with a woman. With men it's just a form of physical release, with women it's about a connection on all levels," she paused, "do you know what I mean?" she asked as her hand moved higher.

Alex nodded, not trusting her voice as warmth radiated up her leg at the tender touch.

"When you joined the SVU and started hanging around the precinct, it was hard not to notice you Alex. You walked in, oozing confidence and garnered everyone's attention, effortlessly. You sat on my desk every time you came in...was that deliberate" she asked suddenly.

Alex smiled, "I think it was more a subconscious desire to be close to you than a deliberate act. I would have been too afraid you would have recognized my actions for what they truly were," she admitted. "I found it harder to hide my feelings when we fought over warrants though, sometimes I just wanted to grab you and kiss you just to get you to stop," she grinned.

Olivia laughed, "I had those same thoughts...I loved watching you argue your point, even when you had me beat, I kept it going just to see the passion in your eyes," she confessed and received another nudge. "I knew I was attracted to you, it was safer to live with the fantasy of you and me together rather than act on it and potentially destroy our friendship...besides I was convinced you were straight," she admitted.

Alex snorted, "My God, every dinner we went on felt like a date, how can you say that? How many doors did you open for me, how many chairs did you pull out for me to sit on...how many smoldering looks did I give you across a dinner table. I touched you at every opportunity and stood close enough to let you know I wanted you in my personal space," she said incredulously.

Olivia leaned in and kissed her lightly, "You are a shameless flirt Alex Cabot," she whispered as she pulled back.

Alex smiled and reached out a hand to brush a few loose strands of brunette hair away from Olivia's eyes, "What about Porter?" she asked, remembering his confession from the day before of how he planned to kill Alex in a deranged attempt to win Olivia's love.

Olivia shrugged, "What about him?"

"Were you ever involved with him?" she asked tentatively.

Olivia shook her head, "I considered it briefly at one point, I thought he was one of the good guys... We went for dinner a few times and some drinks but nothing ever happened between us." she bit her bottom lip before asking, "What about you and Langan?" referring to the slimy defense attorney she and Elliot had once interrupted at dinner with Alex.

Alex laughed out loud, "Trevor? Never, though he has come in useful a few times when I've needed an urgent favor and dinner with him is a small price to pay," she paused, unsure if she should continue, "When he defended you in the Clyde Vandyne case, didn't you see a different side to him?" she probed cautiously.

Olivia reluctantly had to agree, he had been surprisingly supportive but she had reasoned that's why his fee was so high. A missing piece of that particular puzzle clicked loudly into place, she never had gotten a straight answer out of him as to who had paid his retainer, she looked at the woman beside her. "You paid Langan to represent me," a statement, not a question.

Alex nodded.

"Why?" Olivia asked quietly.

"Do you need to ask?"

Olivia frowned, "Did you think I was guilty?"

Alex snorted, "Of course not...I couldn't represent you myself and as much as I hate to admit it, Trevor is the best defense lawyer in the city. I knew the squad just needed time to prove your innocence," she answered honestly.

Olivia stared at her in disbelief, "You did that a week after I put in an official request for a new ADA."

Alex smiled, "You withdrew the request the same day, I saw the paperwork."

They sat in contemplative silence for a few minutes, processing everything that had been said so far, absorbing the physical connection which seemed to ground them and which gave Olivia the strength to ask her toughest question.

"Why did you give up on me, when you knew I was back from undercover, why didn't you return my calls?" she asked quietly.

Alex blew out a long breath, "By the time you got back, I was up here. I kept contact with the city minimal, I needed to focus on something that I could control, that no-one could take away from me..."

"I called you as soon as I found out you were back, I left messages, I emailed...I waited for you Alex. The whole damn time you were gone, I waited. All I wanted was a chance to tell you how I felt but you came back and disappeared again, you made your feelings pretty clear..." she trailed off sadly.

"What about you and Kurt?" Alex asked suddenly, referring to the editor of the New York Ledger that Olivia had dated for six months a couple of yeas ago, after Alex had returned.

