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Flooding Emotions
By clairebear


Part 4

"You are shitting me?" Elliot almost dropped the coffee cup in his hand as Olivia handed him the computer print out of Timur Marov's current home address.

"Two previous counts of soliciting, one of petty larceny and one of grand theft auto. He was also a suspect in at least two homicides last year, but we didn't have enough evidence to arrest him."

"And you got him from a book?"

Olivia nodded, "Six hours of studying paid off for the first time in over twenty years."

Munch laughed from his desk, "Surely you mean twenty five."

Olivia shot him a look as she reached for her notepad, "You two get to ride along while we go pick him up."

Marov's apartment was in the Upper East Side of the city, which surprised them all as they made their way through the streets. Stopping in front of a plush looking building, both Elliot and Munch looked to Olivia for confirmation that they were in fact in the right place.

Olivia looked at the print out again, "East 67th Street."

"This guy is living in a nicer apartment than you."

Olivia chose to ignore the remark, and instead leaned back to study the building before her. "He's in 6F."

Munch was already at the front door, pressing the corresponding buzzer.

Olivia and Elliot joined him as a voice answered the buzz. "Yeah?"

Olivia spoke, "Timur Marov?"

Instead of answering, the locking system buzzed, allowing them entry.

Elliot furrowed his brow, "Is anyone else wondering why someone in this building would grant entry without checking who was at the door?"

Munch shrugged, "Unless he is expecting strange women and lets them all in with no questions asked."

Elliot held the door as Olivia and Munch filed past him.

Six flights of stairs later, they found themselves outside Marov's door. Olivia stood up front while Elliot and Munch stood to either side, ensuring anyone looking through the spy hole would only see the female officer. Olivia lifted her fist, and banged on the door.

With a chain in place, the door opened a few inches, "Yeah?"


"Did Olav send you?"

Olivia smiled, "Can I come in?"

The door closed momentarily as the chain was unhooked. As Marov started to open it again Elliot stepped forward, pushing the door open in Marov's face.

"Hey, what is this?"

Olivia lifted her NYPD badge, "Police, we want to talk to you."

Marov stepped aside to allow them to enter, "Why didn't you say?"

The officers let themselves into the apartment, making their way through the sparsely furnished space until they stood in what appeared to be the living room.

"You just moved in?" Elliot looked around the room.

Marov shook his head, "If you already have my address then you know I've been here for a year."

Munch made his way through to the kitchen area, returning with a shake of the head.

"What do you want?"

Olivia spoke, "We're investigating a murder."

"What does that have to do with me?"

"Witness says you were the last to see the victim."

Marov shrugged, "You arresting me?"

Olivia shook her head, "No, but we'd like to ask you to come down to the precinct and help us with some questions."

Marov considered this for a second, then nodded, "Sure, why not."

Much and Elliot couldn't help the shocked look that passed between them.

Alex was watching the interview through the one way glass of the interrogation room.

Olivia and Elliot were sitting either side of Marov, who appeared calm.

"Did you know this woman?" Olivia was handing him the head shot of their Jane Doe from the autopsy.

Marov nodded, "Katerina Peskow, she lived in an apartment I own."

"When did you last see her?"

"I collect rent once a week."


"I went over last Sunday. I asked her if she wanted to take a walk, she said she'd been inside all weekend."

Olivia glanced at the glass, knowing there was someone behind it listening to this testimony, "What happened when you went out?"

Marov shrugged, "We went for a walk through the park, talked, had some corn dogs. I asked if I could walk her home, but she said she had an errand to run, so I left her in the park."

"What time was that?"

Marov turned to Elliot, "About six I think. She said she had to be home to put her little boy to bed at eight."

Olivia shifted in her chair, "And that was the last time you saw her?"

Marov nodded, "I left her, then went home."

Elliot spoke up, "Anyone confirm that?"

Marov shook his head, "Probably not, I live alone."

Olivia stood up, making her way to the side door of the interview room, "Mr Marov, can I get you something to drink?"

He shook his head, "No thanks."

Olivia left the room, coming to join Alex in the observation area.

Noting Alex's stance, arms crossed over her chest, head tilted back and chin jutted out, Olivia sighed, "You don't like this."

Alex shook her head, "You've got nothing."

"He was the last person to see her alive, he's practically admitted that."

Alex shrugged, "But you can't provide evidence that he was at the scene where she died."

