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By Katherine Quinn

Alex grabbed the hand slowly running up the inside of her thigh and yelled, "Stop it," at its offending owner, as she threw it back across the console.

"What?" Olivia asked, smirking at her lover with more than a hint of mischief in her eyes.

"I'm driving," Alex says, as she blows her hair out of her eyes, firming both her resolve and her steel tight grip on the steering wheel.

"I see that," Olivia says, again placing her hand on Alex's thigh, but this time much lower, near her knees. Slowly, she let her fingers run in small circles against the warm fabric of her lover's jeans.

"Liv, you're always complaining about how I drive. Do you want me to actually have an accident?" Alex asked, as she felt the unhurried circling fingers slowly tracing up her inner thigh.

"No, you're right." Olivia sighed. She paused a beat, and Alex could see the light in her eyes before she spoke. "So pull over."

"Are you insane?" Alex asked indignantly.

"Nope, just horny."

"Well, that's so much better."

"You don't usually complain," Olivia murmured to her in a voice that Alex quickly realized she had little immunity to. The voice combined with the suddenly insistent fingers pressing into the crotch of her jeans was definitely going to drive her insane. Quickly she pressed her knees together, crushing Olivia's hand between them.

"Ow," Olivia yelped in protest.

"Serves you right."

"Oh come on," Olivia moaned into her ear, leaning close and placing a wet kiss on her neck.

"Get away from me," Alex laughed as she pushed Olivia back into her seat.

"You're no fun," Olivia moaned.

"You're insane." Alex countered.

"I just love you," Olivia murmured to her again, this time slipping her fingers under the blonde's shirt.

Unwillingly, Alex heard herself moan as insistent fingers deftly flew over her nipples, causing them to immediately harden. "Stop it," she whimpered, but this time, she didn't push the hand away.

Olivia smiled smugly. She knew she had won and it was about damn time. Slowly she leaned over and kissed Alex's neck, and then slowly, let her teeth gently pull on the pale white earlobe.

"I can't believe you," Alex sighed as she pulled off the road. "You know, at this rate, we'll never make it back."

"That's okay with me," Olivia smiled, kissing her gently, happily keeping score in her head. Alex 0, Olivia 1.

The End

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