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An ADA Christmas
By ralst

She moans. Her hands grasping at my back. Pulling me impossibly close. "I've wanted you for so long---"

She is on top of me. Her leg between my thighs. My shirt bunched in her fists. Panting and desperate for more.


She doesn't listen. Her body moving against mine in a rhythm of primal pleasure. The leather beneath us creaks in protest.

I push her away from me. "I said stop."

She groans and tries to fight my grip.


How did this happen to me? All I did was walk in the door and the next thing I know my back is pressing into the couch and she's on top of me. It is a nightmare in technicolour.

"Don't fight it." She persists. "I know you want it as much as I do." Her thigh presses into me with determination.

"Get off!"

She lands on her backside in the middle of the office. Assaulting someone of Liz Donnelly's position probably isn't the wisest thing I've ever done. So I try not to laugh at her frilly underwear and petulant expression.

I look to the door and see the stunned face of my very own ADA. Alex blinks slowly, her gaze travelling from my ruffled form to Liz and then back to me.

"Olivia?" She sounds confused but also pissed.

I never should have agreed to come to her Christmas party. A room filled with drunk lawyers was bound to be trouble.

Liz sighs. "Will someone help me up?"

Neither Alex or I move.

"Olivia," Alex's tone is a warning, her eyes fixated on my cleavage.

I look down and notice Liz has somehow managed to undo most of my buttons, displaying my second-best bra to the viewing public. I scowl at Liz and begin re-buttoning myself.

"I think Donnelly's had too much to drink."

Alex doesn't even spare her boss a look. "What were you doing?"

Liz begins to crawl away. Her skirt hiked above her waist and frillies sashaying towards the door at an impressive speed.

"Trying to preserve my honour."

She looks even more angry. "I brought you here to be with me, not go running around with Liz."

Now that's strange. "I thought you said I should come to mingle and make contacts."

She sighs, her hands on her hips. "Please, as if you'd mingle."

I notice that she's closed and locked the door behind her. Twin thuds echo as her shoes hit the floor.

"You know why you're here."

She is leaning over the couch in a matter of seconds, and I suddenly realise it was a waste of time re-buttoning my shirt.

I frown. "I do?"

She climbs on top of me. "You'd better."

Her kiss is demanding. Her moan almost guttural. Her hands grasp at my back. Pulling me impossibly close. "I've wanted you for so long---"

Her leg is between my thighs. My shirt bunched in her fists. She is panting and desperate for more.

"Don't Stop."

The End

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