Olivia shook her head, "He said he left her in the park."

"He said he went home, and she remained. That doesn't mean anything."

"A warrant might give us something in his apartment, gloves, bloody clothes-"

Alex shook her head, holding up a hand to stop Olivia speaking, "You have nothing to justify a warrant."

"What?" Olivia appeared outraged at this.

"If you had fibres, prints, DNA, anything, then yes." Alex reached out a hand to rest on Olivia's arm, "You don't have anything other than a hunch."

Olivia pulled her arm away from Alex's touch, "He did this Alex."

"Then you need to give me something more to go on."

Olivia walked back towards the door, turning to offer Alex a questioning look before re-entering the interview room.

"Mr Marov, you're free to go."

Marov smiled widely, "Thank you."

Elliot pushed himself to his feet, "If we need you again, we know where to find you."

Marov nodded as he stood, "Of course." He was at the door before he turned,

"What about her little boy?"

Olivia answered, "He's fine. We placed him with a foster family. He started school and asks for his mother every day."

"Shame." With that Marov left the room.

Elliot turned to Olivia once they were alone, "What happened?"

Olivia nodded towards the one way mirror, "Our ADA doesn't think we have reason for a warrant. Remind me to introduce her to the six year old kid who is left in a strange county without his mother."

Olivia chose to leave the room by the same door Marov had, thus avoiding Alex.

Alex made her way out through the bullpen, and was only aware of Elliot's presence when he reached out to grab her arm.

"Alex, wait, she didn't mean anything by that."

Alex stopped, turning to face Elliot, "I'm here to do a job Elliot."

He nodded, "I know that, and so does Liv." He offered a small smile, "You've been living with her for almost two weeks, you've not noticed how determined she gets about stuff?"

Alex tried to hide her shock at the fact Olivia had confided this fact, "I told her to get more evidence and I'll be happy to push for a warrant."

"Like what?"

Alex shrugged, "That little boy. Sexual assault had to happen somewhere, so can he place himself at Marov's home? If not, has he been there with his mother?" Alex was speaking in a tone that led Elliot to question where she was heading. Was it possible ADA Cabot was actually condoning falsifying witness testimony? "Anything like that, and a judge would grant a warrant."

Elliot stepped back from Alex, nodding his understanding.

Olivia had just ordered her second beer when her cell phone started ringing. Taking it from her pocket, she sighed as she saw Alex's name on the display.


"Where are you?"

Olivia took a drink from the bottle in front of her, "I'm having a drink in a bar."


"No one. I wanted some time alone."

Alex took a second to respond, "Meaning you didn't want to see me."

"I just needed some time Alex, don't read too much into that."

"When will you be home?"

"An hour."

Alex offered a goodbye as Olivia hung up the phone.

Olivia's hour had turned into two by the time she let herself into the apartment. Alex was lying on the sofa, attempting to read a book but failing due to lack of concentration.

Olivia came to the sofa, lifting Alex's feet and sitting down, replacing her feet on her lap. "I know it looked bad, but I'm not mad, and I don't want you to be mad at me."

Alex put the book down, "I'm not mad, just a little confused. Did you really think I would break rules for you Olivia?"

Olivia shook her head, "No, of course not."

"Then why storm out when I don't tell you what you want to hear?"

"This case is getting to me, and I needed to get out. I'm sorry."

"If we're going to work together you need to separate our relationship from our jobs."

"I know that."

Alex lifted her feet from Olivia's lap, and scooted along the sofa to sit beside her.

"And next time you walk out on me, I will be mad."

Olivia leaned over and kissed Alex softly. "I got a call today, my apartment is ready."

Alex sat back, the disappointment on her face evident. "When are you moving back in?"

Olivia shrugged, "I'm going to see it tomorrow, so if it's okay I can move in anytime."

Alex made to stand up, but Olivia put a hand on her arm stopping her, "It's not a big deal, you knew this was temporary."

"I know, I just didn't think it would be over this soon."

Olivia let out a soft laugh, "I'm moving home, not breaking up with you."

"You know what I mean."

"Alex, what happened today is reason enough for me to go. I'm not used to coming home to someone, not used to having someone who worries if I go out for a beer after work rather than going straight home. I need my own space."

"So what, we go out on a date once a week and see each other at work?"

"It wouldn't just be once a week, you know that."

