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Flooding Emotions
By clairebear


Part 2

Alex backed Olivia up until her knees hit the bed and she sat down. Alex moved to straddle her, sitting on her lap and kissing her. Olivia allowed her hands to travel over Alex's back, marvelling at how soft her skin felt. Alex slid her hands under Olivia's top, lifting it over her head and exposing her bare breasts below. Unable to resist, Alex lowered her mouth to Olivia's full breasts, taking one nipple between her lips while her hand stroked the other. Alex shifted her weight, forcing Olivia to lie back on the bed. Alex moved further up her body, allowing Olivia to slide further up the bed, until she was fully stretched over Olivia, their bodies pressed together. Alex kissed Olivia, at the same time working a hand on the zipper of her pants. Opening the pants, she was able to slide a hand beneath the tight fabric. Alex gasped as she felt the wetness between Olivia's legs.

"God, you're so wet."

Olivia, breathing deeply under Alex's touch, swallowed hard.

Alex used her palm to cup Olivia's sex, massaging the flesh below her touch. Slowly she extended one digit, seeking out Olivia's clit. As she stroked the small bud, she felt Olivia arch her back under her, forcing her sex up into Alex's touch.

Olivia reached up to grab Alex by the back of the head, bringing her mouth down onto her own, forcing her tongue between Alex's lips. At the same time, Alex allowed her exploring finger to run the length of Olivia's wet folds.

"Please Alex…." Olivia was breathing quickly, "Please, now."

Alex complied with the request and allowed her finger to enter Olivia. She used her thumb to keep the rhythm on her clit as she stroked her.

"Oh Jesus." Olivia was arching her hips into Alex, meeting her stroking motion. "More."

Alex added a second finger, curling them inside Olivia as she continued stroking. Olivia allowed her hands to roam over Alex's back, reaching her buttocks and pulling Alex into her. She opened her legs wider, granting Alex full access, and slid her own thigh between Alex's legs. The leather was cold on Alex's skin, but she appreciated the contact. She clamped her own legs over Olivia's, mimicking the rhythm she'd built up between Olivia's legs with her own on Olivia's thigh. Within a minute the telltale flush was building on Olivia's chest and neck, and Alex increased her tempo, flicking Olivia's clit with her thumb while forcing herself down hard onto Olivia's thigh.

"Oh Jesus.." Olivia brought her arms up to encircle Alex's back, pulling her down as she came. A shudder ran through her entire body, and she felt her sex pulse with her orgasm.

Alex felt the muscular clamp around her fingers at the same time she felt her own orgasm rise. She dropped her head onto Olivia's shoulder, biting hard to stifle her own scream.

Only when she raised her head to look at Olivia did she realise the shudders hadn't subsided with the orgasm. Olivia had tears streaming down her cheeks as she continued to hold Alex. Alex shifted her weight to one side, pulling Olivia to her, running a hand through her hair and pulling her head into the crook of her neck.

"Hey, it's ok."

Olivia let out a soft sob, clutching Alex's body to her own. Alex, feeling suddenly very exposed reached to grab the discarded sheets from the bed, pulling them over their entwined bodies. "Shh, Olivia, it's ok." She stroked Olivia's hair, holding her close. "It's ok."

Olivia's sobs turned into a deep, even breathing before Alex realised what had happened. Holding her tight, she lifted her head to see Olivia now fast asleep, her head resting on Alex's shoulder.

Alex kissed her softly on the top of the head, wiping away the stray tears that stained her otherwise perfect complexion.

The clock on the beside table showed 7:48 when Alex awoke on Saturday morning. It took her a second to realise why something didn't feel right. Then, all at once the memories of the night before came back to her and she realised she was alone in bed.

Wrapping the sheet around herself, she rose from the bed and padded out to the living room. She knew immediately that the apartment was empty. She checked the dining table for a note, and when she found none she went to the phone. She dialled Olivia's cell number, and was greeted by a busy signal. Replacing the phone, she went back to bed.

"Did the maid service wake you up?

Elliot's voice startled Olivia, drawing her attention away from the blank email before her. "What?"

"At the hotel. You need to remember to hang the do not disturb sign, or they just barge right in."

"Yeah, thanks, I'll remember that."

Elliot dropped into his chair, turning on his computer, "Thought you had the weekend off?"

"Yeah, but I have nothing better to do than hang out here."

"Don't let Cragen hear that, he'll cut your overtime."

The cell phone on Olivia's desk burst into song. She grabbed for it, and silenced it before dropping it into her drawer.

