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SPOILERS: Intoxicated

Intoxicated Challenge
By stacey


Casey stood outside Olivia's apartment; she had a bottle of red wine and was contemplating just leaving it when the door opened. Casey looked surprised as she looked into the eyes of Simone Bryce. The other woman looked just as surprised to see Casey as the ADA had been.

"Casey…um it's nice to see you…" She said noticing the bottle in her hand. Casey nodded.

"Uh, yeah you too…what brings you here?" She asked and the older woman looked as though she was hiding something.

"Olivia called me…she was concerned with Carrie and I assured her that she was fine." She said. Casey nodded wishing she could hide the bottle in her hand.

"Oh…and how is she settling in at the juvenile center?" Casey asked trying to act as if she weren't standing in front of her colleague's door at near midnight, discussing her slam dunk…plead out with the opposition.

"How do you think, Casey?" Simone said with her usual snarky tone. "It could be a lot worse." Casey said and they both knew that to be true. Olivia's door swung open and the detective seemed like she was heading out. She stopped short when she saw the two women outside her door.

"Ah…um Simone you forgot your key." Olivia said pressing the metal into her hand. Casey didn't allow the hurt she was feeling cross over into her features. She just watched as a confused look came across Simone's face.

"But…I thought we had discussed this." The defense attorney said. Casey had seen and heard enough she turned around, ignoring Olivia's pleas for her to stop. The detective frustratedly looked back at Simone.

"I thought that we were friends." Liv stated. Simone reached out and touched Olivia's arm with the key.

"I thought that we were more than friends…that's why I gave you this." She said and Olivia shook her head.

"Simone…that was a long time ago, I told you how I felt…not only about us and our past, but about Casey and my feelings for her." Olivia confessed as she headed for the steps of her building. Casey felt stupid…of course Olivia & Simone had been together, they've know each other since Liv was a teenager.

"She helped me survive it." Casey remembered Olivia saying, she must've been the student of Serena Benson's. Simone Bryce had been the one, who wanted to rescue Olivia from her abusive mother. The pieces were falling into place for Casey as the elevator door opened, revealing Olivia leaning against the doorframe…waiting patiently.

"Olivia…really it's ok…you don't owe me any explanation…." Casey said bypassing the detective.

"Casey…Case, please let me…" She asked catching up with the A.D.A. Casey sighed as she stopped, turning to look into Olivia's dark brown eyes.

"What?" Casey asked feeling exhausted…not only physically but also emotionally at this dance that her and Liv seemed to have perfected. Olivia would open up and Casey would come close…only to have Liv step back.

"No wait…save it, you and Simone are a couple…I get it, I just don't understand why you didn't just tell me." Casey said. This time she would be the one that backed up…save Olivia the dance step. Olivia caught Casey's arm as she attempted to walk away.

"No…you have it all wrong…Simone and I, she…I" Olivia stumbled. Casey searched Olivia's face for something…anything that told her what Liv was trying to convey.

"Just tell me, Olivia." Casey said.

"It's over…it's been over for such a long time, but every time we are around each other…usually we both get together for that old familiar feeling." Olivia tried to explain. Casey nodded; this was actually the last thing that she wanted to hear from Olivia.

"So…that's why you gave her your key…" She said trying to be the supportive friend, instead of letting jealousy get into her way. Olivia smiled.

"No…the key was hers….I was giving it back to her….I'm not the person that I was before." She said, Casey cocked an eyebrow.

"What's changed?" She asked curious. Olivia reached out and touched Casey's cheek.

"You…" She said simply, but Casey pulled back…unable to stand the pain that she was feeling even as it subsided.

"You can't say that to me…Olivia it's not fair." She said. Casey attempted to pull out of Olivia's grasp when the detective leaned in and kissed the A.D.A.'s lips. Casey resisted, however just for a moment…until she allowed her body to lean into Olivia's. The pair's kiss was tentative at first, building in momentum. Permission-seeking tongues led to soft intertwining, tasting of the others mouth. As they parted lips…mainly for lack of oxygen, Olivia looked into Casey's deep green eyes.

"When I was leaving…it wasn't only so I could give the key back to Simone…I was coming over to your apartment." She said and Casey smiled her heart finally getting some feeling back into it.

"You were?" She asked and Olivia nodded.

"Yeah…Simone did help me, but it's you who I call now…and I want it to stay that way." She said. Casey's hand slipped into Olivia's, their fingers interlocking.

"It will…" Casey said softly.

The End

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