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AUTHOR'S NOTE: Hope everyone that celebrates had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Here's a holiday short for that infamous shopping day-after. Did it once – never again! So, I'm sending these two shopping this year. Enjoy…
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Holiday Short – Black Friday
By sunsetwriter



Olivia tried desperately to ignore the voice and its accompanying finger poking her shoulder.

"Olivia?" The voice got a little louder and she felt another poke. "Are you awake?"


"Liv, it's five o'clock. Wake up."

"Mmmh nnnh."

The poking progressed to a shake. "Liv?"

Realizing it was a losing battle, Olivia cracked open one eye. "Whuuut?"

"Wake up."

"Mmm 'wake."

"That wasn't very convincing." Alex huffed. "Come on, it's five o'clock."

Olivia opened her other eye and frowned sleepily at Alex. "So why are we awake?"

"We're going shopping, remember? All the best sales start early."

Olivia sighed. "But we're here in this nice, warm bed. Isn't there something else you'd rather do?"

Alex hesitated. "Like what?"

"Sleep, maybe?" Olivia said as she snuggled back down beneath the covers.

"Come on, Liv, you promised," Alex said as she ripped the warm covers off of her bedmate.

"Hey!" Olivia yelped. "It's freezing in here!"

Alex nudged her toward the side of the bed. "Then you can warm up in the shower. I'll make the coffee," she said as she got out of bed and headed toward the kitchen. She called over her shoulder, "Get up, Olivia, and I'll buy you something from that store you like."

"As long as I get to pick it out," Olivia called in return as she pulled herself off the bed and stumbled toward the bathroom.

Olivia's eyes lit up when she finally spied the store she had been waiting all day to visit – Victoria's Secret. Her libido almost went into overdrive when she thought of Alex donning the delectable ensemble they bought the last time they shopped there. Simply seeing the look on Olivia's face, and imagining the thoughts that must be running through her head, made Alex smile.

They entered the store and a matronly clerk headed their way. "Good afternoon, ladies," she offered as a greeting. Noticing all the bags Olivia was carrying, the clerk smiled. "My goodness. It's usually the husbands who come in laden down with shopping bags."

Olivia shrugged. "Husband, wife, same difference," she said as she shifted a bag from one hand to the other. "Just holding up my end of the deal, and apparently all the purchases," Olivia said with a chuckle.

The clerk looked blank for an instant and then recognition set in. "Oh. I see." Her demeanor became much cooler, and she all but frowned as she took a step backwards and looked like she would rather be anywhere else at the moment. "Well… I'll just be right over there if you need any help," she said as she turned quickly and almost ran head on into another store clerk.

The other woman said sharply, "Grace, could you help the customer I just sent to the fitting room? I'll be happy to take care of these ladies." The clerk they now knew to be Grace looked almost relieved until the other woman added, "And drop by my office when you finish your shift, please." Grace glanced at Alex and Olivia again, and with a sigh, continued toward the fitting rooms.

"Please accept my apologies for that less than gracious welcome to our store. My name's Candace. How can I help you today?"

Olivia watched the other woman practically stomping away and said, "Too bad Grace doesn't live up to her name."

Candace nodded. "It's too bad that such small minds still exist in this day and age, but as the store manager, I'll have a word with her later about brushing up on customer service skills." She then placed her hand on Olivia's shoulder and gently turned her away from Grace. She gave them both a brief once-over and said almost flirtatiously, "Hopefully you'd rather have 'Candy' than 'Grace' anyway." Seeing Alex eyeing her curiously, she removed her hand from Olivia's shoulder and gave a dismissing wave. "No worries. I happen to think you two make a gorgeous couple. Now, what can I help you find?"

Olivia smiled as she looked at Alex. "Show us your sexiest lingerie." Alex's only response was the arch of one eyebrow to which Olivia replied, with a gesture to all the shopping bags, "Hey, a deal's a deal."

Candace laughed and said, "Follow me." She motioned toward the back of the store and her two customers eagerly followed.

They stopped near two racks of lingerie on hangers and another display of boxed items against the wall. A sign above the display said For the Naughty List. "I think you might find something here to your liking," Candace said as she gestured to the merchandise.

Olivia's eyes lit up again as she reached for a hanger. Pulling it from the rack she held it up and smiled. It was a black, two-piece ensemble that included a sheer top that fastened at the breast and was open down the front, accompanied by a matching thong with a front panel made of the same sheer material. "This seems appropriate for Black Friday." She looked at Alex and said with a grin, "I think we're done here."

Alex gave her a surprised look. "That was fast. You're sure you don't want to look some more?"

Olivia shook her head slowly as she looked at the garment again. "Oh no. This is the one."

Alex tilted her head and said, "OK. Let's see if they have your size."

The almost lecherous grin Olivia had been exhibiting wilted slightly as her eyes widened. "My size?"

Alex bit her lip to keep from smiling. "I told you I was going to treat you to something special for shopping with me today."

"But… Alex…" Olivia sputtered. "I thought… Seeing you in this will most certainly be a special treat."

"Maybe, but I'm buying that for you. I went home with something last time, remember?"

The image flashed through Olivia's mind again. "Oh, I definitely remember."

"So… Now it's your turn."

Candace looked between the two women with amusement. If anyone should ask her, seeing either of these women in that ensemble would be quite a treat, but she decided to keep that opinion to herself. She watched curiously to see who would be victorious in this battle of wills.


"Liv, if you wear that for me, I promise to make this a Black Friday you will never forget."

Candace smiled. We have a winner.

Olivia's eyes widened at the sultry tone of Alex's voice. "Uh." She swallowed. "Let me just find my size."

Candace and Alex both stifled a laugh as Olivia quickly rifled through the lingerie on the rack.

Having found the right size and proceeded to the check-out, Candace rang up the purchase and swiped Alex's credit card. When the transaction was completed, she handed the pink shopping bag to Olivia.

"I guess you get to carry this," she said with a smile.

Olivia smirked as she took the bag. "Thank you."

"My pleasure. I'll look forward to your next shopping trip." As they turned to leave, Candace tugged on Olivia's arm to hold her back. She leaned closer and whispered, "I put you a little something extra in there."

Olivia peered into the shopping bag to see a jar of chocolate body fondue with a small pink brush attached. She gave Candace a look of surprise.

"One size fits all," Candace said with a wink.

"Trying to live up to your name?" Olivia asked with an arch of one brow.

Candace laughed. "Just trying to keep my customers happy."

Olivia nodded as she held up the bag. "Mission accomplished. Thanks."

"As I said, my pleasure. Enjoy your evening…"

Olivia grinned. "And that will be our pleasure," she said as she turned to catch up with Alex.

Candace watched them as they exited the store and laughed out loud as she heard Olivia say to Alex, "Every holiday should have a Black Friday…"

The End

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