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Again and Again and Again
By Berg

This is why I believe in love.
This is why I believe she's out there.
This is why I believe in you.
This is why I believe in us.


Emily smiled as she watched Megan climb atop the large rock by the lake. Her brownish blond hair dancing in the wind, her laugh carrying along the shore to Emily's ears.

"How is it that the laughter that falls upon my ears from your lips," Emily approached Megan slowly, "makes my heart smile sweetly."

"Tis nothing more then the voice of my heart carrying to your own," Megan whispered pulling Emily atop the rock with her. "Someday we'll leave this kingdom and the world will know us."

"If we make it that long," Emily said. Her smiled fading slowly.

"Do you doubt us?"

"Never my love," Emily answered. "The Duke speaks of an attack from the East. He fears many will perish."

"True love," Megan said slowly brining her lips to Emily's as she tucked a lock of shorter dark hair behind her ear, "always overcomes, always triumphs my sweet sweet Emily."

"I love you so," Emily sighed. "I never dreamed I could love anyone the way I love you."

"My heart never knew love till the day I too saw you."

"My poet," Emily smiled kissing Megan again.


It was a week later when the attacks came. There was no warning. There was no pity taken. Emily ran down the halls of Megan's home, calling out Megan's name. Blood and death surrounded her at each turn.

"Em…" came the rasp voice. Emily spun, knowing too well who it belonged too.

"No," she dropped to her knees and took the women she loved in her arms.

"I found you," came the slow speech.

"I'm here."


"I'm safe," Emily nodded knowing her love would not rest sound till she was sure.

"I'll wait…for…you…" Megan whispered as the light went out from her eyes.

"My love…Megan…no…" Emily felt the tears run down her face as the loud explosions surrounded her. She reached down next to Megan and picked up her sword, the family crest on the handle. Emily closed Megan's eyes and stood, drawing up the Cabot family sword.

Solders burst through the door, "Kill her," a guard shouted, charging the young woman.

"Love," she whispered raising her sword to strike, "over comes all."

"Kate!" Angela shouted above the gun fire. Though small in size, she knew her voice carried. She saw the wounded solider. "Where did nurse Benson go?" The solider shook his head. He had no idea.

"Angie," the Captain rushed her. "We've got four more wounded coming in and the doc needs you to start pre work."

"Where is Kate?" Angela asked motioning for the men to bring in the wounded.

"She was sent out with Bourisn's team about fifteen minutes ago," the captain shouted over the explosions.

"What?! He's in a hot zone!"

"They needed a nurse," the captain shook his head. "They can't get their men out. Someone needed to go in."

Angela shook her head. "The south attacked from both sides of the flanks," she shouted. "They're sitting ducks!" She began bandaging and sorting patients from wounded to 'can wait'. "Send me in to help. She shouldn't be in there alone."

"Kate's got two docs with her Angie…she'll be okay."

"Sir! Sir!" the man rode up on his horse. "The ridge teams over run sir…they're losing taking the hill."

"Kate," Angela dropped her medical bag and began to run toward the hill.

"These men need you!" the captain called out. "Without you…they won't make it. You can't leave your post."

Angela looked back to the wounded men and toward the area of battle. She knew what she had to do.

"Send word," she asked looking at the captain. "please…if…she is…"

"I know," he nodded.

"Captain," another solider ran up. "Sir if we move our men to the field here we might have a chance…"

Angela watched him walk away as she turned back to the wounded who needed her.

"Please be careful Katie," she whispered.


Angela went to her tent and closed her eyes in sheer exhaustion. It had been over 32 hours of stitching, wrapping, and other needed duties. "Do you believe in angels," a soft voice asked. Angela sat up and saw Kate walking into their tent.

"Oh my sweet," Angela grabbed her and pulled her into a hug. "I was so worried."

"I know," Kate nodded. "I was worried too."

"You're not hurt?" Angela looked her up and down.

"No," Kate shook her head. She wiped the tears that began to fall from Angela's eyes. "I thought I'd never get to see you. Never get to tell you…"

"I know," Angela nodded. "I love you too…so much."

Breathless kisses
Burning touches
Soft-spoken words of love
Urgently spoken words of passion.
Two people
One complete love
Since time began
Predestined to be as one.
We've been together before
In other lifetimes
We've fought dragons
And have been torn from each others arms
Yet our love prevailed.
We've walked on this earth many times together
Perhaps for a moment
Perhaps for years
But our heart is one heart
And we were meant to be.
So when our time on earth
Once again comes to a close
Have no worries my dear
For we will find each other again
And again
And again.
For our love is ageless
A love for all time.

Alex smiled as Olivia and she lay on the blanket in the sun. This day off together was exactly what they had needed. Between cases, and suspects…they'd barely seen each other this last month. She reached down and took Olivia's hand in her own.

"You're smiling pretty big there," Olivia said softly. "What are you thinking about?"

"How we seem to fit so perfectly," Alex said rolling on her side and gently stroking Olivia's arm. "How…we know each other so well. Sometimes it feels…like…"

"Destiny?" Olivia offered.

"Yes," Alex nodded. "Perfect word."

"Sometimes," Olivia rolled on her side so she was no face to face with Alex. "I look into your eyes and I feel like I've looked into them a hundred times before over a thousand life times."

"Do you believe in soul mates?" Alex asked curious since the topic seems relevant.

"I believe in you," Olivia answered, "and I believe in me. And I believe we were meant to be."

"Do you think," Alex smiled kissing Olivia slowly. "That we've kissed before?"

"and we'll kiss again," Olivia nodded kissing sweetly.

"It is kind of amazing when you think about it," Alex smiled. "True love finding itself over and over."

"True love is beautiful thing," Olivia nodded. "Sometimes you just know."



"I know."

"I know too."

"I love you Olivia."

"I love you too Alex."


"I love you Angela."

"I love you too Kate."


"I love you Emily."

"I love you too Megan."

The End

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