Olivia sighed, "What about the guy who whispered 'Emily' when you were in bed together in sleepy Wisconsin?! What happened to him?" she volleyed back.

Alex shook her head, "Don't..."

"Don't what? It's okay for you to comment on who I shared a bed with when I thought I'd never see you again, after you ignored my attempts to contact you, but not the other way round?" Olivia retorted. "You were out of WITSEC when I started dating Kurt, all you had to do was make one lousy phone call."

Alex withdrew from the warm embrace and abruptly stood up, Olivia quickly followed, ignoring the searing pain that ripped through her side as she did so. They stood in front of each other, the tenderness of the past hour slipping away.

Olivia held her eyes, "When you came back to testify against Connors, I begged Elliot to let me do the night watch...to be alone with you...I had waited so long to see you, to talk to you and tell you how I felt but you couldn't wait to tell me about the man who shared your bed," she swallowed a grimace as the pain in her side increased, "We shared a bed that night and all I wanted to do was hold you but you made it perfectly clear you weren't interes-"

"I've always been interested, that's the problem. I wanted to hold you too, tell you how much I cared, how much I missed you ...Agent Hammond also knew but he said it would only make it harder for both of us. I spent every night away from you looking at the stars wishing I was home. Every single night Liv. When I came back for Connors trial, Elliot told me how detached you'd become, how you'd withdrawn into yourself. He told me about the hours you put in at the station, how many night's you stayed there instead of going home....I knew I was responsible for that....there never was a claims adjuster sharing my bed, I made that up to help you move on and forget about me," she finished taking a few steadying breaths.

Olivia stood dumbstruck, "What made you think I could ever forget you?" she asked stunned.

Alex shrugged her shoulders and shook her head.

"I dated Kurt because I was lonely, I needed someone away from work. We had dinner and talked but Alex," she stepped forward and cupped her face, "he saw the picture of you in my living room and I told him how I felt about you...He was, he is, the only person I've ever told how I really felt about you and what you meant to me," she admitted quietly.

Alex swallowed and reached up to remove the hands from her face, clasping them to her chest instead, "And how do you feel now?" she whispered.

Olivia closed what distance there was left until their bodies touched, "You have to ask?"

Alex smiled, knowing in her heart she didn't.

"I love you Alex, I always have...even when I knew you were back and didn't want to talk to me I loved you and as complicated as this makes our working lives, I'll never let you walk away again...where you go..."

"...I go," Alex finished softly, "I love you Liv, I have for the longest time...I'm so sorry..."

Olivia shook her head, "No more apologies, no more regrets...we're here together Alex and I won't let anything or anyone steal any more time away from us," she promised.

They smiled lovingly as they blinked back tears of joy, wrapping their arms around each other and pouring every ounce of love they felt into the kiss they shared. The kiss quickly deepened and became a mutual battle for dominance. Hands began to wander as they rocked together on the boardwalk. Alex smoothed hand down Olivia's side, she stilled her questing as she encountered wetness and pulled back, much to Olivia's moaning protestations.

Alex looked at her hand. A familiar, dark colour covered her fingers and she bent her head to look at Olivia's side. A dark patch was clearly visible on the detective's sweater. She quickly lifted the sweater, revealing a fresh patch of blood staining the white tee shirt.

Olivia winced as the material moved and tugged at her sensitive, bloody skin, "I think I ripped open the glue when I stood up, I felt it tearing," she blew out around a ragged breath, a heady combination of both pain and pleasure.

Alex motioned for her to lift her arms and she removed both items of clothing carefully, leaving Olivia clad only in jeans and an alluring, red silk bra.

Olivia gasped as the fabric was peeled from her skin and the cool air blew across her exposed body. She closed her eyes and counted to ten, she opened her eyes and watched as Alex carefully dabbed at her wounds with the tee shirt, "If you wanted to get me naked, you only had to ask," she teased.

Alex straightened and smiled, "I think we need to get you back to the cabin and glue you back together again."

Olivia pouted, "It's not that sore...honest," she said, moving in to kiss her again, eager to continue what they had started.

Alex grinned and reached for the belt loops on Olivia's jeans, "There's plenty of time for that later...are you wearing the matching panties?" she teased.

