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By mel


"So," Olivia started as she settled in behind her girlfriend on the couch. "What are we watching?"

Alex Cabot answered without looking up from the screen. "New show. Rizzoli & Isles."

"Cop show?" Olivia asked, pleased that it wasn't going to be a documentary or something.

"Yeah," Alex nodded and smiled where her detective girlfriend couldn't see.

"Why did it get your attention? You usually hate these kinds of shows."

"I only hate the law shows Liv," Alex turned and kissed her girlfriend quickly as the opening credits were ending. "The procedures are always wrong, the case law…," she started to argue her point but was quickly interrupted by the brunette behind her.

"Ohmygod," Olivia laughed and pointed at the screen. "Doesn't that detective look like Abbie Carmichael?"

Alex's head tilted to the side as she appraised the woman on the screen. "Yeah, it's eerie. But…," she let her voice trail off.

"What?" Olivia asked, intrigued.

"Can you really see Abbie as a cop?" Alex laughed.

"No, not really," Olivia agreed as Alex's cell began vibrating on the coffee table.

"Cabot," the blonde answered curtly.

"Are you watching R&I?" Casey Novak asked without preamble.

Alex laughed. "Yeah, we are. Seems good so far, thanks for recommending it."

"Doesn't Rizzoli remind you of Carmichael?"

Alex laughed again and nodded. "Yeah, actually, we were just talking about that. But I could never see Abbie as a cop."

"Oh god no," Novak laughed. "Sorry to interrupt your TV date night – just had see if you thought she looked like her too or not … it's been bugging me since the very first week."

"No problem," Alex smiled and leaned back into Olivia. "I'll talk to you later Case," she disconnected the call.

"Mmm," Olivia hummed as she pressed her lips to the blonde's neck. "Casey?"

"Yeah," Alex breathed, the detective's lips on her skin doing amazing things low in her belly. "She wanted to see if we thought that Rizzoli looked like Carmichael."

"I kind of figured that out myself," Olivia sucked gently at the blonde's pulse point.

"Of course you did, because you're the best detective in the 1-6. But zip it Benson, you're distracting me from my show," Alex joked as she felt the first wave of arousal coat her panties.

"It's tivoing," Olivia argued good-naturedly as she ran the tip of her tongue around the shell of the blonde's ear.

"Mmm," Alex nodded and flicked her eyes back toward the screen. "Hey! I have those shoes!" she pointed at the medical examiner who was now on scene.

Olivia rolled her eyes and stopped playing at the blonde's neck. "Fine. I get it. I can compete with a show, but if there's shoe fetish-ery going on I'm going to lose every time," she laughed and leaned her head back against the pillows of the couch.

"Not always," Alex smiled as she watched the show. "Besides, you like when I wear heels," she argued, her smile growing into a Cheshire cat grin as she felt Olivia shiver behind her.

"Mmm," Liv murmured and squeezed the blonde tighter. "I do."

"I know," Alex answered.

"Must you always win?" Olivia asked, feigning exasperation.

"Yep," Alex turned and kissed the brunette, the kiss quickly growing more heated as their tongues danced and stroked against each other inside the blonde's mouth.

"Wow," Alex murmured when the need for air forced them to separate.

Olivia smiled and pressed a soft kiss to the blonde's temple. "When did the show go to commercial?"

"Probably somewhere around the time your hand found its way under my shirt," Alex said and smiled as she felt Liv squeeze her breast teasingly.

"Just keeping it warm," Olivia chuckled.

"And other parts of me uncomfortably so," Alex murmured as the show starting back up drew her attention to the screen.

"Wow," Olivia breathed as her attention, too, was drawn back to the show.

"Hmm?" Alex hummed.

"Those heels are hot," the brunette nodded at the screen.

Alex ran her fingertips up Olivia's thigh and whispered. "I have those ones too."

"Oh fuck me," Olivia breathed at the mental image of Alex wearing those shoes and nothing else.

"That can be arranged," Alex smiled. "But usually you like it the other way around when I have the heels on."

"You really don't want to watch this show, do you counselor?" Olivia growled playfully, the idea of taking Cabot in those heels snaking its way into her libido.

"Mmm, it is being tivoed."

