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Vixen II: Temptress
By VivalaB


The elevator ride to their apartment was fraught with tension.

Alex had teased Olivia mercilessly in the backseat of the cab by accidently, parting her legs and flashing her naked thighs. The coat seeming to rise a little higher and open a little farther with each corner they rounded.

As they had entered their apartment building, Alex had insisted on talking with Derek, the concierge about his wife and their newborn baby. Olivia had feigned interest when really all she could focus on was the way Alex was leaning over the high counter, sliding one suede covered foot up and down the back of the other. When Alex finally bid him goodnight, Olivia had ushered her swiftly to the elevator.

Once inside, she moved to touch Alex, but a raised hand halted her movement as Alex pointed towards the security camera in the corner.

Olivia felt frustrated, the past hour had been the biggest teasing she had ever received and she desperately wanted to see beneath the coat. She also remembered promising to, fuck Alex with her tongue, and felt her clit pulse at the heated memory. She blew out an exasperated sigh.

"Patience," Alex purred from her relaxed position against the opposite wall, enjoying Olivia's evident struggle with her composure.

Olivia looked at her with darkened eyes, "I've never wanted you more than I do right now," she breathed out.

Alex's smile could only be described as predatory and Olivia felt her nipples strain agonizingly against her bra.

The walk from the elevator was slow and deliberate, with Alex putting a little extra sway into her hips as she moved stealthily across the carpeted floor. Olivia trailed a foot behind, admiring the movement in front of her.

As they reached the door to their apartment, Alex stepped aside, allowing Olivia to unlock it. She smiled as Olivia motioned for her to enter first.

Alex had left a lamp on in the living room and it cast an ethereal glow along the short hallway. She watched as Olivia carefully closed the door and turned the locks. Olivia turned towards her and looked at her hungrily.

"Unbutton your coat," Olivia said, repeating her earlier words.

Alex took a step back on her three inch heels, shaking her head, "No," she replied defiantly.

Olivia took a step forward, "I'm not asking," she said dangerously.

Alex licked her bottom lip, tasting the lipstick, "What are you going to do detective…arrest me?" she asked teasingly, shifting her stance, allowing the coat to part and expose her thighs.

Olivia's peripheral vision saw the flash of skin as she valiantly tried to maintain eye contact. She swallowed, feeling her simmering arousal starting to boil, "You said you wanted me to, 'fuck you with my tongue' counselor, I can't do that if you're wearing your coat," she replied, taking another step forward.

Alex smiled, "Why not?" she challenged, taking another step backwards.

Olivia looked at her, realizing what Alex was wanting her to do. She removed her service weapon and placed it on the small table by the door then removed her leather coat, letting it lie where it fell on the floor. She smiled, knowing how much the act would annoy her compulsively neat girlfriend.

"Turn around and place your hands on the wall," Olivia said, swallowing hard. She hadn't realized how different the implications of those words could sound until she said them to her lover.

Alex bit her bottom lip and looked at her for a few seconds before doing as instructed.

Olivia moved forward, "Spread your legs," she said, admiring the view. She watched eagerly as Alex spread her legs, her eyes following the long limbs up to her shapely behind, hidden under the material.

Alex smiled as she faced the wall, anticipation running through her veins. She felt Olivia behind her and heard her exhaling slowly. She gasped as hands covered the backs of her legs, moving slowly upwards, underneath the coat.

"I'll ask you one last time…unbutton your coat," Olivia breathed out.

Alex swallowed, hearing the need in Olivia's voice, "You do it," she husked.

Olivia slid her hands from the back of the coat to the front, sliding them over heated thighs before withdrawing them. She moved them to the first button, already opened in the interview room and moved on to the next. She let her fingertips trail lightly over newly revealed flesh with every button opened. Once the final catch was released, she parted the coat with agonizing slowness and cupped the firm breasts hidden by something silky and very smooth. Stiff peaks stood out proudly begging for attention.

This familiar act felt different due to the additional height Alex had gained, courtesy of the suede boots. Olivia slid her hands down taut flesh, deliberately maintaining a feather light touch with her fingers.

Alex's stomach flinched as Olivia caressed the heated skin, she breathed out slowly and closed her eyes.

