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By VivalaB


Olivia lifted another file from the pile on the right hand side of the table and began leafing through the contents, her eyes were beginning to feel the strain in the dimly lit interview room at the 16th Precinct. She sighed heavily and scanned the file contents before placing it on the smaller pile on her left. She looked at her watch and blew out a frustrated sigh, 'half past eleven'. She was sure there was no-one else in the squad room by now, she had been in the interview room doing the file audit for almost six hours and Elliot had bid her goodnight around four hours ago.

Olivia and Elliot had returned from court around 5pm to discover the precinct in chaos, a full departmental file audit was being conducted the following morning and it was supposed to be a secret. Cragen had warned everyone that their filing better be up to date, especially the chronological evidence entries as that formed the main criteria on the audit checklist.

Olivia had groaned at the news, she hadn't updated her files in over two weeks and with the number of active cases she and Elliot were currently working she hadn't found the time to update them.

She moved another completed document to the left hand pile and began writing in the column of a newly selected file. She glanced at her watch again and decided to ignore it until she was finished. She didn't hold out much hope though, she had moved to the interview room in the first place to avoid all unnecessary distractions in order to concentrate. Cragen had also advised everyone that a poor audit meant no weekend leave, this was her weekend off and she was determined to make her files a shining example of detailed accuracy and guarantee herself a much needed weekend away.

She continued to scribble in the column and felt confident in her abilities to recall every last detail of a case with starting clarity. She was adding the final touches when the door slowly opened and a blonde head appeared.

"Hey," Alex said gently as she pushed the door open and stood in the doorway.

Olivia looked to her left and felt all moisture instantly leave her mouth, "Hi," she croaked out.

Alex moved into the interview room and stood at the end of the table looking down at the organized piles. She lifted one up and leafed through it as Olivia sat staring at her.

Olivia's eyes took in the blonde tousled hair, deciding instantly that Alex Cabot suited the mussed up look. Her eyes were drawn to the bright red, glossy lips that seemed fuller than normal. She admired the navy knee length raincoat with the top two buttons undone revealing smooth, creamy flesh and matching knee high suede boots with three inch killer heels. She gulped at the prospect of what lay beneath the form fitting coat and felt her cheeks flush.

Alex looked over at her, "You okay?" she asked casually.

Olivia swallowed as she nodded, "Yeah," she croaked, "I've um, been in here a long time and I'm getting thirsty," she said, wetting her dry lips with an equally arid tongue.

"I'll get you some water," Alex said, brushing her hand lightly across Olivia's shoulders as she passed behind her to the water cooler.

Olivia shifted slightly and watched Alex retrieve a plastic cup and hold it to the blue dispenser, as she leaned forward, Olivia caught a glimpse of bare skin as the coat parted slightly just above the knee. 'Holy fuck,' she thought to herself, as her black shirt suddenly felt uncomfortably tight.

Alex turned and smiled as she completed her task before handing Olivia the cup, allowing their fingers to linger for a second longer than necessary.

"Thanks," Olivia said, looking up at the tall blonde as she drained the contents in one long, desperate swallow.

"More?" Alex asked.

Olivia looked up into sparkling eyes, light from the room reflecting off the dark framed glasses and nodded, "Yes please," she husked out.

Alex smiled, removing the cup from Olivia's hand. Olivia would swear long, soft fingers had just caressed her own as she relinquished her hold. She watched Alex at the water cooler again, hoping to see another flash of skin. She wasn't disappointed as the coat parted once more, revealing a slender thigh.

Olivia looked down to the navy suede boots with the incredibly high heels and instinctively wet her lips, 'Oh my God, those boots…she's over 6ft tall in them,' she thought, feeling the tingle in her tummy. Her eyes travelled languidly up the svelte figure, taking in every curve, every feature until she came to rest on smiling glossy lips which turned suddenly in her direction.

Knowing blue eyes drilled into deep brown as Alex looked over at the watching detective, "Are you alright Liv? You seem…out of it," she said.

Olivia could see the bright red lips moving and hear a noise but couldn't make out what was being said, her peripheral vision could see creamy flesh again and she was concentrating on not looking down, "I'm sorry, what?" she asked, blinking rapidly and shaking her head.