Olivia kissed her hungrily before easing back slightly, allowing their labored breathing to mingle, "I was so wet this morning after that display of yours, that I decided it would be a shame to waste such fine lingerie," she whispered and traced the lips in front of her with the tip of her tongue, smiling as they parted in realization.

Alex closed the distance and welcomed Olivia's invading tongue. She moved a hand to the front of Olivia's denim clad crotch and cupped her sex firmly, deliberately pressing the seam into her sensitive flesh. Olivia trapped her hand with trembling thighs, Alex moaned into her mouth at the heat she felt through the fabric as Olivia ground herself onto her hand. As she increased the pressure Olivia tore her mouth away gasping at the sensations coursing through her, the pain in her side forgotten.

They locked eyes as they continued to move sensuously against each other.

"Let's get you seen to," Alex whispered raggedly, giving her a seductive squeeze before reluctantly removing her hand.

From his spot at the other side of the lake, Jon shifted his gaze through the viewfinder from the nesting Osprey to a flash of red. He smiled as he lowered his binoculars, 'Something tells me tomorrow's lunch is going to be canceled,' he mused.

He looked through the lens again and laughed out loud as he watched Alex drag Olivia hurriedly towards the cabin.


Part 6

"You know, maybe we should have someone look at you."

"Someone is looking at me."

Alex swatted her playfully, "I mean someone with a bit more medical knowledge, Jon is a qualified veterinarian..."

Olivia snorted, "I'm not an animal" she said incredulously.

Alex looked up at her from her position on the floor, she gazed at her for a few seconds before answering, "Aren't you?"

Olivia's face broke out into a grin and she reached a hand down to stroke silky strands of blonde hair, "I would be... if you'd stop fussing," she said teasingly.

Alex felt her scalp tingle at the loving gesture, she closed her eyes briefly and absorbed the sensation before applying the protective gauze to both patches of newly glued skin. From her position against the vanity in Alex's bathroom, Olivia admired the woman tending for her so carefully. She had been reluctant to admit she had felt the adhesive tearing earlier in the morning as they had fooled around on the bed. The angle at which she had stood abruptly on the boardwalk had caused it to come away completely.

Alex used the strong thighs in front of her for support as she stood up, wincing as she did so. The move didn't go unnoticed by her companion.

"You okay?" Olivia asked, reaching out a concerned hand to touch Alex's arm.

Alex smiled, "Yep, just a bit stiff, what about you? You've got some nice bruising down there, does it hurt?" she said as she lightly traced the colorful skin below Olivia's ribcage.

"Only when I breathe," she quipped.

Alex frowned at her, "I'm serious Liv," she said.

Olivia sighed, "It comes and goes, the spray is numbing it but I can feel my skin tightening up," she answered honestly.

Alex nodded, "What about your head? You haven't mentioned that," she asked, lifting a hand to gently feel the slight bump at the back of her skull.

"It was achy this morning but after 8 hours sleep, I feel fine." she replied.

Alex looked at her, "You sure?"

Olivia groaned, "It might have escaped you r attention but I'm a grown woman and a cop... trust me, when this bag of bones needs medical attention, you'll be the first to know," she said, softening her tone.

Alex smiled, "Okay but, how about we take it easy for now?" she asked.

Olivia frowned, "If, taking it easy', means no touching then, my answer is 'no'," she said and pouted.

Alex smiled, "We've got thirteen days Liv, I think we can put a couple aside to let your body heal," she reasoned.

Olivia leaned forward and kissed her gently on the lips, "Kissing doesn't hurt, how about we kiss for a coupla days and I'll tell you when to stop..." she said and kissed her again, holding her close.

Alex smiled into the kiss, "How about I make you sleep in the guest room until you're completely healed?" she countered.

"I finally have you in my arms and you're rejecting me...after everything I did for you..." she sighed.

Alex leaned back, "Hmm, let me see....your deranged, deluded, FBI 'friend' agent Porter sets it up to look like Liam Connors has escaped from prison and is coming after me, to kidnap me, take me to a cabin, kill me and win your heart?" she said frowning and tapping her chin with a finger.