"Do I? You've been living here all this time, and there were too many nights where I didn't get to see you. That's going to be worse when you go."

"Then we make sure we make time for each other." Olivia took Alex's hand, "It'll be fine Alex."

The new ceiling and the new coat of paint made the apartment look bigger. Of course, Olivia thought, the fact that there was no furniture in any of the rooms also helped with the illusion.

"When will I get my stuff out of storage?"

The building Supervisor stuck his hands in his pockets, "It's not in storage. We had to dump your stuff."

"Dump it?"

"The water destroyed pretty much everything, but we managed to gather a few personal items, some photographs. Landlord took them for safe keeping."

"You threw out my furniture without asking me?"

He shrugged, "Ms Benson, the stuff was beyond repair."

"So what do I do now?"

"You've got insurance."

Olivia sighed, "Which will take weeks to come through. Do you suggest I sleep on the floor until then?"

"Sorry, but that's not my problem." He reached into his pocket and took out an envelope. He handed this to Olivia.

"What is this?"

"Landlord asked me to pass it on. He said your lease expires soon and he wanted to get the new one to you."

Olivia stuck the envelope into her pocket, "If you see him, tell him I want the rest of my stuff back."

Olivia left the apartment, and was on the sidewalk when her cell phone started ringing. Elliot's name flashed on the screen.

"El, what's up?"

"Marat's missing."

"What? How?"

"Foster mother went to get him from school, but he wasn't there. School said his uncle came to pick him up for a dentist appointment."


"Description is a big guy, dark hair, accent."

"Marov." Olivia climbed into the driver's seat of her car, starting the engine, "Where are you?"


"I'll be there in ten minutes."

"Call Alex, tell her we need that warrant."

Olivia disconnected her call with Elliot, and started driving. Using the hands free option on her phone, she dialled Alex's office.

"ADA Cabot."

"Alex, it's Olivia."

"I'm going to be home in half an hour, you couldn't wait that long to hear my voice."

"Oh sweetie, I wish this was a social call. I need you to get that warrant for Marov's apartment."

"Liv, I told you-"

"Marat Peskow is missing. Marov took him out of school and no one knows where he is."

"You know it was Marov?"

"Description from school matched."

"I'll get the warrant signed, and I'll meet you at his apartment."

Olivia disconnected the call, and turned her attention to getting to the precinct as quickly as she could.

Munch was pacing the squad room floor, hands in his pockets when Olivia entered.

"Any news?"

Munch shook his head, continuing to pace, "Nothing."

"Alex is getting the warrant, we've to meet her there."

Elliot lifted his jacket, and accompanied Olivia out, closely followed by Munch.

Alex arrived five minutes after the detectives, holding the signed warrant granting them the right to search Marov's apartment. No one answered the intercom when Munch buzzed, so he pushed a few random buttons until someone else allowed them access.

No answer at the apartment door meant Elliot had to kick the door in. Inside, the apartment was empty.

"No one here." Olivia made her way to the bedroom, while Elliot went into the kitchen.

Munch started rummaging through the living room.

Olivia came back out of the bedroom carrying a child's school bag, and a set of child's clothes. "He's been here."

"But where are they now?"

"The closet's empty."

Munch came to Olivia, taking the bag. "He's only been at school a week."

"We'll find him John."

Downstairs, Alex sat in her car waiting on the detectives returning. When Olivia came out of the building closely followed by Elliot and Munch, she got out of her car.


Olivia shook her head, "Gone."

"So what now?"

Munch shook his head, "We wait for Marat to turn up dead in the park."

Munch walked back to the car.

Olivia handed Elliot her keys, "You can take the car back, sign it back in. I'll get a lift with Alex."

"See you tomorrow?"

Olivia nodded as she started back towards Alex's car.

"Hey Alex," Elliot waited until Alex had turned, "Has Liv told you who this new guy is?"

Olivia spun around, "I told you to let this go Elliot."

Alex shook her head, "I don't know anything about a guy."

"Now will you leave it?"

"She's been way too happy for too many weeks, something's going on."

Alex shrugged, "It's my sparkling conversation and wit at home."

Elliot laughed as he turned and walked to the car.

"Why don't you just tell him?"

Olivia looked at Alex in surprise, "Because he wouldn't understand."

Alex turned and walked away, "He might surprise you."