"I asked if you're okay, you seem a little…distracted," she said, handing her the plastic cup.

Olivia blindly reached for the cup, ignoring the splashes of water that spilled as she clutched the plastic container. She watched as Alex bent forward and brought her face closer, Olivia's eyes dipped to the open 'v' of the coat and she saw a hint of pale blue silk, 'Holy fuck' she repeated to herself.

"Liv," Alex breathed out, causing warm air to gently caress Olivia's overheated face.


"You're wet," Alex said, her voice barely above a whisper.

"I know," she answered, running her tongue along her bottom lip, wondering what the bright red lipstick tasted like.

Alex smiled, "Do you want a hand?" she whispered.

Olivia blinked then swallowed, "Yeah," she choked out.

Alex pulled back and placed a hand on her shoulder, "Which pile is which?" she asked innocently as she moved a chair and set it beside Olivia.

Olivia looked at her, "What?"

Alex pointed to the desk, "Which is your, to do, pile?" she asked.

Olivia turned her attention to the files on the desk and indicated the pile on her right, in front of Alex, "To do," then pointed to the smaller pile on the left, "Done," she said.

"Okay, I take it we're looking for consistent chronological detail?" she asked, lifting the top file.

Olivia watched as Alex sat down, opening the file and crossed her legs. She felt time stretch and her universe expand as the beautiful blonde lifted her right leg and gracefully placed it over her left, the heady combination of knee high suede and creamy white skin was intoxicating and Olivia felt her heart thump against her chest.

Alex leafed through the first file, "These are very well documented Liv, I didn't realize you were so thorough," she commented.

"I have a good eye for detail," she replied, glancing down at the flesh on display.

Alex turned her head and looked down at the brunette and spoke to her parted lips, "Yes you do," she answered before lifting her eyes upwards to meet the dark orbs.

Olivia sat motionless as she felt her resolve crumbling, "What are you doing here so late?" she asked.

"Nothing else to do," she said, deliberately raking her eyes over Olivia's taut frame. She admired the figure hugging black shirt with rolled up sleeves and Olivia's trademark tight fitting black jeans. She nodded at Olivia's watch, "What time is it?" she asked.

Olivia looked quickly to her left wrist and back again, "Ten minutes to midnight," she replied.

Alex nodded, "We better get started then, hadn't we?" she said, returning her attention to the file in her hand.

Olivia took one last lingering look at the beautiful profile before retrieving her forgotten folder.

They sat in the charged silence, skimming over the files, for a few more minutes until Alex asked what time it was again.

Olivia rolled her wrist to read the time, "Four minutes to midnight," she answered.

Alex turned and smiled, "Not long now," she replied.

Olivia looked at the pile in front of her and shook her head, "No chance, I'll be here all night," she groaned.

Alex uncrossed her legs and rose from the chair, she stood behind Olivia and placed both hands on her shoulders before beginning a gentle massage. Olivia's head instantly dropped forward and she groaned her delight.

"That feels so good," she said in a low tone, closing her eyes and enjoying the sensations the soft hands were causing.

Alex brought her mouth down until it was level with Olivia's right ear, she moved a hand and brushed the brown hair away from it, "I want you to fuck me with your tongue," she said in a tone, barely above a whisper as her lips rested on the tender earlobe briefly before moving away.

Olivia's eyes flew open as her sex clenched in response to the hot request. The hands on her shoulders moved forward, sliding down her collarbone until they cupped her heaving breasts.

Alex squeezed and teased the ample bosom as she pressed into the chair. She leaned down using her height advantage and deliberately pressed her own breasts against Olivia's shoulders, smiling as Olivia's chest heaved into her eager hands.

She moved her right hand further down and trailed it over a tight stomach, her destination and intention clear. Olivia breathed through her mouth as her arousal shot through the roof and parted her legs as Alex's hand hovered over the apex of her legs.

Alex breathed into the ear once more, "I'm waiting for an answer," she husked.

Olivia felt the tip of a tongue trace her outer ear and lick delicately at her lobe, she moaned and covered the hand above her sex, panting out, "Yes," as she pressed Alex's hand against her throbbing sex, pushing upwards to increase the contact.