Olivia groaned, "You really need to build a bridge Alex, I mean it happened..." she looked at her watch, "...over 24 hours ago."

Alex looked at her blankly, "I don't get that," she said frowning.

Olivia kissed the frown until it disappeared, "I'm saying..." she kissed her nose, "get over it," and moved her mouth to the waiting lips.

They leaned in again and spent a leisurely amount of time exploring each others mouths, tongues dancing together in a sensual display of desire, they held each other tightly as the flames of passion flared. As the kissing intensified, so did their need. Alex moved her hands to Olivia's bra covered breasts and cupped them, enjoying their weight. Olivia moaned into her mouth and gave in to the sensations the eager hands induced. She reached down and tugged Alex's shirt from her jeans, needing to touch her bare skin. She splayed her hands across Alex's lower back and marveled at the heat emanating form the other woman. She parted her thighs and maneuvered Alex until they were each straddling a thigh. They both moaned at the intimate contact and began to gently rock against each other in a slow, pulsating rhythm.

Alex tore her mouth from Olivia's. "We...can't...do...this..."she panted, unable to still the movement of her hips or hands, She licked her bottom lip and closed her eyes at the delicious sensations and rubbed her palm sensuously over the hardened nipples, desperate to free them from their silken confines.

Olivia moved her hands to the front of Alex's shirt and her mouth to the base of her throat, sucking eagerly at the wildly beating pulse point at the open collar, "I want you Alex... I've never wanted anyone as much in my entire life..." she began slowly opening the buttons, "I told you...this morning...if we started this...we'd finish it..." she panted out between nips as her hands moved higher, revealing more bare skin, "I'm fine, I promise...if it starts to hurt..." she opened the last button and eased the shirt down her arms, "I'll tell you," she said raggedly as she felt Alex grip her thigh harder.

They both moaned.

Alex opened her eyes and looked deeply into dilated dark orbs.

"What if you get hurt?" she breathed out as she moved her hands underneath the silken material. Her fingers circled the swollen peaks of flesh before capturing the stiff buds, tugging and twisting the engorged nipples.

Olivia squeezed her thighs in response to the ministrations on her breasts and moved her hands to Alex's wrists, pulling the torturing hands away from her bare breasts and holding them behind her back. Alex looked at her quizzically until Olivia leaned forward and captured a protruding nipple between her teeth through the thin material of Alex's bra.

Alex sucked in a breath and arched her back to give her better access, " Oh Liv," she breathed out, "maybe...we should...move this..ungh...to the bed," she panted as she enjoyed the new angle her swollen clit had against the hardened thigh.

Olivia held the cloth covered nipple between her teeth and batted at it with her hot, wet tongue, she sucked hard, enjoying the effect it had on the beautiful woman in her arms. She felt the wetness between her own legs increase and coat the inside of her jeans, she pressed harder against Alex's slender thigh and groaned into the breast she was suckling at the tantalizing friction.

Alex removed her arms from Olivia's hold and pushed her back slightly, causing Olivia to scrape her teeth against her breast as she released it. She gasped as a new surge of wetness surged onto her already soaked underwear.

They both stood panting, faces flushed, looking hungrily at each other as their bodies heaved with want, Alex briefly looked down at Olivia's side to check the gauze, "Are you sure?...we can...later..." she rasped out as she traced her side with a concerned hand.

Olivia smiled at her, panting heavily, "If we stop now..." she reached a hand down and released the button of Alex's jeans, "...will you take matters into your own hands?" she asked as she tugged on the zipper.

Alex covered the hand and leaned in, "Would you watch?" she whispered.

Olivia groaned in response.


Part 7

She nudged the hand below her own as she prompted Olivia to pull down the zipper. Olivia felt her pulse race as she looked into the lustful gaze of Alex Cabot and lowered the metal fastening. She had imagined, many times, over the years what, 'being with Alex' would be like and the reality paled in comparison to even her wildest fantasies.

