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By mel



The next morning Alex awoke to the pleasant sensation of fingers stroking feather light up and down her spine. She smiled softly against the gentle slope of Olivia's breast, her new favorite pillow, and stretched languorously, arching with a quiet contented mewl into her lover's side as muscles stiff from sleeping in the same position for too long protested their sudden movement with a dull ache.

"Morning," Olivia's quiet voice shattered the stillness of the room. "How did you sleep?"

"Mmm," Alex purred. "Amazingly well, thank you. I don't know if it's the drugs or the fact that you're here, but I have slept better these last three nights than I have in longer than I could remember."

Olivia smiled and pressed her lips to the wild array of blonde silk that was nestled under her chin. "I know what you mean," she murmured quietly, her hand never faltering from its slow track up and down Alex's back. "I usually wake up a couple times and never sleep for more than six hours tops. But," her hand veered off course to grasp the blonde's hip and pull her in closer, "I know it's you – because even pain meds don't make me sleep so soundly."

Alex smiled softly and dropped a quick kiss to Olivia's breast. "This is so surreal," she observed quietly, her left hand sliding knowingly up Olivia's muscled torso to slowly trace the circumference of the brunette's right breast.

"In what way?"

"Well," Alex paused to gather her thoughts. "Not even a week ago this," she palmed the breast she'd been slowly spiraling for emphasis, "was only something I would have fantasized about. And now … do you feel like we're moving too fast?"

Olivia blinked in surprise. "Too fast? Alex, look at me," she slid her hand up the blonde's ribs to tug gently at the juncture where her arm and torso met.

Alex acquiesced and propped herself up on her elbow so Olivia could see her face.

"Do you think this is too fast?" Olivia asked hesitantly.

"Not at all," Alex answered honestly. "But, that in itself is strange because we've never even been on a date and now we're sleeping together, in every possible definition of the word, our friends all know about us, and this … being with you like this feels so natural that it's just … surreal."

Olivia, who'd been watching the subtle play of emotions rolling around in Alex's eyes, lifted her head up off the pillow and captured the blonde's lips softly with her own. "Yes," she agreed when she pulled away. "It is surreal if you look at it that way."

"What other way is there to look at it?" Alex pursed her lips thoughtfully.

"Well," Olivia threaded her fingers into Alex's hair and began to massage the blonde's scalp. "We've known each other for what now, two years?"

"A little bit longer than that, but okay."

"And we've been to lunch and dinner together, just the two of us more times than we can count," Olivia continued outlining her case. "And we've hung out – gone running in the park, watched movies together, and so on – correct?"

"Mmm," Alex nodded. "So?"

"A date generally consists of a meal or activity shared between two individuals, does it not?"

Alex smiled at Olivia's attempt at a courtroom voice. "Indeed it does, Counselor," she teased.

"Careful Ms. Cabot," Olivia smiled. "Any more attitude and I'll have to treat you as a hostile witness."

Blue eyes grew noticeably darker as Alex husked, "You promise?"

"You're incorrigible," Olivia chuckled. "My point in all this was that I've been attracted to you since the first time I met you over two years ago – and I've been in love with you for at least the last year – so, to me, all those dinners, lunches, hanging out movie nights at your place or mine, were like little mini-almost-dates."

"So we've been dating for two years?"

"Well," Olivia smiled. "Perhaps a little less than that, we didn't start spending time together outside of work straight away, but basically … yeah."


"My point is, it's not like we didn't know each other before this happened," Olivia squeezed Alex's waist for emphasis. "So the fact that it feels right, just means that it is. Right, I mean."

Alex smiled and leaned in and brushed her lips against Olivia's. "I love you," she breathed.

Instead of answering Olivia rolled them over so she was nestled in the cradle of Alex's body, her hips snug between the surprised lawyer's legs. "I love you, Alex," she murmured as she leaned in closer and captured Alex's lips with her own.

"Mmm," Alex smiled serenely. "Not that I don't like this," she ran her hands down Olivia's ribs to grasp the brunette's hips and pull them into herself firmly. "Because I do. But doesn't it hurt?"

Olivia winced slightly as she walked the fingers on her injured arm down Alex's side so that it was hanging loose to the side. "A little," she winced as her wrist cleared Alex's torso and dropped to the mattress. "But it's okay."

Concerned blue eyes studied hooded brown as Alex waited to see if Olivia was going to truly be alright in her new position.

"Really Lex," Olivia smiled. "I'm holding all my weight on my good side, I'm fine."

Alex frowned slightly, still worried about Olivia's shoulder, but her concern for Olivia's well being became significantly less when the stubborn brunette, still holding her weight on her left side, rocked her hips forward in a slow teasing thrust.

"Sweet Jesus," Alex groaned as a frisson of pleasure rolled through her. "Liv," she half pleaded, half moaned, torn between the implicit promise of ecstasy and her now rapidly diminishing concern for her lover's health.

Olivia smiled and leaned down to nip gently at a protruding collar bone. "Yes, Alex?" she asked, punctuating her question with another slow thrust, pushing as forcefully into Alex as she could and holding herself there.