"Sweet Jesus," Olivia moaned.

Alex laughed softly. "Just you wait," she purred and climbed up off the couch. "Stay here."

Olivia grinned and nodded. "Whatever you say my love."

"Don't tempt me Detective," Alex threw over her shoulder as she sashayed down the hall toward their bedroom.

"Ahem," Alex's voice had Olivia's head snapping around so fast she almost suffered whiplash.

"Oh wow," the brunette licked her lips at the sight before her.

Alex was an absolute goddess, stopped in the middle of the hallway to their bedroom, in the exact shoes they'd been discussing with her hip cocked in a I dare you not to look at me stance and her hands resting challengingly on her hips.


Olivia let her eyes trail up from those ridiculously sexy shoes to the black lace baby-doll that was sheer enough to show that the blonde was wearing nothing under it to her face and the adorable way she was gnawing at her lip as she left herself on display.

"You are so fucking sexy," Olivia growled as she hopped over the back of the couch, stopping in front of the blonde a half a heartbeat later.

Alex just smiled, her eyes lighting up and her cheeks flushing slightly at the complement.

"And this," Olivia continued, running her fingertips up the blonde's sides, "is new, isn't it?"

Alex nodded. "Bought it yesterday on my way home from work."

"I like it," Olivia growled as she trailed her fingertips over the delicate fabric.

"I'm glad," Alex murmured as she relaxed her pose and closed the distance separating them. "And the shoes?"

"Hot," Olivia grinned and captured the blonde's lips in a searing kiss. "So fucking hot," she breathed when the need for air forced them to separate.

"So," Alex smiled as she trailed one finger over the brunette's breast.

"Hmm?" Olivia breathed as she watched the blonde's finger with rapt attention.

"Have you decided?" Alex smiled.

"Decided what?" Olivia asked breathily.

Alex chuckled softly. "If you want me to fuck you," she leaned in and whispered against Liv's ear.

The detective shuddered and felt her knees grow weak. She took half a step back and let her eyes rake the blonde's form.

"Well," Alex prodded, taking her own small step backwards toward the bedroom.

Olivia bit her lip thoughtfully, torn between the blonde's smoky incredibly arousing words and the vision of her in that little outfit, before answering softly. "No."

Alex's smiled faltered.

Olivia closed the distance separating them and gathered the wisp of a woman in her arms, quick to try and reassure her. "I think I'd like to enjoy the vision of you in these heels for a little bit longer," she murmured as she ran her hands up the blonde's taught thighs. "If you don't mind, I'd like to take my time enjoying you in these heels."

"Oh," Alex breathed, her breath hitching as she felt Olivia begin to play with the hem of the sheath.

"Mmm," Olivia smiled against Alex's lips as she grasped the blonde's hips and began to firmly lead them down the hall. "I love when you are in heels," she smiled.

Alex turned and moved carefully backwards down the hall, the combination of four inch heels and not being able to see where she was going combining to make the trek a little more hazardous than normal. She smiled as she felt Olivia stop them just inside the door and backed her up against the wall, groaned softly as the brunette used the grip on her hips to pull her in tight, their pelvises grinding together in a clash of need as hungry lips again crushed together.

"You are so fucking sexy," Olivia growled low and deep as she gasped for breath.

"Mmm," Alex groaned.

"I love the way you ass looks when you wear heels like this, the little extra sway it puts into your hips as you walk," she breathed against the blonde's ear. "So. Fucking. Sexy."

"God, Liv," Alex groaned.

"Hmm," Olivia murmured as she leaned in and rested her forehead against the blondes. "Yes?" she smiled and stared into the most beautiful expressive eyes on the planet.

"Ooooooh fuck," Alex moaned, whatever thought she'd had lost at the feeling of the brunette's knowing fingers slipping between her legs.

"Want to know why else I love you in heels?" Olivia asked as she trailed her fingers through Alex's arousal.

Alex nodded, not trusting herself to speak.

"Mmm, I thought you might," Olivia continued, her voice rough and her eyes tender as she watched the blonde reacting to her touch. "I love the way they throw you just a little off balance. The way they make you hold me a little tighter as I slowly," she kissed Alex softly, "fill you," she licked the blonde's lips as she, indeed, slowly slid two fingers inside her.

