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By Katherine Quinn

Your legs are wrapped in my legs, your arm is flung over my waist and I can feel the warm sweat where our bodies touch. It's warm where you are, and I can feel you, naked behind me, pressed against my back. In sleep your body is relaxed, but my body is hyperaware of the feeling of your breath on the back of my neck and how your fingers are lying across my stomach. The clock blinks 4:34 for almost an hour before it clicks slowly forward. I sigh. I slide onto my back; you unconsciously adjust yourself, sliding onto me, your heavy blonde head against my chest, and your arm on my stomach. I love how our bodies fit together, seamless.

You're warm, my fingers are restless against your stomach, random circles become tiny hearts. I count them begging my body to relax and my eyes to close. I want to fall into the same rest as you. I forget that touching you is never the right answer. My fingers flow up your body, lazy hearts forgotten, becoming circles over your breasts and I smile as your body reacts to me even while you are sleeping. I hear your breathing increase, slightly, and so I stop, vowing to be the only one with insomnia tonight, but my resolve to leave you alone doesn't last long...my fingers slip over your stomach again and my lazy hearts resume again.

Your body is soft, you skin gives off a lightly flowery smell and my head rests on your shoulder, and my eyes are closed, but I still know that sleep won't come; at least, not until I do. My fingers this time find my way down your body, against you; I slip my hand over your sex and press gently, slowly, creating a rhythm. I'm slow, in no hurry, knowing that in your dream, you must be slowly realizing your increasing arousal. I hope you're not dreaming about that nun from high school, I might traumatize you for life.

I hear your sharp intake of breath, I slow, trying to keep you in sleep, but I can feel your wetness against my hand and I know you will be awake in a moment. My fingers slip between your wet folds and I find your swollen throbbing clit and I gently let my finger roll over it.

You come awake with a deep breath; your first instinct tightens your hand around my head. You reach for me, and I kiss your neck, and gently, slip over you, teasing you now. You're moaning my name, as I kiss a line down your neck, slowly increasing my tempo.

I love how your body reacts to me, the low moans, the way your back arches as I hit the right spot. I know the rhythm of your body, your hand gently resting on the fingers that are making you squirm. I know how to slide my fingers over you; I've heard your reactions to all the different tempos.

I'm determined to make you last, so I slow down and speed up. Your impatience makes me smile to myself; you always want it now. I flick my tongue over your nipple and get ready to give you what you're begging for. My final glory is the sound of you screaming in my ear, pulling my head into you. Your back arches as your body tightens and relaxes. I can feel your release.

You're beautiful; a thin layer of sweat covers your body and we stick to each other. I lick my fingers because I know you think it's sexy as hell. You give me a wicked grin as you ask me just what it was I thought I was doing. I smile and kiss your neck. I love you, I say, and I thought I was making you come.

You laugh; we kiss and begin again.

The End

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