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By Huntress

Part Seven

The cab pulled up to Olivia's apartment 10 minutes later, and both women practically ran out of cab and into the building.

They arrived at Olivia's door in record time. Olivia fumbled with the keys in the lock while Alex teased the back of her neck with her lips.

Olivia managed to get the door open. The two women quickly shut the door,and fumbled their way to Olivia's bedroom, discarding each other's clothes along the way. By the time they entered Olivia's bedroom, both women were naked.

Alex pushed Olivia onto the bed. She climbed on top of Olivia, took Olivia's arms and placed them above her head, Olivia couldn't help but smile at Alex's aggressiveness, so she captured Alex's lips with hers.

Both women moaned as they felt their tongues gliding over each other, but it wasn't enough for Alex; she wanted more. She broke the kiss and told Olivia to move to the top of the bed. Olivia quickly obeyed, excited to see what her lover had in mind.

Once Olivia was in position, Alex mounted Olivia, straddling her hips, and started to kiss Olivia's body slowly. She teased Olivia's skin with the tip of her tongue, which drove Olivia nuts.

Olivia reached for Alex but she pulled away, shaking her head at Olivia.

"Sorry Detective, it's my turn to have my with you," she said with a devilish grin.

Olivia moaned in frustration and let Alex move her arms back over her head. Alex grinned wildly at the detective, who was now growing more aroused with each passing second.

Alex sat up and looked at Olivia below her. She bit her bottom lip, winked at Olivia, moved off her and the bed, and walked toward the door. She heard Olivia start to get off the bed. She quickly turned around and told Olivia to stay there because she'd be right back.

Olivia was puzzled and excited, but did what Alex said. She waited for her at the top of the bed, leaning against the headboard, while trying to figure out what the hell Alex was doing.

She was still thinking when she heard Alex approaching the bedroom door again. She saw Alex standing against the doorframe with both hands behind her back.

Olivia couldn't help but lick her lips at the site of Alex naked in front of her, looking devastatingly sexy standing there.

The fact that Alex had something behind her back didn't escape Olivia's attention, even though Alex's naked form was distracting every other sense in her body.

Alex was still waitiing by the door, looking over Olivia's form on the bed, when Olivia interrupted her thoughts.

"So, what's that you got back, Counselor?" she asked with a smirk.

Alex's grin grew even wider at Olivia's tone. She eased her self off the doorframe and started toward Olivia very slowly.

"Oh, I think you're going to like it, Detective, but to find out, you'll have to lay back down and close your eyes. Then, I'll show you," she said, in her low husky lawyer tone.

Olivia arched her brow at Alex, but then smiled, laid back down on the bed and closed her eyes.

Alex moved to the edge of the bed and then stopped. She reveled in the sight of Olivia lying naked on the bed waiting for her, trusting her, no questions asked. She smiled as she watched the rise and fall of Olivia's chest. Alex's eyes moved slowly over Olivia's body, following every dip and curve of the detective's body. She couldn't help but lick her lips and think to her self,"She's all mine, all MINE."

Sensing what Alex was doing, Olivia smiled. "Like what you see, Counselor?" she said in a salutary rasp, while keeping her eyes closed.

"As a matter of fact, I do, Detective." She climbed back onto the bed and moved over Olivia, but still did not show Olivia what was behind her back. "I like what I see very much."

Alex shifted her position again, moving her hands out from behind her back, and placed the surprise by Olivia's hands, which were once again resting above her head. She smiled down at Olivia, looking at what she had gotten out of the pile of clothes they left scattered through out the apartment. She took one end of Olivia's handcuffs, slowly placing it around Olivia's wrist.

When Olivia felt the cold steal touch her skin she opened her eyes and looked directly into Alex's eyes.

"Do you trust me, Detective?" she said, moving into a straddling position on Olivia's hips, never breaking eye contact with Olivia.

"With all my heart," Olivia said as Alex put the end of the cuff through panels of the headboard and around her other wrist.

Alex smiled as she ran her hands from the top of Olivia's arms down to her stomach. The sensation of Alex's fingers gliding over her skin caused Olivia to pull against her restraints. This evoked a little grin from Alex, who in turn kissed Olivia, slowly teasing her lover. Olivia moaned deeply at the teasing Alex was doing with her tongue on hers.

Alex drew one of Olivia's breasts in her mouth, as her hands teased Olivia's skin. Olivia let out a deep-throated moan and arched her back at the touch of Alex's tongue gliding over her nipple. Olivia wanted to reach out and pull Alex to her, to feel Alex's weight on top of her, but all she could do was moan and pull against her restraints in frustration.

Alex smiled as she released Olivia from her mouth. She looked up at Olivia, whose eyes were now closed. "Olivia, open your eyes; I want you to watch me," she said, positioning herself just above Olivia's face so that their lips almost touched.

Olivia opened her eyes. She could feel the heat of Alex's mouth on hers, causing her to go over the edge. She closed the space between them, telling Alex with a deep and passionate kiss what she wanted and need from Alex.

Alex knew exactly what Olivia wanted. She could feel her body tensing and her breathing growing faster. She could see and feel Olivia pulling against the handcuffs. Olivia wanted to touch Alex and grew frustrated when she couldn't. Olivia's moans were growing louder and Alex could hear the need, the want, that Olivia had for Alex. Knowing that Olivia wanted to touch her, to feel her, to make love to her, made her heart melt. She wanted all of Olivia, and wanted to give everything of herself to Olivia.

Keeping her eyes locked with Olivia's, Alex made her way down Olivia's body, sliding her hand down her legs, parting them slowly, and began nipping and kissing Olivia's thighs. Seeing how wet Olivia was, she began to part Olivia's folds with her tongue. She felt Liv's walls tense and close around her tongue; she knew Olivia was close.

