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Silly Coma Thing
By Del

In the empty SVU squad room, Olivia's sigh resonated as loudly as if she had yelled across the room.

"What's wrong, Olivia?"

The detective's head whipped around at the unexpected voice. "Casey. Didn't know you were still here. I thought Powell made bail a couple of hours ago."

"He did? Maybe that's why he didn't come back."

Olivia stared morosely at the piece of paper in her hand.

"You look kind of bummed."

Another sigh escaped Olivia's lips. "I just heard from the doctor: I have a rare, incurable disease -- if I don't have sex in the next 8 hours, I'll lapse into a coma."

"Oh," Casey replied. "So . . . ."

"So I don't know where my last girlfriend is, and the FBI won't tell me. I don't know what I'll do."

"Um . . .," Casey said casually, "well, maybe--"

"Just a sec." Olivia picked up her phone and dialed a number. "Elliot, hey. Does Kathy still have that no-boinking-your- partner-even-if-she's-dying rule? . . . OK. You got any cousins that aren't doing anything tonight? Aunts or uncles? How about that neighbor to the south? . . . Really? Do they allow conjugal visits? . . . Oh, nothing; just curious, you know, killing time."

Casey waved a hand. "Olivia . . . ."

"Fin! Man, am I glad you're home -- what? . . . Tahiti? . . . Damn call forwarding! . . . Nothing; just thought I'd say hi. Have fun."

"Yoohoo, Olivia . . . ."

"John, it's Olivia -- you busy right now? . . . Oh. How long before they wear off? . . . O-liv-i-a. From SVU. . . . S-V-U. Where you work. . . . Have you talked to your doctor about side effects? . . . Doc-tor. It's on the side of the bottle. Yeah, I love you, too. I'm hanging up now."

Three hours later . . .

"No, Your Honor, I understand perfectly. That sounds painful . . ."

Six hours later . . .

"Well, is there anyone in your bar who looks like they might not be contagious?" With a shake of her head, Olivia cradled the receiver and slammed the Yellow Pages shut. "I'm screwed," she declared. "Or rather, not screwed."

Casey raised her hand again. "Actually, I wouldn't mind, you know . . . ."

After a moment, Olivia realized what the ADA was saying to her. "I guess I have no choice," she said.


At 7:42 the next morning, Elliot watched medics place his partner on a stretcher. "Coma," he explained sadly to the captain, showing him the note his partner scribbled in her last few moments. "She said there was nothing humanly possible she could do to prevent it . . ."

The End

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