"You avoiding someone?"

She shook her head in Elliot's direction without meeting his eye, "No, I just want to spend some time going over these reports and I don't need any distractions."

"Hint taken, I'll shut up now."

Olivia reached out and lifted the received of her desk phone, placing it beside the hand set, rendering it ineffective for the rest of the day.

Having read through every file available to her in the Jane Doe case, and re-reading a few other files relating to ongoing cases, Olivia admitted defeat at eleven o'clock. Alone in the squad room, she allowed a stretch as she walked towards the small windows set in the wall. Overlooking the car park, there was nothing to hold her attention. Olivia moved back to her desk, and opened the top drawer, withdrawing her cell phone. The phone registered 7 missed calls, and showed she had 4 text messages pending. Not checking any of these, she returned the phone to her desk before heading for a room in the back of the bull pen. The crib was usually used by officers forced to work overtime, but tonight Olivia climbed into one of the beds knowing she was the only person left on this floor.

It was a long time before sleep came, and when it did it only crept over her for a few hours.

Alex carried in two bags of Chinese take out food, dropping them onto Elliot's desk before starting to unpack them.

"Counsellor, to what do we owe the pleasure."

"With a case like this, I figured you'd all be working this weekend. I thought you might like some lunch."

Fin and Munch moved their attention from a box of stale doughnuts to the steaming take-out dishes now being laid out on Elliot's desk.

"I don't care what brought you down here, I'm just glad you came." Fin reached for a box of chow mein, helping himself to a plastic fork rather than the chopsticks also on offer.

Alex glanced around the room, "Isn't Olivia here?"

Elliot, spooning fried rice into his mouth, nodded, "She was. Bathroom maybe?"

"I need to run a few things past her before her testimony tomorrow." Alex walked back towards the main door. "I'll see you all later."

"Thanks Alex." Munch didn't even bother to look at her as she left, opting to keep his attention on the spring rolls he'd uncovered in a small box.

Opening the door to the ladies room, Alex was met with Olivia washing her hands over a sink.

"Ah, so you're not dead then."

Olivia looked at her in the mirror, "Sorry?"

"Well, two days, at least 8 calls and half a dozen text messages later, I was thinking the worst."

Olivia moved to the paper towel roll, drying her hands and not meeting Alex's eye, "My cell died, forgot to charge it before I left."

"And your desk phone?"

"I switch that off if I'm working through paperwork, I need my full attention on the job." She dropped the discarded paper towel into a bin, and moved past Alex.

Alex reached out a hand, grabbing her wrist and stopping her mid step. "You ran away."

Olivia laughed, pulling her wrist out of Alex's grip, "What are you talking about? I had work to do, and I've been caught up here."

"For two days?"

"It happens Alex."

"So this has nothing to do with Friday night?"

Olivia shrugged, "What about it. We had too much to drink, things happened that probably shouldn't. I'm not dwelling on it Alex."

Alex crossed her arms over her chest, a move Olivia immediately recognised as a defensive pose she had witnessed in court. "Too much to drink?"

"I think we can both agree on that." Olivia smiled, "It's no big deal, we're both adults."

"So what, we just forget it?"

"Not necessarily, I had a good time." Olivia sighed, "I'm sorry if you're expecting something else Alex, but that's just not me." Olivia stepped towards the door. "I have work to do."

"And are you planning on spending another night here?"

Olivia shook her head, "No, I could do with a decent sleep." She turned to look at Alex, "That's if it's still okay for me to stay with you."

Alex shrugged indifferently, "Why wouldn't it be?"

Alex charged past Olivia, throwing the door open wide as she left. As the door slammed closed behind her, Olivia's posture fell. Her shoulders slumped and she dropped her head into her hands.

The apartment was quiet when Olivia entered, the only sound coming from the kitchen. She moved to stand in the door way. Alex had her back to her, chopping vegetables on a board. A pot sat sizzling on the stove, the aroma of bolognaise making Olivia's stomach grumble softly.

"Is it too late to say I'm sorry?"

Alex didn't show any signs of having heard Olivia speak. She continued to chop the vegetables, leaving over the pot and adding them as she cut.

"You were right, I ran away, and I'm sorry."

"Yes, it is too late." Alex didn't turn, she didn't stop chopping.

"I didn't know how to handle it Alex. I've never – "

Alex put the knife down, leaning heavily on the counter before turning to face Olivia. "Two days I've spent in this apartment thinking the worst." She crossed her arms over her chest. "Two days of wondering if you were ok. Phoning you and getting no response. Two days of fielding questions from Mel and not being able to share anything because I didn't know what was going on."

