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Five Kisses
By Mira


1. The squad is still trading stories over pints in the yellow glow of lamplight, but in the alley next to Maloney's, dark and shielded from the wind, Alex presses her against the wall, in one smooth movement that has the length of Olivia's body flush against hers in moments. She pushes her thigh between Olivia's, looks down at her because they're both still in work shoes and because Alex likes the advantage of height. Her eyes are hard and make Olivia shiver, the hairs on the back of her neck tingling in anticipation. "All night," Alex whispers harshly, her breath fogging up around them in the brittle, crystalline cold, just before bruising her mouth with what seems more than half teeth, and Olivia knows exactly what she means.

2. Unfair, unfair that they only have one night together after four lifetimes—counting the two weeks as Jess in Cincinnati, which might be cheating—but Alex has learned that justice is far more abstract than she had ever expected. Olivia's lips on hers are tentative, careful, and it's the strangeness of all these familiar things, the way the pieces of her life seemed to fall away from one another in her absence, that makes her want to crawl into Olivia's own skin for shelter.

She needs more than this, knows she shouldn't take it, knows Olivia is afraid. "You won't break me," she says reassuringly, her voice catching. It's only half true.

3. Up to her wrists in soapy water, Alex is caught by surprise when Olivia snakes her arms around her and kisses her neck, open-mouthed and wet. Her spine, suddenly, feels electric, the air charged. She turns her mouth to Olivia's, tastes chocolate on her lips, and it's hot and sweet and slow. "Leave the dishes for later," Olivia murmurs into her mouth, and for once, Alex has no intention of arguing.

4. One look at her face in the moonlight when she pads into the bedroom past midnight, and Alex knows it's been one of those days. "Don't talk," Olivia says quietly, lying down next to her. "I just, I just—I need you."

The kiss is as gentle as Alex knows how to be, and she was expecting hunger from Olivia, desperation, but instead she just lies there, lets Alex kiss along her lips, part them, stroke her eyebrows with her fingers, her tongue soft and comforting against Olivia's teeth, and if her cheekbones are slick and glossy with tears, Alex knows better than to notice.

5. "Beautiful," Olivia whispers, her lips brushing Alex's in a caress so soft Alex wonders if she's imagining things. The second touch of Olivia's lips is stronger, surer, and Alex is falling into her, and if it weren't for the door behind her and Olivia's body in front of her, she's not sure her legs would manage to hold her up. Olivia's breathing is quiet against her mouth, her fingers warm and strong tangled in her own, and Alex, who lives her life in the glory of words, who loves the precision of words, who trusts the power of words, can't think of one right enough for this.

The End

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