Olivia reached the silk panties and resisted the urge to pull them down, removing her hands instead. She stepped back and silently unbuttoned her black shirt, revealing a black silken bra. For once Olivia was grateful she hadn't opted for her usual white undershirt. She pulled the shirt out from her jeans and let it hang open.

"Turn round…slowly," Olivia instructed, in the dimly lit hallway.

Alex swallowed and turned round, her eyes instantly drawn to the tanned skin on display. Anticipation and excitement assaulted her senses.

Olivia stood three feet from her girlfriend and felt all moisture leave her mouth as Alex's front came into view.

The open coat revealed cerulean blue, matching silk underwear with a little red heart adorning the centre of the bra and panties. The boots made Alex's legs look endless and Olivia felt her sex squeeze as she saw the wet spot on the underwear. Her eyes moved upward, she swallowed again as she realized the bold, red lipstick matched the shade of the red hearts.

Alex looked incredible.

Olivia stepped forward, "You were right Alex…" she swallowed and wet her lips, "…those boots do match the outfit underneath," she said, placing her hands inside the coat and settling them on slender hips.

Alex smiled down at her, "Am I ever wrong?" she asked hotly.

Olivia pretended to consider the question for a second.

Warm lips covered her own as arms moved swiftly, holding her firmly in place. Alex kissed her fervently and felt the mouth underneath surrender instantly to her questing invasion. Olivia caressed heated skin with her fingers, moving to cup Alex's firm ass and pulled her closer. The boots were magnificent but their bodies didn't mesh together as they normally would and she moaned into Alex's mouth.

Alex swallowed Olivia's moan, knowing it was part arousal and part frustration. She tore her mouth away, smiling wickedly as her hands released Olivia. Alex moved them to the lapels of her coat and slowly shrugged it over her shoulders and down her arms.

Olivia subconsciously held her breath.

Alex let the coat fall behind her and kicked it against the wall, her eyes never leaving Olivia's face.

Olivia stood transfixed, Alex looked beautiful and sexy as Hell. Olivia always thought Alex looked confident, beautiful and authoritative in the power suits she wore for court but, this outfit, was in a league of its' own. Alex oozed predatory danger and Olivia realized she liked it. She liked it a lot.

Alex stepped forward, "You like?" she asked, not stopping until she was touching Olivia.

Olivia remembered to breathe, "I love," she replied on a much needed breath as Alex slid the black shirt down her arms.

Alex leaned down and kissed the base of her throat, licking a wet path to her pulse point and sucked gently.

Olivia felt her body respond and clutched at Alex eagerly. She groaned as Alex moved her hands to her denim clad ass and kneaded her rhythmically.

Alex lifted her mouth and stared into dark eyes, "Do you trust me?" she husked.

Olivia frowned, "Of course," she replied instantly, eager to resume their teasing.

Alex lifted her hands and brought them into view.

Olivia's eyes caught the flash of metal and she gasped in surprise.

Alex dangled the police issue handcuffs in front of her and smiled knowingly.

Olivia lay naked on the large bed, staring at the ceiling. Her mind replaying the night so far as she shifted her hips on the bed trying to find some much needed relief. The room was cool, but not cold as it caressed her breasts, causing her nipples to announce their presence proudly. She anxiously awaited her teasing lover's return and smiled at how easily she had given Alex control. They shared a healthy love life, equal in every aspect but, Olivia was usually the leader in the bedroom. She bit her bottom lip, 'Not tonight,' she thought, arching her head backwards and viewing her restrained hands.

Alex stood at the bedroom door, silently watching her lover. She stepped into the room and moved towards the bed.

Olivia's eyes shifted at the sound of movement, smiling appreciatively as a naked Alex approached, "No boots?" she asked.

"No need," came the instant response as Alex set her glasses on the bedside table.

Olivia swallowed as Alex moved on to the bed and straddled her thighs. Alex leaned forward and kissed her savagely, taking pleasure in Olivia's feeble attempts to free her steel bonds. She pressed their breasts together and moaned into Olivia's mouth as her hardened nipples slid over her own. Alex pulled her mouth away and kissed a teasing trail from her lips to her chest. She leaned on her elbows and admired the large dark colored nipples, her mouth eager to suck them.