Alex removed her hand from Olivia's, lifted it slowly and slid it underneath the waistband of her own underwear. Her jeans sat open and Olivia shifted her gaze and watched transfixed as the fingers disappeared in an achingly slow motion.

Alex gasped as her fingers passed over the neatly trimmed patch of blonde hair and dipped lower, coming into contact with abundant wetness. She brushed past her swollen clit and swallowed a moan as her centre clenched, seeking contact, searching for relief.

Her silk underwear was ruined, of that she had no doubt, but she didn't care. All that mattered was the look of utter wonder on the face of the heavily breathing, beautiful brunette before her. She eased her fingers lower into the warm slickness, she shifted her stance and hitched her breath as she cupped herself, using her middle finger to part her swollen outer lips. She closed her eyes as the long, slender digit rubbed tantalisingly along the hood protecting her sensitive bundle of nerves. She was so swollen, so sensitive, so ready.

Olivia reached out and held her hips, providing support as she took in the erotic scene before her.

Alex lost herself in the sensation and ground into her hand, she felt her clit pulse in response. She opened her eyes and watched as Olivia subconsciously licked her lips while her eyes remained pinned to the unseen hand moving beneath the denim. She breathed raggedly, panting in time with her gentle thrusting and closed her eyes again. She bit her bottom lip, unable to focus on anything other than the tightening in her belly as her inner muscles tensed in anticipation.

Olivia watched the scene in rapt fascination, she'd never seen anything so hot in her life. She had always considered herself uninhibited in the bedroom, but she'd never witnessed anything so intimately private such as the sight before her. She had never touched herself in front of anyone, never understanding what the appeal was...until now.

Watching Alex thrusting her hips against her unseen hand, enjoying the gentle bounce of the firm breasts combined with her wanton expression and labored breathing, only made Olivia ache for more. She needed to see what Alex was doing.

Olivia moved one of her hands to the apex of Alex's legs and cupped her concealed hand. Alex opened her eyes at the touch, her breath caught in her throat as Olivia pressed into her, causing her own hand to slide more firmly against her engorged clit. She rocked forward and used her free hand to steady herself against the new onslaught of feelings. Olivia pushed her own exposed, soaking centre against the seam of her jeans in order to gain some relief. The movement brought their bodies together, Olivia groaned loudly as her over heated, denim covered centre, came into contact with the back of her own hand and they began to rock together once more.

Alex released her anchoring hold on Olivia's hip and moved it to her ass and pulled her in deeper, they both stumbled and looked at each other, hungry desire reflected in both their faces.

Alex could feel the glasses slipping down her nose as their tempo increased, she lifted her hand to remove them but Olivia stopped her, "Keep them on," she panted as she secured them in place before curling her arm around Alex's waist to hold their bodies securely together.

Alex didn't trust herself to answer, she couldn't. Her only focus was the growing need between her legs and the woman in front of her. Olivia pressed harder and watched the effects flash across Alex's flushed face, "I need to see you," she whispered and leaned in, kissing her desperately. Lips crushed together, finesse forgotten as the fervour took over.

Alex could feel the tightening coil of tension in her belly and tore her mouth away, "can't...stand...any...more..." she panted and stepped backwards on unsteady legs. She removed her own hand, trying to signal her intentions of moving them to the bedroom.

Olivia reached for the glistening fingers and brought them to her lips as Alex continued to walk backwards. She licked a hot trail over the wet digits and sucked them eagerly into her hot mouth and felt a new wave of wetness gush from her pulsing core. Alex moaned and reached for her, pulling her close. Olivia released Alex's hand and thrust it into the open top of her own jeans, pushing her hand down. They both opened their mouths and panted heavily at the contact.

"Liv...you're so wet...have you been like this...all day?" Alex managed to breathe out as she stroked slow circles around her soaking nub.

"More like..since the day...we...uh...met..." she panted out, as Alex dipped her fingers lower into the wetness.

Alex's breathing hitched, a heady combination of the response and the pulsing sex eager to welcome her questing fingers. Olivia moved a hand to the opening at Alex's denims and looked into her eyes, seeking permission, Alex nodded urgently, "Please," she panted as they shared the same breath. Olivia kissed her at the same time she lowered her hand beneath the waistband of her silky underwear. She thrust her tongue into Alex's mouth with the same teasing tempo her fingers were dancing against her swollen clit.