"I'm sorry."

"Two days of wondering what I had done wrong."

Olivia stepped into the kitchen, "Oh God, I'm sorry, you didn't-"

"No, you're right, I didn't do anything. This is just typical Olivia."

Olivia was clearly confused by this and stopped walking.

"Oh come on, don't act like you don't know. You're the one who puts these labels on people. Elliot, trustworthy reliable husband. Munch, conspiracy nut who lives in the past. Fin, the guy from the street who thinks he still has it."

She sighed, "And then there's you. Poor lost little Olivia who can't be responsible for her failures because she doesn't know any better."

"That's not fair."

"Isn't it. Isn't that what you see yourself as? You continually look to the past and the blame lies back there."

"I'm not-"

Alex held up a hand, stopping Olivia, "Don't." Alex shook her head, and turned back to the vegetables. "Just don't."

Olivia stared at the back of Alex's head, willing her to turn. After a few minutes of silence, when it became clear the conversation was over, Olivia turned and walked towards the guest room.

Alex listened to her walking away. She heard the bedroom door close, heard the opening and closing of drawers, and finally the sound of the shower being turned on. She tipped the remaining vegetables into the simmering pot, and adjusted the heat, reducing the flame on the burner.

She managed one full glass of wine before the sound of the shower stopped. She listened, picturing Olivia moving around the room, dressing in track pants and a t-shirt. No hair drier, so towel drying her hair before dropping the towel onto the bed. A soft increase in traffic noise indicated Olivia had moved onto the small terrace.

Alex put her now empty glass on the coffee table before moving to Olivia's bedroom door. Slowly, she opened the door, and moved inside the room.

Olivia was standing on the terrace, a heavy robe around her shoulders, and her wet hair shining in the moonlight. Alex moved to stand behind her, wrapping her arms around her waist and dropping her chin onto Olivia's shoulder.

"I'm sorry."

Olivia shook her head, but didn't make any move to remove Alex's arms, "No, you're not."

"I shouldn't have said that, it wasn't fair."

"Maybe, but you meant it. And it's true."

Alex put a hand on Olivia's shoulder, turning her around. "I shouldn't have said it."

Olivia shrugged, not meeting Alex's eye.

"Do you want me to go?"

Sighing loudly, Olivia shook her head. "I didn't mean what I said either."

Alex raised an eyebrow, "And what was that?"

Olivia couldn't help smiling as she was forced to take back what she'd said earlier that day. "That what happened was because we were both drunk."


"And that it was just something that happened."

Alex allowed a hand to drop to Olivia's ass, caressing the flesh below the robe.

"So. What happens now?"

"Well, at this rate I'm going to get pneumonia."

Alex smiled as she lowered her chin onto Olivia's shoulder, speaking directly into her ear, "I'm sure I can think of a way to warm you up."

Olivia ran a hand through Alex's hair, taking a handful and pulling softly back to lift Alex's head. Looking directly into Alex's eye, she kissed her. Alex in return, moved a hand beneath Olivia's robe, running her hand over her breasts and dropping it down to rub through the fabric between her legs.

"Promise me this time you won't run away."

Olivia put her hands around Alex's back, supporting her weight as she moved her back inside the apartment. Alex reached the bed, and allowed Olivia to lower her down onto it. Olivia pulled Alex's shirt over her head, throwing it to the side of the bed. She then pulled Alex's shoes off, and closely followed that by tugging her jeans off. Olivia, peeling off her robe, sliding the track pants off and then pulling her t-shirt over her head, lay down covering Alex's body with her own. She smoothed Alex's hair out as she bent to kiss her deeply. Alex, in turn, clasped Olivia's body to her own, relishing in the feel of her breasts pressed against her own.

As Olivia reached down to undo the claps of Alex's bra, her cell phone burst into song.

"Shit." Olivia started to move towards the phone.

Alex reached up and pulled her back, "Leave it."

Olivia shook her head, reaching down to kiss Alex softly on the lips, "I can't, you know I can't."

Olivia reached out to grab her phone, "Elliot' she offered as she read the display.

Olivia sat up on the bed, answering the phone, "Hi."

"We've got another body, this one still breathing."

"I'm not on call Elliot." She tried a smile down at Alex who now lay flushed below her.

"Little boy, six at most, you know you're better at this than me. He's at Mercy."

Olivia sighed deeply, "Okay, give me fifteen minutes."

"Throw on some jeans, I'm downstairs."