Olivia watched Alex's eyes darken and a light flush appear over her skin. She saw her wet her lips and the direction of her gaze and felt need flood over her, "Suck them," she pleaded.

Alex shifted her gaze and looked upwards, "Is that what you want?"

Olivia nodded in response, arching her back invitingly.

Alex considered ignoring the plea but, her own need was rising too and she desperately wanted to fill her mouth with the breasts before her. She leaned forward and licked around the stiff peak, ignoring the whimpers from her lover. She bit lightly on the underside of the full breast and felt her own sex clench in response. She moved a hand to the other breast and cupped it, teasing the hardened nipple with her fingers. She dragged her open mouth to the large nipple and swiped a hot tongue over it before capturing it between her teeth and tugging. She released it with an audible pop and marveled as it swelled even bigger. She turned her head and rubbed her cheek against it, breathing heavily at the sensations it caused.

Olivia closed her eyes as she pushed upwards with her hips into Alex and panted softly.

Alex captured the dark nipple again, sucking it greedily into he mouth. The harder she sucked, the more Olivia thrust. She shifted so that she could reach a hand between them and ran her fingers through slippery folds.

Olivia panted at the contact and parted her legs, she tugged at the handcuffs, threaded through the slats of the headboard and growled in frustration.

Alex cupped her wet heat and ran a slender finger along the hooded clit, feeling it jump in response. She parted the folds and moved the finger into the swollen wetness, skillfully using her other fingers to keep her lover parted.

Olivia's dripping centre begged for contact, opening and closing at the proximity of the fingers.

Alex sucked harder on the nipple and opened her mouth wide, taking in as much of the olive skin as she could, moaning constantly with pleasure.

Olivia thrashed her body on the bed, her body being assaulted by her talented lover.

Alex felt her own sex squeeze followed by a gush of wetness, she moved slightly allowing it to coat Olivia's thigh and began to slide against it.

Olivia's sex thrust upwards, desperately searching for deeper contact with the teasing fingers. She felt Alex coat her thigh with her wetness and needed more.

"Please Alex," she panted desperately.

Alex released the breast and squeezed the other nipple between her finger and thumb.

Olivia sucked in a shaky breath.

Alex removed her hand from Olivia's sex and cupped her own heated centre, slicking their moisture together. She lifted her hand and painted Olivia's lips with the combined wetness. Olivia instantly licked her lips and closed her eyes, humming with pleasure at the taste sensation.

Alex waited until she had opened her eyes before she kissed her slowly, tasting the wetness on Olivia's lips and tongue. She pulled back, breathless.

"I'll take that tongue fucking now," she whispered.

Olivia couldn't contain the noise that escaped her mouth as she pulled desperately on the cuffs, "Uncuff me, I need to taste you…please," she begged.

Alex sat back and ran her hands over Olivia's stomach and breasts, pinching the nipples hard before moving her fingers to her own breasts and cupping them. She tugged forcefully on the pink tipped buds, gasping in response as she ground herself onto Olivia's thigh.

Olivia tugged at her restraints again, shifting her lower half urgently against Alex.

Alex released her breasts and moved up the bed, dragging he wetness along Olivia's heated flesh. She ignored the moans from her lover, intent on her goal and didn't stop until her knees were on either side of Olivia's head.

Olivia was in sensual overload, eager to taste the blonde above her, "Please," she panted.

Alex smiled at her before lowering her aching sex onto Olivia's parted lips and waiting tongue.

The first swipe of Olivia's tongue caused a gush of wetness to escape her pulsing opening and she instinctively pulled back.

Olivia yanked at her hands, the steel cuffs clanking against the wooden frame, "Don't hold back…please," she pleaded.

Alex looked down at her, "You're sure?" she asked hesitantly.

Olivia nodded, tilting her head and parting her lips.

Alex moved forward and lowered herself once more. She clutched the headboard as Olivia ran her tongue along her folds repeatedly. She felt herself opening and closing in response and moved a hand to part herself further for her lover.

