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By Panther


One little snowflake fell from the sky

To fall to the ground like a tear from my eye

By the next morning it was gone

Taken by the breeze of the early dawn


Olivia looked out from her perch above the waves thinking about how far she had come in her search for the golden hue of sunshine, and eyes the color of a bright Caribbean sea she had missed for so long.

From the moment Velez had stolen her life away as she watched the precious life's blood seep away from her beloved wife into the concrete, trying desperately to keep Alex with her… begging her to stay with her while they waited for the bus to come take her to Bellevue. To the moments of hell when the doctors told her that Alexandra Benson-Cabot was gone. Unbelieving silent moments when the black SUV pulled up, and Alex stepped out knowing that her wife was alive and yet still being taken from her by Velez's bullet.

Looking back she never wants to go back to that life of lonely hell, knowing her heart and soul are out there and not knowing how to find her. Nightmares of Alex's lifeless eyes, haunting her as she desperately tries to stem the flow of blood seeping through her fingers, and drinking to forget. Months of searching for answers, any shred of evidence to convict Velez and his cronies.

Looking out into the waves she notices the first snowflakes fall distracting her from her desolate memories. Glancing toward the beach house knowing that any minute the wail of her newborn daughter will pierce the cold air. Getting up she heads back to the house, wishing upon the first snowflake that falls that she'll never have to go back to that life ever again.

Quickly, but quietly she enters the house making her way to the side of the bassinette, lovingly looking down at the beautiful blonde angel sleeping there. Feeling arms come around her waist and the warm breath of her love nuzzling her neck, she turned to greet her beautiful wife, with faint tears making their way down her cheeks. Grateful that this Christmas she will be with those that matter the most in the world to her, realizing with Alex and baby Serena what heaven on earth must be like.

The End

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