Alex's eyes rolled back in her head at the heavenly feeling of Olivia's weight atop her, at the amazing feeling of the brunette's body rubbing so incredibly perfectly against her core, at the magnificent feeling of Olivia's gorgeous breasts pressed into her own. This, this was what she'd fantasized of more than anything else. Being under Olivia, watching expressive brown eyes cloud with emotion, with her desire, as she was completely and utterly possessed by the enigmatic detective. Another nip at her clavicle had her hips bucking into her lover's, the movement placing her clit in direct contact with Olivia's mound.

"God," Alex groaned loudly, her grip on Olivia's hips tightening as the brunette, feeling the heat of Alex's arousal coating her own body, thrust her hips forward, pushing hard into the sensitized bundle of nerves.

"Look at me Alex," Olivia whispered, her hips rocking gently, ever so gently, into the blonde beauty pinned beneath her.

"Hmm?" Alex murmured as she opened her eyes to focus on the woman hovering above her.

"I love you," Olivia smiled softly as she dropped her lips to capture the blonde's.

Alex moaned into the kiss as lips immediately parted to allow seeking tongues free reign to explore, massage, and stroke against the other. "Liv," she gasped as the brunette's hips began to rotate against her.

"Let me love you," Olivia pleaded softly against the column of Alex's throat. "Please, just let me love you," she murmured, running the tip of her tongue over to where she could see Alex's pulse pounding a steady rhythm and sucked gently against it.

At that plea, that beautiful soft spoken plea, any self-control that Alex had managed to hang onto flew out the window. She moaned wordlessly as her hips began working counterpoint to Olivia's, her grip on the brunette's hips tensing and releasing as the brunette slowly pushed her higher and higher until she was literally skirting the edge of release, her eyes closed in deference to the raw power of their loving.

Olivia felt tears begin to pool in her eyes as she watched Alex, her Alex, lose herself in passion. She was in awe of the fact that she was able to bring this magnificent woman pleasure, that she would even be allowed the opportunity to do so. So she watched, noticing the way Alex's breathing hitched when she pushed into her just so, or the way pristine alabaster skin began to flush, the tint spreading from the blonde's chest, up her throat, until her cheeks were glowing with desire. She knew, that if Alex were to look at her, she would find herself staring into the most beautiful stormy blue eyes she'd ever seen, and she'd lose herself in their depths. Lost, lost forever to float adrift in their depths, helpless to fight, helpless to do anything but embrace the woman they belonged to because that woman, that siren, owned her completely. Mind, body, and soul.

When the waves of ecstasy became too great to fight and Alex let go, it was with her lover's name falling from her lips in a prayer, a long, keening, drawn out prayer that ended with a simple, breathless, timeless chant, "I love you."

Alex looked over at her lover as the cab meandered through the expected traffic toward One Hogan Place. She smiled softly to herself as she was allowed the opportunity to drink in the dichotic beauty that was Olivia Benson.

It is amazing, she couldn't help thinking to herself, that such raw power and such rugged beauty could exist so perfectly in one woman.

Keen blue eyes roamed strong shoulders hidden under sexy leather and down to trim hips framed by snug low riding jeans and across toned muscular thighs.


"Stop staring at me Alex," Olivia's laughing voice interrupted the ADA's thoughts. "You're creeping me out."

Alex bit her lip and smiled. Should have known she'd feel me watching her, she thought as she leaned across the seat to rest her chin on the brunette's shoulder. "Who says I'm staring at you?" she teased.

"I can feel it," Olivia answered simply, enjoying the weight of Alex's head on her shoulder.


"You think I made Detective by not being observant?" Olivia turned to smirk at her lover, letting her gaze travel over the Alex's face before flowing down her neck to the deep V exposed by the two open buttons at the top of the attorney's light blue oxford, across twin mounds and down, over what she knew to be a toned flat belly to settle on the delicate Y at Alex's center that was highlighted by the folds of charcoal slacks before making the return trip up to focus on twinkling blue eyes. "I can feel your eyes on me. My skin tingles wherever your gaze lands."

Dear Lord do I know what you mean, Alex shivered. "Tingles?" she asked, playing along.

"Mmm," Olivia nodded, smirking slightly before she turned her attention back to her window. It really was so nice to be out of the apartment for a change. "Tingles. Kind of like that slow burn that starts low in my belly when you look at me with what could only be pure unbridled desire in your eyes. Or the seemingly electric current that flows through me and settles in my very center every time you touch me," she explained in a blasé offhand manner, as if the scenarios she was using as comparisons were completely innocent.

"Really?" Alex murmured, her voice light and teasing as she allowed herself to fall under Olivia's spell.

"Mmmhmm," Olivia nodded. "I've always felt your eyes on me. And I used to tell myself that it was just wishful thinking that I was imagining things, but there were times that I knew it was real and that we'd end up here," she gathered Alex's right hand in her left.

"What times?" Alex husked softly, ignoring the quiet chuckle that escaped their extremely observant cabbie.