Olivia swallowed the moans of the beautiful blonde and groaned herself as their pace increased. Their breasts bounced and brushed together, the material only heightening the indirect stimulation against both sets of hardened nipples.

Alex needed more; she tore her mouth away and urgently backed Olivia into the wall nearest the door. She pushed her against it roughly, maintaining their intimate contact. The groan that escaped Olivia's lips was not pleasure and she stopped the movement of her hand.


Olivia reached her free hand up behind her head, "Ow... that stung," she panted as she felt the contusion from the day before beat an achy pulse at her touch.

"I'm sorry, "Alex whispered as she removed her hand from Olivia's heated core, wiping the stickiness on her thigh.

Olivia frowned, "Don't stop," she pleaded and reached for the slender hand.

Alex touched the back of her head carefully, not breaking eye contact, "That feels sore, c'mon," she said, trying to bring her breathing and arousal under control as she smoothed sweaty wisps of hair away from Olivia's forehead.

Olivia groaned, "But I want to...finish this," she whined and stroked the length of Alex to press home her point.

Alex gasped and bucked at the touch, she reluctantly pulled back, "Me too, but I don't want you getting hurt," she groaned, watching the brown eyes close and open again.

Olivia slowly removed her hand, giving the wet heat one last, long stroke. She saw Alex's stomach muscles contract as she deliberately touched the bundle of nerves directly. She lifted her hand and licked the fingers clean before smacking her lips loudly and smiling at the blonde before her.

Alex shook her head and smiled, then suddenly frowned.

"What?" Olivia asked breathing out heavily, trying to ignore the pulsing between her legs.

Alex took her hand and moved her into the bedroom towards the large window, it was early evening and the mixed hues of sunset were streaming in through the glass. She positioned her in front of the window. "Close your eyes Liv," she instructed softly.

Olivia sniggered, "You really are a dark horse...here?...Really? In front of the window?"

Alex shook her head, "You are incorrigible," she admonished playfully.

"Only when I'm with you," she answered over her shoulder.

"Close your eyes," she repeated and placed her hands on the bare shoulders. After a few seconds she prompted her to turn round and open them. Alex studied her face closely and looked intensely into her eyes.

Olivia raised her eyebrows in question, "Well?" she asked.

"Your right eye is fixed and dilated, "She said, voice filled with concern as she watched the left eye react normally to the changes in light.

Olivia frowned, "Which means what, Dr Cabot?"

Alex ran her fingers gently over the bump at the back of her head, "That I need to call Jon," she sighed and stroked Olivia's arm tenderly.

Olivia wrapped her arms around her, "Are you trying to kill me with sexual frustration?" she whispered into her ear, smiling as the slender figure in her arms laughed, sending vibrations through her own body.

"Maybe we're doomed never to...finish this," Alex replied quietly.

Olivia groaned, "Don't say that, I'm having a hard enough time just standing up," she admitted.

Alex pulled back in concern and searched her eyes, "Do you need to sit down?" she asked and tugged her towards the bed.

"More like, I need to lay down...with you on top of me," she groused.

Alex blew out a long, steadying breath and kissed her slowly, exploring her mouth tenderly. This kiss was different, unhurried and deeper than the others, connecting them on an intensely emotional level. As it ended naturally Alex smiled, "I love you Liv, now that I can finally tell you, I don't care how long we have to wait."

Olivia returned the smile and brushed her lips tenderly over the smiling mouth, "I know what you mean, I'm not going anywhere, but Alex, "she swallowed, "I really wanted to finish this," she whispered.

Alex closed her eyes and rested their foreheads together, desperately trying to ignore the unfulfilled ache between her legs, "Me too," she blew out.

After a few calming moments, she stepped back and ushered Olivia back towards the bathroom, "C'mon, let's go clean up before I call Jon," she said reluctantly.