Alex handed Olivia a glass of wine, "So I've got you for a while yet?"

Olivia nodded, "If that's ok."

"Of course."

"I can't believe they threw out all my stuff without asking me."

"I can lend you the money to replace your furniture if you want to move back."

Olivia shook her head, "No, it's too much money."

"It would only be until your insurance comes through, a few weeks."

Olivia smiled, "You trying to get rid of me?"

"Of course not. I just know you had your heart set on moving home."

"I can wait a few more weeks."

Olivia had forgotten about the lease she'd placed in her pocket the day before, and it wasn't until she went to put her keys in the same pocket that she found it. Olivia opened the envelope and scanned the contents, ready to put it back in her pocket when her eye settled on a paragraph at the bottom of the page.

"Son of a bitch."

Munch arrived at work to find Olivia yelling into her phone, while Elliot grinned over his desk at her. Munch lifted a cup of coffee, and came to sit on Elliot's desk.

"What's that all about?" He gestured at Olivia.

"Her landlord hiked her rent by two hundred a month, she found out this morning."

Olivia slammed the phone down, "Can you believe that? He's saying the redecorating adds value, and I've been due an increase the last two years but he did me a favour by not enforcing it."

"So what will you do?"

Olivia sat back in her chair, running a hand through her hair. "Move. I can't afford an extra two hundred a month."

Olivia's phone rang. "Benson…..yeah, hold on." She balanced the phone under her chin while she reached for the keyboard of her computer. "Okay, I'm in….yeah, got it, thanks."

Olivia replaced the phone, "Marov owns five apartments in the city, not including the one Katerina and Marat were living in."

"You got the addresses?"

Olivia nodded, printing off the email she'd just read, "El we'll take two, Munch get a hold of Fin and take a uniformed officer with you for the others."

"We need warrants."

Olivia lifted her cell phone from her desk, "That'll take time. For now we just need to know if Timur is at any of these places."

Olivia and Elliot found the first apartment on the list was another boarded up property. A neighbour said the previous occupants moved out weeks ago.

Olivia was putting her phone away when Elliot returned to the sidewalk where she'd waited, "Alex said she'll rush the warrants."

"At this rate we won't be needing one, if these apartments are all empty then this is a waste of time."

"We need to hope Munch and Fin have better luck."

The uniformed officer accompanying Munch and Fin shrugged his shoulders as he returned to stand outside the first apartment they had arrived at.

"There's no one else inside."

A scantily clad woman crossed her arms over her chest, which was just barely concealed under a black lace bra, "I told you I was home alone."

Fin handed her a business card, "If you see Mr Marov, you give us a call."

She took the card and immediately screwed it into a ball, dropping at her feet. She turned, and returned to the inside of the apartment, closing the door behind her.

Munch sighed loudly, "This is a waste of time."

Fin raised an eyebrow, "We got two other places to check."

"He's not going to be there. He knows we have access to records of properties he owns, he's not going to be at any of those places."

Fin shook his head, "You know perps, they're never the brightest. Come on, let's go."

Munch reluctantly followed Fin downstairs and out towards their parked patrol car.

Elliot and Olivia were standing outside a ground floor apartment in the Upper East Side. Olivia checked the address again, and nodded her head at Elliot, "This is it."

Elliot approached the intercom system, but before he had a chance to press any of the buttons, the door opened as a smartly dressed man exited the building. Elliott offered him a smile as he caught the door behind him, and closely followed by Olivia, entered the brownstone building.

"Apartment 1A." Olivia lifted her fist, and knocked loudly on the door.

Within five seconds, the door was opened by a blonde woman dressed in a robe, and given the amount of flesh on show below, nothing else.

She smiled at both detectives, "It's been a while since we've had a couple, and some notice would have been good, but I'm sure we can fit you in." Her voice was laden with a heavy Russian accent.

The smile quickly vanished as Olivia opened her leather jacket enough to display her NYPD badge clipped to her belt, "Can we come in?"

The woman started to close the door, but Elliot wedged his foot in the gap, "We just want to have a look around."

"You got a warrant?"

He smiled, and offered a lop-sided smile, "Do we need one?"

"You do if you want to come in."

Elliot withdrew his foot, "We'll be back."

She closed the door on them both.

Elliot turned to Olivia, and without any words being spoken, Olivia reached for her cell phone. "Alex, we need a warrant for the East 69th Street apartment….we'll meet you outside."