"When we'd fight in your office," Olivia smiled, pleased with herself for the spell she was weaving. "The fire in your eyes as we argued was scorching. And every so often, I'd feel that heat drop to the pulse point on my neck," she continued quietly, licking her lips unconsciously as her mind flicked back to a memory of one such encounter. "And that was okay, I could handle that. But when it dropped to my breasts or lifted to focus on my lips it was all I could do to not throw you down on your desk and just take you then."

"Take me …," Alex breathed.

"Hard, fast, and so … so completely," Olivia nodded, her voice low and steady. "And there was always something in your eyes that dared me to do it, dared me to take you, dared me to own you, and those were the times that I knew, knew, that this was real and that we'd eventually find our way here."

"We're here," the cabbie announced as he pulled to a stop outside the DA's offices. "Twelve seventy five," he informed them.

Alex reached into her purse and withdrew a couple of bills, not bothering to check their denominations as she threw them at the laughing driver who glanced at the cash and offered them a sincere, "Hey! Thanks!"

Alex nodded and slammed the door shut, turning to find one very amused Olivia Benson smiling at her. "What?"

"You do realize you just paid the guy forty bucks for a twelve dollar cab ride, right?"

"Whatever," Alex waved dismissively. "I was a little distracted."

"C'mon Alex," Olivia placed her hand at the small of the ADA's back. "Let's go see Serena," she laughed as she steered the still slightly flushed blonde up the steps toward the front door.

"Ms. Cabot, Detective" Bill, the security guard at the front entrance, greeted them with a smile. "So glad to have you back."

"Thank you Bill," Alex smiled warmly at the man as she led them inside through the metal detectors, her mind half on what was happening and half trapped in the erotic scene Olivia had painted in her mind.

"Which floor?" Olivia leaned in close and murmured directly into Alex's ear.

"I dunno," Alex bit her lip and smirked. "I'm still trying to decide if I want to take you to my office right now or if we should go to Serena's like good girls."

"We'll save your office for when I'm healed," Olivia smiled.

"Fine," Alex huffed playfully. "Then we're off to the sixth floor. Tease," she muttered under her breath, laughing softly at the knowing smirk that tweaked the detectives plump kissable lips.

"Alexandra," Shannon, Serena's assistant, smiled warmly. "How are you feeling dear?"

Alex smiled. "I'm fine Shannon, no permanent damage done," she assured the matronly woman. "Is Serena back from court yet?"

"She's not," the graying sixtyish woman shook her head. "But, she called a few minutes ago and said that she shouldn't be too much longer. She wanted me to give you this," she offered Alex a plain white envelope, "and told me to tell you girls to get comfortable in her office and that she'll be up soon."

"Thank you," Olivia smiled and nodded her thanks as she opened the door to Serena's office.

"If you need coffee, tea, water, anything – let me know and I'll get it for you dears," Shannon smiled.

"Thanks Shannon," Alex nodded appreciatively as she walked through the door that Olivia was holding open for her.

Olivia closed the door behind Alex before crossing the room and dropping carefully into the leather couch against the back wall. "What's in the envelope?"

Alex shrugged as she slid a finger under the flap and ripped it open. "I dunno," she murmured as she pulled out a single sheet of paper and quickly scanned the message on it.

Olivia watched her lover's lips curve into an amused smile. "What is it?"

"Do not, under any circumstances, defile my office. You have an office one floor down if you feel the need for exercise," Alex read aloud with a laugh.

"God, is that all she and Abbie think about?" Olivia grumbled.

"Oh please," Alex smirked as she refolded the page and slid it back into the envelope. "Coming from the woman who was doing a damn fine bit of phone sex foreplay in the cab on the ride over."

"You're just mad that it was foreplay," Olivia smiled.

"Yes, yes I am," Alex agreed as she lowered herself onto the couch next to her lover, letting her head fall back against the cushions instead of onto Olivia's shoulder as she so dearly wanted. "This not touching you, professional distance thing is going to be hard," she muttered softly as she fought the urge to reach over and take Olivia's hand into her own.

"I know baby," Olivia soothed softly. "But we're back in the real world now. Time to act like grown-ups."

"Hi Shannon," Serena stopped to greet her assistant. "Are they here?"

"Yes," Shannon nodded.

"Great," Serena smiled, eager to get through this last witness prep so she could gear up for opening statements the next day.

She opened her door and froze, one foot in her office and one out, as she took in the sight that greeted her. Alex and Olivia were asleep on her couch, each woman purposefully positioned on their own end of the sofa to put physical space between them, the only telling sign that they belonged much, much, closer was the way their heads tilted toward the other and their inside hands rested against the center seam of the couch, their fingertips oh so close to touching but not.

They are a striking pair, she thought to herself as she observed them. So different, yet so incredibly perfectly for the other as well. I'm glad they finally found their way to each other.

A quick glance at the clock showed that it was still barely five, so instead of waking her sleeping friends she sat down at her desk and got to work on polishing up the finishing touches to her opening statement.

Serena let her pen fall to her desk as she finished tweaking her opening and with a reluctant sigh, the blonde ADA padded across her office to the couch where Alex and Olivia were still resting.

"Hey girlies," she nudged first Alex, then Olivia, playfully. "Time to wakey wakey."