Olivia couldn't take the teasing much more; she let out a deep-throated moan and her body began to rock as she felt Alex's tongue enter her. The cuffs were digging hard into her skin and she was growing closer and closer to her climax. Olivia could feel Alex's eyes watching her, watching her reaction to every stroke of her tongue, watching her body react to sensations she created for her lover.

Alex intensified her efforts and was determined to make Olivia scream her name a hundred times over. Olivia was close to coming when she felt Alex's tongue slide over her clit. This sent Olivia over the edge; her orgasm hit in waves. Alex kept a steady pace, lapping up all of the juices from Olivia's orgasm, while still teasing her clit. Olivia was at the peak of her orgasm when she heard her cell phone start to ring.

Olivia ignored it. She could feel another wave was coming. Alex didn't stop either; she only quickened the pace, sensing Olivia was close again. She focused all her efforts on Olivia's clit. Olivia's second wave was hitting her hard when Alex's phone began to ring.

"FUCK!!" both women said in unison.

Olivia threw her head back on the pillow. Alex studied Olivia, who was still breathing fast and had beads of sweat dripping down her body. Alex climbed on to Olivia and whispered her apologies. Olivia just smiled and kissed Alex. Alex smiled back and said that she would go find their cells. That way, they could see who called them and they both could rip the culprit a new one for interrupting them. Olivia didn't object. She was still cuffed to the bed. She just looked up at the ceiling and waited for Alex to come back.

She didn't have to wait long; Alex was back with phones in hand. She climbed back onto the bed on straddled Olivia's hips again.

"Elliot called, twice on your cell, and once on mine," she said. Dissappointment creaping in her voice. Elliot calling probably meant that Olivia would have to leave.

"Oh, he's a dead man," Olivia said, chuckling a little bit.

"Do you suppose we should call him back?" Alex asked.

"Yeah, other wise he'll keep calling and interrupting us." They both giggled. "But under the circumstances, I think you should call him," She said pulling on the cuffs.

Alex smiled. "Yeah, I guess you're right, huh?"

Alex dialed Elliot's number, still smiling at Olivia, who was playing around with the cuffs, trying to remove them. Alex just shook her head at Olivia. She knew very well that no amount of tugging would get them off. She started to laugh a little bit, when she heard Elliot's voice on the other line.

"What did you need, Detective?" she said dryly.

Alex couldn't help but roll her eyes at that unnecessary news that she was hearing from Elliot.

"Well, that's all well and good, Detective, but you don't need my help for that. I'm sure you and the other detectives in the squad can handle that just fine. Now, if there isn't anything else... Yeah, you have a good night too," she said, annoyed and hung up the phone.

She looked at Olivia, who was trying to hold back a smirk.

"What was so important that he had to call?" Olivia asked, smiling at Alex, who was shaking her head.

"I have no idea. I wasn't really paying attention, and my mind was otherwise occupied," she said, winking at Olivia as she

reached over to the edge of the bed and placed the phones on the nightstand.

"Come on Alex, what couldn't he handle without you and me?" she asked teasingly.

"Okay, okay, he said something about the Haledon case," Alex said, sitting back in her original position over Olivia. She began to trace circles on Olivia's stomach.

"We don't have any open cases with that name," she said, raising an eyebrow.

"Yea, exactly; that's why I told him that he and the other detectives could handle it on their own," she chuckled.

"Well, I suppose I should call him back too, huh? Just to make sure he doesn't call again."

Alex looked at Olivia, puzzled. "I just talked to him. Everything is taken care of."

Olivia just smiled. "What do you think is going to happen if I don't call him too? He's going to call and call and he might even stop by," she said, hoping Alex would get the point she was trying to make.

"We are still trying to mess with them remember? I mean they all probably know already, considering our little exit today but, I really don't want my partner barging in on us," she said, pulling against the cuffs.

"MMM, I see your point." Alex said, winking down at Olivia. She reached back to get her phone. "We wouldn't him walking in while in Mid-orgasm screaming my name now would we." she said, teasingly.

"Umm. Aren't you going to un-cuff me?"


"Then how the hell am I going to call him?" she said, arching her brow at Alex.

"I'll dial and hold the phone to your ear; you'll talk," Alex said matter-of factly while dialing his number.

Olivia didn't have to time to argue, Alex was already leaning over with her cell to her ear.

Alex just smiled as Olivia gave a rather hostile greeting to her partner. Olivia started to laugh at something he said and she looked right at Alex.

Alex in turn gave her an odd look and Olivia laughed again.

"Now if I was doing that, do you I'd be talking to you right now?" she asked, rolling her eyes.

"Yeah, you too, Partner." She smiled at Alex. "You can hang up now." She just stared up at Alex, who was staring down at her.

"What did he say?" she said, putting the phone back on the table.

"Nothing, he used the same bullshit excuse with me as he did with you."

"MMMMHMM, what was so funny then, Detective?" she said, sitting up, and taking her hands off Olivia's stomach.

Olivia couldn't help but chuckle. She lifted her head slightly so she could see Alex's full reaction to what she was going to say.

"He said, 'sorry to bother you while you're getting 'Lucky', but I needed help on the Haledon case.' Then I said, 'if I was doing that, I wouldn't be talking to him."

"Oh, but you were getting 'lucky' though," Alex said, motioning to Olivia's current position.

"Well, not yet I haven't," Olivia said, winking at Alex while a chesire-cat grin spread across her face.

Alex smiled, placed her arms on each side of Olivia's body and slowly bent down until her lips were just inches from Olivia's.

"Now, where were we, Detective?" she asked smiling.

Part 8

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