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By Huntress

Part Eight

"Benson," she whispered into the phone, trying not to wake her girlfriend.

"Yeah, I'll be there in a few," she said, checking the time and after quickly hanging up.

"6:32 AM, damn it! Cant these people ever take a break? It's Saturday," she grumbled and slowly got out of bed, making sure not to disturb Alex, and then headed for the shower.

She was up and dressed in record time. She took a long look at Alex and walked into the kitchen.

She opened her junk drawer and took out her spare key and a note pad. She quickly scribbled down a message and placed it and the key on her pillow, making sure that Alex could easily find it if she woke up before she got back.

Taking one last look at Alex, she smiled, quietly closed the door, and headed out of the apartment.

*Meanwhile, unnoticed by the detective, there was an unmarked car sitting across the street in front of her building watching it, waiting for her. After watching the detective get into a cab, the driver wrote down the time, and proceeded to watch her building.*

Station house 7:27 AM

When Olivia arrived at the squad, everybody was silent and staring at the board.

"Hey, what's going on?" she asked, while hanging up her jacket.

Munch looked over at Elliot, who then looked at Fin. Fin shook his head and looked down at his desk. Much, in turn, got up and covered the board that they had apparently been working on and started to wheel it into an interview room.

"Will someone please tell me what the fuck is going on here?" she said, looking right at Elliot, who would not look at her. "Elliot, tell me whets going and why isn't anyone talking to me?" she could tell that something really bad happened but didn't understand why she was getting the silent treatment from everybody.

"Ah! Umm...Liv, I...I think it's best we talk in private," he said, getting up, still avoiding looking directly her.

She was about to argue, but followed him into a nearby interview room. Once they were inside the room, Elliot still would not look at her and was pacing the room.

Olivia was getting very impatient. She hated playing games, and if something was wrong, then she wanted him to come out and tell her.

Finally, after several minutes passed, she broke the silence.

"Damn it, Elliot! Tell me what the hell is going on. Munch and Fin wont even look at me, and I'm getting the silent treatment from them and you; what is going on?!?" she said, trying to hide nervousness in her voice.

The was silence for a few more minutes. Now they both were pacing in the room. She finally couldn't take the silence anymore and was heading toward the door when she heard Elliot's voice.

"Liv! I think you should sit down," he said, as he stopped in front of the table, looking directly at Olivia.

Olivia's hand froze on the door knob. She never did like hearing those 6 little words; nothing good ever followed them. She took a deep breath and turned to face Elliot.

"What's wrong?" she said, trying to not panic.

"I really think you should sit."

She stared at him, but took a seat at the table and waited for him to continue.

"God, I don't know where to start. I...! Liv...!" He was having trouble finding the right words to tell her. Olivia, seeing how hard this was for her partner, just couldn't help think that something terrible happened.

"Just start somewhere, Elliot. You're starting to scare me. What happened?" she pleaded.

"Liv, you gotta promise me...with what I'm about to tell you...you gotta promise you wont flip out and you'll be straight with me, ok? It's...just promise me you'll keep it together okay?"

"Jesus, Elliot! When you put it like that, it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I'm not gonna promise you anything till I hear what you have to say. Just tell me!" she said.

Elliot shook his head. "This is serious, Olivia. Please, just promise you'll stay clam, okay?" he begged, taking the seat next to her.

Olivia nodded and waited for Elliot to continue.

"Ah, well, there are a few things, Live. Umm, after we talked last night, we got a call at the station. A young girl, 11 or 12...she was severely beaten, but thankfully, there was no signs of sexual assault." He paused, trying to gauge her reaction so far. Seeing that she was still calm he continued. "Her name is Eva Carnelli. Does that name sound familiar to you at all?"

"No, it doesn't. Is it supposed to?" she asked, trying to figure out where this was going and what connection this girl had to her.

"The hospital ran some tests, x-rays, blood work, cat-scans...the whole nine yards. The cat-scan came back clear, nothing wrong there. She does, however, have a broken arm and bruising on her body." he paused again, this time instead of looking at her, he stared down at his hands.

"Ah, okay, I still don't see how I'm connected to this girl. Did she have my card on her or something?" she asked, leaning back in her chair.

"No, she didn't have your card, but..." He couldn't seem to get the words to come out.

"But what, Elliot?"

"They ran her blood, the blood they drew at the hospital and the blood they found at the crime scene. The blood samples they ran from the crime scene came back a with a match in the system. We had the hospital run the test just to make sure there wasn't any contamination, or mix ups. They ran DNA analysis just to be on the safe side." He was now looking her straight in the eyes.

"O-okay, who's the match, Elliot?" She was now getting anxious and worried. "Whatever it is I can take it. Elliot, just spill it already."

"Just remember to stay clam, okay? Eva's blood and DNA tests came back with a match to an NYPD officer...YOU, to be more exact." Before he could finish, Olivia was up out of her chair pacing. There were a hundred questions racing through her mind.

"How?!!!!!How? Is she my sister, cousin, niece, what is she, Elliot?" she asked, trying to hold back tears.

Elliot got up and stood right in front of her and looked her right in the eyes.

"Liv, Eva is...!!!!!"

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