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Waiting for a Stall
By Ann


Damn, Ginger's is packed tonight. I was hoping for a little quite time with Alex before the regular crowd shuffles in. Great, now I'm channeling Billy Joel lyrics. Can this day get any worse?

I finally manage to muscle my way to the back of the club where I find my lover reading over briefs in the corner booth. Smiling, I shake my head as I walk toward her. Alex is the only person I know who could actually concentrate amid all this loud revelry.

Leaning down, I turn Alex's face toward mine and gently kiss her lips. Her eyes immediately go back to her brief as I take the seat across from her. I learned years ago not to take this gesture as personal. She is well aware of my presence, but she wants to give me her full attention, and as long as the brief is unfinished, her concentration will be split. I patiently await my turn because I know the reward will be worth it.

Our usual waitress stops by and drops off our drinks as I wait for Alex to finish. I love being a regular. Some days I expect everyone to stop what they're doing and yell out 'Liv' kind of like 'Norm' on "Cheers." So far it hasn't happened, but I haven't given up hope yet.

I sip my beer and glance around the bar to pass the time until Alex is finished with her reading. I don't have long to wait as I feel her eyes on me. There's nothing quite like the feeling of having Alex Cabot's undivided attention. I turn back to my booth partner to see eyes of intense passion and love being directed at me. Reaching across the table, I take her hand and begin our nightly ritual as I recount my day beginning with me tripping over a dog leash in pursuit of a suspect and landing face first on the sidewalk.

Oops, maybe I shouldn't have begun my narration with the dog story since a concerned Alex is now on my side of the booth insisting I take off my jacket. Eventually I comply, and she immediately draws in her breath when she spots the gauze on my elbow and forearm. Please God, don't let her kiss my booboos in public.

I manage to distract her from administering her usual TLC by engaging in a mini make-out session. Alex normally doesn't like to kiss in public, but on special occasions, she is quite demonstrative in showing everyone whom I belong to. I didn't realize getting a little bummed up qualified as one of those special times, but I'm not going to argue with someone who has just skillfully plunged her tongue into my mouth.

Several drinks and kisses later, Alex decides to call it a night. I don't protest especially when she expounds on all the different ways she plans to make me come. The first and only word out of my mouth as she finishes her summation is, "Check!"

As we grab our coats to leave, Alex expresses a strong desire to visit the ladies room. I, of course, don't want to waste any time getting home, but Alex truly has the tiniest bladder known to man. A few drinks and she has to go immediately. She will never make it home. Resigned to wait, I offer to escort her to the restroom.

Holy crap, would you look at the line? Through the grumbling, word trickles back that only two stalls are in working order. I look at Alex and ask, "Do you want to wait? We may be able to make it home sooner than you can get to one of these stalls."

The crossing of her legs answers my question. Okay, we'll wait.

Several minutes later, it appears we are tenth in line. I sure hope the patrons in front of us hurry because Alex's eyes are beginning to turn yellow. Just as I open my mouth to suggest we try for home one more time, the lights go out in the restaurant. In fact, by the looks of the darkness, I'd say the entire block has lost power.

Nothing can be heard except for the occasional 'ouch' when people step on each other or run into the wall. I'm just glad I maintained physical contact with Alex because I couldn't possibly see my hand if I held it an inch in front of my face. As people begin to move around, Alex pushes further into me seeking shelter. Instinctively, I wrap my arms around her and rotate her toward the wall.

A few seconds later, I hear her rustling around. "Alex, what are you doing? You need to keep still."

She immediately answers, "I'm looking for something in my purse."

Before I can voice my question as to what, a glow comes from her hand.

I am stunned as Alex takes my hand and begins to walk further into the restroom with some sort of light leading the way. All I hear are voices of "Hey, wait your turn," "What is that light?," and "Shit, I didn't know you could buy dildos that light up."

Embarrassed, I blindly follow my lover into the stall where she shuts the door and shoves a six inch tiger striped light into my hands.

Thinking back to the dildo comment I almost drop it on the floor. Instead, I turn it around 360° while Alex relieves herself. A smirk crosses my face as I think of other uses for this apparatus during a blackout.

As I begin to chuckle, Alex quickly snatches it out of my hand and leads me from the stall. On the way out of the restaurant, Alex mutters, "Get your mind out of the gutter, Olivia. It's a friggin' glow stick that is full of different chemicals and such. Don't even think about trying to stick this thing in either one of us. Now, if you just want to use it to light the way, feel free to engage in any activity from there."

I cheerfully follow with hopes that the blackout extends to our apartment.

The End

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