"Fuck," Alex gasped, her grip instinctively tightening on Olivia's shoulders as she moved her right leg out to the side to allow the brunette more room.

"Mmm," Olivia moaned softly as she pushed in as deep as she could. "I love how they make you that little bit taller," she continued her seductive dissertation on the benefits of high heels. "Just that little bit so I can hold you in my arms and thrust deep into you," she pushed up to emphasize her point. "So deep," she groaned.

"Shit," the usually eloquent blonde gasped.

"Fuck I love you in heels," Olivia groaned as she began to slowly pump her fingers in and out of the blonde, thrusting in as deep as she could before curling her fingers and dragging them down over that one spot that made Alex gasp and whimper every time it was stroked.

Alex gave herself over to Olivia, gasping and moaning at every thrust and her grip tightening on the Detective's strong shoulders when Olivia reached down and lifted her leg up to the brunette's hip.

Olivia gasped as she felt the tip of the heel press into the back of her leg and thrust harder into the blonde. "God Lex," she moaned. "You feel so good."

"Mmm," Alex moaned loudly as her hips began rocking in time with the brunette's more energetic movements that were steadily pushing her closer and closer to the edge.

Olivia could feel the blonde beginning to spasm around her and knew that Alex was close so she slid in that little bit closer and began using her hips to help her thrust harder, deeper, faster into the gasping, moaning blonde.

"Oh fuck!" Alex screamed as the first wave of release rolled through her, her fingernails digging into Olivia's shoulders even through the thin material of her t-shirt as her thin body was wracked with spasms.

Olivia hungrily reclaimed Alex's lips with her own, swallowing her screams as she kept her hand moving in and out of the blonde – giving her no time to savor or recover from her first orgasm before she was unceremoniously thrown into a second … and a third.

Olivia smiled as she felt the blonde go limp in her arms, gently pulling out and wiping her fingers off on her pants before tenderly gathering Alex in her arms and carrying her over to bed. She lovingly laid the blonde out on top of the sheets, unabashedly enjoying the view of the extremely sated smile tweaking Alex's lips as she tenderly removed those fucking amazing heels and her own clothes before climbing in beside the blonde.

She gathered Alex in her arms and held her close, pressing soft reverent kisses to every inch of skin she could reach as she pulled the blanket up over them and waited for her to come back to her senses.

"Hi," Alex smiled goofily when she came around.

"Hi," Olivia grinned and kissed her tenderly.

"That was…," the blonde's voice trailed off as she just shook her head and grinned. "Wow."

"Mmm," Olivia nuzzled Alex's cheek. "You were pretty wow in those heels."

Alex's silly sated smile turned playful as she murmured, "Think I should wear them next time we're in court together?"

"Hmm," Olivia hummed, playing along. "That depends, counselor."

"On what," Alex breathed as she rolled into the brunette and began running her finger around Olivia's hardened nipples.

"On whether or not you want to win the case," Olivia breathed, her breath hitching as Alex captured her and squeezed roughly.

"Why?" Alex asked, as she lowered her mouth to the nipple she'd just pinched.

"I," Olivia gasped as she felt the blonde's mouth surround her.

"Hmm," Alex hummed inquisitively around the brunette's nipple.

"Won't be able to concentrate," Olivia finished, proud of herself for being able to complete a sentence with how turned on she was.

"Oh," Alex leaned back and blew softly over the wet heated flesh.

"Oh fuck me," Olivia groaned.

"Okay," Alex grinned and began trailing kisses lower, over the brunette's flat toned stomach.

Olivia moaned softly as the blonde's lips and tongue trailed over her hips and she watched Alex settle comfortably between her legs.

Alex surveyed her girlfriend's dripping center, unable to help feeling flattered at how wet Olivia was, before she lowered her mouth and slowly laved her tongue through the brunette's slit.

"Oh fuck," Olivia yelled.

"Mmm," Alex smiled and propped her chin up in her hand. "Know what?" she asked.

"What?!" Olivia squeaked, her hips lifting futilely to try and find contact.

"I love how much you love me in heels," Alex winked before she lowered her tongue to the brunette's clit and began working against her in earnest.

The End

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