Alex groaned softly as she stretched. "What time is it?" she mumbled.

"Nearly six thirty," Serena answered, an amused smile tweaking her lips as she watched Olivia go through a similar wake-up routine. "You ready?"

"Sure," Alex nodded, running a hand through her hair. "How'd the jury selection go?"

"Good," Serena reported as she demurely lowered herself into one of the client chairs she'd turned away from her desk to face the couch. "It has a good feel."

"Good," Alex pursed her lips, her Ice Princess ADA mask falling into place. "Let's nail this bastard."

"He's been indicted on three counts of rape in the first degree, one count of criminal possession of a fire arm in the first degree, aggravated assault upon a police officer, and assault in the second degree," Serena told them. "He's not eligible for the death penalty, but we're going for life on this guy."

"Should get it too," Alex murmured approvingly. "Five Bs and a C, I'd be surprised if he got less. Let's get to work."

Serena nodded her approval of Alex's sentiments and pushed herself up from her chair, quickly crossing her office to retrieve a thin manila file folder off her desk. She flipped it open and rifled through the papers inside it as she returned to her chair in front of her friends.

"These are the lists of questions I'm planning on asking you both when you're on the stand," she offered Olivia and Alex separate sheets. "I know you know the drill, but it's best to be prepared. Olivia," she turned her focus on the dark detective, "I'm planning on calling you first, to set the scene – so to speak – for Alex's testimony."

"Sounds good," Olivia agreed somewhat distractedly as she was busy scanning the list of questions Serena had handed her. Nothing looked out of the ordinary from any of her other cases, she observed, the familiarity of the who, what, when, where, and how questions putting her at ease with what was going to happen inside Brennan's courtroom.

Serena drew a deep breath and steeled herself for the more difficult half of the briefing. "Alex," she murmured, waiting to continue until she could see the blue of the ADA's eyes. "I'm closing with you and your testimony."

"I figured as much," the blonde shrugged dismissively as she scanned the list of question Serena had handed her. "I would, if I were the one presenting the case."

"I know," Serena smiled. "Do you want to talk through your answers to the questions I handed you? I'm not going to waste any of our time with a full prep here, but if there's something you'd like to discuss now is the time to do it."

Alex nodded her understanding and returned her attention to the list of questions clasped tightly in her hands. Like the list given to Olivia, there was nothing unexpected on the list – it was just extremely, intensely, personal. She knew it needed to be, that her emotion would sell the jury on a conviction, but she was supremely concerned about what would happen once she let that wall down when she was on the stand.

"Alex?" Olivia placed a warm reassuring hand on the introspective blonde's thigh. "What are you thinking about baby?"

"I was just …," she started to explain before her voice failed her.

Serena nodded to herself, noting the question that Alex's index finger had landed on. "Alex," she leaned in and placed her hand on top of the blonde's. "You can't be the Ice Queen for this one. I need you to be a woman who was assaulted and very nearly violated. No mask, no walls. I need you to show something, not just spit out answers like an automaton," she lectured gently, noting the spark of anger that flashed through Alex's eyes at the suggestion that she was an unfeeling robot. "I know you Alex, that's what you did when I initially questioned you about what had happened. And while effective for a conviction, you know as well as I do that maximum sentencing in these types of cases depends heavily on the emotional aspect of the crimes."

"I know," ice blue eyes full of fire focused on Serena, but before Alex could continue she was interrupted by the ringing of Serena's cell phone.

"Whose ringtone is 'Texas Fight'?" Olivia asked, even though she knew the answer, in an effort to diffuse some of Alex's misplaced anger.

"Abbie," Serena smiled her thanks at Olivia as her shoulders relaxed. "Girl programmed it in herself. I told her she should have used 'Redneck Woman' but apparently that's her ringtone for her mother and she didn't see the humor of my suggesting it as hers."

"Should have known," Olivia smiled.

"Tex has quite a skill with the phones," Serena told Olivia pointedly. "A … lot … of … skill," she emphasized. "Hey Abs," she directed her attention to the woman on the other end of the phone connection. "What's up?"

Alex stood and ran a somewhat shaky hand through her hair. She frowned slightly as she leaned in close and muttered to Olivia, "I'll be right back," before quickly striding across the room and disappearing out the door.

Serena's hand fell away from her ear as she watched Alex leave. "Where's she going?"

"Who?" the tinny voice of Abbie Carmichael echoed out of the cell.

"I'll go check on her," Olivia assured the worried prosecutor, offering a half-assed smile and a shrug as she followed Alex's path out of Serena's office. A quick glance to the left showed no sign of the blonde but a quiet voice from her right supplied the desired information as to Alex's current whereabouts.

"She took the elevator," Shannon answered the detectives unspoken question. "It stopped on five, I would imagine that she went down to her office to hide. Poor dear, this can't be easy for her – or for you, by the look of that heavy-duty sling you're wearing detective."

"Thank you," Olivia smiled gently at Serena's assistant. "Really Shannon, thanks."