Olivia couldn't hide the panic, "Downstairs where?"

"Your hotel, you've got five minutes."

"Elliot, I'm not at the hotel."

"Ok, tell me where you are and I'll be there in five minutes."

"It's ok El, I'll meet you there." Olivia hung up the phone before Elliot had time to protest further.

Alex ran a hand up Olivia's stomach and over her breast. "I'm guessing this isn't ending in my favour tonight."

Olivia moved to sit on the edge of the bed, "I'm sorry. We've got a little boy, I have to go."

Alex rolled onto her side and reached out to stroke Olivia's arm. "I'll see you when you get back."

Olivia leaned over and kissed Alex, "It'll be late."

"I'll wait."

Olivia kissed her again before standing. She grabbed a pair of jeans and a shirt before disappearing into the bathroom.

Elliot met her at the nurse's station on the children's ward. He noted her damp hair, and hastily tucked in shirt.

"Hope I'm not pulling you away from anyone important."

Olivia ignored his enquiry, nodding down the hallway to where a uniformed officer was sitting outside a closed door. "What have we got?"

Elliot reached for his notepad, "Boy, doctors guess about 6 years old. Found unconscious in the park."

"Same spot?"

Elliot nodded. "Man walking his dog found him an hour ago."

"And how is he?"

"Quiet. Doctors say there are signs of recent sexual assault which might explain his silence."

"Has he said anything?" Elliot shook his head. "And we're connecting this to our Jane Doe?"

"They took blood, we're waiting to see if there's a match." Elliot put his notebook away, and taking Olivia by the elbow, led her down towards the closed door. "I've tried talking to him, he just lies there. Thought maybe he'd respond better to you."

Olivia nodded, and stepped past the uniformed officer.

The small room was dark, with a single lamp burning in the corner. The huddled form on the bed looked tiny beneath the blanket. Olivia pulled a chair over to the bed and sat down.

"Hi there. My name is Olivia, I'm a police officer."

The little boy raised his eyes to stare into Olivia's, but he didn't make any move to speak.

"Can you tell me your name?"

He continued to stare.

Olivia reached out to stroke his hair, and noticed that he made no move to back away from her, instead closing his eyes at the contact.

"Do you know what happened to you? Can you tell us anything about who left you in the park?"

He opened his eyes again at the sound of her voice, but still remained silent.

"Okay. Why don't you just try to get some sleep. There's a police officer right outside this door ok, so you're safe here."

Olivia stood, and with a final look back at the little boy in the bed, she left the room.

Elliot had been watching through the window, and had clearly seen that the boy hadn't said anything. "Maybe Huang will have better luck tomorrow."

"He doesn't look particularly traumatised. Other than the fact he's not speaking, he could just be a kid at bedtime."

Elliot nodded, "I know what you mean."

"There's nothing else we can do tonight Elliot."

Elliot smirked, "You in a rush to get back to someone?"

Olivia looked at her watch, "I'm in a hurry to get out of here. For someone not working this weekend, I've spent more time than most on this case."

"Your choice." Elliot walked her back towards the elevators. "No chance of a drink then?"

Olivia thought back to Alex lying on her bed, "Can I take a rain check? It's nearly eleven and I didn't sleep very well last night."

"He must be something special if you're passing up a beer."

Olivia stepped into the elevator, again ignoring Elliot's baiting.

The late night subway train had been delayed between stops, so it was almost midnight by the time Olivia let herself into Alex's apartment. The living room and kitchen were dark, and Olivia was surprised at the intense feeling of disappointment she felt at not seeing Alex waiting for her. Alex's room door was closed, and no light showed from beneath it, so she guessed that Alex had already fallen asleep. Using the moonlight to guide her, Olivia moved to the guest room, gently pushing the door open and stepping inside. She pushed the door closed behind her, and started to undress in the dark. It wasn't until she was ready to step into bed, now naked, that she realised Alex was asleep beneath the sheet. Olivia slowly climbed into bed behind Alex, and simply lay propped up on one hand, watching Alex sleep. The soft intake and expel of air caused Alex's chest to rise and fall beneath the sheet, and Olivia couldn't help but reach out and lay a hand softly on her stomach to feel the movement. At the touch, Alex let out a soft moan and started to open her eyes.

Olivia started to softly rub her stomach, "Shh, it's okay. Go back to sleep."

Alex turned, and reached out for Olivia. In response, Olivia lay down, and allowed Alex to shift towards her, resting her head on Olivia's shoulder, and bringing her full body into contact with Olivia's. Olivia reached a hand around Alex's head and softly stroked her hair. "Shh."