Olivia plunged her tongue straight into Alex's opening and swallowed her body's response hungrily. She strained her head to make deeper contact, curling her tongue with every thrust. The hips above her moved urgently and Olivia could feel Alex's clit nudging her nose. She withdrew her tongue and slid it upwards, laying the underside flat against the clit and using the tip of her tongue to tease the root.

Alex shifted to allow better contact and continued to moan and pant above her.

Olivia sucked the swollen bundle into her mouth, feeling it pulse against against her tongue. She flicked the tip of her tongue across it rapidly and felt wetness spill over her chin and down her neck as Alex continued to thrust.

"Fuck," Alex panted harshly.

Olivia sucked harder, loving it when her typically eloquent girlfriend lost control and swore.

Alex was trying to hold back, wanting to prolong the pleasure but the skillful tongue was driving her to the brink. She shifted again, needing Olivia inside her.

Olivia tried desperately to hold on to the throbbing nub as Alex moved, her own sex clenching furiously in response. She plunged deeply into Alex once more, ignoring the straining ache in her tongue and moaned into the wetness. Alex pulsed up and down, her inner walls gripping the rigid muscle tightly, as she thrust frantically against Olivia's face.

She felt her orgasm approaching and ground her soaking sex harder.

Olivia could barely breathe, her nose was wet, but she could feel Alex's climax about to explode and was determined to continue. She gripped the headboard between her cuffed hands and lifted her head higher, moaning as she did so.

Alex's hips pulled away slightly as her orgasm hit and hot wetness gushed from her pulsing sex down Olivia's throat.

The long and loud guttural groan was ripped from Alex's throat as she ground onto Olivia.

Olivia swallowed her hard earned reward and breathed heavily through her nose as Alex lifted herself away.

She moaned in protest, looking up at the heaving blonde. Unable to speak she took in a few gulping breaths before straining forward again and suckling her clit.

Alex gasped, her clit throbbed as Olivia sucked it hard. Alex gripped the headboard as another wave of wetness washed over Olivia's chin.

Olivia lapped at her throbbing centre, enjoying the taste as her own clit pulsed, begging for attention. She watched Alex bring herself under control, her chest heaving as she moved back.

Alex settled herself on top of Olivia and looked into her eyes.

Olivia swallowed a few times, panting lightly as her own breathing evened out.

Alex kissed her slowly, tasting herself and moaning. She pulled back and smiled, "That was fucking incredible," she whispered, licking Olivia's wet chin.

Olivia closed her eyes, "You're incredible," she panted.

Alex lifted her head and gazed at her lover before sliding her breasts down her body and settling between her parted legs.

Olivia watched as Alex opened her legs wider and bent her head. Brown connected with blue and they shared a loving smile before Alex blew lightly across her heated sex.

Olivia felt her clit pulse as the cool breath passed over the exposed tip. Alex moved her hands beneath her hips and lifted them to meet her waiting mouth. She used her tongue to part Olivia's folds and ran the flat tongue back and forth in a familiar motion.

She dipped her tongue into Olivia's canal and groaned at the hot taste she found. She plunged in deeper, feeling the inner muscles latch on to her tongue eagerly. She withdrew and moved to the pulsing bundle of nerves. She licked slowly around Olivia's clit, pressing harder into the sides along the root and feeling Olivia writhe about encouraging her to make direct contact. She hummed in pleasure, knowing how much her girlfriend enjoyed the vibrations against her sensitive nub.

Olivia lifted and rotated her hips, eager for Alex to suck her clit, "Please," she panted, feeling her arms strain desperately against the headboard.

Alex sucked the throbbing clit into her mouth, resting the flat of her tongue against the tip. She savored the feeling of Olivia's most sensitive nerve ending twitching desperately against her.

She held her there, sucking continuously as she moved one of her hands to Olivia's opening and slid two fingers boldly in. She flicked the tip of her clit at the same time causing a gush of hot fluid to coat her fingers.

Olivia thrust upwards, pumping her hips.

Alex released her clit and began to lick in earnest as her fingers continued to plunge into her. She removed her hands allowing Olivia's wetness to slide down her sex and followed it with her fingers.