Olivia disconnected the phone, replacing it in the back pocket of her jeans, "She's on her way."

Elliot moved back towards the front entrance to the building, "We can wait on the sidewalk."

It was twenty minutes later before Alex arrived carrying the warrant. She gladly handed it to Elliot, and followed the detectives into the building.

The same woman answered the door, and took the offered warrant from Elliot's hand. She opened, it, and after a few seconds of scanning the contents, she stepped aside. Olivia, Elliot and Alex entered the apartment.

They found two other women, one with black hair, and one wearing a red wig, in the same state of undress sitting in the living area, glasses of wine in hand. The woman who had answered the door moved to sit on a chair, lifted a third glass from a table.

"The warrant allows us to access all rooms, and take anything we think is pertinent to our investigation."

The woman in the wig sat back, burying herself deep into the sofa, "Knock yourself out. We only arrived this morning, so we haven't exactly made ourselves at home."

Olivia turned to Elliot, "You do bedrooms, I'll do the living areas."

Elliot nodded, making his way to one of two closed doors that led off the living room. Alex, unsure of what to do but not wanting to be left alone with the women, followed Olivia into the kitchen.

Olivia opened drawers, raking through loose papers and takeout menus, looking for anything that related to Marov.

Elliot's voice called out through the apartment, "Bedroom one looks empty."

A voice from the living room followed, "Our bags are arriving later, so there's not much for you to check."

Olivia approached a door at the back of the kitchen. She pulled on the door handle, and found it locked.

She raised her voice, aiming it at the ladies in the living room, "What's behind the locked door?"

"No idea, we weren't given a key."

Olivia put a hand on either side of the door, and lifted her foot, kicking out at the area above the lock. It took two swift kicks before the lock gave way.

Olivia moved to peer into the darkness, and saw stairs leading down. "Elliot, I've got a basement."

She entered the darkness, pulling a small flashlight from a pouch in her belt. The illumination it offered was enough for her to make her way safely to the bottom of the stairs, where she found a light switch built into the wall.

Olivia flicked the switch, and when she saw the scene unfold under the newly lit room, she almost wished she hadn't. "Elliot, down here."

A double bed was set against the back wall of the cellar area. A tripod and camera were set up a few feet from her, the view quite clearly of the bed, and the now dead six year old boy spread across the ruffled sheet. Marat Perskow appeared to have a broken neck in addition to the numerous bruises adorning his small, thin naked body.

Unaware that Alex had followed her down, she soon realised she wasn't alone when a groan sounded behind her. She turned to see Alex turn and make her way back upstairs.

Elliot rushed down the stairs, and almost screeched to a halt when he came face to face with the scene Olivia found herself before.


Olivia ran a hand through her hair, turning her attention from the bed to focus on Elliot, "We're too late."

Elliot nodded, swallowing deeply, "Yeah, so it seems."

Olivia reached for her radio which was clipped to the back of her belt, "Detective Olivia Benson requesting a silent bus at 205 East 69th Street, apartment 1A."

"Received, and on route," came the response from the anonymous dispatcher.

Olivia replaced her radio, and watched as Elliot neared the bed.

"He has bruises all over his torso Liv, front and back."

"Someone got mad."

"There's blood on his thighs."

Olivia shook her head, turning from the scene and walking towards the stairs, "I'll go make sure none of them leave."

Elliot couldn't take his eyes off the small boy lying on the bed, and seemed unaware that he was now alone.

The Special Victims squad room of the 16th Precinct was a solemn place to be that afternoon. Munch and Fin had continued with their search even after the news of Marat's death was reported to them.

By five o'clock, all members of the squad, with Alex, were seated in Captain Cragen's office.

"Do we have any more leads?"

Munch shook his head, "Financial records gave us his properties, but we found no sign of him."

"Other than the dead kid." Elliot added redundantly.

Cragen ignored the comments from Elliot, "Anything from the women at the apartment?"

Olivia shook her head, "3 Russians, illegal immigrants. INS confirmed no trace of their entry to the county, and no ongoing application for visas. They claim to have arrived in the county using an agent two days ago. They only got access to the apartment this morning, and have no idea who arranged any of it."

"Do they know Marov?"

Olivia shook her head, "They looked at the mug shots, but were adamant they don't know him."

"How do they explain the body, given that the boy only disappeared yesterday."