In the bathroom Alex stood at the vanity, watching the basin fill with warm water. Olivia leaned into her back and wrapped her arms around her waist, "I love the way you smell...and taste..." she whispered before moving blonde hair aside to place a wet kiss on her neck and licking the salty skin teasingly.

Alex shuddered at the words and delicate touch. She closed her eyes, 'Damn Dean Porter and his deluded plan,' she silently cursed.


Part 8

Alex lay on one of the long white sofa's in the sunken living room watching the sunset through the enormous windowed wall. Her legs were stretched out in front of her and her hands were clasped behind her head. Her eyes tracked lazily from the changes in the sky to the woman on the next sofa, pretending to read a magazine.

"Stop watching me," she said and groaned.

Martha snorted, "Why would I be watching you?" she asked, placing her magazine down on the table in front of her.

Alex raised an eyebrow at her, "She bumped her head, I noticed her dilated pupil and called Jon straight away," Alex said answering the unasked question.

Martha smirked at her, "Did she bump her head before or after you were both half naked and pressed against the window in your bedroom?" she teased.

Alex looked away before answering, "We had a talk, by the lake…a really big talk and came back to the cabin to...finish it," she supplied.

Martha cleared her throat, "I see…and did you finish it?" she asked.


"And what about the talk?" she said, biting her lip to contain her mirth.

Alex whipped her head round, "Martha!"

Martha held up her hand up in mock surrender, "I'm sorry sweetheart, I couldn't resist. You're like a coiled spring lying there pretending you're fine. You forget I know you," she said honestly.

Alex smiled at her and laughed, "I finally get her up here and it's worse than not being with her. I just want to hold her, be with her, love her," she admitted shyly.

Martha looked back at her and nodded her head, "I know you do, you will and you've got lots of time for all those things," she said quietly.

Alex sighed, "We've only got thirteen days and Jon's probably upstairs telling her she needs bed rest for twelve and a half of those," she whined.

Martha rose from her seat and moved to perch on the armrest behind Alex's head, she leaned down, kissing her forehead tenderly, "I meant the rest of your lives," she said smiling.

Alex tilted her head back and blinked a few times, "What would I do without you?" she whispered, swallowing hard.

Martha reached down and caught the tears with her thumbs, "I love you baby, neither of us are going anywhere for a very long time so don't think things like that. Come on now," she smoothed blonde hair away from her forehead, "don't get upset, you've got too much to be thankful for," she said.

Alex smiled up at her and removed her hands from behind her head, she lifted one for Martha to hold, which she did, clasping it tenderly. "I am so lucky to have you and Jon, I love you both so much," she said smiling.

Martha squeezed her hand and they sat in comfortable silence for a few minutes before Martha leaned down and whispered, "So, now that the emotions are under control, is she as fit as she looks?"

Alex laughed in surprise, "And then some," she said, waggling her eyebrows suggestively.

Martha snorted and released her hand, "I'll make you both some supper, Jon's been up there for over an hour already, he must be nearly done," she said and moved to the wooden steps.

Alex watched her climb the stairs from the awkward angle on the sofa, she blew out a long breath and looked longingly up at the high ceiling.

Olivia sat on the edge of the bed, she lowered the tee shirt back over her head and smoothed it out. Jon had checked both wounds in her side and had been amazed that there was no apparent infection or inflammation indicating she needed proper medical attention. He had offered to put stitches in as opposed to the skin adhesive but she had declined. Five days was too long, she had other plans and they didn't involve worrying about tearing stitches open.

Jon emerged from the bathroom, "I really think you should reconsider," he said looking at her with concern.

Olivia smiled at him, reassuringly, "I'm fine, I'll be careful. I just bumped it and it took me by surprise," she said and stood up.

Jon shook his head, "You have a fresh contusion, you could have internal bleeding and your lack of response to light is indicative of trauma," he said softly and felt the back of her head again, "You can't take anything for it until tomorrow, just to be on the safe side," he reminded her, studying her reaction closely as his fingers pressed the area around the swelling.

Olivia smiled at him, "I'll be okay, Alex is taking good care of me," she said honestly.

