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By Preygurl

It's 3 a.m. and I know I should be at peace lying in your arms. I know I can't sleep. I think I should get up from this bed and roam these rooms that we call a home. But I can't.

It's 3 a.m. and I know that in less than two hours you will wake and leave me again for her. You will leave this place that we call home and go back to a life where no one knows about this home. I am restless. I should get up and wander these halls the way I do sometimes when you are with her. But I can't.

It's 3 a.m. and I lay my ear to your chest and listen to your heartbeat. Memorizing, mapping, synchronizing my own heart to beat with yours. So that when you go to her, I will have the rythym of our hearts to keep me going. I could get up from this bed and find warmth sill on the living room carpet where we made love just before finding our way to our bed. But I can't.

It's still 3 a.m. and I know that if I was to get up and begin my day, my longing for you to return from her would also begin. And you would awaken and whisper my name into the space we call home. The precious sleep you have found would be lost and I would feel sorry the whole day through. I should get up. But I can't.

It's no longer 3 a.m. Your heart beat and mine sent me off to a pleasant dream, but now I awaken. You have gone to her. Your scent still on our pillows, in our bed, in our home. No one knows about this home we have made, this sanctuary. And now I must go to her also, this city that holds your heart and mine. I wish she would release us, let us go. But she can't.

The End

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