"Go get your girl detective," Shannon answered, smirking slightly at the brunette's look of surprise. "My Benny used to look at me the way you look at her," she offered by way of an explanation. "Ms. Southerlyn did not betray your confidence, nor shall I betray yours. Now, get a move on. I suggest the stairs," she nodded her head toward the fire exit down the hall to the right. "They're faster."

"You are a dear," Olivia smiled and nodded her thanks as she turned and hustled down the hall toward the stairs.

She took the steps as fast as she could, ignoring the sharp stabs of pain that radiated from her injured shoulder with each footfall, her entire being focused on getting to Alex as quickly as possible. She bounded out the door on the fifth floor and followed the familiar path to ADA Alexandra Cabot's office. She could see the faint glow of the attorney's green shaded desk lamp shining through the half closed blinds and she wasted no time opening the door and entering the dim office.

"Alex," she murmured, automatically spying her agitated lover curled up in a ball in her desk chair. "Baby, what's wrong?"

Alex sniffed quietly and hugged her legs tighter to her chest. "I'm fine Liv, I'll be back up in a minute, you don't have to sit here and babysit me," she muttered, sounding half embarrassed, half angry, with herself for breaking down.

"I'm not on a babysitting mission Alex," Olivia answered, her voice soft and soothing as she quickly closed the door behind herself before crossing the room to sit on the corner of the ADA's desk. "Talk to me. Why did you get so upset?"

"I don't know," Alex answered, her voice so faint that Olivia, even perched on the edge of the desk, had to strain to hear it. "I don't know. The list of questions was exactly what I would have prepared, so I don't know why seeing them on that page freaked me out so much."

"I do," Olivia murmured as she slid off her perch and moved around the back of Alex's chair to gently massage the blonde's neck.

"How do you know?" Alex muttered defiantly.

Olivia knew that Alex was just afraid, that her reaction was one of fear, so she decided on a more tactful approach to handling the situation. "You're scared that you'll break down on the stand like you did when you told me what happened to you," she stated softly. "You're afraid of how you're going to manage to keep your chin up when you return to work next week if everybody knows what happened to you. You're terrified of what would happen if word reached the masses that the unshakable Alexandra Cabot was a victim. I know, Alex. Because it's the same thing I would be afraid of were our positions reversed."

"I will not break down on the stand."

"Nobody's asking you to," Olivia replied as she dug her thumb into a particularly dense knot at the base of Alex's neck. "All Serena's asking is for you to tell the jury what happened, but to do it in a way that doesn't make you appear detached. You know how captivating your voice is Alex, you know how to manipulate the jury with a simple change of inflection – quiet your voice to show fear, raise it to show anger, you know how to do this."

"You think my voice is captivating?"

Olivia laughed softly and leaned down to whisper against Alex's ear, "Baby, you could read me the phone book and I'd probably get off on it."

Alex laughed softly and turned her head to capture Olivia's lips with her own in a soft, sweet, adoring kiss. "Thank you," she murmured, resting her forehead against the brunette's.

"You can do this Alex, and nobody's going to think any less of you for having been attacked. If anything, it'll make you all the more impressive and fearsome in court – I wouldn't be surprised if the next handful of rapists plead out once they learn that you're going to be the one prosecuting them."

"Well that sucks," Alex grumbled, a small measure of her playfulness returning as the irrational knot of fear in her chest loosened. "That's going to kill my win/loss ratio."

Olivia smiled and kissed the tip of Alex's nose. "Just think of all the free time you'll have to spend with me at night instead of being here pouring through evidence and writing briefs."

"Good point," Alex kissed Olivia again before pushing herself up out of her chair. "C'mon oh wise one, let's get back up to Serena's office and finish this and then maybe I can take you out to dinner?"

"If that's what you'd like," Olivia nodded, the only sign of her surprise being a slight tightening of her eyes.

"I'm not going to hide out in my apartment until this goes away," Alex waved at her cheek. "Besides," she smirked over her shoulder as she walked out of the room, "we've been sleeping together for days, it's about time we go on a real date – don't you think?"

Olivia smiled and followed Alex out of the office, stopping to make sure the door closed and locked behind them. "So, does this mean I'll be getting lucky later?" she murmured as she sidled in behind the blonde and wrapped an arm around her waist.

"Maybe," Alex laughed quietly.

"Everything alright?" Serena asked as Olivia and Alex reentered her office.

Olivia nodded as Alex replied, "Yeah. How's Abbie?"

"She's good. So, you okay Alex?"

"Fine, sorry about that," Alex waved her hand to indicate her running out earlier. "I'm good. I'll be fine."

"Good. So, any questions slash comments about the questions I gave you?"

"Nope, they're exactly what I would ask."

"And you're going to be fine to testify?"

"I'll be ready," Alex nodded. "I'll have Liv prep me at home. I'll be good to go for trial. Are you still thinking you'll be calling us on Thursday?"

Serena nodded. "Yeah. It'll probably be late afternoon, so if you guys want to get to the courthouse after the lunch recess, I'll have a meeting room reserved for our use that you can hide out in. Now," she breathed deep, "as you can imagine the press love the idea of a story where an ADA and a Detective were both injured while investigating a rape case. Liz and Petrovsky have set it up with security for you to enter and leave the building via the Judge's entrance so you can avoid the press. The press is allowed two representatives to sit in on the trial, one print and one television. They will be the ones distributing the actual play-by-plays to the general pool."