"They say he must have been there before they moved in, and since the cellar door was locked, they had no reason to investigate."

"Did they give any confirmation of what they were doing at the apartment?"

Elliot nodded, "Once we explained they were due for deportation regardless of anything else, they freely admitted to being prostitutes working for a man named Timur. They didn't know any other details."

Olivia's cell phone burst into song. She grabbed it, embarrassment clear on her face, "Sorry." She seemed to relax when she saw ME Warner's name on the display, "It's Melinda." Olivia connected the call, "Benson…are you sure?...yeah, it does, thanks."

Olivia disconnected the call, and turned to the group, "Autopsy done."

Munch looked hopeful, "And?"

"Nothing to suggest perp. No hairs, no fibres other than what you'd expect from the scene."

Cragen, reading Olivia's body language, asked, "But?"

"Stomach contents show he had a burger and fries before he died. Maybe two hours before."

Cragen appeared confused, but Munch immediately latched onto Olivia's thinking, "Dinoburger."

Cragen looked sceptical, "This city has over 40 McDonalds restaurants alone, without adding any of the other chains."

"Marat's mother worked at Dinoburger, and gave them a false address. She was living in an apartment owned by Marov, and he's the last one to see her alive."

"So, what are you thinking?"

Elliot shrugged, "Maybe he didn't just own apartments. Maybe he had businesses listed under a different name."

Cragen turned to Alex, "Can we get information on who owns this Dinoburger place?"

Alex nodded, "It'll be on public record."

Cragen looked at Elliot, "Find out. If you can link it, then I think you need to go back there." He then turned to Alex, but before he could ask, she nodded,

"I'll get a warrant for his arrest."

The small group disbanded, heading back to their respective areas.

An hour later, Elliot called Olivia to his side, "Look at this."

Olivia, peering over his shoulder, saw that he had access to the IRS records. "Dinoburger, Queens, owned by TM and OB Lobachev."

Olivia stepped back, furrowing her brow, "Lobachev?"

Elliot watched as she walked back to her own desk, rummaging through paperwork before finding what she wanted, "Olav Lobachev co-owns the apartment where we found Marat."


Olivia lifted her jacket from the back of her chair, and watched Elliot do the same, "Let's go."

Dinoburger was empty, except for two men sitting alone at tables on either side of the eating area. Olivia led Elliot towards the serving counter. As she approached, she unhooked her badge from her belt, holding it at eye level.


The young woman behind the counter appeared terrified at the sight of police officers.

"We're looking for Timur Marov."

The young woman shook her head, "I don't know who that is."

Olivia reached into a pocket of her jacket, and unfolded a copy of the mug shot, "This man?"

The young woman looked reluctant to confirm anything.

Olivia softened her voice, "We already know he owns this place, we just need to talk to him. No one is in any trouble."

The women looked between both officers, "He's coming in at eight to collect takings."

"Tonight?" Elliot clearly couldn't hide his surprise at this information.

The woman nodded.

Olivia took the mug shot back, "Thank you."

As Olivia turned to leave, Elliot offered the server a smile as he followed.

Outside, he forced his hands into the pockets of his jacket, "So?"

Olivia shrugged, "So, we wait."

"Two hours?"

She nodded, "I'm not letting this guy get away again."

Elliot sighed as he followed Olivia to their car.

They were rewarded less than an hour later as they witnessed Marov make his way up the street. The detectives left their car, and met Marov at the door to the restaurant.

"Mr Marov."

Marov turned at the sound of Elliot's voice. "Detectives, you in the mood for food?"

Olivia shook her head, "It's not a social call. We'd like you to come down to the precinct."


Olivia nodded.

"I don't think so. This time, you need a warrant."

As if on cue, Olivia's phone started to ring. She noticed Alex's name, and couldn't help smile, "Benson."

"You got yourself a warrant."

Keeping the phone at her ear, Olivia directed her attention to Marov, "Mr Marov, we have just been granted a warrant for your arrest. You can view the details of the warrant at the precinct."

Elliot withdrew his handcuffs, and started to recite the Miranda rites to Marov, as Olivia turned her attention back to Alex, "Thanks."

"I'll be at the 16th when you get back."

"I'll see you there."

Olivia disconnected the call, and moved to hold the car door open as Elliot led Marov towards it, now in cuffs.

