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Undercover III: Charades
By VivalaB


Part 6

Alex lifted her head as the bathroom door opened and smiled, "I was going to wear my blue dress, but I think given the circumstances, I should wear trousers and a blouse and hide this thing," she said, raising her arm.

Olivia shook her head, "No, you should still it," she replied, moving over to the closet and retrieving the silky, knee length outfit. She hung It over the closet door and turned to face the watching blonde, "Why don't you have a quick wash and I'll get everything ready?" she suggested, lifting the trousers off the bed and placing them carefully over a clothes hanger.

Alex stood and walked over to the bathroom, "I'll call if I need you," she said before closing the door.

Olivia looked at the closed door, hoping to hear her name and shook herself from her musings, "Get a grip Benson," she admonished herself quietly as he ran her fingers absently along the silky blue material. She gasped as she realized Alex would not be wearing a bra with the low cut dress and swallowed nervously as more images of porcelain skin flashed before her eyes. She selected her own outfit and considered changing before Alex emerged, but decided to wait until she had taken care of Alex first. She looked at herself in the dresser mirror, wondering if she secretly wanted Alex to see her in her underwear and blew out a shaky breath, "Of course I do," she mumbled.

"Of course you do, what?" Alex asked as she entered the room.

Olivia's mouth fell open as she searched for something to say, "I…um…I hope we meet the couple tonight at the coffee shop," she lied, rolling her eyes at her lame answer.

Alex nodded her head and smiled, "Me too," she replied, totally unconvinced that's what Olivia was referring to. She moved over to the closet and touched the silky material, "Help me get dressed?" she asked, having spent five minutes in the bathroom, calming her nerves at the prospect of being undressed in front of her friend again.

Olivia turned and nearly choked as she took in the topless sight before her, she coughed to cover her embarrassment and blew out a calming breath. Alex stepped closer and patted her back, "You okay?" she asked, taking note of Olivia's flushed features and lowered gaze.

Olivia nodded as she ignored the breasts in front of her, "Yeah, thanks," she said, easing away and rubbing her hand across her face. She took a deep breath and pointed to the dress, "No bra with this?" she confirmed before moving in behind Alex to help her into it.

"Or underwear," Alex added quietly.

Olivia swallowed, "Of course," she said as she removed the dress from the hanger and looked awkwardly at the shorts Alex was still wearing. She bit her lower lip, "I'm just going to take your shorts off first," she added, placing the dress carefully on the bed. She returned to the silent figure and gently lowered the running shorts, feeling her cheeks burn as Alex placed her good hand on her shoulder as she lifted each leg. Olivia was relieved the underwear remained intact and shifted back to the bed to retrieve the dress. She held the blue material in front of Alex and prompted her to step into it as she lifted the silky material slowly and slipped Alex's slender arms through the spaghetti straps. She placed one hand on Alex's hip as her other fastened the discrete zipper that ran up the side of the dress, partially obscured by Alex's left arm. She stood back to smooth out the material and admire the outfit, "Wow, blue is definitely your color," she said smiling, nodding her head appreciatively.

Alex dipped her head and smoothed her good hand over the front of the dress, "Thanks…could you remove my um…" she hesitated and pointed instead.

Olivia nodded her head shyly as she reached forward and moved both hands beneath the dress. She gently took hold of the waistband with trembling fingers and carefully eased the silken underwear down the long legs. She blew out a relieved breath once they were in her hand. Alex reached for them and lifted her shorts before heading into the bathroom and dropping them into the laundry hamper.

"Thanks Liv, what are you wearing?" she asked, lifting her blue high heeled shoes out of the closet and slipping them on her feet.

Olivia watched as Alex removed the clip from her hair, allowing the blonde tresses to cascade around her shoulders freely. She blinked slowly as she ran a shaky hand through her short hair, "Are you wearing your glasses?" she asked, ignoring Alex's question.

Alex looked over at her, "What do you think?" she asked, removing the dark frames and smiling.