She moved her other hand and rubbed the wetness into Olivia's puckered opening, smiling into her clit as she felt her lover's reaction. Her other fingers slicked their way back over her opening before joining her mouth at the pulsing bundle of nerves.

She dabbed gently with a single finger at the tight opening, smearing wetness with every swipe before easing slowly inside. She shifted position, allowing her body to continue with this dual pleasure assault with both hands and her mouth.

Olivia didn't know what sensation to focus on, the latest one was not new in their lovemaking, but it was the first time Alex had used her finger and not her tongue. Her hips moved on their own accord, seeking pleasure and release.

Alex felt the first ring of muscle give way as her finger pushed slowly in to the first knuckle. She rubbed her fingers over Olivia's clit as she tore her mouth away, breathing heavily. She looked up at Olivia whose eyes were closed with her head tilted back as she pumped her hips.

Alex began to move the single digit in and out of the tight opening, watching Olivia's mouth parting as she panted loudly.

Alex moved her fingers back to the slick opening and without warning, plunged three fingers deep into her lover.

Olivia gasped in surprise and bucked her hips furiously as Alex thrust into her, twisting her wrist with every deep thrust. Olivia panted loudly, moaning indistinguishable words to her lover in between urgent rasps. The feeling of fullness overwhelming her.

Alex felt powerful and privileged as she loved her girlfriend with her fingers and mouth and increased her efforts. Hands pumped in tandem as she sucked the clit once more, determined to hear Olivia scream her release.

Olivia couldn't hold on any longer, her arms hurt with the effort of gripping on to the headboard and she was sure it would break at any moment under the strain. She felt both her openings clench tightly and her clit twitching in Alex's heated mouth. Her stomach muscles coiled, ready for release as her back arched off the bed, her body tightening like a bow about to snap.

Olivia's body went rigid and hung motionless in mid air before a scream of sheer ecstasy was ripped from her throat. Colors flashed behind her closed eyes and her ears buzzed loudly, she thought she was about to pass out as her orgasm crashed over her, hot juices pouring from her core as her clit pulsed uncontrollably. She pumped her body onto the fingers and rode out her climax, feeling aftershocks ripple through her body.

Alex withdrew her finger and slowly removed the three buried deep inside Olivia's canal. She continued to lap at the bundle of nerves, feeling it pulse with pleasure in the aftermath. She cupped Olivia's sex protectively before releasing her mouth.

She kissed her way back up Olivia's body and moved to the side, admiring her handiwork. Olivia's skin was flushed, a light sheen of sweat covered her face and heaving upper chest. Her eyes were closed and her mouth was opening and closing rapidly as she panted furiously. She looked at the white knuckles griping the headboard and smiled in satisfaction before reaching for the key on the nightstand and releasing her.

Olivia slowly brought her arms down, only wincing slightly at the strain in her muscles. She opened her eyes and grinned before opening her arms for Alex.

Alex moved into her arms, kissing her slowly and pouring all her love into the action. Olivia held her tightly as they shifted and lay beside each other. Lips parted and hands caressed heated, sated skin as they smiled lovingly at one another.

"Now that….was fucking incredible," Olivia said grinning widely.

Alex nodded her head, "I love you," she said quietly.

"I love you too," Olivia whispered as she reveled in the afterglow as her body continued to pulse.

Alex ran a teasing trail over her hip and smiled, "Would you like your gift now?" she asked.

Olivia snorted, "There's more?"

Alex released her hold and sat up before reaching over to the nightstand, opening a drawer and retrieving a package.

Olivia shifted and sat against the headboard, watching Alex with curious dark eyes.

She placed the wrapped gift in Olivia's lap, "Happy Birthday," she husked, placing a gentle kiss on her lover's mouth.

Olivia looked at the oblong package before lifting it and shaking it. She ignored the swat from Alex and carefully tore at the bright red wrapping paper, slowly revealing the contents.

Alex couldn't hide the blush that covered her face as the gift was revealed. She resisted the urge to look away as Olivia looked with surprise from the box into her blue eyes.

"I love my gift," Olivia said quietly.

Alex leaned forward and kissed her. After a few minutes of tender exploration she pulled back.

"I think I'll love it more," she whispered as she reached for the box and opened it.

The End

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