Alex suckled the fleshy lobe as her hand rubbed Olivia's heat through the fabric, her hot breath sending tingles of pleasure through Olivia.

"Oh Alex," she moaned, removing her hand and reaching up desperately trying to make contact with the vixen behind her.

Alex stepped back, moving out of Olivia's grasp and released the hold she had on her sex.

Olivia groaned and leapt from the chair, she turned and advanced on the retreating blonde until Alex was pressed against the wall. She couldn't believe the height difference as Alex towered above her by at least five inches and smiled dangerously up at her, "Unbutton your coat," she demanded.

Alex shook her head, urging Olivia closer with a single beckoning finger.

Olivia closed the distance and smoothed her hands over the sleek material, marveling at the soft texture, she looked up into twinkling eyes as she pulled Alex down to meet her hungry mouth.

Lips eagerly parted and slid together as tongues invaded and explored. Olivia strained upwards as Alex smothered her mouth, smearing lipstick across the lips below her. Olivia moved a hand underneath the bottom of the coat and moaned into Alex's mouth as she felt nothing but heated skin. She leaned heavily against her as her hand travelled higher, aching to touch the source of Alex's heat.

Alex grabbed her questing hand, "Not here, " she panted as she tore her mouth away. She raised a thumb to Olivia's mouth and removed the smudged red stains she had left. She looked at the paperwork behind Olivia, "File that and meet me outside," she instructed, brushing a hand through her disheveled hair.

Reality washed over Olivia at the paperwork she needed to finish, "I need to finish them," she said as her hands brought Alex's lips to her own once more.

"No you don't," Alex panted and smiled, "What time is it?" she asked again.

Olivia tilted her wrist, "Ten past twelve," she answered, playing with the opening of the raincoat.

Alex kissed her with unbridled passion as her hands made her intentions clear, after several moments of thrusting and panting she pulled back, "Happy Birthday baby," she said, placing a loving kiss on Olivia's parted lips.

Olivia blinked in recognition and smiled broadly as her hand moved to the buttons on the coat, "I want to unwrap my present," she whined, tugging playfully.

Alex laughed softly as she reached for Olivia's hand and pushed it underneath, not stopping until Olivia's hand was cupping her sopping sex through the silken underwear.

"Fuck," Olivia hissed as she felt Alex's core clench beneath her hand.

"Put the files away and meet me outside," Alex repeated.

Olivia nodded, resigned to her fate.

Alex stood on the steps outside, patiently waiting for her girlfriend. She smiled at her own creativity as she felt her nipples harden in the cold midnight air. A hand possessively touched her lower back and she turned.

"Where's the car?" Olivia asked, smiling up at her.

Alex grinned knowingly, "At home," she said, letting the implications sink in.

Olivia's eyes widened, "You got a cab over here…dressed like that?" she choked out.

Alex nodded slowly, grinning mischievously.

Olivia felt her world tilt on its axis as she looked up into the smiling face, "Are you trying to kill me?" she asked, shaking her head.

"I'm trying to give my girlfriend a birthday she'll never forget," she said, leaning down and kissing her lovingly.

Olivia pulled back, "There's not much chance of that…c'mon, I need to go in early and finish those files," she groaned, tugging Alex towards the street.

Alex shook her head, "No you don't."

"Cragen'll have my ass if my files aren't finished," she groused, raising her hand and waving at an approaching yellow cab.

Alex lowered the waving hand, "There is no 'surprise' audit tomorrow," she said.


Alex smiled sweetly, "I had one of the legal's call Cragen and pretend to be from the Chief of D's office," she confessed.

Olivia looked up at her, processing the new information, "Why?" she asked.

"How else was I going to get you in there at midnight on your own?" Alex replied, kissing the stunned expression.

Olivia felt her heart swell as she gave herself up to the loving touch, as the kiss ended she nodded in understanding, "You knew I would stay late to finish them…" she said, trailing her eyes over the coat once more.

Alex nodded, "Dedicated and predictable," she replied.

"I like your boots," Olivia said quietly.

Alex smiled, "They go well with my outfit," she answered softly.

Olivia looked at the coat and nodded.

Alex lowered her mouth to Olivia's parted lips, "I meant the one underneath," she whispered.

The End

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