Jon lowered his hands, "So I see," he said knowingly and smiled at the blush creeping up her neck. He turned round to gather the medical supplies that were on the dresser behind him, "She's always been good at taking care of others," he paused and looked over his shoulder at her, "she's not so good at letting others look after her," he said quietly.

Olivia nodded and turned to look out the window at the lowering sun, "I've know her for almost ten years Jon, I know what she can be like, " she answered honestly.

He moved to stand beside her and look out at the beautiful skyline, "You didn't see her when she came back from the city, after she was told you had gone…she was broken Olivia," he placed a hand on her shoulder, "Don't let her fool you when she says she's okay, she'll tell you what happened to her in Witness Protection and up here, "he motioned out the window, "when she's ready," he finished and squeezed her arm.

Olivia frowned, "What happened to her in Witness Protection?" she asked urgently.

Jon's eyes widened in surprise, realizing she had no idea what he was referring to.


Jon shook his head, "I'm sorry Olivia, that's for her to tell you, not me."

Olivia's mind raced, instantly thinking of every worst case scenario. She felt her heart speed up and she had a desperate need to see Alex. Now.

She turned away from the window and hurriedly made her way to the door.


She stopped and turned and watched him approach.

"She's okay now, don't force her to tell you, if you go charging down there," he raised a hand to silence her as she opened her mouth to argue, "if you go charging down there," he repeated, "she'll clam up. Let her tell you in her own time. Aren't there things you haven't told her?" he asked.

Olivia's mind raced back to Sealview and that basement, she nodded sadly, "You're right. I'm in no hurry and I'll never hurt her…she'll tell me when she's ready," she answered quietly.

Jon smiled in relief and surprised her by wrapping his arms around her, enfolding her in a fierce hug, she swallowed a lump of emotion and nodded her head.

Their naked bodies rocked together as one, limbs entwined in a lovers embrace. Their kisses were passionate, yet unhurried and the hands that danced across slightly damp skin left a fiery tingle in their wake. Alex breathed in the scents and sounds of her lover and moaned wantonly into her ear. Olivia rolled them over, laying her body over Alex and resting on her forearms. Alex pulled the arms down so that Olivia lay flush on top of her, savoring the weight of her body pressing into her. Legs parted and the fit became perfection. Alex placed her hands on the gloriously firm globes of Olivia's ass and pulled her against her aching sex.

Olivia stood motionless at the top of the stairs leading down to the sunken area, eyes transfixed on the lean body on the sofa. She watched as Alex lifted her hips into the air and began to slide her legs up and down.

Olivia swallowed and felt a familiar tingle flutter in her stomach when she saw Alex raise a hand and cup her own breast. She climbed down the steps noiselessly and approached the writhing blonde. As she moved behind the sofa she saw the closed eyes and confirmed her suspicions, Alex was asleep. Alex was asleep and having a wet dream.

Olivia watched as she lifted her hips higher and pressed her thighs together tightly. She was about to wake her when Alex let out a deep, guttural groan. Olivia felt her core clench at the timbre in her voice. She licked her lips and longed to be the one giving Alex such pleasure. She closed her eyes in an effort to calm herself.


Olivia's eyes shot open and she gasped. Alex had wedged her hand between her thighs and was pumping it slowly. She reached over the sofa and placed steadying hands on the slender thighs, stilling the motion. She trailed a hand along the slender body and deliberately palmed a firm breast. Despite the barrier of the sofa, she leaned in as close as she could and whispered her name until sleepy blue eyes fluttered open.

She smiled down at her.

Alex took a minute to get her bearings, she looked at Olivia curiously. "What are you grinning for?" she asked, swallowing a few times to clear her dry throat. The vivid dream floating away on a cloud of reality.

Olivia cupped her cheek, "Jon said I was okay and Martha's left supper for us in the fridge," she said smiling.

Alex raised her eyebrows, "And that's why you're smiling?"

Olivia beamed back at her, "I'm smiling because I'm about to take the most beautiful woman I've ever met upstairs and show her how much I love her," she said quietly and moved her hand to one of Alex's and urged her to her feet.

Part 9

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