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By trancer


Alex had forgotten how much she'd missed Olivia's fingers - long, slender, flexible, the slightly calloused fingertips and how they expertly played across her clit.

It had been years since Alex had seen Olivia; years since she'd left Witness Protection, years since her failed engagement. Sure, there were chance encounters at the courthouse. Awkward, stilted conversations neither could finish fast enough. Conversations that left Alex feeling confused and hurt, knowing full well she had no right to be hurt. She was the one who left Olivia. Maybe not with words, but she'd left her all the same.

She hadn't planned to see Olivia here - a retirement party for a district judge. Alex hadn't intended to attend at all. It was a last minute decision, which explained the black cocktail dress hurriedly slipped on and two seasons out of date, the earrings that didn't quite match the necklace.

She mingled amongst the crowd, wearing a fake smile and nursing her martini while she searched for the nearest opportunity to make her exit. Then -

Alex saw her.

Olivia Benson. HER Olivia Benson, with the short, brown hair, thigh-length leather coat, and neutral colored shirt that clung to her form.

She hovered on the edge of the crowd, almost lurking. Alex assumed she was there to retrieve that ever allusive warrant. But she noticed Elliot wasn't with her, and Olivia hadn't moved towards any of the judges milling about.

Their eyes met and Olivia was looking at her, looking at her, in the way that made Alex's insides melt and her knees tremble. Looked at her the way she did right before she fucked Alex senseless in some tiny and cramped closet.

Olivia disappeared into the crowd.

Alex put down her martini and followed.

She followed her down a set of stairs and around a corner. Alex stopped and frowned. Instead of Olivia, an empty corridor greeted her. Nothing but closed doors on either side.

Alex was beginning to think she'd imagined the whole thing when she felt a hand on her shoulder then another wrapping around her waist and pulling her backwards.

Olivia didn't say a word. She pulled Alex into a closet, closed the door behind them, then pressed Alex against it. The hands around Alex's waist clamped against her jaw as lips crashed against hers.

She melted. Alex always melted under Olivia's touch. Mewled softly at the lips pressed against hers, lips acquiescing to the hungry tongue jamming into her mouth.

The years between them washed away. Until there was nothing between them but hunger, and desire, and need. A day hadn't passed where Alex hadn't missed this.

Olivia's fingers pushed down the straps of Alex's dress. Her lips followed, trailing down Alex's neck, moving lower and clasping hungrily on Alex's nipple.

Alex sucked in her lower lip to stifle the moan cascading in the back of her throat. One hand on Olivia's shoulder to steady herself from her ever weakening legs, Alex thread the fingers of her free hand into Olivia's hair, tightening her grip.

Olivia moaned.

Alex almost came. No one could moan like Olivia. No one could moan and make Alex feel it, feel it like a livewire jammed deep in her guts, making her pulse and twitch and writhe.

She felt Olivia's fingers. She'd forgotten how much she'd missed Olivia's fingers.

Fingers that groped her breast, tweaked, pinched, pulled her nipple until Alex could no longer stifle the moan in her throat.

Olivia's fingers trailed lower. Slid down Alex's chest, over her hip, down her thigh then back up again, curling under the hem of Alex's cocktail dress, sliding between them, between satin and skin. And Alex felt Olivia's fingers once more; gentle, teasing, exploring, gliding across every inch of Alex's pussy like she'd never touched her before.

"Fuck!" She groaned, eyes snapping shut as her head cracked against the door. Alex hadn't spoken to Olivia in eighteen months. And the first word out of her mouth, a groaned expletive.

Olivia didn't seem to mind. She released Alex's nipple, kissing her way back up Alex's neck.

"You like that?" She grinned with dark almost angry eyes.

"You know I do," Alex huffed. She lifted her leg and draped it over Olivia's hip as her hands curled leather into her grip.

"Do I?" Quick and hard, Olivia thrust two fingers into Alex. Alex hissed. "It's been so long. I can't quite remember what you like or don't like."

Alex licked her lips. "I like this."


"You fucking me."

"I don't know." Olivia began slowly pumping her fingers. "Seems like if you liked it so much, we'd have been doing this a long time ago."


Olivia silenced her with another hard jut of her fingers. She leaned in close, pressing her lips to Alex's ear. "You don't get to call me Liv. Not any more. Understand?"

Alex nodded her head. This wasn't reconciliation or remembrance, it was punishment, for what Alex threw away and what she failed to have again. Alex didn't care. At this moment, she'd take whatever punishment Olivia gave her. Anything to feel her again, anything to quench the building heat she longed to feel again.

Olivia dropped to her knees, tossed the leg draped over her hip onto her shoulder and dove between Alex's legs. Wrapped her lips around Alex's clit, shoved her fingers deep into her pussy.

For the first time in years, Alex cried out. One hand clawed at the door behind her while the other thread into Olivia's hair. She rolled her hips, matching Olivia's rhythm.

It was like before but different. More urgent. More hurried. Before, Alex thought they had all the time in the world, time to navigate the tangled and twisted maze of her relationship with Olivia, only to realize too late how short a time it would be.

Now, all she had was this moment.

Alex came hard and quick, hips undulating, muscles clenching and trembling, mouth open in a silent scream. She shuddered as Olivia withdrew her fingers and released her lips from Alex's clit. Alex wanted to hold Olivia down, make her stay, make the time between them last because who knew when they'd have this moment again.

Olivia rose to her feet, drawing her arms around Alex's waist as she kissed Alex slow and leisurely. Alex purred at the taste of herself on Olivia's tongue, wondering when she'd ever taste this again.

"Now I remember," Olivia chuckled, breaking the kiss between them. "That's how you like it."

Alex gazed into Olivia's eyes, heart hammering in her chest. Everyone thought of her as strong. Only Olivia knew how fragile she could be. She drew her arms around Olivia's shoulders and kissed her.

"Are we going to do this again?"

"What?" Olivia smirked. "Wait another three years to fuck in some judge's bathroom?"

"You know what I mean?" Alex chuckled.

"No." Olivia's face was serious. "I don't."

Alex exhaled. Olivia was really going to make her work for this. "We can always talk tomorrow."

"That's what you said three years ago."

"What I meant was we can talk tomorrow.." She planted a light kiss on Olivia's lips, then drew a fingertip across them. "After I've cooked you breakfast in bed."

Olivia smiled. "You're a horrible cook."

"A lot's changed in three years." Alex grinned, getting used to being in Olivia's arms again. "And I'll have you know, I make the best crepes this side of the Hudson."

"Breakfast in bed, huh?" Olivia's fingers once again found the hem of Alex's skirt.

"Mm-hmm," Alex purred, arching her hips. "With strawberries and cream."

"As long as it's whipped."

Olivia stayed at Alex's for the night.

The next morning, Alex made her breakfast in bed.

There was no whipped cream.

Olivia was forced to punish Alex for this culinary omission.

Alex made sure Olivia used her fingers.

The End

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