"Who?" Alex asked.

"Chris Carter of the Times and Beth Newman from Channel Nine," Serena answered.

"Is that good?" Olivia asked.

"Eh," Alex shrugged. "They don't hate me and they're consummate professionals. They tend to be a little tough on Trevor, so that's a definite mark in the win column."

"What's important is that they respect you," Serena leveled her gaze on Alex. "So any reports of your testimony will be positive."

"Then there's that," Alex smiled.

"Exactly," Serena nodded. "Well, if you're okay with everything and promise to be good girls and practice at home – you are free to go. I'll call tomorrow night to check in and unless anything changes, I'll see you Thursday. I'll text you that morning and let you know which meeting room you can use."

"Sounds good," Alex answered before turning her attention to her lover. "Ready to go?"

"I'm always ready," Olivia smirked.

"Oh I bet you are Detective," Serena teased throatily.

"Okay, just reach on down and pick your mind up out of the gutter Southerlyn. We're going to go out for dinner," Alex laughed as she pulled her friend in for a hug. "Thank you," she murmured in her ear before pulling away.

Olivia gave Alex's hand a little tug, pulling the blonde to a stop in front of her as she surveyed the restaurant that Alex had chosen. "Are you sure about this?"

"Sure," Alex smiled. "I come here all the time. They make killer margaritas."

"It doesn't look … sanitary," Olivia observed hesitantly.

Alex laughed. "Please, I've seen some of the places you go to eat with the guys!"

"I know," Olivia nodded, her face serious. "And yet I'm questioning this one, that should tell you something."

"Trust me Liv," Alex purred as she pulled the wary brunette back into motion.

Olivia frowned and followed Alex into the restaurant hesitantly. "Wow," she murmured as she crossed the threshold and observed the interior of the restaurant.

"Told ya," Alex smirked knowingly as she led them towards the counter. "Hi Miguel," she greeted the man behind the counter with a smile. "Could we get one of the booths in the back tonight?"

"Of course Alex," he smiled warmly and Alex noticed the way his eyes flickered over her bruised cheek.

"What happened?" he asked, gesturing toward her face.

"Car accident," Alex lied smoothly, not wanting to get into the grisly details and knowing that Olivia would follow her lead.

"Oh," he nodded. "Well, I'm glad you're feeling well enough to be up and about then chica."

"Thank you," Alex smiled.

"So, not in the mood for sitting at the bar tonight?" Miguel asked as he walked out from behind the counter and waved at them to follow him through the maze of tables to the back of the restaurant.

"Not really," Alex answered with a shrug and another smile as she slid into the round booth. "It's more of a quiet anonymous dinner kind of night," she extrapolated as she smoothed her hands over the burgundy table cloth.

Miguel smiled knowingly and nodded at Olivia. "I would keep this one to myself as well chica. I'll have Anna come on back to get your drink orders while your friend looks over the menu."

"Thanks Miguel," Alex smiled, and breathed a little easier knowing that he would tell Anna her little white lie and that she wouldn't be asked about it again that evening.

"What is this place?" Olivia asked as she let her eyes roam over the murals depicting lush tropical foliage and beach scenes on the walls.

"El Cholo," Alex answered as she, too, looked around the restaurant and noticed the smiling redhead approaching their table. "I come here after particularly tough cases to get away from it all."

"Hola Alex," Anna smiled. "What would your friend like to drink? Margarita? Cerveza?"

Olivia looked over at Alex. "What are you going to get?"

Alex chucked and waved a hand at Anna who answered the Detective's question with a laugh, "Petron Cadillac on the rocks. Heavy on the tequila, light on the mix. Extra salt. And for dinner she'll be having the shrimp fajitas."

"I know I'm down to the super Ibuprofen, are you?" Olivia asked Alex, concerned about the blonde possibly mixing alcohol with her stronger medication.

"Have been for a few days now," Alex nodded.

"Okay then," Olivia smiled. "Give me the same."

"For dinner as well?" Anna clarified.

Olivia nodded. "Why not."

"I like her," Anna smiled as she reached out and squeezed Alex's shoulder. "Keep this one around."

"I plan to Anna," Alex assured her. "Thanks."

"No problemo chica," Anna smiled. "I'll get Joey to bring your drinks back, you know you're going to break his heart when he sees you con su amante."

"Anna," Alex laughed. "You're killing me."

Anna just winked as she sashayed away from their table and back up front to the bar to place their drink orders.

"Joey?" Olivia arched a brow questioningly.

"Anna and Miguel's son," Alex smiled. "He's a freshman at NYU."

"You're gonna break the poor boy's heart?"

"Possibly," Alex laughed softly and nodded embarrassedly before leveling her gaze onto Olivia. "But he knew he never had a chance."

"So how did you find this place?" Olivia asked as she sipped her margarita. She couldn't help but smile as the smooth liquor slid down her throat – Alex was right, again, they did make a damn fine margarita.