Marov sat in the interrogation room, with Olivia and Elliot standing opposite him.

"We found Marat Perskow."

Marov shrugged, "I wasn't aware he was lost. Last you said, he was with a foster family. Maybe you need to speak to them about keeping a better eye on their kids."

"We found him dead in an apartment owned by you."

Marov smirked, "I'm sure you know I own a few properties in the city, I can't know what goes on at them all."

"We also know you own Dinoburger."

Marov nodded, "I thought branching out was a good idea."

Olivia moved slowly to the two way mirror on one wall, "That was the restaurant that Marat's mother worked at."

Again Marov shrugged, "So."

Elliot picked up the questioning, "So, she works for you, lives in an apartment owned by you, and then dies." He moved towards the window, "Then, her son is kidnapped, and found in another of your properties."

Marov looked at Elliot, "Do you have an actual question Detective?"

Olivia turned towards them, "You don't find that strange?"

Marov sighed, "I'd like to speak to my lawyer now please."

Elliot offered a look towards Olivia before moving towards the door, "I'll arrange that."

Entering the viewing room, Elliot found Alex with Cragen.

Alex spoke first, "He's very cool."

Elliot nodded, "He has to be. He knows we've got him, he's just delaying the inevitable."

Behind the glass, Alex watched as Olivia paced the room. Both she and Marov remained silent. Almost in slow motion, Alex watched as Olivia made her way towards Marov. Within seconds, Marov fluidly got to his feet, sweeping a hand around Olivia's waist and pulling her towards him. Olivia was forced face first over the table, with Marov behind her, one arm on the back of her neck, and the other reaching for the gun on her belt.

"Elliot." Alex seemed incapable of saying anything else as she felt her heart leap into her throat, her body becoming liquid beneath her at the sight of Olivia in danger.

Elliot turned to see what had made Alex's eyes as wide, and without intention, made his way back into the interrogation room.

Olivia remained frozen, unable to even breathe as she felt Marov's weight behind her, almost pinning her to the table. A trickle of blood made its way from her upper lip, which she'd bitten as he forced her face onto the table. He had taken her gun, and now held it against the back of her head, keeping her pinned to the table while at the same time freeing his other hand.

Elliot had his gun drawn, and stood just inside the doorway, sighting Marov. "Put the gun down."

Marov smiled at Elliot over the top of Olivia's head, "Now why would I do that. It seems this way, I could have so much more fun." He bent his head, burying his face in Olivia's hair.

"Step away from Detective Benson."

Marov inhaled deeply then lifted his head to look at Elliot, "I'd make a fortune with this one. Good looks, smells delicious, I bet she knows her way around the bedroom."

Olivia managed to raise her head enough to make eye contact with Elliot. The terror was more than evident.

"Drop the gun, or I'll shoot you."

Marov laughed, grabbing Olivia by one shoulder and pulling her to stand in front of him, the gun still pressed against the back of her head, "You'd risk hitting Detective Benson just to get to me?" He leaned over Olivia, and Elliot was physically repulsed as he ran his tongue down her cheek. "That would be a waste." With his free hand, Marov reached around and grabbed Olivia between the legs. As he pulled her further into his own body, Olivia felt him hard in his jeans behind her.

Olivia swallowed loudly, leaning as far from Marov as possible, "Shoot him Elliot, do it."

Elliot looked her in the eye and had to look away at her terrified stare.

Marov was standing peering over Olivia's right shoulder, keeping himself hidden enough behind her to know Elliot wouldn't risk a shot.

Olivia raised her left hand enough for Elliot to see. To his surprise, and fear, she held five fingers splayed. "Elliot, shoot him." As she said this, she appeared to start a count down, narrowing her eyes hoping he'd understand as she started to lower one finger at a time. Elliot looked hurriedly between Olivia and Marov.

"Put the gun down."

Olivia was at three.

Marov laughed, "You're already got me on one death sentence, you can't kill me twice."

He released the safety on Olivia's gun, the click audible and echoing around the small room.

Elliot glanced at Olivia in time to see one finger become a closed fist. He had no choice but to trust his partner.

From where Alex stood, watching helplessly, she couldn't see Olivia's count down. She was faced with the sight of Marov holding a gun to her head, then the clear view of the safety being released. And then, her worst nightmare. A shot fired out at the same time Olivia appeared to drop to the floor.

Part 5

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