"Glasses," Olivia replied instantly, raking her eyes up and down the beautiful woman.

Alex smiled, "Glasses it is then, what are you wearing?" she asked again, tilting her head curiously at the brunette.

Olivia shrugged, "I don't really feel like wearing a dress, I was gonna wear my gray trousers and a shirt?" she asked, shaking her head.

Alex lifted a hand to her chin and tapped it thoughtfully, "Why don't you wear your red shirt, or were you going to wear black?" she asked, looking at the clothes hanging up.

"Red could work," she replied, reaching into the closet and removing the necessary items.

Alex nodded her head approvingly, "That'll look great on you," she said, moving to the dresser and sorting through her cosmetics, "I'm not going to bother with any make up, just some gloss," she commented as she sat on the chair carefully, trying not to crease her dress.

Olivia removed her t-shirt and unzipped her jeans, removing her clothing quickly and effortlessly. Alex watched her reflection in the mirror and turned as Olivia lifted her shirt. She admired the matching black underwear and the toned physique beneath, looking at the supple curves on display, "You're a beautiful woman, Liv," she whispered, her eyes widening as she realized she had spoken aloud.

Olivia looked over at her and smiled, "Thanks," she replied shyly, buttoning the shirt. She left the top three buttons undone, revealing a generous amount of cleavage as she reached for the gray pants and slipped them on. She retrieved her best boots from the closet and eased her feet into them before turning her shirt sleeves up once, revealing toned arms and her favorite Breitling watch.

Alex smiled at her, "Are you wearing your leather coat?" she asked hopefully, feeling the pulse point at the base of her throat beating wildly with anticipation.

Olivia nodded, "Of course," she said smiling.

Alex rose from the chair and moved towards her, casting an appreciative eye over her taut frame. She stopped in front of her and smiled, "Let's go catch us some bad guys," she quipped, running her fingers through Olivia's short hair, teasing it lightly.

The Kitty Bean was busier than it had been the previous day and both women looked around the room, eagerly trying to recognize the couple they were after. Olivia pointed to a free two seater sofa, "Why don't you take a seat and I'll get us some coffee?" she suggested.

Alex shook her head, "No need, it's table service tonight," she said, pointing at the servers mingling amongst the customers, taking orders.

Olivia smiled and took Alex's hand guiding her towards the sofa on the upper level, she helped her off with her coat and removed her own, placing them over the arm of the compact couch.

Alex sat down first and placed her arm on the side as Olivia settled in beside her, their thighs touching. The girl who had given them the flyer the day before soon appeared and welcomed them before giving them a list of all the blends on offer. Once she had taken their order she looked at Alex's arm.

"That looks sore," she said.

Alex smiled and lifted it slightly, "It's not so bad when you're in good hands," she replied smiling as she leaned into Olivia and kissed her cheek gently.

The young woman left, smiling at the couple while Olivia reached for Alex's good hand, "They must be here, this is too good an opportunity to pass up, all these affluent lesbians," she commented, casually looking around the room.

"What makes you think they're affluent?" Alex asked, moving her sore arm to her lap.

Olivia frowned, "Have you seen the cost of a cup of coffee in here?" she replied seriously, ignoring the eye roll cast in her direction.

"If you want to taste the best, you have to be prepared to pay for it," Alex said, looking past Olivia at a man and woman who had just entered. She squeezed Olivia's hand and leaned in closer, "By the door, I think that's them," she said quietly.

Olivia shifted her head slightly and took in the appearance of the newcomers and turned to face Alex, "Well spotted," she commented quietly.

Their waitress appeared and placed their cups on the table before hurrying off to the next couple without a drink. Alex watched the man and woman survey the room and shifted her eyes to Olivia's as they looked in their direction.

"What?" Olivia asked.

Alex looked into dark brown orbs and parted her lips, "They're looking right at us," she whispered, placing another tender kiss on Olivia's cheek.

Olivia felt her skin tingle at the soft touch, "Showtime," she breathed out, wetting her lips in anticipation.

Part 7

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