"Remember the Valdez trial? It was my third or fourth case with SVU."

"Ummm," Olivia hummed as she paused to rifle through her mental file of past cases. "Yeah – the Hernandez girls. Munch and Fin were the primaries, but I remember doing some of the leg work on it. That was the one where their neighbor kidnapped the two little girls and tried to sell them into a kiddie prostitution ring. We got them back right before they were to be sold."

"Exactly. Well, Anna," Alex nodded toward the front of the restaurant, "is Maria Hernandez's sister. She's the one who told me about her family's Restaurante."

"Small world," Olivia observed as she took another sip from her drink.

"That it is," Alex agreed as she took a solid drink from her own glass.

"Thank you so much Anna," Alex hugged the redhead after they'd finished their meal and were set to head home. "It was amazing, as always."

"It was," Olivia nodded her agreement. "Thank you."

"Gracias, Alex, Olivia," Anna smiled. "It is our pleasure. We will be seeing the both of you soon, si?"

Alex looked over at Olivia who smiled. "Absolutely," Olivia assured them.

Alex smiled and slid her arm around the brunette's shoulders. "Thanks again Anna, Miguel," she nodded at each of them in turn before gently steering her Detective towards the door. She knew from past experience that Anna and Miguel would sit and chat for as long as you hung around, and the tequila had done its job and sufficiently unwound her to the point that she was ready for bed. But not necessarily ready to sleep.

"Wow," Olivia murmured as they hit the sidewalk and began the short trip to the intersection where they'd be able to hail a cab easier. "I am so full."

"Mmm," Alex smiled. "Told ya."

"And you were right about the margaritas too," Olivia stated as she wrapped her arm around Alex's back and pulled the blonde in closer. "They mixed those strong enough that I'm feeling buzzed and I only had two."

"I don't mess around when it comes to my alcohol," Alex laughed.

"Why don't you ever order a margarita when you come out with the squad?"

"Because when I'm in the right company," Alex squeezed Olivia's waist, "tequila does two things to me. It makes me veeeeery relaxed."

"And what else?"

"It makes me horny," Alex purred seductively. "I couldn't drink it around you before because I didn't trust myself enough to not jump you."

Olivia dropped her hand from Alex's waist, grabbed her hand and gave it a gentle tug to try and get the laughing blonde to hurry up. "Let's go find a cab."

Alex laughed and hurried after Olivia. "What's the rush, Detective?"

"You are relentless!" Olivia laughed as Alex nibbled at her neck, making the task of fitting the key into the lock on the ADA's door that much more difficult.

"Mmm," Alex moaned softly, smiling at the small shiver of anticipation that she felt roll through her lover. "Only when I'm around you baby."

"Thank god," Olivia groaned as she finally managed to slide the key home and throw the door open. "Get in here," she laughingly pulled Alex in after her. She quickly closed the door and pushed Alex back against it, pinning the blonde to the door with her body.

"Hi," Alex smiled, her blue eyes twinkling as she bit her lip coquettishly.

"You drive me crazy," Olivia murmured as she leaned in and teasingly brushed their lips together before she deliberately kissed her way across Alex's jaw to nip gently at the sensitive spot below the blonde's ear.

"Liiiiiiiv," Alex moaned as her knees buckled slightly at the brunette's oral attack.

"Hmmm?" Olivia hummed as she raked her teeth over the sensitive area.

Trim hips rocked forward in a blind search for contact. "Please?"

"Alex," Olivia groaned as Alex's free hand began tugging at her belt. "Christ. Does tequila really do this to you?" she asked, leaning back far enough to look into the blonde's eyes.

"When I've had enough. Which, I haven't," Alex informed Olivia as she finally opened the brunette's belt and set to work on her fly.

"What's this then?" Olivia gasped as she felt Alex's hand begin to work its way inside her underwear.

"Too much teasing in the cab on the way home?" Alex offered with a shrug as she pushed off of the door and began slowly walking Olivia backwards down the hall toward the bedroom, using her hand that was pressed tight against the brunette's lower abdomen as a fulcrum.

"If I remember correctly you were the one who st-st…," Olivia began to argue but lost her motivation as one of Alex's fingers dipped down far enough to brush against her clit.

"What was that Detective?" Alex smiled, purposefully pushing up into the sensitized nub with her fingertip and rubbing small circles against it.

"God Alex," Olivia moaned.

"You are so wet," Alex murmured approvingly, purposefully holding Olivia's gaze captive as she dipped her hand in deeper to trail her fingers through her lover's arousal.

Olivia could only stare into stormy blue eyes as Alex pulled her hand out and licked her fingers clean with a low, deep, appreciative moan. "Fuck," the brunette's exclamation escaped on a shaky breath.

By this time Alex had managed to steer them into the bedroom and she stopped their progress at the side of the bed. She smiled lovingly as she slowly worked Olivia's sling off over her head, carefully guiding the injured limb free of the support before just as tenderly removing the remainder of the brunette's clothes. Each piece fell to the ground unnoticed as the blonde's mouth pressed hot adoring kisses onto every inch of freshly exposed flesh. The fervor and the frantic rush of their earlier kisses got lost in the slow, deliberate, worshipping of flesh.