Within seconds Alex's breathing had evened out, and she had returned to her dreams. Olivia turned to breathe in Alex, the smell of her shampoo, the faint remaining trace of the perfume she'd been wearing. Olivia kissed Alex's head, before resting her cheek on the soft cascade of her hair. It only took a few moments for sleep to overcome her.

Ripped from sleep by an intense buzzing noise, Olivia had raised herself to her elbows before realising Alex had been sleeping against her chest.

"What's going on?" Alex rolled onto her back, rubbing sleep from her eyes.

Olivia turned to the clock by the bed, and as she tried to make sense of the numbers, she realised her cell phone was jumping around the end table. "Phone, sorry." She reached for the cell, answering the call. "Benson."

"He wasn't speaking because he doesn't understand English."

Olivia ran a hand over her eyes, trying to force herself to wake up, "Elliot?"

"He's Russian, his name is Marat, and he wants to know where his mother is."

Alex rolled over to face Olivia, rubbing a hand on the small of Olivia's back, "Everything okay?"

Olivia nodded before turning away from Alex, throwing her legs over the side of the bed.

"Sorry, am I interrupting again?" Elliot was clearly amused at having caught Olivia out.

"Where are you?"

"Just leaving the precinct, I'll meet you at Mercy in twenty minutes. Unless you'd rather stay with however you're with now?"

"It's no one, I'll see you soon."

Olivia disconnected the call and put the phone back on the table. She turned to Alex, who had withdrawn her hand and was now curled up with the sheet pulled tight around her shoulders. "I have to go."

Alex nodded, avoiding her eye, "So I guessed."

Olivia leaned over her, kissing her softly on the forehead, "Sorry."

"I'm getting used to it."

Olivia ran a hand through Alex's hair, brushing it back onto the pillow, "Not fair."

"Go, you'll be late. I'll see you in court."

Olivia wanted to stay, wanted to show Alex she really was sorry, but she knew that her job came first. Reluctantly, she stood, grabbing the same clothes she'd discarded when she'd come home late last night, and made her way to the shower.

John Munch was sitting opposite Marat in the hospital's canteen. The boy was wolfing his way through a bowl of porridge as Munch spoke to him in Russian.

Elliot and Olivia entered the room, pulling chairs from a nearby table to join them.

"Morning." Olivia offered them both a smile.

Munch turned to them both, then spoke to Marat in Russian, apparently introducing his colleagues to the small boy.

"How did we find out the Russian connection?"

Elliot answered her question, "Russian cleaner went into his room this morning, and was singing as he mopped the floor. Marat here started singing along in Russian, and the cleaner reported it to the nurses."

Munch nodded, "He's been telling me all about his home town. And his family."

"You said he was asking for his mother."

Elliot nodded, "We're guessing she's our Jane Doe."

"Was he able to confirm that?"

Munch shook his head, "He hasn't seen his mother since last Sunday when they went to Church. He says the man who owns their apartment came to visit and took his mother away. She hasn't been back."

"When are we getting the blood results back?"

"I'm expecting a call within the hour."

Marat started speaking, Munch translating as he listened, "He wants to know when he can go home."

Olivia looked to Elliot, "Do we have Russian speaking foster families available?"

Elliot shook his head, "Family services say no. They have a family willing to take him, but it means he goes back to not speaking."

Munch spoke back to Marat.

"We can take him back to the precinct for today, looks like he's made a friend." Olivia smiled at Munch.

Munch shrugged, "I'm missing about every tenth word, but I guess it's better than nothing."

Elliot stood, "Check with the doctors, we need a statement from him. We can get a sketch artist too so if he's okay to come down to the squad room he can ride with you."

Olivia got to her feet, "We'll see you back at the precinct."

Olivia and Elliot made it to the car park before Elliot started with the questions. "So, hope I didn't interrupt anything this morning."

"Will you drop this?"

Elliot laughed, "Tell me who he is and I'll think about it."

Olivia shook her head, "It's none of your business."

"Do I know him?"

"Elliot, stop."

"Come on, just give me a name."

"No." Olivia climbed into the passenger seat, slamming the door behind her, "Why is it bugging you so much?"

Elliot shrugged as he started the car, "It's not bugging me."

"Then let it go." Olivia secured her seat belt, "I'm due in court in an hour, so can we get going?"

Elliot pulled out of the car park, risking a look at Olivia and deciding to stop his questions when he saw her jaw set in defiance.

Part 3

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