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Waking to Whispers in the Dark
By Berg

I heard your whispers this evening, calling from the darkness, awakening me. When I turned to face you, I realized that you were still asleep. You look so peaceful, even at this, my darkest hour.

"Why say my name?" I asked you, in a hushed whisper. A feather like touch, I slide my fingers down your face, and lightly trace the outline of your neck.

I smile at you, and toss the stray blond hairs that grace your forehead. That's when I hear you whisper it again, so soft it could be carried away on the wind.

"I'm here. I've always been," I said, moving closer to you.

I see the smile spread across your lips, in the dim light of the moon that shines like a beacon through the window. Even now, you know I won't ever leave you.

You reached for my hand in sleep, and placed it on your chest, above your heart. You covered it with your own. I smile as I push myself closer to you, spooning you from behind.

"I know where I belong," I said softly in your ear. How I wish I could tell you all that I have been feeling these past months. No. It was too late now. You'd never know. Oh God, the nights I wished I could hold you in my arms.

I can feel it. They're calling me. This time, there is no escaping my fate. You'd never get to hear me, the real me, say the words.

So in this moment I hope and pray that you feel what I wish I could say. Rising off the bed, I walked out the door. With one last look, I blew you a kiss. I was no longer afraid.

Her Reality:

Placing her hand on her heart, she lowered her head. Looking around her room, she recalled the wonderful dream she had just had moments before.

She was certain Olivia had been there with her. She had felt her, she was sure of it. Olivia told her that she was in love with her, she would never leave her, and that she would be her most cherished secret.

Alex sighed at the memory...the memory that seemed so real. So true.

"It was just a dream? No...it had to be real...it was wasn't it?" She asked looking up. She didn't have to hear the words to know the answer.

"Goodbye Olivia," Alex whispered as she wiped a tear. She glanced down at the copy of the paper that rested at the foot of her bed.

'Fallen Hero: Officer Sacrifices Herself for Child.'

The End

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