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By Les Miserables 1998

My words fly up, my thoughts remain below. Words without thoughts never to heaven go.


Olivia sat on the steps watching Alex walk away. Watching Alex walk away…

Olivia sprung up and ran after the ADA.

"Alex, wait! I said I have to talk to you!" Olivia shouted as she ran after her.

Alex spun around and glared at Olivia. "Keep your voice down, Detective."

Olivia lowered her voice. "Baby, I love you." She said breathlessly. "Just give me a chance to explain things to you. Then if you still feel this way, I will let you go."

Olivia's dark brown eyes pleaded with Alex.

Alex's heart melted with these words, but she stood firm. "Five minutes, that's all!"

Olivia chose her words carefully and began.

"Alex, that woman you saw me with the other night was only a friend, nothing more." Olivia began.

Alex waited for Olivia to continue.

"Her name is Kate, we went to the academy together, she's married." Olivia was talking fast to say as much as she could before the ADA cut her off. "I talked to Liz this morning-"

"You did what?" Alex demanded. "You had no right, Olivia!"

"She told me that nothing was going on between the two of you, and that you love me." Olivia's face broke into a grin.

Alex was still clearly angry. "I tried to tell you that, Olivia, on several occasions, but you would not listen! I made a mistake, okay? Now let me go!"

Alex quickly hailed a cab, got inside, and was gone.

"Okay," Olivia thought. "If this is the way she wants it."

"Right up here." Olivia told the cab driver. She handed him some bills and got out of the car.

She was standing in front of Alex's building. "What to do now?" Olivia thought.

She buzzed Alex and waited for an answer.

"If that's you Olivia, go away!" Alex said over the intercom.

Olivia smiled. Alex knew that she would come. Surely she knew how desperate Olivia was.

Olivia buzzed again. "Come on, Alex, let me in." she thought.

The front door buzzed and clicked to let Olivia know that she had been granted entrance.

Olivia reached for the door and went in. She took the stairs two at a time, her heart pounding in her chest. She realized that she had one shot left with Alex. She HAD to get her attention, and Olivia knew just how to do it. Her plan was risky, but well worth it.

As Olivia rounded the corner, she saw Alex in the doorway. She was waiting for Olivia.

"I swear to God, Benson! I am going to call Judge Thunder to get an RO on you!"

Olivia kept moving toward Alex; eyes focused on the prize. She took the ADA off guard as she pushed her back into the apartment and slammed the door.

"Olivia, what-" Alex's words were lost as Olivia captured her mouth with her own and pushed the stunned ADA against the wall. Olivia had Alex pinned, but felt no resistance. She continued to fiercely kiss Alex, and she heard a soft moan escape from the younger woman's mouth.

"Olivia." Alex moaned.

Olivia worked quickly as she slid a hand up Alex's skirt and began to rub gently between her legs.

"Oh my God, Liv" Alex was clearly enjoying this. Liv had her attention!

"Tell me to stop and I will," Olivia instructed Alex.

"I can't," Alex breathlessly replied.

Olivia, however, suddenly stopped and backed away. Alex swallowed hard.

"Now" Olivia said slowly, "Do I have your attention?"

Alex just nodded.

"I love you so much, damnit," Olivia pleaded. "But, I am so tired of chasing you and trying to convince you." Olivia finished. "The ball is in your court now, Alex."

Alex was still trying to catch her breath from Olivia's sudden attack on her senses.

Alex remained silent and stunned as Olivia turned and left the apartment.

The End

Defying Gravity

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