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The Sum of Contradictions: 4. Cabot v Stabler
By beurre blanc


"Detective Stabler, will you please tell the court what happened when you reached the premises?" asked ADA Cabot.

"Detective Benson and I called out for Mrs Rodriguez."

"By name?"


"And then?" She gave a slow nod of encouragement.

"Well, then when we didn't hear anything, Detective Benson pushed the door and it swung open." Stabler shifted uncomfortably in his seat, suddenly suspicious of where this was going.

"The front door wasn't latched?"

"No – it swung open, and we called out again." His eyes narrowed, waiting.

"Did you hear a response this time?" She had turned away from him and was walking slowly across the room as she spoke.

"Detective Benson heard- "

Cabot turned suddenly to face him, and unceremoniously cut him off. "I asked whether you heard anything." Her look was stony.

"I-, well, no I didn't."

"So, you believe Detective Benson went towards the bedroom because she heard a noise?"

"I was-, I'd…" He was flustered for a moment, then regained his resolve. "Yes," he said firmly, "She heard a noise and went towards the bedroom."

"And what happened next?"

"As Detective Benson approached the bedroom door it opened, and a man ran through it. The door had knocked Benson over, so she yelled at me to pursue the guy."

"Which you did." It wasn't a question.


"Without checking whether your partner was all right?"

"No." He closed his eyes and pinched the bridge of his nose. "I followed the perp out of the building and onto the street, chased him down three blocks, and finally caught him in a blind alleyway."

"While Detective Benson lay semiconscious in the apartment with a fractured cheek and lacerations?"

"Goddamn it Alex! You know already that's what happened! Olivia got hit by the door after that bastard flung it open, and it broke her cheek. She yelled at me to chase, and I took that to mean she was fine. And I got the guy!" Elliot glared defensively. "Anyway, what the hell difference does it make now? You're hardly gonna ask me this on the stand." He paused, suddenly uncertain. "Are you?"

"I am simply trying to get all the facts straight in my head, Detective. I can prosecute this case far better if I am entirely clear about the sequence of events leading up to the defendant's apprehension."

Elliot had had enough, and stood to face ADA Cabot. "Well I don't exactly see how busting my balls during prep is helping you achieve that!" They stared at one another, then Alex's shoulders dropped almost imperceptibly, as if it had only just occurred to her what an uncompromising line she had taken. The small victory gave Stabler an uncharitable rush of pleasure – it wasn't often he, or anyone, for that matter, could end an argument with Cabot on their terms, not hers.

"Where is she?"

"St Vincent's."

The End

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