It wasn't until she was completely naked that Olivia managed to find her voice. "Your turn," she murmured as she moved to help Alex out of her own clothes.

Alex moaned softly as Olivia's mouth and tongue mimicked her previous actions by reverently kissing, licking and sucking every newly uncovered inch of creamy alabaster skin. She gasped softly at each awed brush of Olivia's lips against her skin, every caress of the brunette's tongue awakening nerve-endings and increasing the want, the need, the desire she was feeling.

When legs became too shaky to continue such affections while standing, Alex gently pushed Olivia back onto the mattress and watched the brunette move herself into the middle of the bed before she joined her lover, quickly moving to straddle the prone detective's hips and recapturing her lips.

Lips parted immediately as tongues thrust, parried, and dueled with each other. Breasts pushed into breasts, nipples pressed into nipples as breaths began to come fast and shallow, the need and the ferocity of their earlier kisses returning with the electric friction of skin sliding against skin.

"I want to taste you," Olivia gasped between heated kisses.

Alex moaned loudly at the brunette's confession, her body immediately reacting to the brunette's plea. "Your shoulder?"

Olivia just smiled and tugged against Alex's hip, her unspoken directions showing the blonde what she had in mind.

Alex bit her lip thoughtfully as comprehension of what Olivia was asking for hit her. On any other night she would have gladly acquiesced, but tonight, tonight Olivia wasn't the only one who wanted 'to taste'.  An idea sprang to mind, and while it wasn't one of her favorite positions, she did have to admit to herself that in this case it was their best option due to her lover's injured shoulder. 

Olivia watched as a slow predatory smile tweaked Alex's lips as the blonde leaned in and murmured, "Okay."

Olivia began tugging a little more insistently against Alex's hip, urging the blonde higher. She groaned softly when Alex moved to the side of her body, that groan turning into a loud moan of pleasure as Alex began kissing down her body, pausing when they were perpendicular to each other. Alex stopped momentarily to suck each mocha colored nipple in her mouth before continuing her path down, her own body turning as she moved until she was able to carefully move her left leg over Olivia's head so she was straddling the brunette's mouth. Once she was sure that her position wasn't going to cause Olivia any pain, she used first her right hand and then her left to slowly pull her lover open below her.

"Oh god," Olivia moaned into Alex's sex as she felt the blonde's hands wrap around her thighs, strong fingers gripped her inner thighs and pulled her even wider as the ADA's tongue begin to trace slow delicate circles around her clit.

The brunette's warm breath coursing over her own sex reminded Alex, again, of why this particular position wasn't her favorite. She tended to lose that legendary Cabot focus. A slow broad lick from Olivia's tongue snapped her attention back to the task at hand and Alex mimicked her lover's actions, matching stroke for stroke, thrust for thrust, moan for moan. Their bodies rocked against each other in a beautiful sensual dance of giving and receiving love. Movements that began slow and deliberate became quick and frantic as they pushed each other higher and higher, faster and faster toward the perilous edge of release.

"Liv," Alex gasped against Olivia's center as a small tremor rocked her.

Olivia mumbled wordless encouragements, all meaning lost as she was unwilling to move her lips away from Alex's sex as the pace and force of her oral assault increased. She was surrounded by Alex. Surrounded by the feeling of the blonde's toned thighs against her face, the smell of her arousal, the taste of her want, the sounds of her need. She was drowning in all things Alex – and it was glorious.

Pushed higher and higher by her lover's lips, teeth and tongue, oh god that magnificent, wonderful, tongue, Alex was forced to abandon her own oral assault; all coordination lost as Olivia drove her closer, closer, god so much closer to insanity, to bliss, to ecstasy. Not wanting to abandon her lover completely she replaced her tongue on Olivia's clit with her fingers, rolling, pinching, pulling the sensitized bundle of nerves; stroking, rubbing, flicking her lover higher and higher alongside her.

Olivia moaned wantonly into Alex's sex as she felt the blonde arch up above her. Moaned even louder when she felt Alex's hips rock back forcefully in a silent plea, a wordless offering, a unspoken declaration of trust as she willingly gave herself so completely.

Olivia was the first to fall, her screams of pleasure quieted by Alex's sex, the sounds vibrating through Alex's very core and pulling the blonde screaming over the edge behind her.

Alex collapsed atop Olivia when the last quaking tremor rolled through her, breathless, spent, and oh so completely fucking satisfied.

"Oh god Liv," she panted against the brunette's inner thigh before she pushed herself up and turned around to capture Olivia's lips in a deep, searing, probing kiss.

Both women moaned softly as they tasted themselves on their lover's lips, the tastes mixing until one was indistinguishable from the other.

"I love you Alex," Olivia murmured softly when the need for air forced them to separate.

"Mmm," Alex sighed as she snuggled in closer and buried her face in the brunette's neck. "Love you too Liv," she mumbled, the tequila and the force of their coupling guiding her gently toward sleep.

Part 7

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